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JYJ News: Week of 10/6-10/12/2014

What's New with JYJ?


Jaejoong featured in a HongKong paper
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Kim JaeJoong mentioned/featured in Arirang TV
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Latest issue of Singapore U-weekly magazine mentioned
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JYJ: KWave magazine

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HQ Pics from Seojeong

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Another pic from JJ's friend...

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동영상을 막 게시했습니다.

[TRANS] Ahn-Jjang, delicious? Yes, hyeong. Really delicious. Umm~~eat it up!'
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From Gunhee's IG
[Other INSTAGRAM VID]「頂上征服」

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scaps by JJ_manse and dolljj_kiss

More updates from JJ from his Instagram...posting pics of his friend Gunhee during the mountain climbing...
IG video




Twitter updates from JaeJoong

[Trans] Angjjang, Gunhee, Yugeun ☆
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앙짱과같이 등산을~!

[Trans] Mountain climbing with ang-jjang~!
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Note: "Ang" is Ahn, JJs manager (person in black cap)

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More IG updates from JJ

Translations by inheaven_wJYJ

Jaejoong Instagram update: "자신에게 확신없고, 자신에게 불만인 사람이 다른 사람의 성공 앞에 흔쾌히 박수쳐주기도 쉽지 않겠지"   

Trans: "It wouldn't easy for a person who is unsure & dissatisfied with himself to gladly send applause for someone else's success"

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Trans: Excerpts from "당신을 응원하는 누군가" JJ Instagram 2

Could someone who can't love and cherish himself
Truly love and cherish another person?
It wouldn't easy for a person who is unsure & dissatisfied with himself,
To gladly send an applause for someone else's success.

Sometimes when we look back on our lives,
I think to myself, "we tried so hard."
In this harsh world, we live trying so hard
Not to let it show and be discouraged.

Now I think it would be okay to
cherish, love and be considerate to ourselves. It's okay to be a little selfish under these circumstances.


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Trans: Excerpts from "당신을 응원하는 누군가" JJ Instagram

후회 없는 삶을 살기 위해서는 어떻게 해야 할까?
주어진 일들을 열심히 하고 남을 이해하고 도우면 후회가 없을까?

열심히 살아가는 것도 중요하고
남을 이해하고 도우며 살아가는 것도 훌륭하지만
그것과 더불어 반드시 갖춰야 할 건 지혜라는 생각이 들어.
열심에도 지혜가 필요하고
다른 사람을 이해하고 돕는 일에도 지혜가 필요해.

지혜 없는 열심은 몸과 마음을 망가뜨릴 수 있고
지혜 없는 이해와 도움은 오래도록 같은 마음일 수 없겠지.

주어진 일들과 다른 사람들에게 집중했던 시선을
잠시 나에게로 돌려보면 어떨까?

What do we have to do to live life with no regrets?
If we fulfill the duties given to us faithfully and understand and help others, would there be no regrets?

It's important to live your life to the fullest,
And it is admirable to understand and help others,
But with that, I think you must have wisdom.
Diligence requires wisdom
And understanding and helping others also requires wisdom.

Diligence without wisdom may harm your body and mind,
Understanding and helping without wisdom may not carry the same meaning over time.

So how about we take the focus on our duties and others back to us for a moment?


From this book
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"당신을 응원하는 누군가" "Someone Who Supports You" book by Mihwa Sun

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Kim JaeJoong's Instagram update...Muscles!!!

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[Trans] So whose gonna win? The cold or me?
:  [IG] 141011  

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[★VIDEO] Kim Jaejoong makes surprise guest appearance at Gummy’s solo concert


As Gummy’s labelmate in C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong showed his loyal friendship by sharing the stage with Gummy at her solo concert “Fall in Fall” on October 10th.
Earlier in January, Kim Jaejoong worked with labelmate Gummy for her duet title track “Heaven”, which is incorporated into Jaejoong’s solo repackage album “WWW”.
Gummy had previously made several guest appearances at Kim Jaejoong’s solo concert, so in turn, Jaejoong also returns the favor. The two meet again as Kim Jaejoong made a surprise appearance on Gummy’s solo concert “Fall in Fall”.
During the concert, Kim Jaejoong read the love story of one of the male audience members. After Jaejoong’s narration, the male fan proposed marriage to his girlfriend, after which Jaejoong also mimicked the proposal to Gummy and knelt down on one knee, inviting cheers from the audience.


Prior to her concert, Gummy shared rehearsal photos of herself. She will hold the second day of her solo concert today (October 11th) at 6pm sharing a cozy concert environment with her fans at the Cheongdam Art Hall.
Earlier, on Monday, JYJ also successfully performed their solo concert in Seoul, attracting over 50,000 fans.
Have you listened to Kim Jaejoong and Gummy’s live rendition of “Heaven” yet?

Source: TopStarNews, StarNews, 김아리, and MikiLoveJJ

Kim Jaejoong Makes a Surprise Friendly Appearance at Gummy’s Concert

Kim Jaejoong Makes a Surprise Friendly Appearance at Gummy’s Concert

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ paid a surprise visit to his friend Gummy‘s solo concert on October 11.
The popular star had a surprise appearance at Gummy’s small-scale concert, “Fall in Fall.” Previously, Gummy has appeared at Kim Jaejoong’s solo concert for a duet stage.
At Gummy’s concert, Kim Jaejoong had a small event with the audience and performed a song. For the special event, Kim Jaejoong read a personal story from a couple in the audience, and as the man proposed on stage, he even copied him, drawing cheers from the crowd.
Both under the same agency, C-JeS Entertainment, Gummy and Kim Jaejoong are also good friends, even recording a song called “Heaven” together on the repackage of Kim Jaejoong’s album released in January.

Press Pics
Jaejoong made an appearance as a guest at labelmate's Gummy's concert...

From  via
Trans of Talks during Gummi's concert 1: Few fans were at Gummi concert n JJ asked them how come they were there.
Trans2: They said didn't know he'd come out. He said he was involved in only few relationships n asked fans' confirmation, right?

Trans3: Also said His body's romantic cells all died off coz he hasn't been in a relationship for so long...

Trans4: He added, "If anybody find me attractive, come visit me, I live near Gannam District Office."

Trans5: Fans screamed and he told them, "Except you guys!" LOL So cute...

Trans6: Tomorrow's guest is Bobby Kim. JJ met him at a cart bar once while drinking alone. He had some comforting words for JJ.

Trans7: JJ read a few letters of propose(fans sent,I am guessing, to Be read during the concert) and left after about 20 minutes

This has been a non-fan friend of her's account of . She asked how to download Makeup, said the song was great

JJ at Gummy's concert

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JJ after appearance at Gummy's concert.
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Tweets from Kim JaeJoong after the Gummy's concert appearance

내일도 거미의 공연은 계속 됩니다.화이팅~

: 내일도 거미의 공연은 계속 됩니다.화이팅~”Gummi's concert continues tomorrow! Hwaiting!
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거미누나 공연 게스트다녀왔어요 감기기운에 노래반소절만 부르고왔습니다. 역시 전 연애하기는 그렀나요..

: Went to Gummi's concert as guest but was only b able to sing half of a verse coz of cold...
Am I hopeless for a romantic relationship?
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[INSTAGRAM] 141010 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Updates



[PHOTO] 감기엔 주사가 최고 http://instagram.com/p/t9oBPvknsM/

[TRANS] For a cold, an injection is the best
 photo 110693310_281218375401086_1820040836_n.jpg
Source: bornfreeonekiss2 Video Credit: kpkjyj
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

Clover Films added 7 new photos.
HAEMOO, starring Park Yu-Chun, opens in local cinemas from 16th October 2014!
Based on true events, the story is about a large 69-ton fishing boat’s crew as they attempt to smuggle in illegal migrants in order to keep their fishing jobs. But their plan goes wrong when they meet a tragic accident while transporting the thirty or so illegal migrants on the ship in a heavy sea fog. And amid the chaos, the youngest crew member Dong-sik(Park Yu-Chun) tries to protect a young female migrant named Hong-mae (Han Ye-ri) who he falls in love with against the crazed Captain KANG and other crew members.
"Haemoo is based on actual events, which gives a sharp dimension to its story of crew members scheming, battling, and ready to exploit their human cargo.... The result is a powerfully emotional drama with tension that tightens like a winch"
Catch the review here: http://www.tiff.net/festivals/thefestival/programmes/galapresentations/haemoo

Clover Films FB


[TRANS] Full interview with Kim Junsu – ‘The Musical’ August 2014


<DRACULA> Kim Junsu’s 100% Immersion 
A man who couldn’t protect the woman he loved.
A man who chose the curse of immortality because he could not protect her.
A man who only found the location of his heart after meeting her again.
The person who played Dracula, the man who offered everything he had for love. That person is Kim Junsu.
The man who knows how to portray heartbreaking love on stage, that man.


“More than anyone, Dracula is an extraordinary being who possesses a burning heart”
 What is the song that you kept humming while filming earlier?
Ah, it’s a song from <Dracula> called ‘Loving You Keeps Me Alive’. This was the first song from <Dracula> that I listened to, and because of this song, I wanted to do <Dracula>. Initially I liked it because of the melody but now it’s the lyrics that make me love this song. The lyrics are really heartbreaking.
What part of the lyrics do you like the most?
“You are the reason I live. The first love that made me alive.”
What was the reaction around you when it was announced you were cast in <Dracula>? You must’ve heard a lot of people saying you match the role well.
Yes. I heard that my casting is a great match from musical representatives. However, I was surprised at that reaction. Even when I did <Elizabeth>, there weren’t many people that thought I would fit a fantasy-like role. In fact, everyone was puzzled, and even my fans too. After playing Death, I think I’ve developed an image that matches well with fantasy-like characters. I’m thankful. I feel great that my acting was convincing to a certain standard.
How was rehearsal?
I’ve only worked with foreign directors for a few times up to now, but David Swan is the first director who positively considers the actors’ and actress’ opinions so much. Maybe because the actors and actresses on our team are originally veterans, I’m not sure. I also talked many times about the production with the director. To be honest, in the past, there weren’t many times when I would be asked ‘what do you think?” first, but this time I am always asked that question. Because of that, I was quite nervous but it was also interesting. Ah, we spent a lot of time on ‘table reading’ this time. We even talked about intricate details like tone to expression so the ‘table reading’ took about 15 days.
Table reading? Actually, I wanted to ask you this in our interview today. Are there any ways that you overcome circumstances when you can’t participate in rehearsals?
There is a stigma that idols don’t come to rehearsals much. Of course, there are idols who can’t attend rehearsals because of their busy schedules. There were times when I couldn’t attend… No. Aside from the first performance of <Mozart!> and <Elizabeth>, I was good at attending rehearsals. My company also knows the importance of musicals now, and do not take on extreme daily schedules. If I can’t rehearse to the point that I am confident in my acting, then I won’t do it no matter how good the musical is, because my company and I have our pride.

Dracula is a character that requires you to use your imagination. Especially, the premise that he waited 400 years for the woman he loves. How did you approach that?
Dracula is not someone who one can identify with normally, and because of that it was vague in the beginning. What did he feel considering he lived 400 years with an immortal life… I couldn’t imagine it well. However as we started rehearsing the scenes, the ‘feeling’ came to me. I’m the type that gets a better feel as I rehearse. ‘There aren’t many scenes that explain Dracula and Mina’s past, so how do I express convey their heartbreaking love?’ I was really bothered by this issue but as soon as I sang ‘Act 1, Line 10, all my worries were went away. That was the song I mentioned earlier, ‘Loving You Keeps Me Alive’. As soon as I sang, the feeling came to me. I sing ‘You are the reason I live, my first love that made me alive’ and even though I don’t do it intentionally, tears come falling down.
Since we’re talking about tears… Kim Junsu doesn’t really cry on stage. In <December>, I was surprised when Jiwook sings ‘Love That Was Painful Was Not Love’ in Act 1. I wondered how you could cry like that while singing.
At that time, I was greatly influenced by the music even with the scene. As soon as the music starts, I got teary and tears fell down. Without the music, I wouldn’t be able to cry like that. It was hard to sing with the effect of a chocking throat, but that is the magic of musicals. The emotions you feel while singing remain intact when you express them. When your emotions become stronger in the musical, your breathing becomes faster and even if your pronunciation gets messy, it’s tolerable because the feeling of the scene is conveyed. If you sing like that on a music program, then you just get labeled as someone who can’t sing. Singing on stage in musicals has become more interesting because of that.
Which character scared you the most in <Dracula>?
Nobody was scary, because I am a strong being. Van Helsing knows how to kill me, but mortals are no match for me (laugh). What scared me was not the mortals, but myself who desperately desired Mina. After meeting Mina, I become engulfed in the desire to murder and drink human blood. Ah, in our production, Dracula only drinks animal blood as he lives. Animal blood barely soothes the hunger, but he doesn’t drink human blood in order to avoid committing murder. However, he wants to stand in front of Mina as a young and handsome man so he starts drinking human blood again. Dracula who wants to keep Mina by his side, I had to make this Dracula into a monster. I was worried about this at first too. However, I (T/N: Junsu shifts to first person while talking about Dracula) ponder whether my choice out of love is for that woman. In the end, I decided that I have to die for this woman [to live]. ‘I love you, you that I love. For you, I will depart.” These are my last lines.

If Mina is transformed into a Dracula/vampire, you can still be together with the person he loves.
Of course I want to be with Mina forever. However, I know how it’s like to live like Dracula. I don’t want to inflict that same pain on the person I love. As long as I die, Mina can return to her regular life, so I chose to die. To be able to sacrifice himself, isn’t his love remarkable? More than anyone, Dracula is an extraordinary being who possess a burning heart. It would be great if the audience could feel that.


“I can’t complain if people don’t understand my heart”
Talking about the fact that Dracula starves in order to avoid murdering people, I think there are similarities between that and Kim Junsu’s life. In order to survive as a celebrity, here are times when you have to suppress your instincts.
It’s not easy living as a celebrity. There are many times you have to resist and overcome. Particularly, I know a bit about Dracula’s hunger. I am the type that puts on weight easily so after becoming a celebrity, I can’t eat the amount I want each meal aside from time to time when I say, “I should give myself a reward!” (laugh). Dating is also not easy, and it’s not easy to go outside. But these are just short words. There was a time when I thought I had to give up more than I gained by doing this line of work. However, no matter what kind of life one lives, there are things that are gained and lost. Now, I know what I enjoy and I’m thankful.
Dracula resists the urge to kill, but nobody understands his struggle so he feels even lonelier. This may be a leap of logic, but there probably aren’t many people who understand what Kim Junsu resists and the effort he makes in order to stand on stage.
People say that in accomplishing something, the process is more important than the result. However, I think that the result is more important than the process because my profession in particular emphasizes the result. My fans know the effort I put into my process but regular audiences who view me objectively judge me based on the result. That is indeed a bit tough. I do this work voluntarily, so I can’t complain when people don’t understand me. I think I strive for people’s recognition of my heart/efforts.
When have you thought, “I’ve become a musical actor”?
Because it’s so trivial, I’m not sure if people can feel the same and just say “What the? So trivial”, but when I dare to think that I’ve become a musical actor is when I freely practice my lines and singing in rehearsal. Having all the lights in the rehearsal room on and practicing in front of all the people watching, it’s more nerve-wracking than standing on the actual stage. It was tough to practice in front of everyone watching when the musical starts. I was a bit embarrassed. I was a bit envious of the actors and actresses who practiced like they were performing in a show, but I’ve come to do that too. It was like this in <December> as well, but while doing <Dracula>, I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Even my line where I say, “Welcome,” I was able to arrogantly pull it off with a brazen voice (laugh). I was able to carry out the production process of a musical actor, so I felt great about that.
Kim Junsu doesn’t seem like the type to keep things in the past on your mind, but while doing musicals, do you have a moment that you regret?
You’re right, I don’t regret things much. Before I make a choice, I think about it a lot. After making a decision, I try to think optimistically. Of course that doesn’t mean I only look at the positive side of everything.
When lyrics for <December> came out, I kept agonizing over it. The production I did before that was <Elizabeth> and <December> was a very ordinary story. What shall I say… It was like a musical stripped of many things. Also, it was different from my previous musicals as it had a lot of dialogue, so the burden was quite heavy. I called a nuna from the production team and asked, “What kind of blow will I get if I change my mind about taking on this musical?” I asked her to send me a message of objective, not subjective words. Not long after I hung up, a message came. She said that it would hurt the image that I’ve created by doing musicals for a long time… so I opened my script again. I said “Aish,” and then said “Fighting” to myself (everyone laughs).
However, I think it was great that I did <December>. My fear of dialogue vanished and I installed many ‘weapons’ in me.
While working as a reporter, I hear many behind-the-scene stories. Something that was memorable to me about Kim Junsu was that when you almost appeared as a supporting actor you said that it’s nice that the weight to be carried is lighter. I’m not sure if it was a joke, but after hearing that, I thought that Kim Junsu’s self-confidence is quite amazing. I wonder if you were saying, “What if the role is more or less? I am me, Kim Junsu.”
Hm. If there are roles A and B, and A’s role is bigger than B’s so I choose B! No, I don’t choose roles like that. I want to take on roles that have great songs and roles that I can show my heart. I don’t think the weight of the role is very important.
Is there a reason why you only do one or two productions per year?
Well, I don’t calculate it or anything. It’s just that I want to show the best side of me. It’s not like the sparkle will run out and disappear. I want to advance step by step for the next 10 and 20 years.

 Pictures: Healing Xia
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


Awwww...Jae is sick...

TRANS: Get well soon from cold
[OTHER IG] youkeun_jung shared a pic  


Seoul Envy

My life in Seoul

JYJ Concert

I have no idea how to start off this post. 
Before going to the JYJ concert I had always 100% respected their history, achievements, and struggles that they went through, but I never really got into them because I don’t tend to get into ballad-type music.
After the concert I wanted to apologize to the world for not enjoying them sooner.

JYJ is so amazing and I feel like I have wasted years of my life by not properly enjoying them when I should have! I never would have imagined what a life changing day this would turn out to be!
Let me take you to the beginning.
On Saturday I discussed my game plan with Julia (since she is a true JYJ fan I wanted to get advice from her) and I decided that I would arrive at KEPCO where the concert would be held at 2PM because tickets were going to be distributed at 3PM.
However, Sunday morning rolled around and I saw this.

The concert would be held on Sunday but fans started to camp out on FRIDAY.
I decided to quickly get dressed and head over there even though it was hours before my plan. I ended up getting to KEPCO at noon, and the girls at the front of the line looked dead tired.

True dedication!

The line kept going and going. The crowd was a really diverse mix. There were many foreigners from all over the place, of all races and ages. I saw girls in hijabs and an old white woman who was using a walker.

It was especially confusing because there were two lines. One for official C-Jes fan club members (the company that JYJ is under) and one line for regular citizens like myself.

Many girls were smart and brought umbrellas with them to protect themselves from the sun. While I didn’t prepare an umbrella (I ended up taking my flannel button down shirt off and using it as a head scarf), I did bring my tablet so I could read, various snacks, a water bottle, and my portable battery charger for my phone. The concert was supposed to start at 7PM and finish at 9PM so I committed myself to waiting all day.
As soon as I found the end of the line a girl next to me said “Oh! Are you here by yourself? Let’s stay together!” And my first friend of the day was made ^_^ Her name is Cathy and she is from Taipei. She was visiting from friends in Seoul and decided to come to the JYJ concert but her friends didn’t want to go. We had a great time talking (her English was excellent) and it was nice to have a line buddy because I was able to go get drinks for us from a coffee shop and we were also able to go to the bathroom in shifts (the port-a-potties they had were trailers with full sinks and had classical music softly playing from built in speakers, the first “only in Gangnam” moment of the day).
Immediately after we got in line three girls got in line directly behind us who also happened to be from Taipei! They were not confident in speaking English, so sadly we didn’t talk much, but that didn’t stop us from becoming great friends (I added all of them on facebook and they want to show me around Taipei when I visit Taiwan for Lunar New Year).
I have to admit that this one of the the things that I love most about K-Pop. Even though we couldn’t really communicate with each other in words, our common love of music united us. I think friendships like that are really special!
The three of them did tell me that they came to Seoul specifically for this concert because they are all big JYJ fans and they speculate that this could have been JYJ’s last concert as a group before they start enlisting in the military.
When they said that it really struck me. The historical impact of this concert really sunk in, and it also made me realize that Big Bang will be going through this within the next year or so also.


It’s going to be a sad, sad day in my life when that happens. It also made me realize that I had to savor each and every second of this concert!
Shortly after getting in line a few Korean grandmothers and grandfathers came around selling various things. Cathy and I each bought a piece of foam to sit on for 2,000 won (which was SUCH a good investment), and I also bought an unofficial JYJ lightstick so I would be 100% ready for the concert.

At 1:45 a couple of the JYJ fan club girls (since this concert was free the staff was limited so the fan club members took on much of the organizational tasks) started to come around and write on our arms so we could prove what place we were in line.

I pulled off a miracle and was 1,322 in line out of 35,000 people (although it sounds like 50,000 people attended). All concerts in Korea rely heavily on the number system when it comes to standing sections to ensure fairness and convenience (so for ticketed concerts if you are standing section you only need to arrive an hour or two before the concert because your entrance time/place is already determined instead of waiting in line all day for a good spot like we have to do in America).

All five of us were starting to get hungry. I shared the goldfish that I brought with me (thank you Mom and Dad for sending them to me) and they were really excited to have an American snack, and they shared their chips with me. We plotted to have jajangmyeong (black bean noodles) delivered to us in line after we got our physical tickets.
Sadly, we could not complete that plan.

 A few minutes after 4PM we were given wristbands which would serve as our tickets. You can see that I was in B1 which was such an awesome spot to be! We were so close to the stage! I was starting to get really excited!

The other side of the wristband. Almost immediately after we got these the fan club girls started to move us because we would be let into the concert area shortly. It was kind of chaos at this point, so the five of us who became friends linked arms so we would stay together and got back in line in our number order. 
I seriously felt like I was living in the drama Reply 1997 (this is seriously one of my favorite dramas of all time and I recommend everyone watch it) at this point. We were slowly~ slowly~ starting to file into the concert area.

You could easily tell that there were thousands upon thousands of people here by this point, but for the most part everyone was very orderly and respectful.

One last selca before the concert! We could hear JYJ starting to rehearse (the stage was on the street that they had blocked off) and the fans were starting to go crazy! You could feel in the air that this was going to be a hot concert!

This was the line, this was one single, organized line that was snaking back and forth. 

This was the view from almost the very back of the blocked off concert area.

Announcing to all of Gangnam the return of the kings!

Another look at how orderly everyone was in line. While we were in this line staff members came around and gave each of us a bottle of water. And it wasn’t just any water, it was sparkling water (the second “only in Gangnam” moment of the night).

After the concert I saw a girl using all of the strength she had in her body to try and rip the JYJ flag down so she could keep it.

We got to our section of the pit around 6:45. It wasn’t too bad before the concert started, but as soon as JYJ came out it started to get intense. My four friends and I linked arms again, but we got separated into two groups. I’m not kidding in the slightest when I thought to myself “I really don’t want to die by being crushed to death at a JYJ concert”. A dozen or so people couldn’t hack it and left our section of the pit.

Here is an overhead shot. Keep in mind that this is probably a fourth of the length of the concert area. 

Probably ten seconds into the first song I knew I would never be the same again. Each of them was so handsome in person, and their voices….

At this point in  my life I’ve gone to a decent amount of concerts, and aside from Big Bang’s Daesung, I’ve never heard anyone as flawless at these three. Listening to them sing is like hearing what singing is supposed to sound like. At one point I thought “Why do other singers even try?” 
Not only are they incredible vocalists, they are fantastic dancers, and you could tell they all really enjoyed themselves. There were numerous group songs, and each of them did three solo songs. For each solo song I kept thinking “Oh! Jaejoong is my favorite!” Then would Yoochun would come out I would think “Wow! Yoochun is my favorite!” And of course when Junsu would sing I thought “Oh my god! Junsu is my favorite!” 

By the end of the night though Yoochun really won me over.
I am begging each and every one of you to watch at least ONE of the following fan cams to get a sense of the talent that JYJ possesses. 


This “Be the One” fancam is great if you want to check out their dance moves and listen to some serious fanchants. Fanchants are certain lines or words in the song that fans will repeat or sing which is a ton of fun to listen to and even more fun to partake in.


Watch this “Let Me See” fancam if you want to get a grasp of their flawless vocal (as I watched this fancam before adding it to this post it may or may not have brought tears to my eyes).


Sadly I can’t find a high quality fancam of Junsu’s solo song “Incredible” but this was one of the highlights of the concert because it was so high energy and the lighstick choreography all of the fans did was mind blowing and an honor to be a part of!


This “Be My Girl” fancam is Jaejoong focused, but it was the only good fancam of the song that I could find. I had to include one because during this song I made extended eye contact with Junsu! I also made eye contact with Jaejoong during the concert!


And of course this post would not be complete without a “Backseat” fancam!
The concert ended at 9, and I’m lucky to live so close. I took the subway back home and I stopped to grab dinner—

five giant steamed beef dumplings with three bags of pickled radish (for only 3,000 won), and at the grocery store to buy yogurt and I was still in my apartment by 9:45!
This was seriously one of the best concerts of my life, and I am always going to be so happy that I went and had such a good experience (great proximity to the stage, and I made such great friends). At work today during my research and development time I spent the entire two and a half hours listening to JYJ and reliving the concert. 
I hope that I will have a chance to see JYJ perform again because I need to experience their perfect vocals at least one more time in my life!


TV Daily Yoon Hye Young Reporter] Actress Jung Yumi responded to Park Yoochun’s love call  (Cr to
via Geministar06

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 picture from google


[ENG SUB] DATV Jaejoong Triangle 無料視聴予告 Free Broadcasting

by Lena

Uploader note: Jaejoong`s interview will be aired on October 30th, 10 pm.

Video & Translation Credit: Angel Wing
Shared by PrinceJJ


[TRANS] 141008 Im Siwan mentions wanting to do another project with Kim Jaejoong

Group ZE:A member-cum-actor Im Siwan revealed his affections toward Kim Jaejoong.

The production conference for tvN’s new Fri-Sat drama ‘Misaeng’ was held in a conference room at COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, in the afternoon on October 6th; and Im Siwan and its other leading actors had attended.

Im Siwan revealed his affections by saying, “We forged a really good connection,” about Kim Jaejoong who starred together with him in MBC’s ‘Triangle’ that finished last July.

Continuing he conveyed his wish, “I felt that Kim Jaejoong always took care of me like I was his dongsaeng. I want to meet again in a next project if there’s a chance”.

Source: News Way Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3


[OTHER] Hansol posts a video of Junsu & friends fishing + Youngpil shares photo 



@youngfeel: A picture with feeling~~
Although it seems like the one on the right was caught in the picture…ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Hansol’s Facebook & @youngfeel Youtube source: LOVEY TIC Shared by: intoXIAcation


JJ Twitter update

모두 독감,감기 조심하세요..

[-Trans] Everyone, please be careful not to catch the flu and a cold..
by theyoungestmin


Gangnam District Office FB and TW Update with JYJ
이거슨 직찍!! 11월 초부터 강남의 한류스타거리에서 JYJ의 핸드프린팅을 느낄 수 있습니다 ~ ♡

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Gangnam District Office


Jaejoong! A friend's Instagram update...

[OTHER IG] lhs1212 shared a pic with  


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 141007 Producer Tyrone Niddy Buckner changes his Profile Picture to one with Yoochun

 photo 10341477_10204720271188171_6165392314936215841_n.jpg

Credit: Tyrone Niddy Buckner FB Shared by: JYJ3


[TWITTER] 141008 Junsu woke up to noises


@1215thexiahtic: I woke up to some loud noises… They were racing with tubes. They’re so excitedㅋ


@1215thexiahtic: Whatever they bet on… has made it crazy hereㅋ

BzZh3dHCMAA2agG BzZh2cSCcAAfx0i


@1215thexiahtic: Euhahaha~
Junsu & Youngpil, 4 fish, shared 1st place
Inwoo, 2 fish, 2nd place
Gwangsun, 1 fish, 3rd place
Hansol only caught a carp as big as a pinky finger that can’t even be eaten (released immediately)
He said he was the King of Fishing of Mokpo, but this is how the dream of the self-confident Kang Hansol collapsed once again.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.45.28 AM

@1215thexiahtic: I heard it’s not a carp, it’s a brocade perch.
Our Hansolie is very depressed right now.. He’s asking if this is a hidden camera prank..
Please support him everyoneㅎ

———Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.26.49 AM

@youngfeel: Director Kim’s sluggish afternoon~~
@skpark81 to @youngfeel:
Youngpil I wanna go too
Hyung come have fun~!!

Source: @1215thexiahtic, @youngfeel & @skpark81  
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 141005 Yeonhee Shin’s Facebook Update: 2014 Gangnam K-Pop Festival with JYJ

Note: Yeonhee Shin is the Commissioner of Gangnam-gu  photo 141005yeonheeshin79.png


2014. I was on Yeongdong-daero [street] in front of KEPCO amid a crowd of more than 40,000 people gathering for <Gangnam K-POP Festival with JYJ> that adorned Gangnam Fashion Festival’s finale. It was great concert where a lot of residents with their families, foreign tourists and fanclub members mingled together, and were able to enjoy the quintessence of Republic of Korea’s K-POP. It had been even an unusual sight created, where thousands of Hallyu fans were on the sidewalks in front of KEPCO for 2 days and waiting for the concert to take place; to watch JYJ’s solo concert today. A lot of oveseas Hallyu fans had arrived to watch Hallyu star JYJ, including Chinese yorkers who searched for them[JYJ] in Gangnam for the long weekend of the China’s National Day. Singers JYJ had volunteered for the arts without an appearance fee for today’s concert and with the concert, donated to the Gangnam Welfare Foundation in the total full amount of the proceeds from the sales of their concert souvenirs and other items; and before the concert, they had helped deliver 6,500kg(14,000,000 won) of rice for the underprivileged in Gangnam-gu. Deepening the autumn night. Sincerely thanks all of you, singers JYJ for showing a great concert for Gangnam residents and participants of Hyundai Motors for sponsoring.

Source: Yeonhee Shin FB Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3


[PIC + INFO] 141007 Kim Jaejoong will grace the cover of Japanese Magazine “Hallyu Pure Love TV Drama Guide” (December Issue)

Kim Jaejoong will grace the cover of Japanese Magazine “Hallyu Pure Love TV Drama Guide” (December Issue)
Date of Release: 2014/10/25
You can pre-order this magazine here: [Amazon Japan]

 photo 81KV24g6WL.jpg

This is the 9th time Kim Jaejoong is gracing the cover of Japanese Magazine “Hallyu Pure Love TV Drama Guide”.
9 of 11 Releases related to JYJ

 photo mayumeko.jpg

In 2014, Jaejoong graced the cover of the magazine six times:

 photo c466c145jw1el2g0e9srvj212w0xc7sz.jpg

Credit: Amazon Japan via @emiko_51, @mayumeko  
Shared by: JYJ3


[TWITTER] 141007 Junsu thanks his friend of 8 years + new profile picture


@1215thexiahtic: Before I knew it, it’s already been 8 years since I’ve met this guy~ They say that real friends are those who stay beside you not when you’re happy but during rough times~ Thank you for staying and not leaving when I had it rough


Junsu changed his profile picture on Twitter


Source: @1215thexiahtic 


[TWITTER] 141007 Junsu’s vacation in Toscana + JUNO & Youngpil’s tweets


@1215thexiahtic: Euhaha~ My long-awaited vacationㅎ It’s nice, feeling good


@1215thexiahtic: ㅋㅋOur representative-nim is fishing leaves out with a netㅋ


@1215thexiahtic: ㅋㅋㅋ



@JUNO_Japan: Director Kim is visiting Jeju Island during his vacation! ^^



@youngfeel: Director Kim’s sluggish afternoon~

Close up!


@youngfeel: First round. The sensual you, be careful~~~~^^ I have more~~~~

Sensual Director Kim~ 


Source: @1215thexiahtic, @JUNO_Japan & @youngfeel  
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


Junsu with his mother and twin brother on Entertainment News
Cr: entertainmentSBS

Junsu & fam were checking the retail stores inside Toscana on opening day and Mama Kim liked a bag, so Junsu said he will buy the bag for  Mama Kim as the store's first customer. Mama Kim said Junsu has always been filial with gifts. Media is praising him as a filial son ^___^
From ohmyjunsu

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Makes Surprise TV Appearance with His Mother

2014.10.07 10:33 Newsen Kim Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung 

JYJ’s Kim Junsu made a surprise appearance on broadcast with his mother.

October 7’s broadcast of SBS’s Good Morning featured JYJ’s Kim Junsu visiting jewelry designer Kim Jeong Ju’s store with his brother Kim Muyoung and his mother.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Makes Surprise TV Appearance with His Mother

While looking at displayed items in designer Kim Jeong Ju’s store, Kim Junsu gifted his mother with a new purse. Kim Junsu’s mother smiled brightly as she shared that her son often buys her gifts.

Kim Junsu then showed his support by saying that he hopes designer Kim Jeong Ju’s store does well.

Photo credit: SBS


JYJ’s Junsu presents gift to his mother

Junsu, a member of the K-pop trio JYJ, appeared on the SBS program “Good Morning” on Tuesday with his mother and brother.

Junsu’s family members visited accessory designer Kim Jung-ju’s store. While they browsed the store, Junsu bought one of the products as a gift for his mother.

“Junsu often gives me gifts,” his mother was quoted as saying, boasting about her son’s kindness.

Junsu recently opened a luxury hotel on Jejudo Island named Toscana Boutique Hotel and held a concert with JYJ members at the Gagnam Hallyu Festival on Sunday that attracted about 50,000 fans.
By Kim Min-jin (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)  


#JYJ 가 강추한 트롤리버스 *_* 아직도 안타보셨나요~?
골라타는 재미가있다~!! 트롤리버스 안의 JYJ 2탄 !!!

*트롤리버스타고 #JYJ 손에 살포시 손을 올려보아요...♡
*11월 초에 한류스타거리에서 JYJ 핸드프린팅을 직접 만나보실 수 있습니다
*트롤리버스 타러가기▶http://www.gangnamtour.go.kr/

The highly-recommended trolley bus by #‎JYJ‬ *_* Have you considered hitting it yet~?
Have fun getting on it~!! Part 2 of JYJ inside the trolley bus !!!
Ride the trolley bus and look at lightly putting your hand onto #JYJ ‘s hand…♡
To ride the trolley bus ▶http://www.gangnamtour.go.kr/
Trans by Rilanna of JYJ3

Gangnam District Office FB


JYJ Bodyguard shares a picture of Yuchun with YCs manager...

좋은 사람들과, 좋은곳에서....
With good people, good place ....

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141007[Other IG] jeehwan716 shares a pic with Jaejoong  

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JJ updated his IG with his manager's picture;)

[INSTAGRAM] 141006 Jaejoong Instagram Update

by Lena
Credit: bornfreeonekiss2  
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Park Yoo Chun Talks Acting and Fashion at BIFF Village 

[by Nawael Khelil] 
Park Yoo Chun was invited to share his feelings about his acting career at BIFF Village during the Busan International Film Festival.

‘The Birth of an Actor’ was the title of the corner that was given to Park Yoo Chun on October 3. The singer/actor filmed his first full-length movie this year and impressed both the national audience and the international critics in ‘Sea Fog’ (Shim Sung Bo, Bong Joon Ho). What he showed last Friday was not the top-idol-star side of him (he was in TVXQ and continues his singing career with JYJ) but a mature and honest young actor who is ambitious and down-to-earth.

Park debuted his acting career a few years ago with a role in a historical drama. His efforts led him to a few roles in regular TV projects, from playing a twisted character in ‘Rooftop Prince’ to playing the main character of ‘Three Days’, a zealous bodyguard that will search for the President after a third party attempted his assassination.

He now would like to try romantic comedies. It must be said that his first film, ‘Sea Fog’, is about greed and the subjectivity that concerns a human life’s value. Nothing really romantic here. “I loved ‘It’s Ok, It’s Love’. ‘Begin Again’, ‘The Classic’, ‘Il Mare’, I’d like to film that kind of movies.” When asked about his ideal partner, he confessed “The actress I’d love to film with is currently filming a drama. It’s Jung Yoo Mi, her gentle image looks really beautiful to me.”

Fashion talk now, Park started to develop an interest for clothing as he started to act. Even though his favorite go-to remains slippers, he eventually loves to dress up: “Before, I used to think that I just had to show something new for people to like my fashion, but as I started acting, I realized that I could just trust my own sense. Now, even during my JYJ activities, I always try to compose my outfits by myself.”

The ‘Sea Fog’ opportunity changed his mind on acting. He now would like to focus on this career as it reflects his true personality. “I hope that I will be able to act for many years. With ‘Sea Fog’, I realized and learnt a lot of things. I feel like despite the mistakes I did, I have no regret. It’s a movie that helped me receiving acknowledgement as an actor.” Indeed, even Bong Joon Ho himself praised the new movie star, “Every time I hear about this, I can’t help but feel embarrassed. 5 years haven’t passed yet since I started to act, I can’t really consider myself as an actor so far.”

You never expect such humility from a K-pop star that already has Asia (eventually the World) screaming their name, but Park Yoo Chun is the kind of artist that sets up a line between his various careers, not taking for granted the audience’s love or success only because people like his songs. (photos by bntnewsDB)

contact: news@bntnews.co.uk  


JYJ enthralls 50,000 fans in Gangnam

Updated : October 06 2014
True to the name of JYJ’s world tour concert “Return of the King,” the trio seemed like kings who had conquered the K-pop world on Sunday.

On Sunday evening, tens of thousands of people flocked to Gangnam, an affluent southern district of Seoul, for the K-pop concert featuring JYJ.

The entire seven-lane Yeongdong road in front of the Korea Electric Power Corp. headquarters in Samseong-dong, blocked off for the two-hour concert, was filled by some 50,000 fans from home and abroad.


As admission to the concert was on a first come, first serve basis, some fans reportedly camped out at the site for two days ahead of the show.

Those who could not obtain a ticket crammed into the nearby streets to watch the show from a distance.

The three members of JYJ -- Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu -- stepped onto the special outdoor stage at 7 p.m.


They opened the concert with “Be the One” and “Baboboy,” and performed a total of 19 songs. Each member also gave an individual performance of favorite or self-composed songs.

“Autumn night, it is the best weather to hold a concert in. We are pleased that many more fans than we expected came to this street gig,” JYJ told the audience.

The band said farewell to its fans with the final song “Empty.”


Started in 2011, the K-pop concert is a part of the Gangnam Festival designed to promote hallyu, the overseas Korean pop culture boom. The annual show has also featured A-list K-pop acts such as Rain, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, EXO and SHINee.

JYJ released its second studio album “Just Us” on July 29 and toured eight Asian cities for the concert tour “Return of the King.”

By Ock Hyun-ju (laeticia.ock@heraldcorp.com)