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JYJ News Week of 2/4- 2/10/2019

What's New With JYJ?
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Coco's ^_^ fine, too.

ネネも元気だよー^ ^

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Nene is fine too!

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[IG] Somehow it seems like everyone is about to engage in a fight
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ジェジュン Instagram 20190211


[jj_1986_jj IG] 190210 ; ネネちゃんー😽

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[jj_1986_jj IG] 190210 ; Nene-chan 😽


Pro Wrestler Noah updated a picture with Jaejoong & Dancer RYO! Handsome as usual!💜 Link: 
Cr. noah_marufuji_

noah_marufuji_ updated a 2-shots version of the picture with our Jaejoong!!😍 Link: Our handsome, stunning and cool Jaejoong!

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 Junsu is live

Click this link:  https://t.co/wCtX4W2hdb

"I don't often get the evenings off when I do a matinee but I did twice this time, including today. It feels so good, like I'm skipping class."
"2 years ago today was the day I went into training camp. The sky I saw that day was perhaps the most depressing I've ever seen in my life. It's completely different now, even though it's the same sky. And I owe that all to you. Thank you."
He's showing us the sunset lol He says it was prettier a few moments ago.>.<

Junsu opening up the vote for his hairstyle tomorrow, his last day as Tod.
Fan: Can't you have it half slicked back in Act 1, and all combed back in Act 2? Junsu: I did consider that. If Tod was human, that might be a natural thing but as Death, I'm concerned how it might affect the audience's concentration. I don't want him to appear human.

Junsu on the Voice Phishing Prank: "I rarely gets calls from an unknown number. Not since DBSK when I go sasaeng calls. Thankfully, my fans have created a movement where it's not okay to do that. So I don't get any. Some idols still get them ...
.. I thought the reason I don't get sasaeng calls anymore was a natural function of aging (lol) but I only recently learned it was the conscious effort of my fans. So thank you."

Fan: Your response was very kind, oppa. 
Junsu: It might be because the caller was female. If it was a guy, I might have swore at him.

Topics covered on Junsu's V-live - Getting off early & remembering 2 yrs ago - Food talk: he asked fans about not well known, good restaurants - Weight: he gained 1~2 kg since the beginning of Eli. (Fans: Gain more, 10 kg!) Said if he gains 10 kg, he'll return to his army weight

He hates seeing photos of army Junsu (wants to rip them up). But he thinks it was a period in his life when he was able to live as just a normal person, without all the celebrity trappings, having honest talks with his colleagues and doing regular things. It was healing for him.
(still on food) Fan: Is hot pot still your fav? Junsu: It is. Not as much as before, but I still go at least once every 2 wks. There are so many yummy things in the world. Why do we gain weight when we eat? The world would be such a happier place if we didn't gain weight.

- Japanese talk (his Japanese was actually not as abunai as he worried about lol): "Seriously, I haven't spoken Japanese at all in 2 years. I always asked you to help me with Japanese at my concerts before, but now it's really abunai (dangerously shaky). I'll be there in April.."
.. and this time, I really won't be able to manage without your help. Please help me!" (then in Korean) "Whoah, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!"

(continuing in Japanese) "I won't have a translator at the concert so you and I, together, we'll make the concert [work].. a concert that we create together - let's make it a *made concert*"  
"made concert"
He's going to add new songs / change some song for the Japanese concerts
(still in Japanese) "I was really worried about not having a translator. How's my Japanese right now? Is it okay? Anyway, I was very worried but then again, if my Japanese doesn't come along, I think it'll be fine if I just get help from fans on the spot. I'll keep it real!

- Elisabeth: "Tomorrow's the last show. In a relatively short time, I had 50 shows - a killer. But thanks to your applause and support, I made it through without a a glitch, up until tomorrow. Once again, I'd like to sincerely thank you for your endless applause and cheers.
Thank you so much. Because of you, I was able to do 49 shows, 50 if you count tomorrow. After that, we'll tour other cities: I'll be at 6 of them, almost every weekend. I haven't performed in these cities in a long time, so I'm also excited!
It'll be so nice to meet the audiences there. Plus I'll be able to taste all their yummy dishes *appreciative groan* Tomorrow's show won't be the last so that's a good thing. The last show in Seoul won't feel as sad as it usually does cuz there'll be more left.12 shows. I'm glad.
For those that are coming to the last Seoul show tomorrow, we'll feel the atmosphere together and share the moment. For those who can't come, I'll receive your energy even from afar, and put it in my performance. Because I know better than anyone else how much you care for me.
I will not forget my gratitude towards that and reflect it in the performance. Thank you. I'll say my last goodbye tomorrow on stage. We did 30 minutes today. Thank you! Annyeong!"


Junsu's final goodbye from Elisabeth, Seoul 190210 엘리자벳 막공 훠이훠이 XIA, 김준수, 시아준수 XIATOD
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Pics from twitter

2019.02.08 Junsu IG 홍석이형과(매형;;) 서울공연 막공 인증샷!화이팅^^ Selfie with Hongseok hyung (brother-in-law;;) for our last Seoul show together! Fighting^^


Park Yuchun update

01. Slow dance 
02. Strong 
03. 재회 
04. 가시덤불 
05. Magic 
06. 뒤돌면 모든 길이 추억이라 
07. 졸업 
08. Slow dance(Japanese ver.) 
09. Slow dance(Chinese ver.) 

2019 PARK YUCHUN TOUR CONCERT ‘SLOW DANCE’ in JAPANポスター公開!2/16(土)チケット一般発売開始!

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2019 PARK Yuchun TOUR CONCERT ' SLOW DANCE ' in Japan poster release! Feb. 16 (Sat) Tickets open for sale!


190208 Jaejoong IG STORY UPDATES


[ jj_1986_jj IG Stiry ] 1.Yoo-Hoo~~~ JJ 2. What are you doing, Jaejoong?👇 3. 👈 Really, What are you doing Jaejoong??

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20190208 ‪jj_1986_jj IG Story



A translation of Junsu's introduction to 'Kanade'



ジェジュン Instagram 20190208

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[TRIPLE_J] EP.4 제이파티(J-Party) 속 🎂 재중이 알고 싶다 ❗ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong) via Oh the memories!!! Hope to see everyone at as well😇





Junsu update

[한글자막] Fangirling We're Down With


"The footprints of Junsu's 9 years in musicals I Our star shined even brighter on land" 
with English subs

너와 나의 황금별


Park Yuchun update
20190208 JYJ Line 박유천 서울콘서트 포스터 공개 ✔ ‘SLOW DANCE’ in SEOUL CONCERT 여러분을 기다리고 있을게요 :-) 일정 : 2019.03.02(sat) pm6:00 장소 : 코엑스 오디토리움

20190208 JYJ Line Park Yuchun Seoul concert poster revealed ✔"SLOW DANCE" in Seoul CONCERT will be waiting for you :-): 2019.03.02 (Sat) PM6:00 Venue: Coex Auditorium  


Hello 💚😊💚

Note: JJ's stylist and make up artist are with him as well...Something is cooking for sure

190207 Jaejoong IG+IG Story Update


190207 qkrdhrwo IG UPDATE

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190207 moon_jy IG Update

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JJ Update

"What should I do" Words from Jaejoong, who is worry for his fans!

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JJ the dancer coming soon! ⁩ Ganbatte!!!

[IG] Emoticon exchanges among friends sparked by IG posting by about being excited about the dance practice 
boss.hc to JJ: Appreciate your passion 
junggunyoung to JJ: Three thumbs up, right?
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【tyjdryo IG】 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 
・ @junggunyoung665 .hc


JJ Update

【toranoko_ureshino Instagram】 🍶12月初旬、ジェジュンさんとジョンフンさんがご来店‼️試飲され、しぼりたて原酒を1番気に入られてました🍶 さん 観光協会に許可を取り、投稿しています🙇‍♀️

At the 🍶 beginning of December, Mr. Jaejung and John Hun were tasting the store, and they were the first to be satisfied with the ‼️ original sake. I 🍶 took permission to the tourism Association and posted


Yuchun Weibo update
Lunar New Year Greetings


More YC on Weibo


Junsu IG Update


Junsu IG update
<샤스타그램> 뭔일이래..노을지는거 보고싶은데 비가와서 그런지 하나도 안보여..😱

I'd like to see the sunset, but it's a lot of rain.



[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #2-2 : 준쮸투어 - 풍경덕후 준수의 동네마실 1탄 ✈️ㅣ김준수(XIA)


<샤스타그램> 새해 복 많이 받으세요😄마지막은 엘리자벳과 루돌프를 위한 분노의 양치질ㅋ(좋은것만 드려요2탄ㅋ)😙

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