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JYJ News Week of 4/10- 4/16/2017

What's New With JYJ?
Will Update Continuously...

Jaejoong at Coldplay concert...

jj_1986_jj's video Nice !



Ahhh with at

A little from    
We need a collab don't we?  

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and director at concert!

If our is happy, we're happy

[IG] Met so many people 
Some pleasant 
Some not so pleasant
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Back of 's "No Club Lone Wolf" jacket has 'Blackbird' lyrics...
'Blackbird' by the Beatles..."All your life...You were only waiting for this moment to arise...Blackbird fly..." forever


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Apr 14



Apr 13
[TR] ETtoday interview in Kaohsiung

Emily Chan 


[INSTAGRAM] 170413 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Updates: NO

 photo 17931807_408957109459892_7147418840081629184_n.jpg  photo 17663133_1952621934966105_6787557630727421952_n.jpg
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[OTHER INSTAGRAMS] 170413 New photos from Kim Jaejoong’s upcoming L’Officiel Hommes pictorial

Megan Jung Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] in Seoul, South Korea
L’fficiel homme may cover behind
 photo 17881750_195119610998890_8076632136943140864_n.jpg

C-JeS Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 손가락, 힘줄
그 모든 것이 #여심저격
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #로피시엘옴므 #lofficielhommes #손가락 #힘줄 #심쿵 #포인트가_넘나_많은 #5월호 #화보 #표지 #Magazine #Cover
Fingers, tendons
Everything about him #shooting_at_women’s_hearts
#KimJaejoong #Jaejoong #KIMJAEJOONG #L’OfficielHommes #lofficielhommes #fingers #tendons #heart-attack #there_are_many,_a_lot_of_points #Mayissue #pictorial #cover #Magazine #Cover
 photo 17882985_1958702894364173_1840532016211165184_n.jpg
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[INFO/OTHER FACEBOOK] 170411~12 Gyeonggi Province Police Agency’s Special Promotions Unit Facebook Updates – Upcoming performance on 04/28

<외부 행사 일정 알림>
경기경찰 홍보단이 4.28(금) 19:30
군포시민체육광장에서 열리는
2017군포철쭉축제-군포문화재단 주관
시민 행사에 참가합니다.
뮤지컬 갈라, 댄스퍼포먼스 등 약 15분간
공연예정이니 많은 관람 바랍니다.
※ 본 공연관람은 무료이며,
상황에 따라 취소 및 일정 변동될 수 있고,
이 경우 별도 공지 예정입니다.
<Outside Event Schedule Notification>
Gyeonggi Province Police’s Special Promotions Unit, on 4.28(Fri) at 19:30,
will be participating in a citizen event
the ‘2017 Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival – organized by Gunpo Cultural Foundation’
to be held at Gunpo Citizen Sports Plaza.

A musical gala, dance performance, and etc. for about 15 minutes
Since it’s the performance schedule, we hope you will watch it a lot.

※ Viewing for the upcoming performances is free,

 photo 17880475_1367552746624914_7822711495685764767_o.jpg
28일 홍보단 참여 행사 관련,
홍보단은 오프닝 공연으로
19:30부터 15분간 공연이
예정된 상태입니다.
변동있을시 추가 공지예정입니다.
In regards to the event that the Special Promotions Unit is participating in on the 28th,
The he Special Promotions Unit will be as the opening performance
It will be a 15-minute performance from 19:30
This is the status of what’s scheduled.

There will be additional schedule announcements if there are changes.
 photo 17855524_1368806839832838_3292445932745643563_o.jpg
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 아림 노


C-JeS confirms Yoochun is getting married in September + more information about the fiancee

C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed Yoochun is getting married in response to previous reports, and more information on Yoochun's alleged fiance has been revealed.

According to insiders, Yoochun has been dating Ms. Hwang. Ms. Hwang is the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products Company's CEO Hong, and is a power blogger.

He will reportedly be getting married in September when he is discharged from the military in August.

The label confirmed, 

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.Yoochun has been engaged to a non-celebrity woman and will be getting married in the fall.We are cautious to say much more because the article has come out when details about the wedding has not been confirmed yet. He is currently enlisted in the army, and as his fiancee is not a celebrity, we ask you look over them warmly while considering the situation.Yoochun will finish his enlistment by the end of August.Thank you.

Breaking: Park Yoochun Confirmed To Be Getting Married

Update 1: Park Yoochun’s Agency And Alleged Fiancée Release Conflicting Statements Regarding Marriage
Update 2: Details About Park Yoochun’s Relationship With Alleged Fiancée Surface
Original Article:
Park Yoochun is getting married!
Following reports about his marriage, his agency C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed that the reports are true.
They announced, “Park Yoochun will be tying the knot with a non-celebrity this fall. Because the news was reported prior to any specific plans for their marriage, we want to be careful about revealing anything else. Also, owing to the fact that Park Yoochun is currently serving as a public service officer and the bride-to-be is a non-celebrity, we ask for your understanding. Please look over them warmly. Park Yoochun will diligently serve in the military until late-August.”
According to reports, his bride-to-be is Hwang Ha Na, granddaughter of the founder of food company Namyang Dairy Products. They first met through a mutual friend, and she provided him with emotional support during difficult times. Their wedding will be held privately at a hotel in Seoul in September.
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JYJ's Jaejoong has a smoldering gaze for 'L'Officiel Hommes'

JYJ's Jaejoong graced the cover of 'L'Officiel Hommes'.

The concept of the photoshoot was to show a star while he was being dreamy and emotional after a  busy schedule, which was perfect for Jaejoong as he's just finished up his Asia tour.

He said, "I was able to see the fans who have shown me unchanging love for a long time. I want to communicate with fans all over the world and show them various sides of me." allkpop

selling out already...


[Cjes IG] Kim Jaejoong is the cover model for May issue of L'Officiel Hommes! Revealing a bit of his dreamy pictorial! Interview is also included
Translations via crystalmoon0213 

Headlines...Translations via crystalmoon0213 

Singer models cover of men's fashion magazine "Hommes Fatale Absolute" w boasts charismatic gaze/natural poses

'a dreamy eyes amplifies his sex appeal, shake up ladies' hearts 

overwhelms atmosphere w just his eyes: Currently, resting after completing his Asia Tour+planning next activity

“I've connected with my fans in Asia in a long time, was very meaningful” 

[PT TR] “Asia Tour in a long time, was very meaningful connecting with my fans!"


[JYJ FB] Sexy or playfully cute! He does everything! L'Officiel Hommes May issue has 2 types Cover! Both


JJ IG Updates

[IG] This is how I feel right now...
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[IG]Must be punished, after being idled, this body of mine
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[NEW PIC] Junsu at Gyeonggi Police Agency's ceremony backstage!

[NEW PICS] Junsu at Gyeonggi Police Agency's ceremony


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Kim Jaejoong on the cover of LOFFICIELHOMME

Gorgeous as cover boy!


Cjes Entertainment “Files lawsuit against people who spread false rumors re JYJ court ruling" (Official Notice)

[JYJ FB] JYJ 소송 허위사실 유포에 엄중히 경고합니다. 

Image may contain: 3 people

False postings about the preliminary injunction order for the invalidation of the exclusive contract obtained by JYJ against SM Entertainment Inc. (“SM”) in 2009 and the conciliation reached in 2012 between JYJ and SM have recently swept the Internet.  As such postings have caused confusions among fans at home and abroad not fully aware of the factual background, C-JeS Entertainment Corp. (“C-JeS”) will explain JYJ’s position below to avoid any further confusions.

On July 31, 2009, JYJ filed a request for a preliminary injunction to invalidate the exclusive contract with SM, and on October 27, 2009, the 50th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge: Byung-Dae Park) rendered a decision granting such request.  The court ordered that “SM shall not, contrary to JYJ’s will, negotiate or enter into a contract with a third party for JYJ’s appearance in any TV program or movie, their participation in any performance or concert, their production of music records or their participation in any entertainment event or activity, or request third parties, including broadcasting companies, music production companies and concert agencies, to terminate their relationship with JYJ to interfere with JYJ’s engagement in any entertainment activity.”  The court’s reasoning behind such order was that the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ allows SM to exercise unreasonable control over JYJ through its superior position, and imposes payment of excessive compensations or unjust burdens seriously infringing JYJ’s economic freedom and fundamental rights and, therefore, can be considered to be void or being invalidated as a legal action against good moral and social order, and given SM’s influence on the Korean entertainment market, a protracted litigation will likely substantially restrict JYJ’s entertainment activities, which may raise not only economic concerns but also cause serious infringement of JYJ’s fundamental rights under the Constitution, including their freedom of occupation and the freedom of activity.

SM filed an objection against the preliminary injunction order, however, the 50th Civil Department of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge: Sung-Joon Choi) dismissed SM’s objection and upheld the original preliminary injunction order on February 15, 2001, stating that the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ constitutes an “exclusive contract on a subordinate relationship” under which the entertainer does not have an independent decision-making right but must follow the agency’s unilateral instructions, and such defect in the exclusive contract caused by the difference in the bargaining power of the parties was not cured until the execution of the fifth supplementary contract, and the 13-year contract term, which we find to be excessively long, must be limited to a reasonable period to protect JYJ’s personal rights and their freedom of occupation and minimize side effects resulting from JYJ’s engagement in activities against their will, and such long term “exclusive contract on a subordinate relationship” cannot be justified by arguing that such contract was necessary for SM to reduce its investment risks or help JYJ enter overseas markets smoothly.

The preliminary injunction order had been possible thanks to JYJ’s courageous decision and prompted the Korea Fair Trade Commission to establish a standard form of exclusive contract to rectify unfair contractual relationships prevalent in the entertainment industry.  Several entertainment agencies voluntarily took the initiative to improve their systems so that more entertainers have negotiating powers commensurate with those of entertainment agencies.

Some people, however, have recently been disseminating groundless rumors described below based on certain record on conciliation negotiation between JYJ and SM:
① Some people alleged on the internet that the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ was not unfair on the grounds that the settlement amount SM paid to JYJ was smaller than the amount originally claimed by JYJ, and that SM paid such amount to JYJ only to settle the amount that should have been paid to JYJ in 2009 but was not paid due to the lawsuit.  However, JYJ agreed to reduce the settlement amount in order to settle the dispute as soon as possible, fearing protracted litigation will only waste the time and money and may make it impossible for JYJ to take part in the entertainment business of their own will for the litigation period.

② Other people alleged on the internet that JYJ executed the 13-year long-term exclusive contract at the request of TVXQ members’ parents.  The court, however, found that the members’ negotiating powers were at their lowest at the time they signed their exclusive contract, which was right before the release of their debut album on January 14, 2004, and it is unfair and against good moral and public order for SM to have JYJ sign a long-term exclusive contract taking advantage of the situation where there is no alternative choice.

③ People also alleged on the internet that the Korea Fair Trade Commission’s order to take corrective measures is only applicable to those contracts between SM and its trainees.  In fact, the Korea Fair Trade Commission has repeatedly issued orders to take corrective measures with respect to the exclusive contracts between the entertainment agencies and their entertainers.  The controversy on the fairness of such contracts became widespread after the problems and issues related to the contracts between agencies and their trainees were raised.

C-JeS decided to take stern legal actions against the illegal activities distorting the court’s decision in the preliminary injunction order and the conciliation between JYJ and SM based on false rumors and damaging JYJ’s reputation.  For the reasons described above, C-JeS has filed a complaint against those who spread false rumors described in this statement for the violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (defamation).  C-JeS hopes this statement will help all JYJ fans confirm the truth and will prevent any further misunderstanding.






[Cjes IG] Congrats! wins Yin Yue Tai V-Chart's Best Male Artist-Korea Award! "Thank you for always supporting me!" Global star
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Congrats his getting the #top #male #artist award! Thank #you for your #love & #support Hit the bio for checking out the #memorable moment! What an #international big shot!


China, upset over a planned missile-defense system, is taking aim at South Korea's pop stars and TV shows (
featured in the news)  


I'll collaborate w like I did w Rain since he's discharged from army I'll sing w him:Tae Jinah in Assi Radio


Jaejoong visits Thai fan in hospital, makes donation



Jaejoong at his Asian tour (Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment) /mb.com.ph
Jaejoong at his Asian tour (Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment)
JYJ’s Jaejoong visited a Thai fan who is in a coma at a hospital in Seoul and donated 20 million won (₱890,000) to defray her expenses.
The singer and actor went to the Severance Hospital in Seoul a few days ago to visit a fan who fell into a coma after suffering cardiac arrest at a club in Hongdae, Seoul last March 24.
Jaejoong held the patient’s hand and prayer for her quick recovery, according to the Thai-Korean magazine The Bridges. He gave the donation to her father.

Jaejoong (right) checks the condition of the patient at Severence Hospital in Seoul (Photo courtesy of The Bridges magazine) /mb.com.ph
Jaejoong (right) checks the condition of the patient at Severence Hospital in Seoul (Photo courtesy of The Bridges magazine)
The star wrapped up his Asia tour “The Rebirth Of J” and went back to Korea on April 2. Upon learning of the Thai fan’s medical condition, he immediately went to the hospital the following day and offered the donation.
In one week since her hospitalization, Nasaarn’s hospital bill was already 39 million won (₱1.7 million), according to reports.
The patient is a fan of JYJ particularly Jaejoong. She went to Jaejoong’s concert in Bangkok last month.
Thai Airways has offered help to fly the patient back to Kalasin Province in Thailand where she resides. She was scheduled to fly back to Thailand last April 8, according to Korean media.


wins Yin Yue Tai V Chart Awards' Best Male Vocal Category
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receives Yin Yue Tai Award shoulder to shoulder w Justin Bieber/Akanish Jin, proving his popularity in China

"Popularity Continuing" honored w Best Male Artist Award at China's Yin Yue Tai Awards  


The 5th V-chart Awards Best Male Artist (Korea) - Kim Jaejoong Video Message

Emily Chan

'Hello cn fans! Got this award..Thx for your support all the time. Will meet u this year if I have the chance. Pls keep supporting me, thx!'


One Top Male Star with Decadent Beauty! 


placed No.1 in keywords 1, 2, 3, 5 
1. Sensual 
2. Tall/Handsome 
3. Attractive 
4. Intelligent 
5. Fearless 
6. 4D

Which Keyword describe star best? 1. Sensual 2. Tall/Handsome 3. Attractive 4. Fearless 5. Intelligent 6. 4D


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