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JYJ News Week of 7/16- 7/22/2018

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Jaejoong's tweets calling for help for areas affected by heavy rains in Hiroshima was featured on Japanese Morning News!! Officials also said that volunteers has increased these days, many fans are helping & others are donating! Thanks to
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180723 News About Jaejoong Mezamashi TV

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今夜のLove musicは24:30〜! FNSうたの夏まつり直前!見どころ徹底解説SP 見どころをたっぷりお届けします! ジェジュンさんからのコメントや ミュージカルメドレーちょい見せ などなど見どころたっぷりです! ※地域によって放送日時が異なります 🎹

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Love music is 24:30 tonight! FNS UTA No summer festival just before! I will deliver plenty of points of interest thorough explanation SP! There are plenty of things to see such as comments from Mr. Jaejoong and a musical medley! ※ broadcast time is different 🎹 depending on the regio

180722 Love music [FNS UTA Summer Festival]


Summary of Jaejoong's comment on Love Music!

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Cuteness! and of




20180723 ‪jj_1986_jj IG ①

20180723 ‪jj_1986_jj IG ②

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Gorgeous even if pixelated! is life 💚😊💚



High Touch event in Yokohama, Japan'
JJ and his jaefans

Lucky with !


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It started.

Appreciate !


20180722 jj_information Twitter

JJ_Information @jj_information


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Thank you so much



Jaejoong's "The Reunion in Memory" Concert ✨ *These are very rough translations from a fanaccount that was posted on his Korean fansite. I didn't translate every single part, but this fan's commentary was funny and cute. I hope it makes you guys smile!


ジェジュン 20180722 Instagram

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Beautiful song (Drawer) with meaningful lyrics from

[ jj_1986_jj IG] "Drawer, it has been a long time- Lyrics by 김이나" Jaejoong entered to a shop that was playing "Drawer" & he was so happy about it that he took a video💕 & he posted the lyrics too!

Song: Drawer Lyrics by 김이나 Singer: Kim Jaejoong (김재중) Album: NO.X

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ジェジュン 20180721 Instagram

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[ jj_1986_jj IG & UPDATE] I am looking forward to it tomorrow^^ Let's meet with a smile^^ IG: Twitter:
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[사진] chk.mate IG

Highway DUI Patrol



YC in rehearsals for Taiwan FM

[CJES_Official Weibo] 180721

180721 weibo update "열심히 준비 중, 이따 봐요^^ 一會見!" preparing hard, see you later~

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180721 Weibo Update "I'm preparing hard, I have a look at this TA ^^ !" Preparing hard, see you later ~

Yoochun FM in Taiwan 





 YC Arrives in Taiwan

180720 ; Incheon to Taiwan 
【ユチョン出国🎥】(20日仁川 ⒸWebdaily)  




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[EN Sub] 07/10/18 Kim Jaejoong “Dancing Sanma Palace” Vid. Cr. 微光_hijj


[En Sub] 07/11/18 Kim Jaejoong “Tonight’s Comparison” Vid. Cr. 微光_hijj



[JUNON Magazine] -Now, Are you happy? Jaejoong: "Of course, It's not possible to express it in words"


Here’s What JYJ Jaejoong Did As A Volunteer In Hiroshima


JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently went to Hiroshima to volunteer and received praise and admiration from fans.


The city of Hiroshima in Japan has experienced deadly landslides due to heavy rain which has caused approximately 200 deaths to date and another 80 missing people.
Jaejoong posted on his Twitter images that showed the aftermath of the disaster.

The photos proved that Hiroshima was in desperate need of help in restoring all the damage.

Jaejoong informed that there were no trains and no taxis running in the area but encouraged people to come and help out.

He also posted some photos of himself and his acquaintance after what seems to have been a long day of labor.

Both looked exhausted as they were lying around the floor in front of the station.

His posts were flooded with encouraging comments from Japanese fans who were touched by his thoughtful actions. Korean netizens were also impressed with Jaejoong’s actions and praised him for volunteering.

  • “You’re awesome! I always support you.”
  • “Taking the initiative to go and volunteer is not an easy task. Jaejoong is really admirable.”
  • “It’s easy to say but difficult to put into action like that. Good job, Jaejoong!”
  • “He seemed worried on the day of his concert and I guess he ended up going. Very nice job.”
  • “Jaejoong is so amazing. Kudos to him!”


JYJ Jaejoong Volunteers In Hiroshima After Floods -

JYJ Jaejoong Volunteers In Hiroshima After Floods

Korean singer Jaejoong (32) posted on twitter how he volunteered in Hiroshima that was heavily damaged by floods. Jaejoong personally contacted the Hiroshima volunteer center office and went to clean up the debris with his friends

He wrote “I came to the spot in Hiroshima that was damaged by the heavy rains… It was a lot harsher in real life than what I saw on the news… We weren’t able to make that much progress, even after all this time. It seems like we need help from many others…” in a separate tweet he added “The trains aren’t running… and there are no taxis. But, I’m glad I came! Everyone, please help us!”

(Source: Girls Channel, Sponichi)

1. [+3,814, -41] I appreciate everyone who helps out in the middle of all this heat.

2. [+3,719, -118] Not all Koreans are that bad huh. I want to sincerely thank him.

3. [+3,720, -95] Thank you!

4. [+3,525, -46] The front of the station seems like it took a real beating. But, as someone from Hiroshima this makes me happy. Thank you

5. [+2,896, -38] Thank you! I’m truly grateful!

6. [+2,759, -32] Thank you! You worked hard!

7. [+2,706, -486] Can you believe it, a Korean man!?

8. [+2,463, -106] I think it’s because he’s a kind hearted person

9. [+1,899, -140] I’m thankful to the volunteers but you shouldn’t lie down in the front of the station!

10. [+1,478, -324] What happened under his eyes? It looks scary

11. [+1,291, -31] Doesn’t this guy have lots of Japanese friends, I don’t know him that good though

12. [+1,244, -22] I’ve been seeing Jaejoong on Japanese TV these days. I wonder if he came to volunteer. Thank you.

13. [+1,239, -17] I haven’t left my house because of the heat, I’m pathetic. Thank you for your work

14. [+1,191, -57] Is he a good person?

15. [+1,044, -80] His bare face is so handsome

16. [+983, -29] Isn’t he amazing! Thank you

17. [+896, -36] It doesn’t seem like he can return to Korean anymore

18. [+653, -18] Jaejoong has loved Japan since a long time ago right. Even while he was in TVXQ he had many Japanese friends and loved Japan the most. I’m sincerely thankful!

19. [+410, -12] I’m very thankful but won’t he get criticized for doing this in his home country? I’m worried for him

20. [+368, -9] Thank you for your work in this heat. There are bad people and good people, no matter which country you were born from. Thank you

21. [+319, -21] Not all Koreans are bad people. He did an amazing thing. While me, a Japanese person who hasn’t been able to do anything. I’m very thankful

Learning about the shortage of volunteers JJ contacted the city office himself and went to Hiroshima with his friends. He worked to dispose the mud in a scorching hot day even though he has a sunlight allergy. Remember he was a special class soldier!!

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(Trans) This person is really great. Even though people live in the same prefecture, many of them can’t go or will not go to the disaster-hit area. Were there any foreigners ever who worry about Japan this much and quickly take action? →
JJ’s message directly sent from the damaged area will boost the number of volunteers, relief supplies, and donations for sure. Thank you very much Jaejoong-san.
Thank-you -comments to Yahoo News about JJ’s visit to Hiroshima already exceeded 2000! He is admired simply as a human, but also as an influential figure who can raise public awareness to the disaster. 


Volunteers to help out the flood victims in Japan “Heart warming”
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Jaejoong: Thanks for being the kind-hearted person you are, please never change!😚



Jul 19

駅前で申し訳ありません。 お疲れ様でした!

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I'm sorry in front of the station. Thank you for your hard work!


Jul 19

電車がはしらない… タクシーがない…けど 来て良かった! 皆んなの力も是非貸して下さい!

The train is not running... No taxis... But it was good to come! Please lend the power of everyone by all means!

[TRANS] the train is not moving... there is no taxi... but i’m glad I came! Do please lend everyone’s power(/energy)


Jul 19

大雨で被害された広島の現場に行って来ました… newsで見たのより実際はもっと残酷でした… こんなに時間がたったのにまだまだ作業が進んでなかったです。より沢山の人の力が必要そう…

I went to the scene of Hiroshima, which was damaged by the heavy rain... actually more cruel than I saw on the news... The work has not progressed still so much in time. More people need more power...

[TRANS] I went to the areas that suffered from heavy rains in Hiroshima... in reality it was much cruel than as seen on the news... eventhough this much time has passed the work hasnt progressed. Seems like the power of many more people is needed...
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Police Junsu Update

Published on Jul 19, 2018
격주 목요일 20시 ! 경기남부경찰 XIA김준수, 김형준 대원의 페이스북 라이브 유튜브 구독 ▶ www.youtube.com/ggnbtv 페이스북 ▶ http://facebook.com/gyeonggipolice




One minute's deep story where life will change [character] July 23 Monday 21 : 00 - 21: 54 人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話 - Gガイドテレビ番組表 日テレ1 7月23日 21:00-21:54
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人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話[字] 放送日時07月23日(月)21:00~21:54


[ jj_1986_jj IG UPDATE] (Adorables😽)


20180718 JJ860126JJ Weibo


JJ weibo - KOKO & NENE  ?


JJ IG Update

jj_1986_jj 最近お気に入りの洗顔 泡がめっちゃのびて面白いからハマってる〜🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🐵 #MOCCHISKIN#モッチスキン @mocchiskin_official


Prince of course! as the very handsome Beast! 💚😊💚

[EN sub] Kim Jaejoong 07/18/18 FNS Summer Music Festival Interview


Jaejoong mini Interview about the upcoming FNS Festival

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(Trans) The song Beauty and the Beast will be sung by Jaejoong -san, who restarted activities in Japan & appears in various tv programs. JJ: I’m nervous, ‘cause I’ll sing Disney song not mine. But will try to enjoy with fresh feeling.

JJ: I practice hard for purity & beauty of Disney world. Narration to introduce his partner Sarah. JJ: I only saw her in YouTube and found her a great singer.

JJ: I’m excited to think my voice will be harmonized with such a beautiful voice of her. I don’t want spoil her voice but I believe our performance will be great.

A rough trans of Jaejoong's comment!^^





180717 Paradise City Fan Meeting Message from Jaejoong

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Jaejoong in Junon

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[EN Sub] Kim Jaejoong 07/14/18 Kinki Kids’ Vroom Vroom



Our wonderful silly Jae!!! Looking forward to your duet coming soon! is life!
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Trans: FNS' Summer festival Song. I will sing the theme song of Beauty and the Beast by Disney with Sarah Olein
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Jaejoong will sing "Beauty and the Beast" English version with Sarah Àlainn on July 25 at 19:00 ~ 23:00 Live Broadcasting!!💕👏👏👏 Omg! This is really A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! Jaejoong will sing in english!! Looking forward to this!!

Sarah Àlainn whom JJ gonna perform with in upcoming FNS  



[NEWS] 180716 "Kim Junsu, the visual as it gets younger.
K-pop group JYJ member Kim Junsu is on the news.
"It's so hot on July 16, " said Kim Junsu's management agency, CJES Entertainment. The photo was posted with a message that said, " We are pleased to see you like an oasis. ".
In the photo, Kim Junsu, wearing a uniform police uniform, was featured. Uneven skin and a rounded, bigger eyes make Kim's appearance even better. The bright smile of Kim Junsu stands out.
The fans who responded to the photos responded, "You are still handsome and cute," "Thank you for your hard work"
Source: http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php…
Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

[NEWS] 180716 Junsu showed a handsome aspect during duty police service.
The C-JeS Entertainment, posted a photo on its official SNS on the afternoon of the 16th.
Junsu in the photo boasted of a white skin wearing a duty police uniform.
In February last year, Junsu joined the duty police PR team through the Nonsan training center. Junsu 's discharge date is November 8.
Source: http://m.innolife.net/innonewsviewdirect.html?id=252926
Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

[OTHER IG] 180715 Il_ma.re Update:
CF #Police #GyeonggiSouthernPolicePress
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlR7S3nHEba/…
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[OTHER IG] 180716 il_ma.re update:
A good listeners.
#2 #cf
#경찰 #경기남부경찰홍보단

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlTExMQHE6c/…
Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

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[사진] il_ma.re IG #3  남은 4개월여 언제나처럼 낮은자세로 묵묵히 동행중인 1215님이 경찰청 보이스피싱 공익광고 촬영을 끝냈습니다 지금의 더위가 잊혀질 무렵이면 브라운관?속에서 만날수 있지 않을까 고대하고 있습니다  
[PHOTO] Il_ma.re IG #3 The remaining four months, as it is always in a low posture, 1215, and I finished filming the police voice phishing public interest, and Now the heat is forgotten time around can meet in the CRT?


[OTHER IG] 180718 hansol_2.2 Update:
During the filming, I lent my belt to Kim Junsu because of his uniform problem.
After a 14-hour long shoot,
Photographer Requested Heart Concept Filming.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlW-hamlGhJ/…
Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA
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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie and closeup

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[JJweibo]코베 공연도 재밌었어요 맛있는 음식도 많이 먹었구요 일본까지 보러와주신 중국팬여러분들 감사합니다^^ ​​



Jaejoong in Reunion in Memory
Kobe, Japan


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Medley of old songs from former group
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Glamorous Sky

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Your Love

Click link for more JJ in concert
JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 7/9- 7/15/2018 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2018/07/jyj-news-week-of-79-7152018.html?spref=tw


大切な人人のために 笑ってくれたり泣いてくれたり 横浜から神戸まで本当ありがとうございました! 皆んなと一緒に歌えて沢山のお話が出来て最高に楽しかったです! 皆んな愛してるよ!


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Trans: For important people, you smiled and cried.. Thank you so much from Yokohama to Kobe! I could sing together, had a lot of talk, and had a most enjoyable time with you all! I love you, everyone!

ジェジュン JJ_Information ‏ @jj_information 20180715



와우! kimjaejoong 님의 동영상을 확인하세요! >


Another vid from JJ...His JJBand thanking fans...


Previous Week's News:
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