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JYJ News Week of 7/31- 8/6/2017

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Manhole Press con...

Handsome as in





Comedy by a handsome guy out of comic book  
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Time travel through

Cuteness! and

More Pics...





Awww of is so handsome! Hwaiting!

Watch press con live in here!   . Best of luck to Manhole team!

Highlight: 8/8 Tue 9AM 
Ep.1 Preview: 8/9 Wed 8AM 
V-Live Interview: 8/9 6:30-7:30PM 
Ep.1: 8/9 10PM

Photo published for [V LIVE] 맨홀 X 앞터V (Man-Hole X Early Interview)

[V LIVE] 맨홀 X 앞터V (Man-Hole<Feel So Good> X Early Interview)


Youth looking aka of the drama on Fighting to all cast and crew! 

"As appeared -
31 playing high school student role playing
I was a little embarrassed ... Hahaha ...
Broadcast from next week!"


Jaejoong as BongPil Update

Cjes.tagram Update:

Fan support for Kang HongSeok!

Note: Kang HongSeok is a musical actor who is also with Jaejoong's CJES agency. HongSeok has starred in various musicals, including Death Note and Kinky Boots...

[kim_honggap IG]

[kcmmmmman .in .kr IG]

BIG !! Manhole Posters in City Hall Sitation cr KJJ DC



Junsu Update

170806 Junsu IG: "Photo by thank you^^"

[청춘사진관 FB] 경찰청 랜섬 웨어 홍보영상 스틸 컷


20160805 cjes.tagram IG


[Cjes IG] Thank you! Hwaiting! Weather is hot but JJ gets strength from you
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Too #hot to be true. Keeping up w/him & #tgif Have a nice #weekend then stay tuned in the 1st on-air of #Kdrama #manhole on 9th!

fights heatx2: Due to nature of story he has to film inside heated manhole in scorching weather
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Junsu Update

170805 Hansol IG: "Finally met like this...^^"

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JJ IG Update
And yes, is also a very handsome and effective beauty/product blogger


Jaejoong goes back to high school for Manhole

I mean, I’m not sure I would ever go back to high school myself, but if it’s in the name of lurve, I guess Jaejoong (Spy) doesn’t find it as daunting to become a teenager again. We’ve got a whole bunch of promo material for upcoming time-slip comedy Manhole, which is a week away from its premiere, including a new poster, some stills, and a preview for the first episode of the wacky youth rom-com.
The poster is a pretty straightforward depiction of what we can expect from the show: Jaejoong will travel back in time through the titular manhole in order to stop UEE (Night Light), his crush of 28 years (dude…), from getting married to another guy. Oh, and the wedding is scheduled to take place one week away. They make up half of the “ddol-vengers 4,” a way of saying Crazy 4 Avengers, so named for their weirdness (“ddol” = crazy). The other half is made up of Baro (Angry Mom) and Jung Hye-sung (Chief Kim).
Baro looks like he shows a soft side to UEE, carrying her bag for her when they’re in high school, but is perpetually looking for ways to one-up Jaejoong. Not that he ever succeeds, to our amusement. Jung Hye-sung’s character, on the other hand, is described as the leader of the “ddol-vengers,” with a direct, sharp way of speaking. I’m looking forward to her character the most, ‘cause she sounds like a blunt space cadet, a little bit out there but also insightful and refreshing at the same time. 

The teaser pretty much shows what we know of the plot so far: Jaejoong crashes UEE’s wedding and shouts out his objection to her union, in what must be a nightmare since his very loud interruptions disturb absolutely no one. He gets admonished offscreen, “You couldn’t get her even if you took 280 years, let alone 28.” Ouch. UEE in uniform tells him to get a grip, and when he yells at the manhole that he wants to go back, he gets a line of worried looks from his friends. No wonder she thinks he’s lost it, when he grabs her shoulders with his crazy eyes and asks whether she’s from the present or the future.
Haha, is Jaejoong becoming a gangster one of the unintended butterfly effects of his time-traveling? If it is, that is one subplot I hope they keep around for a while. He must have told his friends about his time-slips, because Baro immediately calls him a crazy person and Jung Hye-sung repeats his words incredulously. I kinda love the casual hair-pulling going on while Baro just sits there on the side, nonchalantly parroting, “Crazy guy.” Jaejoong ends the trailer telling himself, “I can do it! I have one week left!”
This is one drama where the romance is probably going to take a backseat for me; I’m really here for the comedy and the friendships between the four adorable weirdos, and if my favorite Manhole teaser is anything to go by, we can expect a lot of the funny.
Manhole will premiere next week in KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday slot, on August 9. Ddol-vengers unite!

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Jaejoong goes back to high school in new still cuts from 'Manhole'

JYJ's Jaejoong recently transformed into a high school student for his role in upcoming KBS2 drama 'Manhole'!

The photos consist of Jaejoong demonstrating his flower boy visuals wearing a white school uniform, with his 'Bong Pil' name tag. What kind of high schooler do you think Jaejoong will make?

Meanwhile, the first episode of 'Manhole' is scheduled to air on August 9. The story revolves around Bong Pil (Jaejoong), who falls into a time slip while trying to stop Sujin (UEE), his crush of 28 years, from getting married.

Also check out the drama's latest teaser above!


's Kim Jaejoong Transforms Into His Student Role In New Stills For "Manhole"

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong looks like he hasn’t aged a day in these new photos!
On August 4, behind-the-scenes stills for the poster shooting of KBS2’s “Manhole” were shared on C-JeS’s official Instagram account.

In one of the revealed photos, Kim Jaejoong is staring at his reflection in the mirror while preparing for the shoot. The actor is sporting a school uniform with a name tag that reads Bong Pil, the name of his character in the drama.

In other photos, Kim Jaejoong is in character, happily riding a bicycle on his way to meet his crush. The images capture the innocence of his character Bong Pil well.
The production staff from “Manhole” explained, “Bong Pil is unemployed and studying for the civil service exam in the drama. However, he will be taking on different appearances and personalities, like a high schooler, through random time slips.”
“Manhole” is a comedy about a man who travels time through a manhole to stop the wedding of his crush of 28 years. It will premiere on August 9 after “Queen for 7 Days.”
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JJ IG Update...Support from KAVE (Jaejoong's 'mall/establishment' in Shibuya, Japan)
jj_1986_jj ins 직원님들..사장님 너무 남발하는거 아니신가..😂일본에서 고생해줘요 난 한국에서 화이팅할게요!

Translations via crystalmoon0213

직원님들..사장님 너무 남발하는거 아니신가..일본에서 고생해줘요 난 한국에서 화이팅할게요!  

[IG] You said "President" too many times(in banners), my employee-nims! Thank you for working hard in Japan I'll work hard in Korea!

(JJ put Korean honorific suffix "nim" when addressing his employees at KAVE to honor them! What a great employer he is!!!! President)
(Literal translation of "고생해줘요" would be "Pls suffer for me"  In context JJ used, it's expression of appreciation past/present = Thank you)

[Banner] KAVE support President ! -From all the employees of KAVE

[Other IG] Wish Success for !! President Manhole Team Hwaiting!!


Really? How old is this guy? is forever the ! Fighting! 
Wishing the best!

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[Cjes IG] said it's the clothes that made him look young but uniform was lucky to be worn by JJ Go watch ->

People say clothes can give you wings(Korean saying) Yeah, school uniform makes me look younger  

Today's hero emerges! Why? Is this funny?????

Everyone's laughing! Hey, is this funny? Sad... but I think it's funny, too

Camera can focus this up close? Then my pores will show! Well,I'm confident! Hey,camera can't catch!

Triple Threat Refreshing, Cute, Innocent ?????

Riding it at low speed is harder!

Cute bike! I can ride it like this! ...

Scaps from the V app site...


Hello aka aka of in   Hwaiting!!! Looking forward to Aug 9th!

[IG] It's so hot! Please take care! wearing shirt that says "Legend"
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CJES IG Update

Go GO!!! Rooting for to stop that wedding! Fighting!

Is he really in his 30s who finished his military service? looks so natural in high school uniform

changes into a summer uniform and transforms into an exceptionally handsome high schooler

[JYJ FB] This is not 20 yrs ago but 's current look in 2017

Can’t believe! He looks #completely young. #Kdrama #manhole you glad, it will be #finally out on 9th!

[Cjes IG] in summer uniform? How refreshing!
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Jaejoong as BongPil

[FULL TR] A non fan's eyewitness account of filming last night


Go GO!!! in !

[Cjes IG] Poster for Pil+Su couple released! Reasons for Pil's 28yrs of one sided love will be revealed on 8/9

Poster: Kim Jaejoong runs toward his love of 28 years through time

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“Manhole” Releases Teasers Of UEE, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Hye Sung, And B1A4’s Baro In High School Uniforms

On August 3, upcoming KBS drama “Manhole” released stills of their main cast, UEE, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Hye Sung, and B1A4’s Baro in high school uniforms.
“Manhole” is a comedic adventure drama about a man (Kim Jaejoong) who falls into a manhole and slips back in time to prevent the marriage of his first love (UEE). The four main characters have been friends for a long time and the new high school stills are likely referring to a flashback or a prequel story that will take place in the drama.

In the stills, Kim Jaejoong sports a casual t-shirt and jogging pants, hinting at an athletic past. Meanwhile, Baro, Jung Hye Sung, and UEE embrace their characters’ younger selves with old-fashioned school uniforms and awkward hairstyles.
“Manhole,” directed by Park Man Young and written by Lee Jae Gon, is slated to premiere on August 9 at 10 p.m. KST.
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Manhole Teaser with English subs...

KBS World TV

JJ Updates

Our and from on   and

, female friend

Ahhh so looking forward to from with as All teasers and pics are glorious

Somebody (Mr. Manager) took JJ's pic while JJ is doing a selfie...

Want more ?   of from  

[Cjes IG] This is who will become the legend this summer! High schooler
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Unimaginable Timeslip has begun: Wake up one morning as a high schooler
was aspiring to be a track and field athlete in high school

Reliving his goofy high school days helps understand/appreciate his friends more  
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Who wants to hang with this gangster? as in on Fighting!

[Cjes IG] Don't know why I do this U don't know either, right? Let's find out watching A gangster today? Cool chain! Cute bang
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Don’t know why..U either, right? Check the #1st episode of #Kdrama #manhole that’ll be #finally out on 9th. #eyecatching #adorable

Other Manhole headlines...
Translations via crystalmoon0213

Unemployed Kim Jaejoong vs Uee in Wedding Dress Teaser Revealed

Manhole from sweatshirt to faster fashion "Limitless transformation"  

Manhole reveals x Uee x Jung Hyesungx Baro's Legendary School Uniform Look


Junsu Update
JYJ added 4 new photos.
팬사랑 누가 말했나 김준수가 말했지~
청량함으로 똘똘 뭉친 김준수의 스페셜 영상회로 초대합니다!

영상회 참여 공지

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, shoes and outdoor


Manhole Teaser

KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

WATCH: Upcoming Drama "" Unveils Comical New Teaser Video

With a week left until the first broadcast, KBS drama “Manhole” has revealed its third teaser video!
The new clip gives a preview of Kim Jaejoong’s character Bong Pil traveling through time as he embarks on a frantic mission to stop the marriage of UEE’s character Soo Jin, his first love of 28 years.
“Manhole” will air every Wednesday and Thursday starting on August 9 at 10 p.m. KST.

BongPil: I’m against this wedding! I object!

“My first  love of 28 yrs getting married in 7days!”

SeokTae: U won’t make anything happen even if wait for not 28 but 280 yrs

“To my friend Bongpil  – SuJin”

SuJin: Please get a hold of yourself!

BongPil: Please suck me in again!!!!!

BongPil: I though about it a lot… I need to marry Sujin!

BongPil: Are you Sujin of present or Sujin of the future?

Jinsook: So you mean, you went to the past through a manhole and came back?

Seoktae: A freak here… a freak freak

BongPil: I can do this… I still have one week left…
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170802 Junsu IG: "Ransomware is one of the most important prevention" 👌😍
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CJES IG Update

170802 CJES IG: "Beware of Ransomware which threatens your valuable and personal info!"  

[ENGSUB] 170801 김준수 Ransomware Prevention Video

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[ENGSUB] "I will do well until the day of discharge" Junsu's interview to TongTongTV

Xia Girl21


Jaejoong as BongPil and Uee as Soojin Updates

Village goddess in Wonderland Uee: Closer than friends but not as close as lovers? Kim Jaejoong + Uee

BongPil_SooJin  KBS_drama

[Cjes IG] Tired afternoon? Look at our lovely Pil and get refreshed and energized with our lovely Pil!
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Manhole Updates

[FULL TR] Official Photographer's IG

[FULL TR] Official Photographer's IG Pls <3

[FULL TR] Official Photographer's IG Pls <3



Video: Ransomware Prevention
Featuring Kim Junsu


 [NEW VID] 170802 Junsu BTS for Ransomware Prevention Publicity Video! 




JJ IG Update

aka Fighting!!!

Forbes - 2017 Global Idol Popularity Report (China) Kim Jaejoong is No.7! It's based on the ranking of 2017 YinYueTai Fan Festival voting event.

V Chart 2016 - No.13 
Top 100 Most Popular Korean Artist in China - No.2 
Full report:

Top 100 Most popular male artists - JJ: No.6

YinYueTai Fan Festival supporting ad in Wangfujing, Luoyang, China. 

170801 Kim Jaejoong advertisement at Wangfujing Department Store




Hello aka of on August 9th

[Cjes IG] Hardworking = Always sexy Hardworking jawline Handsome side profile
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Did #U get #lunch well? Enjoy the #gorgeous #picoftheday then catch up w/him on 9th thru the #Kdrama #ManHole

[KBS PT TR] What's special about Manhole's time slip? #김재중
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Imagine having this ^^ come up from a near you! as

[Cjes IG] Didn't they say Bong Pil has been unemployed for a long time? Didn't expect to see him in this gorgeous suit! 
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Killing #suit #outfit Glance at his #behindthescenes of #Kdrama #ManHole & keep it up for the 1st #episode on Aug 9th! 

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, plant, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

JYJ added 5 new photos.


Our appreciating fan supports! of Fighting!

Jaejoong aka BongPil as a gangster?

as tagged via


Upcoming Drama "" Reveals Descriptive Character Posters Of The 4 Main Leads

On July 31, KBS2’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Manhole” released character posters of the four main leads, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, UEE, Jung Hye Sung, and B1A4’s Baro.
“Manhole” tells the story of an unemployed man named Bong Pil (Kim Jaejoong) who falls into a manhole by accident and ends up traveling back in time. The subtitle of the drama, “Pil in Wonderland” (tentative title), demonstrates how crazy and unusual Bong Pil’s adventure will be.
The drama has already gained attention with its hilarious video teasers, which can be watched here and here.
Kim Jaejoong will take on the role of Bong Pil, the strange time traveler. His 28-year one-sided love for his “friend” Soo Jin (UEE) is forced to come to an end when she announces her marriage with someone else, and he falls into a manhole during that moment of despair. The actor has a cute pout on his face (see featured image), while his poster reads, “You think you can leave me alone and get married with another guy?”

UEE will play Bong Pil’s one-sided love, Soo Jin. She’s the official beauty of the neighborhood, but in addition to her chic and sophisticated visuals, she also has a sloppy side to herself. The poster reads, “You’ll come to my wedding, right? You’re my one and only best friend,” indicating the complications in her relationship with Bong Pil.

Jung Hye Sung will be Jin Sook, the straightforward “Sook-prite” (wordplay on her name and Sprite) of the group. She’s the smartest out of all of them, but at the same time, her craziness is also unrivaled. Her poster says, “You used to say bullshit about having a blind date! Now you’re saying you’re getting married?”

Baro will play Jo Seok Tae, who is both Bong Pil’s best friend and an old enemy. He appears to be kind and shy, but he’s someone who can deceive with his smiling face and stab his friend in the back. He says, “No matter what, I’ll definitely win over you! As long as you go down, my life is a success!”
Meanwhile, “Manhole” is the work of PD Park Man Young of “All About Marriage” and “The Vineyard Man” and screenwriter Lee Jae Gon of “TEN.” It will premiere on August 9 after “Queen for 7 Days.”
Source (1)

Manhole gang’s funky new character posters

I can’t wait for Manhole to come out. Before all the promo, I was pretty ambivalent about the plot and the cast, although I’ve come to really like UEE (Night Light) as an actress after Marriage Contract. But with each teaser and still, I’ve grown to anticipate this late summer drama the most. The newest round of character posters have been released, and they’re so funky bright. I mean just look at that Beatles-themed poster—doesn’t it make you want to watch too?
Manhole is a time-slip comedy about an unemployed man, played by JYJ’s Jaejoong (Spy) whose best friend, played by UEE, is getting married in a week. The only problem is that she’s the woman he’s had a crush on for the past 28 years. So when he accidentally discovers that a manhole in his neighborhood is a portal through time, he uses it to try to prevent her wedding and declare his feelings.
Hijinks ensue when he finds out that changing even the most minor thing in the past leads to huge effects in the present, and he has to go back and repair the damage. I love his expression in his poster. With crazy eyes, Jaejoong says in his character poster: “You think you can marry a man that’s not me?” His face shows exactly the bae-you-gone-cray feelings I would have if I were ever in that situation.
Meanwhile, UEE looks completely oblivious to his feelings, as she smiles brightly and asks in her poster: “You’re coming to my wedding, right? You’re my best friend, you know?” Baro (Angry Mom), who plays Jaejoong’s wannabe rival, clenches his teeth with a determined look, while his poster reads: “No matter what, I’ll win over you. If your life is ruined, my life will be a success.”
Last but not least, we have Jung Hye-sung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds), who will be UEE’s rival. Contrary to her smiling expression, her poster reads: “Going on a blind date? Bullshit! Going on an arranged matchmaking date? Bullshit! Now you’re getting married?!”
Keke, I’m loving the vibe already. KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Manhole will premiere on August 9.

Via Chosun


[KBS IG] It has to be me! There is no boy friend this pretty, sexy, handsome and cute... How can you leave me?  
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  • kbsworldtv#ManHole will air after #Queen_For_Seven_Days! 1st episode coming up in a week!!! #Starring: #KimJaeJoong, #U_IE, #Baro (#B1A4), #JungHyeSung

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    [Cjes IG] Go check out reasons why we need to watch Manhole! god Bong Pil's 5 charms


    Our cast! , , ,

    Translations via crystalmoon0213

    [Cjes IG] "Do you think you can easily marry someone else besides me?" -Bong Pil's Life and Death Time Travel begins in 9 days

    You are coming to my wedding, right? You are my best friend! -Sujin

    All your blind dates have been so disastrous! Now your wedding is more of a fiasco! - Jinsook

    No matter what, I will defeat you! My life is a success as long as your life is destroyed! -Sungteak

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