Monday, June 8, 2015


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OMG....Is this Side Hug will become a Trend? LOL... Really love this.

n finally the last kiss or peck (Coz ChunNi said he only had 1 kiss scene on this drama, so we should agree with him. LOL )....

N that Peck was fit with their character. He like to tease her.

N as his promise.  He will make CR laugh... n also US the viewers... ..hahahaha... come shower scene can be a funny scene. LOL... n Did U notice that MG sang in bathroom? LOL....n added with this one.. hahahaha

A scene that we only can get on TGWSS.LOL... ChunNi with bathrobes is more sexy than just a typical shower scene. LOL

He's so ready but the wife isn't there.  LOL.... It's cute that CR put that heart on her letter.

I know he's wearing something under that bathrobes but the way he's sitting is so dangerous. LOL... n Hi to his mole on his chest.XD

N Damn... LOL...WHY SO CUTE WHEN U'RE MAD MooGakkie? Hahaha

N he still can give answer for that question. XD

N the moment that I always love from our MuRim. Just ask n U will get the answer. N the problem will solved quickly.

n I'm even OK with MG's reaction. LOL.... He throw that swimming goggles.

Coz it's so easy to make MG's mood back to normal. Just saying he's cute n give him a side hug. Hahaha....

Btw,.did he ask a kiss from CR? But she couldn't read the sign?  Hahaha

N off course also give him a reason.

N after that We got this funny, "romantic" n kinda "dangerous" tickle  scene. LOL

That scene is even more funny Coz the exchange of his expression. LOL...

We need BTS from this scene. Coz if SSK really can't take those tickle, looking at her expression will be so hilarious Coz unfortunately we can't see her expression. XD.... Damn her hair....Hahhhha... n the last one, her head finally into MG's lap. Lol....n the dangerous means she wear a short dress. XD... Oohhh...I think that scene will be much better if ChunNi also wore a short pants. Hahahaa

It's a cute car decorations n cute laugh from both of them. N the way CR often do while wearing her sunglasses is always cute.

N there U go.....The moment when I knew they can't have their heavenly honeymoon. LOL

N finally the 3rd time of this scene. It's complete. This Conan's scene. LOL... 


N Hahaha....CR... Missed your honeymoon is not a big deal.

I heard about the mistaken name of MG's name on their marriage certificate n make their marriage hasn't legal yet. So, might be that the reason why they can't have their heavenly honeymoon. LOL

This scene also hilarious....XD

It's good for CR to can help people around her and get food as gift. N it's a so normal question when ur hubby finally can feel the taste. LOL... n this one is another question that doesn't need answer.LOL... So MG just skipped it. XD

N WKWKWK... POOR them....

N yeah, let's pray..Hope God will hear ur wish n make it happens. Btw, MG didn't sit at the head of table.  Think on their marriage, both of them is on the same level. No one is higher or lower. I like it.

N there U go.....another shock moment at the ending of eps like the wedding scene on the previous eps. Aigoo, MooGakkie in here looks like ChunNi in MLimited CF. LOL

HAHAHA....Okie, I got ur style MooGakkie.  It's Bikini. LOL.. n MuRim's expression is priceless. LOL...

N LOL....u wanna see it right now....In the middle of Park? LOL

N their bicycle honeymoon ended with ChunNi's Fav.....It's always so cute when heard ChunNi saying "sawadikap" and another Thai languange that ended with "kap".

It's kinda rarely to see ChunNi with this orange color. N seriously I didn't see MooGakkie on this scene. LOL...

I like that CR appreciate simple moment like that.

Ah yeah,my friend ask me about "Did I notice 2 bicycles on this scene?"....My answer "off course"....The Blue n the Red One....n continue with this explanation.... They rent 2 bicycles but at the end, they prefer to use only 1 bicycle (the Blue one) n gave the duty that needs energy to MooGakkie.  LOL

N this scene... ahhhh ....

From IMU's quote n ChunNi himself (but U're no longer like that, ChunNi).

N finally this order. XD

I like that CR also give him choices.

N FINALLY.... after NO "ILU" on 2 dramas after the memorable "ILU" in RTP, I got another one. (Though actually in IMU, he said that but he said those words to his aein.... n that scene made me crying after never crying from the beginning on a melodrama).

I love their smile. Not just with their lips but also with their eyes (full happy face expression). ohh my....Why MooGakkie suddenly become so mature? LOL...ChunNi...Please don't act like that again coz I can't see your character. ^^

n when she put her head on his shoulder already a romantic moment. Then CR do their fav love gesture....the side hug. Duhhh... when I ask for a backhug scene.... they gave me more than that. hehehe... This sidehug is so cute....n romantic n funny. Hahaha..

Happy face to starting their new life as a marriage couple.

N wow...Hi Tattoo.. Hehehe.... U also want  became cameo in this drama.  LOL

N off course Writernim won't forget about his other fav number. It's 9. N ChunNi's CHHuuuu.... XD

OMG.... What an interesting case? ...N I wonder now, is the webtoon already ended? If it's already ended,could the Writer continue the webtoon with that case as the starting point? XD

N I really love this one.

They're pretend to be not curious n no interest but when looking at  each other, they both know what's the truth.

N it's so funny when CR hit the balloon coz kinda disturb her. LOL..

It's nice that MG look at her before starting to drive the bicycle. n she place her head on his back.

Thanks Writernim to fulfill my wish. 

They're now back into Detective field. It's nice  to can achieve your dream but when U've got it already n found another thing that can give you more happiness n U chose it. It would be nicer.

N this drama ended with cute voices for Beep, beep!

A lovely ending n I love the ending. 

When you have wishes n U get it. I hope word of  "Thank You"  is enough to express my feeling.

Thanks to TGWSS for gave me a roller coaster n  wonderful journey n also Thanks to all of U who read my review. For the ones who like it and not like it.

Finally I can finish my review. From "Don't wanna make it" till "So excited to make it". Don't know yet what would happen in the future n if TGWSS would be the last one, I'm glad I chose this as my last ChunNi's drama project. 

But even if I don't make anything for ChunNi's drama, it doesn't mean I'm not support him. I will always support his drama project and any kind of project he will has in the future. 

Like he said before about want his fans still support him till the last. I even made something like that before. 


I think I can give my answer. It's Yes, I'll be still here although might be in silence.  

But before it happen, in the near future I still have something. These one are the preview of Chunsa Magz.....

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