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JYJ News Week of 10/16- 10/22/2017

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Talks About Photography And How He Uses It To Show Love For His Fans

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong showed appreciation for his fans in a pictorial with Cosmopolitan Magazine.
On October 22, Cosmopolitan released pictures of Kim Jaejoong walking the streets of Seoul late at night by himself. He revealed that when he’s alone, he spends time going riding by the Han River or taking pictures.

Kim Jaejoong also talked about his trip to Paris where he had an opportunity to become a photographer himself. “I was used to having my pictures taken, but a lot of things were different when I became the one taking the pictures. It was like experiencing a new world,” he said. “I felt moved by the idea that I can hold the huge world in a small frame with my own sentiments.”

He continued to show his affection for his fans, mentioning that Instagram was how he mainly communicates with them. “I don’t have many occasions to meet my fans, so I let them know how I’m doing through social media,” Kim Jaejoong explained. “I share my experiences like the sights I saw, good food I ate, and trips that liked.”

Kim Jaejoong recently starred in KBS’s “Manhole” that ended on September 28. He is set to embark on a fan meeting tour in Asia, beginning in Seoul on October 29.
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[INFO] 171022 Ranking Top 10 Korean Male Star Power in China for 2nd Week of October – #3 Kim Jaejoong

“Ranking Top 10 Korean Male Star Power in China” used a combination of data from Chinese portal site Baidu’s ranking on Korean male stars, Chinese website 123fan’s polling system on Korean celebrities, Weibo’s ‘Star Influence Chart,’ to announce the results. The rankings tend to vary weekly according to the hot topics pertaining to each starlet. This Korean Wave examination include actors in dramas and movies, korean singers, etc.
Ranking Top 10 Korean Male Star Power in China
Weekly Chart 11/10~17/10

#3 Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong who recently finished filming KBS 2TV ‘Manhole’. He traveled to Paris to record “Photo People”, he said “I was used only to take pictures, but as I took it, I felt a new world experience. I felt impressed by the fact that I could put a big world in a small frame.”
On the 19th, A fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Korea, revealed taken photos with Kim Jaejoong as a concept of walking through night streets in Seoul.
“I do not have a lot of opportunities to meet with fans, so I’m sending my news through SNS. I share my experience with the scenery, delicious food and travel”. Kim Jae Joong, who is preparing for his upcoming fanmeeting tour.

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[SNS] 171022 Kim Jaejoong IG & Twitter Updates: Expensive Drinks + Fast Kitty + Hongman

Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 店長さんのサービスで
[TRANSI finally got to drink these because of manager-san’s help #yamazaki #hibiki

[PHOTO] 너 왜이렇게 날렵하냥 https://www.instagram.com/p/BajTG7Vhwc2/
[TRANS] How can you be this fast, kitty?


Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update:

 불치병,난치병 아이들을 위해 희망을 주고자 기부도하고 시합도 출전하는 홍만이형! 힘내요 좋은 시합 보여주세요^^
엔젤스도 화이팅!
11월27일 시합 기대할게요^^
[TRANS] Hongman gives/participates in matches for children with incurable disease! Please be strong! Look forward to great performance on 11/27 Hwaiting Angels!
JYJ3’s Note: Choi Hong Man is a South Korean kickboxer, mixed martial artist, and former ssireum wrestler <Read more here>
Old SNS update & photo of Hongman with Jaejoong <here>

Sources:  jj_1986_jj + @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan + @crystalmoon0213 1, 2 

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Jaejoong featured in a Japanese magazine


Gorgeous in !

[JJstagram] Why is it raining again 
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A barrage of JJ IG Updates

Scenery and nature photography by

JJ is (was?) in Kyoto~~
JJ’s location: Nomiya shrine & Togetsu-kyo bridge in Arashiyma 
I wonder if he walked from the train station to the shrine and bridge and the bamboo grove. It’s a long walk. 
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I wanna visit here too! Handsome tour guide
Just LOVE that our is always sharing with his ..

I’m glad our very busy was/is having a (hopefully) relaxing time in Japan! Well deserved rest!

[Trans] You and me push and pull (JJ being playful when giving the food to monkey)
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Hello ... is still in Japan. Have a nice day!


Photographer Jaejoong
tei_song INS


Policeman Junsu and musical actress (fellow CJES Family) Jeong SunAh at 72nd Anniversary Police Day.

Unchanging Truth

Loving You Keeps Me Alive

Time to Say Goodbye




From Musical Death Note

Loving You Keeps Me Alive

Time to Say Goodbye


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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong To Bring His Asia Tour To Manila This November

Te Alee

Kim Jae Joong greets fans ahead of first Manila fanmeet

Kim Jae Joong is just as excited as his fans for his first show in Manila!
The Korean singer-actor sent out a special video greeting this week, where he shared how much he's looking forward to his upcoming fanmeeting event.

The singer-actor told his supporters that all of their messages asking him to visit the country has been heard and the moment is finally happening on November 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. 
"I want to have a really enjoyable and happy time with you all," Kim Jae Joong said. 
The event, called 2017 Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Manila, is presented by Unusual Entertainment supported by Fangirlasia and Showtime Thailand.
Tickets will be available starting October 21, 2017, 10 a.m. at all Ticketnet outlets or ticketnet.com.ph.
Kim Jae Joong made his showbiz debut in 2003 and has since been sweeping hearts with his acting skills and beautiful voice. He has released two albums, "WWW" and "No.X", and he has appeared in several movies and TV shows.
He has received multiple awards for acting and singing, including the 2017 Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards Best Male Artist this 2017. — AT, GMA News


Our ’s daily IG update!

JJ’s takoyaki is from Kukuru, a takoyaki shop, which has its main shop at Dotonbori, Osaka.



Jaejoong's winks!

[Cjes IG] Getting run over by ‘s handsomeness Lovely, playful wink expert Didn’t you once say that you can’t wink? Cosmopolitan behind

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's Jaejoong talks about interacting with fans on social media with 'Cosmopolitan'

JYJ's Jaejoong posed for the November issue of 'Cosmopolitan'.

For the pictorial, the idol star took the time to walk along the Han River, enjoying the night ambiance of Seoul.  

Jaejoong talked about taking numerous photos during his recent trip to Paris, France. He was in Paris for the upcoming variety show 'Photo People' where the cast members learn the basics of photography and took photos during 'Paris Fashion Week'. Jaejoong commented, "Since I was so used to posing in front of the camera, it felt like I was in a different world while taking photos myself. I was moved upon seeing the vast world through a tiny frame."

He also shared how he often interact with fans via Instagram"I don't have many opportunities to meet fans so I like to update them about myself on social media. I've been sharing the things I've seen, the foods I like, and my travel experiences."



JJ Stylist IG Update

[xxngdx IG]  


Admirable that you’re trying 💚👌💚 Yeah probably better to just quit cold turkey! But so hard! Fighting!

[JJstagram] (Oct 19) Can you stop smoking with this? Great that it does not contain nicotine. (JP) PR@vitaful_jp ’sAllLiveLong
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So nice of our to share even on vacation. Still love/hate relationship w/ cat but it’s all LOVE from

[JJstagram] (19-Oct) Eh? What (nyan)? *nyan means meow or a sound that a cat makes.
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2017.10.19 Jaejoong IG Live

veronicha __


Jaejoong IG Posts
He is in Japan!

20171019 jj_1986_jj IG

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Jaejoong is true to his word!

[Cjes IG]Man who keeps his words Happening for real! R u ready? Come to booth next to MD stand by 12 PM for free makeup sponsored by JJ

약속은 지키는 남자 #재중 #실화입니다 다들 마음의 준비 되셨죠? #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #서울팬미팅 #10월29일 #오후5시 #경희대학교 #평화의전당 #김재중이쏜다 #분장부스 #어디라구요? #MD부스옆이요 #다음주라니 #설렌다 #여러분의 #할로윈 #기대할게요
Stay tuned in the #fanmeeting of #KimJaeJoong on 29th 5pm. Can’t wait to see you-guys #striking #Halloween #costume & #enjoy the #makeup #booth his pay-the-shoot as well!

*Your costume doesn’t have to be spooky Wear anything to express yourself and professional makeup artists will put customized makeup on you

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2017.10.19 Jaejoong Cosmopolitan

veronicha __
Cosmopolitankorea IG https://www.instagram.com/p/BaaNREBg_PA/

[Other IG] Visit Cosmopolitan site if you are curious about roaming freely in streets of Seoul after sunset when everything is quieter
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Whoah smoldering ! Give me my now!


JJ IG Updates

Cute but the way she’s looking at you though!  Cat & never ending LOVE


Promo Image of 72 anniversary of Police Day 
OST (vocal Junsu)


Junsu in recording studio

il_ma.re IG

[ENGSUB]171017 Kim Junsu-With You (The 72nd anniversary police day publicity video OST)

Xia Girl21



Male idols with big adorable eyes that'll melt your heart

By KpopJoA

Often times having big eyes are associated with having an innocent/emotional complex or feeling. Here are some popular male idols who are known for their big, adorable eyes.

Get ready for some puppy eye overdose!

JYJ's Jaejoong

Omitted parts...


Jaejoong, the Photographer

[Cjes IG TR] November 2017 issue of Vogue Korea at work as a photographer in 2018 S/S Collection Paris


reinvents and challenges himself constantly: he is a photographer this time!

turns into a photographer: the story of Paris he tells through his lenses

JYJ added 4 new photos.

"직접 모델을 찍고 내가 촬영한 사진이 매거진에 실리는 걸 보니 새롭고도 특별한 감정이 들었다.
파리 컬렉션 때 백스테이지에도 가봤는데 촬영 경쟁이 정말 치열하더라. 특별한 경험이었다. 파리에서의 모든 경험을 잊을 수 없을 것 같다"

#김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #화보 #보그 #11월호 #Voguekorea #2018 #S/S #파리 #컬렉션 #포토작가 #재중은 #열일중 #특별한경험한 #재중의 #소감 #일하는_남자의_뒷모습 #옳소이다 #20일발행



JJ IG Update

Handsome greetings from !  

JJ IG Live

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JJ at Manhole after Party...

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Cocktail Love - Kim Junsu & His Mom

JYJ Persian Fans


A nice morning for me when I wake up to ’s pic!


Kim Jaejoong featured in TWO November 2017 Magazines!!!

Gorgeous in 💚😊💚  

Amazing photographer in Korea. 


Suwon Gymnasium Sharing Concert Gyeonggi South Police Public Relations Team

XIA Kim Jun Su 


Loving You Keeps Me Alive

Talk ~ Under the shade of a tree




Full video




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Fans think Moroccan band Adrenaline plagiarized JYJ Jaejoong's 'Just Another Girl'

(Don't want to pay more credence to this story and don't want to watch the video in full because it will just add to the count!)


Oct 13

Social Media Communication King ranked at no. 5 in Ranking Top 10 in China for 1st week of October

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