Sunday, May 3, 2015


Part I of this drama has been succeeded give Us a roller coaster feeling. But not the dizzy that we got but addicted. XD... Every eps has it own charm. So what will we get for the Part II? Some peps said that it's too early to tell Us who is the murderer. So the story might be dragging. Hmmm....I don't think it's too early coz if they tell Us who is the murderer just on last 4 eps....that will be too long. Coz it's interesting to see WHY he did that? N off course it won't be easy to catch him. But if it really dragging, it just I didn't see it or maybe I just don't wanna see it. Like some bloopers that I saw.. Ahhh....that's fine for me. It's only a small part that We can ignore Coz the important part for me is look at those precious expression from ChunNi n off course the sizzling chemistry from ChunNi n Se Kyungie. Not once of their scene looks dull. Every MuRim's moment always so interesting. N the best thing from them is their love story run so naturally n Thanks for Writernim though some of MuRim's moment are typical K drama (I call it as Classic scene.XD) he can make it into another level. Hehe....n also for give ChunNi 1st scene moments. XD

Ooppsss... think I should stop writing like writing for the full eps review (last review ) so let's start for the Part II of TGWSS.

For Part II Coz it's harder to chose 1 ChunFace of the Day (there are soooo many ChunFace n this time his lips also take part for his expression more than it used to be )... so I decided to chose 2 ChunFace of the Day. Hehe...

N for ChunFace of the Day (9)...I chose these one...

It's just something about his lips, touge n dimples. XD

Choi Moo Gak

We have Brown's sticker for his pose. XD

Another under cover scene that should be serious but they can tuck in some hillarious moment. Started with this one.

Never imagine that MG will imitate Det.Ki.... haha n ChunNi with foreign language is just Sexy to hear. XD... Oh,btw, I think I heard that he call himself as "oppa" but the eng-trans write it only as "I"....different with Indonesian sub.....they write it as "oppa".... It's good.XD..... n that moment ended with his deadpan expression.... LOL

N another hillarious moment.

I always LOLing everytime he do that (popped up head.XD) n when the DUO  kinda panic, he also make the salute... HAHAHA

I can't make GIF... n kinda hard to explain this moment. But it's funny. Hehe....

Just a simple gesture but I think it's funny. MG wanna go to his chair when Let. YM ask them for not sit down. The DUO just right away get up from their chair. But Coz MG still on the way to his chair, when he heard that he just walking backwards... HAHAHA


This eps has many holding hand scene. Love it...n this one was their 1st officially holding hand. The touch of the hand that can give comfort.

N this one actually kinda a repetition scene but on the opposite result. XD...

Remember about MG's complaint in eps. 3 that they're walking around the blocks many times but haven't found her home? This time also like that but this time "finally" CR tell him, that Green House is her house. LOL..... n MG didn't complaint about how many times they went around the block (5 times already. LOL ) but complaint Coz her neighborhood too small....hahhhaa... U really love just walking with her with holding hand n maybe without any conversation. sweet...

N he was kinda hesitate to let go her hand...n his expression is so cute n love his voice..

I really like the way he look at CR...Ahh....he can't resist to not hold her hand.

N there U go....he won't back home. LOL.

N there's the reason why he sleep in tent. XD

I was kinda confuse when the 1st time saw that Still pic Coz he use it indoor not outdoor. Coz if he wanna stay overnight at CR's home, why not just use the sofa.,that the reason. N MooGakie,  why U hug  the pillow so tight? HAHAHA....U look like wanna cover something. LOL .....n they make a promise. Hehe...Btw,cute pajamas.

n when I heard CR lock her door, I wonder what will be MG's reaction? This scene offially ChunNi's 1st scene stay overnight at the lead female house. XD

N yeah....he was so  annoyed. Hahaha... though he said Good Job for CR. LOL... N I think CR really think like that. Not Coz of she's afraid that MG will come into her bedroom.  LOL

N the hillarious moment started..

No one want to sleep. Hahaha.. MG even put his handphone on his ear. LOL

Never think a promise like 'I'll text U before sleeping" can be so hillarious. XD

Cho Rimmie.... U really so transparant.... Hehe.... Her expression is so cute when she thought there is an app like that. XD

I knew that she will use their "date" pic as MG's PP....N there's the different between man n woman. For Man, better to use just her pic. But for Woman, better to use together pic. HAHAHA

N Ahhh....this one is a classic scene.XD

BUT different with typical K drama, it wasn't the man who drag the girl to the store for make over. It just CR want someone accompany her n give opinion for the dress she wanna buy for her show. So MG's expression just like what happened in our life. When the girl ask for opinion, the man will smile but when the girl doesn't look, he was kinda annoyed coz actually lazy to accompany. HAHAHA

So we got so many ChunFace.... hehe

N I like that MG can read CR's expression.  Her expression is different when she wear that yellow dress. He know that she likes it so he praise it.

N he also know that a lady's mind... sometimes can't chose so better to buy all. Hahhhaa

Then we got a scene when the lady ask for his man about the certainty of the relationship. Just Friend or more than that.

N I like that CR kick MG's ass to think about it. It was the 2nd time, CR leave MG n make him speechless.'s nice to have 1st LF n 2nd LF has a good relationship. It's so rare. Hehe.... n what a trap question? Haha

N I like even though their last time encounter ended with not good n though MG doesn't like about it, he still support her by send that msg to her. N Thanks CR for chose that yellow dress like MG's suggestion. Btw, Wow... just coz of the hairstyle, I see her as SSK NOT OCR....Oh Btw, on this scene MG call her Cho Rimmie but I don't know if there is an additional "LINE" on that Korean alphabet for that - Mie...

N CR just like Us... just wear comfort clothes n no hairstyle. XD...n wahhhhh even though MG dissapointing her with his reaction n answer,  she still think him as her important person.

N another repetition scene. But this time she think that no need for make-up n change clothes. XD

So, it doesn't need some time to meet MG. So no complaint from him. XD... n now it's so different. The way he said "Ramen" express his sad n regret. N this one is one of some reason that I like this couple.  They have problem n they're talking about it. Not just keep it.

N the one who make the problem doesn't hesitate to start n explain.

n there U go the moment that we've (CR) waiting for....

MG chose a different way to start it. In Indonesian sub, the "go out" really give impression about "going somewhere" but luckily CR is smart enough to read behind those words.

I always wonder what kind of love confession that MG will deliver? N there U go.....The Unique n brand new love confession from our unique n beloved MuRim.

It's so perfect for our MuRim... coz they're funny couple so the love confession also followed by the funny moment when CR realize her look.hahaha... OMO Cho Rimmie, a  moment like that couldn't repeated. XD n I like that MG just look at her n smiling.

N our MuRim's 1st holding hand as a couple...

N I like that MG tell her like this. No need to worry about ur appearance in front of him. Hehe..

Ahh....MG is so Sweet..... I like the way he walk....LOL...It's cool with his hand in his pants pocket.... n hahaha... Cho Rimmie..... her pants.... XD

The Mystery

I like that the villain on this drama doesn't look like a villain. His appearance looks like a nice guy... coz it's more creepy than the villain who has that kind of bad guy face ....U know what I mean?

OMG... he's more senseless than MG. He doesn't feel anything.

N so it's sure that he didn't see CR's face.

Ohh....I like this scene .... Both of them put their Poker Face....From this scene we know more about JH n Let. YM.....Hmmm, so the "00" might be his adopted parents? N the reason like what YM ask to him?

N I hate this....Aiiisssshhh.....

The 3rd time will be no more mistake.  So that kind of application must be not like the common app that everytime finish donwloading, it will give notification that the app successfully installed. I hope MG will realize it.


I hope SBS will release that cute Pen like they did that for RTP's Radish Doll.

n would not forget CR's reason for Why she want still in that comedy group.

The Ending

We know that Let.YM is smart enough to recognize the face. 

It's another repetition scene but this time she finally know who is CR n this time, MuRim isn't just a Friend anymore.

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