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[magazine] Korea Entertainment Journal 098

[LAST UPDATE] Initial Thoughts of The Girl Who Sees Smell : Choi Mo Gak - No More Chunface? by Roweina

(This is MUST be the LAST Update coz I don't have any favorite colour anymore. LOL....This time the additional will be in GREEN. It's about the MOST important thing. The GENRE about the drama n also should revise ChunNi's character name n the title of this drama. So if after this, there is something that make me wanna write again, will be kept in my mind. LOL)

About the title, I don't mind the final decision was back to the original name. The Girl Who Sees Smells. TGWSS....kinda long, hehe....coz although the title kinda funny but also can make curiosity. ( Hope U know what I mean, hehehe....) . n based on the synopsis, the story started coz of the Bar Code murder case. So my thought before, this drama kinda "dark" drama but then after saw the drama's Logo....ehhh, its so I think it will be like RTP...although the story started with the murder but later we will get many funny scenes. So after all I think ChunNi will give Us a Rom Com with a "little" thriller & mystery. XD....After 1 drama n 1 movie that kinda "heavy", it will be nice that we get a "light" drama?

(I dont know how come I forgot to write these 3 important things. SRK....(it's like my initial name. XD)....It's Singing, Rating & Kissing.....XD. Hope this one really the Final Update. hehe...The additional will be in PURPLE)

(There are additional pics & words. I wonder why I didnt wait till all the cast completed. XD.... The additional words will be in BLUE.)
Finally ...after recent rumours about ChunNi's new drama. Yeahhh...It's confirmed. 
( I like that the confirmation happened on Feb 27th - in 2nd Anniversary of our JYJ Caffeine Line Chatroom. hehe....What a gift?...hehe...)

After we got a detective n a Secret Service from 2 dramas in a row so I  had  a wish on his next drama, he will take a different profession. XD but ahhh we get another one. Hehehe.....Off course no complaint though.....I think this Go Tae Ho is an interesting character. I'm looking forward to hear his thought about his new character. The reason why he take this role.

Based on his character description I think we will get a mix between Han Jung Woo n Han Tae Kyung. Hehe....n it became a new character n based on the synopsis, the story has a time jump. So maybe at the beginning we will get HTK with many expression he had n after 3 years we will get HTK with his minimalist expression. XD....

With Kim So Hyun also joining this drama as his sister (OMG,  I still can't believe that my wish came true. LOL....) I think it can be like that. Btw, I always think GTH's sister is older sister, not a younger sister so I never thought about KSH for this drama. The time jump ionly 3 years so I think it won't be like on IMU in which their scene are only imagination.

I think they will have some scenes together (something like on the pic with smile) coz it will be good if they give Us a CONTRASTING GTH. I always want  to see ChunNi get a double faced character. I think maybe I will get that from this drama. Maybe not the good and bad boy character but at least a very different character in 1 drama. I'm so looking forward to see ChunNi's interpretation of GTH. A man who lost his sense of everything. I think it's not an easy character. With no sense so maybe his character only has flat expression. Became like a ROBOT. We can see ChunNi's good acting from his expression n  we used to see his Chunface.. so how about it now? If no Chunface, how about his eyes expression? I always love his eyes expression but GTH can't smile n how about body language?  It  will be so interesting to watch how ChunNi can give his best acting and  make GTH became alive and interesting character and not a boring character.
n speaking about GTH, why suddenly ChunNi's character name has changed? Choi Moo Gak...omo, another Gakie....LOL....I have personal reason that I prefer the previous name. Go Tae Ho...XD...although that name create a question about his relationship with KSH's character name - Choi Eun Seol -...They're not a real brother-sister, only stepsister or what? Maybe his character name is GTH but after the murder, he became CMG, kinda a nickname for him n it fit with his character. the beginning this drama already create many questions. XD

So far ChunNi only had 1 drama that he had a (step)sister but they didn't live at the same house but we got cute scenes like these.

Wahhh, can't wait to see another cute scene between the bro & sis....and off course this kind of scene although at the end, it will be sooo different....

Btw, I was LOLing when read about GTH woke up after 3 days of coma...(U know what I mean? LOL) so, he get coma we will see scene like these again.

So, what will we get? I think we will get the "scary" one like that Lee Gak's expression after coma. OMG, I can't wait to watch it.

I hope GTH also has interesting partner. I love Wifey in IMU. But off course we would not see this kind of scene.Hehe....Maybe just like HTK did. LOL...

N now we get Yoon Jin Seo as the 2nd Lead Female. I don't know her (oohhh my limited knowledge of K Artist. ^_^). She will be a police officer too. Don't know yet if she will be Tae Ho's partner (usually in a drama about police, they can be partner in Love too. XD) or just his co-workers like Lee Cha Young in 3 Days. I guess some of U might be like her more than our Heroine (2nd Lead Female Syndrome) XD

Regarding SSK...Hhmmm,Maybe I'm "lucky" that I never watch any of her project before so I can  accept  her with open minded. But I will watch her lastest drama while waiting April 1st. So,let's see what will my thought about her. (Watched 2 eps of her drama n I didn't cringe of her thats good. Hahaha.....)

No need to keep saying NO for her coz it's useless. For those of U that already don't like her just use this Jung Woo's trademark...

If U think she has bad acting Just forget it. Let's give her a chance. Maybe she can give her best coz ChunNi beside her. Who know? If later on we still don't get that vibe. Just never mind of it.  Let's just enjoy the show. ChunNi alone is enough. LOL....Chunsa's love being tested. XD

Based on her character description, a girl with positive and optimistic personality. I hope she also a tough girl. I don't like weak female character. oh yeah. I just knew she's a left handed so a point plus for her. LOL

N Wow we even don't need to think what will be the couple name....just like the title.... Sensory couple. XD

Coz GTH also lost his ability loving a will be so interesting when finally he can get that feeling. Like what happened in 3 Days, Maybe it will started with touch of a hand. Wait.... it remind me of Ed Sheeran's song Thinking Out Loud....hehe...

n speaking about a song, how about a Singing Scene? 

As an actor also as a Singer, ChunNi very rarely has a singing scene or singing an OST for  his drama. I even made my own analysis about that before but kinda forgot. XD.... So, will make another one. This is only my analysis coz I don't know the real reason why he rarely doing that. I think this one might be a "sensitive" issue. Singing vs Acting.

SKKS - NO OST from him but we got OST by JYJ, JJ & JS. It was kinda an introduction ChunNi as an Actor n he's the member of JYJ.  It was the 1st time that a member of JYJ had a drama so for support it, they had that Found You. The 1st n so far the one and only OST by them. It was also to promote JYJ as a group. JJ n JS also had OST for support. N it's saeguk, off course no singing scene.XD

Ripley - Finally we got ChunNi's OST and so far also the 1st , one and only OST by him and no more JYJ's song.  It was kinda like another introduction but this time it's a reminder. He got success from his 1st drama and he want to tell to K Drama viewer that he also a good Singer. That's why we got a Singing scene and also an OST. The character & the story also suitable.

RTP - I think on this time, ChunNi started to "separate" his career as a Singer and an Actor. No more OST n no singing scene on this drama also fit with the character. Lee Gak is a Joseon Prince. Can't sing. XD

IMU - The 1st time I predict about his singing scene n I was right. When I knew he will get singing scene, with my thought above,  I predict he will sing out of tone. Can't see ChunNi the Singer.

3 Days - With the story like 3 Days, it's understandable no singing scene. 

So how about SC? Will we get an OST or a singing scene? Think most (all) of Chunsa really want to get that. They can put a singing scene like on Ripley (with/without Piano) in this drama. Maybe when TH get his sense back & want to express his feeling or maybe we can get another one like on IMU. If No singing scene, an OST also worthy n he never did that before, an OST without a Singing scene. Both of it can be another reminder. He leave as as a Movie actor, a Drama (TV) actor and also a Singer.

I always think that he wants to sing as a JYJ member. Singing with his bro. So, whatever ChunNi want to do, singing or no singing scene, an OST or not. I respect his decision.  

We also  get Namgoong Min & finally there is someone that I ever watched his previous project. XD ( n it was actually coz Yoo Hwan in there, if not I also dont know him. XD) I'm OK with him. So, for all the cast, I'm OK.

For all Chunsa, it's definitely there won't be 2nd Lead Male Syndrome. hehe...n I think we will see this jealous scene again. I really love it. Another "flat" expression. LOL

After jealous, what's next? Off course it's Kiss Scene. XD....Made a review before about his kiss scene, U can read in Here 
(Oh yeah, a tip from me if U want to read that, U can save the image n after that U can zoom in to read it more clearly)

So far we got:
SKKS - 3 Kiss Scenes. 
Ripley - Count the forehead kiss as 1 Kiss scene. XD
RTP - 6 Kiss Scenes
IMU - 5++ Kiss Scenes
3 Days - NONE. XD

After got NONE in 3 Days. Think we all expect will get at least 1 kiss scene. LOL....

On that link, U can also see my Line's sticker story about his lovey dovey scenes so far n also what I want to see on his next drama. Don't know if I can make additional for it from SC. Hope will get that. XD

Oh yeah, there is a scene that I really want to see. Back Hug scene but it's NOT back hug scene from him but from our Heroine. I watched a drama before (honestly, it's from my other BIAS's drama. hehe..) He had that scene before n when I saw it....ahh, I really want ChunNi get it too. Then I had a talk with other Chunsa about this picture. His Sexy Back. Why he never get that back hug scene? (Please remind me if I'm wrong but as far as I remember, he never get that).

n today I read that ChunNi has been chosen as the male celebrity with broad shoulders whom netizens would like to back hug. So, Please Writernim...give him that scene....hehehe....n even the Brown No Expression's sticker really fit with his character. XD

I miss watching ChunNi in Kdrama. Based on the synopsis the story looks interesting n with the murder thinghy, I like that we also can try guessing, puzzle out of the mystery, hehe. 

With that kind of story, is it can attract people to watching ? n yeah it's about Rating. I can say I don't care about Rating but deep down in my heart, I'm praying that it will get a good rating. This drama will be after a Low Rating Drama. Don't wanna it can be a burden for them. n when the drama started, as always it will compete with another drama. Wanna have a Positive Thinking but after all I'm just a Human that also have a worry. 

Later on if SC get a good rating, They n We will be happy but if NOT,  I just hope it can't make them reducing their spirit to give their best. Rating doesn't mean not many people watch it coz on this era, there are other way to watch beside watching in front of TV.  

It will be his last drama before his enlistment, so let's support this drama n hope the best for it. N hope he can make this one as a memorable drama that make Us can endure the time when he's not around. We trust YOU ChunNi.

Always Keep The Faith

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