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JYJ News Week of 11/6- 11/12/2017

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10 Idols Mistaken as Foreigners

By LorraineYe


I'm not a foreigner!

K-Pop idols from every group have individual traits that make them attractive! Whether it's a charming personality, intellect, or striking good looks, idols seem to always be easy on the eye. However, some idols have strong features that they don't seem Asian at times! These are 10 idols that easily mistaken as foreigners.

6. JYJ's Jaejoong

Fans all over the web don't even think Jaejoong is of the human species due to his devilishly handsome good looks and features. However, many netizens do claim that he is one of the native idols that resembles a foreigner the most!


Jaejoong updates

[HD포토] 김재중, ‘잘생김이 넘치다 못해 흐른다’    

“His handsomeness is overflowing and streaming down all over” 😂 Reporters are running out of expressions to describe how handsome JJ is
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김재중 / 서울, 정송이 기자

duier INS
(She's a Fashion Consultant)

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Photos by Jaejoong

Photo People


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Jaejoong in Japanese magazines
Fan Scans

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Junsu Updates

171106 Junsu shooting for some publicity! Content will be released next week!
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*Other IG updates

*Other IG


Yoochun Update

Goodbye MicKiss
지난 20093"Crebeau-Kiss"로 여러분께 인사드렸던 "MicKiss"가 여러분들과 함께해온 지 어느덧 9년이 되었네요.
그 시간들을 돌아보면 MicKiss, Yuchun의 활동을 응원해주시는 많은 fan들의 사랑 속에서 Yuchun과 동행할 수 있었고,
무엇보다도 여러분들의 Yuchun에 대한 소중한 마음을 전달하는
소통의 통로가 되어드릴 수 있어서 보람 있었고 행복했습니다.
그리고 기쁜 일에는 함께 웃어주시고, 잘한 일에는 칭찬해주시고,
아픔이 있을 때나 힘든 일에는 위로와 격려를 주시던 여러분이 계셨기에
YuchunMicKiss는 힘을 낼 수 있었습니다.
이제 조금은 섭섭한 소식을 여러분께 전해야 할 것 같습니다.
아쉽지만, MicKiss는 여러분들과의 아름다웠던 시간들을 마음 속 깊이 간직하면서
2017년을 끝으로 작별인사를 드리려고 합니다.
지금은 유천이가 새로운 도약을 위해 잠시 숨을 고르는 시기이기에, 저희도 잠시 쉬었다가 다시 돌아올까 합니다.
그동안 여러분과 마음을 나누고 함께 할 수 있어서 행복했고 감사했습니다.
모두 모두 건강하시고 행복하시길..


Hello, this is Mickiss.

Since March 2009, we've met fans of Yuchun through "Crebeau-Kiss" which became "MicKiss" later.

It's been nine years with so many loyal fans of Yuchun.

Receiving all the love and support from fans all over the world,

 Yuchun and Mickiss grew together.

It was our biggest joy to be a mediator among fans and Yuchun.
Yuchun and MicKiss stayed strong thanks to those
 who went through not only all the happiest times,
but also even the hardships and struggles.
We feel very sorry that we have to say our goodbyes to Yuchun's fans.
MicKiss will always remember the wonderful times we had with fans,
 although we will be closed from 2018.
Yuchun is spending his time preparing for a new beginning and so will MicKiss.
We are thankful and grateful that we earned your love and support for such a long time.
Please be well, and happy.

Yoochun's fiancee Hwang Hana returns to social media

Yoochun's fiancee Hwang Hana turns her Instagram account private a day after reactivation


The whole world smiles when smiles 💚😊💚 Join in his Asia FanMeeting tour in HK, BKK, PH!


Click link and give hearts

Most definitely... for & his beloved Hwaiting!


gunheenim IG


Jaejoong in variety show Photo People
Press conference 

(translations via crystalmoon0213)




‘s cooking skills confirmed by casts n Cho Seho: JJ is in the middle age-wise among casts but served/led both people older and younger than him, sign of true leadership


debuted as professional photographer. “I couldn’t believe I took those photos on Vogue Korea. KT Kim taught me so much I’m so thankful.”



 Cho Seho: Our captain is the best; he cooked for us day and night(Kimchi soup for breakfast, food to accompany late night wine) He is a very nice person

It’s been 8 years since I last appeared in a variety show but didn’t feel awkward. I told myself I’m there to take photos not too conscious about being in a show so I practiced photography a lot. I had pressure to take good photos not to be funny. 


Scroll down for more Pics and vids of Jaejoong at Photo People Press Conference

Jo Se Ho praises Jaejoong's leadership skills on 'Photo People'

Jo Se Ho had praises for JYJ Jaejoong's leadership skills at the November 9th press conference for 'Photo People'.

Jo Se Ho and Jaejoong are castmates on the Naver TV web variety show along with Samuel Kim, actors Lee Jun Hyuk, Jung Hye Sung, and Kim Sun Ah, model Shim So Young, and hair designer Gunhee, and it seems the JYJ member did a good job leading the group. At the press event, Jaejoong commented, "It's my first variety show in 8 years, but I didn't feel awkward at all."

He continued, "Rather than filming a variety show, I went with the intention of taking photos. I practiced taking a lot of photos. I felt pressured to take good photos, but I didn't feel burdened to make everyone laugh because it was a variety show. Of course, there were things I didn't know. I hope viewers look on those things kindly."

Jo Se Ho then said, "Jaejoong's leadership was the best. Jaejoong even made us kimchi stew and breakfast. When we drank wine at night, he would also make us snacks. He's a really good person."

'Photo People' will be released online in December.


Talks About Returning To Variety Shows And Working With Jung Hye Sung Again


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Talks About Returning To Variety Shows And Working With Jung Hye Sung Again

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong finally made a return to variety shows after eight long years. He is participating in the photography variety show “Photo People” along with his “Manhole” co-star Jung Hye Sung, former “Produce 101 Season 2” trainee Samuel, comedian Jo Se Ho, and many more.
During the press conference for “Photo People,” Kim Jaejoong talked about how it felt to join a variety show once again. He said, “Because we’re filming outside rather than the studio, it wasn’t really awkward. I went on the show thinking that I was going to take photos rather than film a variety show. That’s why I practiced taking photos a lot. I felt burdened about the photos, but I didn’t really feel burdened to be funny.”
Kim Jaejoong also talked about being in a variety show with Jung Hye Sung after being in the drama “Manhole” with her. He commented, “It was very comfortable [to be with her]. I think we started to film in a comfortable and friendly manner.” He also added that he knew other people on the variety show as well, and even though there were some new faces, he was able to film warmly and nicely.

Jung Hye Sung praised Kim Jaejoong for taking good care of her during filming. She said, “We played manito [secret guardian game] during the show, and Jaejoong was my secret guardian, so he took care of me a lot.”
Meanwhile, “Photo People” is planning to be revealed next month.
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Most divine photographer on coming soon!

[Cjes IG] Introducing Photographer : Reality Web Variety Show “Photo People” Press Conference and Opening of Photo Exhibit! Please look forward to the premier on 12/11
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171109 Jaejoong IG LIVE

Emily Chan



JJ IG Update
Photo People


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    외 대화중인 배우 이준혁님과 정혜성님이 출연해주셨습니다^^

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    luasong ins


    171109 Jaejoong cr.kimmyyj

    171109 포토피플

    171109 Jaejoong (cr josungminnim IG )


    Kim Jaejoong, the Photographer, in Photo People
    Press Conference
    Episodes coming soon On Naver
    Photo published for 김재중 세로 직캠, 여심을 홀리는 표정 퍼레이드 ('포토피플' 제작발표회) 

    Photo published for 김재중-사무엘-정혜성 등, 포토그래퍼로 변신한 스타들 '포토피플' 제작발표회 현장 

    Translations via crystalmoon0213 

    "I was so honored that my photos got on Vogue magazine. Many aspiring photographers contacted me and said I debuted before them. I felt sorry and more grateful for the opportunity.”

    I thought about a lot of things as taking photos. Communication is crucial. I will take more time when I pose as a model. I came up with ideas and practiced really hard but the “captain” title is a bit too burdensome.  

    Did you say handsome?  



    Male god out of photo  

    Full of handsomeness

    His face is a piece of art  

    Even Lee Junhyuk is mesmerized by ‘s handsomeness  

    His eyes make you fall in love
    Handsome from any angle


    His eyes have done all the work!  

    Superior visual of course
    Towering handsomeness
    Visual Shock is me!

    I’m the captain
    + Samuel = Two characters right out of manga

    Flower boy falls in love with photography  

    at Press conference holding his hands tightly together  

    makes appearance in a variety show in 8 years  

    The guy who has stolen Paris  
    Photography is a totally new world

    How come I feel more embarrassed? burts into laughs at Cho Seho’s comic gestures Press Conference

    MYDAILY 마이데일리



    Press Pics...














    I was comfortable filming with Jung Hyesung since this was my second project with her after drama Manhole






    Pics as tagged

    Ribbon cutting...

    JJ and Samuel


    JJ Seoul Fanmeeting Highlights

    Photo published for 김재중 - '아시아투어팬미팅' In 서울 Highlight

    [Cjes IG] Though the weather is getting colder, we don’t need to worry since we have the human heater Watch highlights from Seoul fanmeeting and have a JJ-full day❤️

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    Seoul FM highlights w/ ! See you in !


    JJ IG Update

    Hello ! Good morning from California! Have a great day

    Bae wearing shirt! wearing shirt as well! All of the sudden, I wanna see their drama! effect! 
    LJS may not be wearing shirt tho similar style/logo. But love ’s shirt


    JJ IG Update

    (Note: JJ deleted the Zombie pics thinking fans were grossed out by them)

    Gorgeous no matter what though! is scary handsome!!!

    [IG] They tell me it’s grotesque as I expected so deletedㅎ (What’s this ㅎ(h) for? haha or heung(흥) translates to “bah” Is he pouting?)
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    Funny Junsu

    myheart1027 OeO

    Xia Girl21 

    콰이 Kwai Make Video Story Free Audio: 주세요 해봐 XIA Junsu 시아준수 김준수 金俊秀 ジュンス XIA(준수) 천사시아 Cre:

    goodneighbors's photo







    is on the cover page of Shukanjosei, another weekly magazine for women.

    Photo published for 今週発売の『週刊女性』11/21号の表紙と中身はこちら! | 週刊女性PRIME [シュージョプライム] | YOUのココロ刺激する 
    In the shukanjosei interview, JJ said he`s planning to release JP album in the beginning of 2018 including new songs he wrote n composed

    Partial trans of shukanjosei interview Q: What kind of woman gives you a special excitement?

    is planning his drama fan-meeting tour in Japan. (From Shukanjosei interview)

    Pics via twitter

    as tagged

    Jaejoong will restart his activity in Japan--- 日本で再始動する 「自分自身を捨てる努力をした」 - 楽天WOMAN


    Web Variety Photo People featuring to launch via NaverTV during December, Press Conference scheduled for 11/9

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    Exhibition of photos taken by cast of Photo People:open to public at cafe located in Dosan Park 4 limited time



    Glorious ! Lucky !

    [JYJ FB] The day we met our monitor boyfriend in person! Because we are together, “Now Is Good”  
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    [Cjes IG] Let me tell u details on meeting personally I followed him closely from waiting room to fanmeeting
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    JJ IG Update

    Not resting? Hwaiting ! See you soon



    Jaejoong Arrives in Korea
    Pics as tagged


    JJ Twitter Update

    See ya my lovers 😭

    졸리웁다 한게 없는데 하루가 다 끝났다ㅜ

    Sleepy... Done nothing much but the day’s almost goneㅜ
    Translations via crystalmoon0213

    20171106 jj_1986_jj IG Story



    Pic with JJ a few days ago...



    20171105 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour FM in Taipei
    as tagged

    JJ Leaving Taipei for Korea

    Dance time

    Good Morning Night

    Now Is Good

    zawun kim

    Click link below for more pics and vids of Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Taipei/Taiwan

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