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JYJ News Week of 9/5 - 9/11/2016

What's New With JYJ?
Will Update Continuously...

Kim Junsu as Dorian Gray
With CJES family...


Kim Jaejoong Dolls...

You can adopt your own triplets now!

Or just adopt your favorite^^

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CJES family supporting each other...
160911 CJES IG Update! Junsu went to watch <Kinky Boots> Musical! 

It's #awesome The #DorianGray crews, #KimJunSu & #JinTaeHwa #HongSeoYoung have watched the #musical #KinkyBoots on this #weekend Let's "Kinky" together!


Lovely fan made MV...Beautiful Kim Jaejoong voice...

Fan Made MV Moonlight Drawn by Cloud  
"We will meet again We would meet again but..." (from Jaejoong's NO.X album)



Sergeant Jaejoong Update
[TRANS] A male fan/soldier encounters
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10 Lovable OST Songs By K-Drama Stars

OST songs can be a force of their own. A K-Drama without a decent OST can fall flat even with big-name actors, while a stellar OST can play a big factor in a drama’s popularity. Some of the most memorable OSTs, though, are made when the stars of the drama themselves take the mic. Vocally, they may not always have the booming impact of Baek Ji Young or Lyn, but these songs sometimes find a warm home in our hearts. This is a list of just such OSTs – songs sung by the cast that add a special flavor to their drama.
(skipped unrelated.....)
Jaejoong, “I’ll Protect You” from “Protect the Boss” 


Jaejoong finally got a shot at being second lead in a drama! Like many second leads, he had his own bit of disappointment during the midst of “Protect the Boss,” not to mention his OST being used as the main song for the lead couple. Turns out sometimes even the second lead’s OST songs can’t escape their “second-lead syndrome.”
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Stars of Dorian Gray

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Korean fans are preparing three petitions with signatures from both Korean and International fans attached. The signatures from the fans will be used for the petitions to appeal to the Court and Prosecutors' Office asking the maximum sentences for false accusation and attempted extortion charges of the defendants, and also to seek to regain Yuchun's impaired reputation and to restore his damaged human rights, which were the consequent results from the excessive exposure of his privacies and the unfair treatment by the Korean media. These three kind of petitions are being separately submitted, one for the Court and two for the Prosecutors' Office, and the received signatures will be used for all three cases.
Instructions on how to give your signature:

1. Use A4 size paper and a pen like a Name pen and sign your signature very clearly.
2. To attach your signature to the petition, the part on which your signature written will be cut from the paper. So, the rest of your information need to be written as small letters as shown in the image (gall.dcinside.c..00775&page=)
3. The photo should be taken with a portrait direction (lengthwise direction) by your cell phone, etc. and sent to the following email address ➡ chogael0604@daum.net
<If you can find any person who would like to join this petition, please follow the same instructions and send that together with yours.>

☆ Necessary information
☆☆ Everything should be hand-written
Your signature (written large enough and clearly)
Real name
Your gender
Your phone number (including your country code). For example: You're from Singapore, your phone number is 01 6002 6004 => Your country code is +65, your phone number starts with a 0 so get rid of that 0 => You write: +65 1 6002 6004

Deadline: Noon (12.00PM) - KST, Saturday 10th September 2016. (The timeframe is tight, so please spread the words as much as you can!)


About Kim Jaejoong...

김재중의 예리하고 큰 눈은 가장 큰 무기임에 틀림없다. 눈빛이 매력이라는 점은 팬들은 잘 알고있는 사실이지만 본인도 그만큼 눈빛을 소중하게 생각하고 있었다. (150513 요미우리 신문)

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted §§ 재중찬양 §§

's sharp/huge eyes must be biggest acting asset; His fans know it well but he also cherishes his eyes as much

배역의 사랑스러움, 멋짐, 순수함은 재중이 일부러 연기할 필요가 없는것이다. 재중 본인이 그러하니까. 어떤 아름다움도 재중과 마주하면 고분고분 김재중만의 아름다움으로 변화한다 - 중국잡지 Cool (2010)

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted §§ 재중찬양 §§

doesn't have to 'act' lovely, cool or innocent coz he is all that. Any beauty encounters JJ turns uniquely his

. 그저 바라만봐도 호흡곤란이 오게 만든다. 그의 매력에 마음 전부가 포로가 될때까지 잠식당한다. 웃음 하나만으로 만인을 미치게하고 마음을 뺏어가는 최고의 사냥꾼. (중국 잡지 Cool 멘트중)

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted §§ 재중찬양 §§

Takes away our breath at a glance Captivates our hearts w charms Masterful hunter steals our heart w one smile

Kim Jaejoong 2006vs2014


160910 Junsu IG: "Pika yah, kiss kiss~" 

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160908 C-JeS Instagram Update: XIA-rian

[PHOTO] 대기실 앞에서 펼쳐진 ‘제2의 커튼콜’
밝은 미소, 세상이 환해지네요
잠시 후 성남에서 만나요!

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #뮤지컬 #도리안그레이 #인생캐_샤리안은_진리 #귀요미_준수도_매력적 #성남아트센터 #오페라하우스 #씨제스타그램

#Enjoy the 2nd curtain-call of the #musical #DorianGray at the #waiting room of #KimJunSu His #bright #smiling must #make your day! See U in a bit at #SeongnamArtsCenter instagram.com/p/BKFyaBJBXrI/

‘2nd curtain call’ that’s being held in front of the waiting room
Bright smile, the world lights up
Meeting you at Seongnam in a while!

#KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #musical #DorianGray #truth_of_life-character_XIA-rian #cute_Junsu_is_charming_too #SeongnamArtsCenter #OperaHouse

#Enjoy the 2nd curtain-call of the #musical #DorianGray at the #waiting room of #KimJunSu His #bright #smiling must #make your day! See U in a bit at #SeongnamArtsCenter
 photo 14276618_1707345699588667_603493438_n.jpg
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Junsu at Dorian Gray VIP premiere...

[TRANS] 160908 instagram update Finally! Junyeol x Junsu met in person!♡ 
Finally! The two soccer manias have met ♡ 
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NEW PICS] 160907 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage!

...with actress Im SeMi (also from CJES)

...with model from CJES

[NEW PIC] 160907 Junsu & Ryu Jun Yeol at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage! And with Jin Hyuk and Jin Tae Hwa...all CJES family.

[INSTAGRAM] 160907 Kim Junsu Instagram Updates – Thinking about quote from ‘Dorian Gray’ + comments on his own post

[PHOTO] 모두들 행복할땐 선하지만..반드시 선하다고 행복한것만은 아니야..헨리의 이 말..
많은 생각을 갖게 해.
오늘도 화이팅!

[TRANS] When we are happy, we are always good..but when we are good, we are not always happy..this quote of Henry..
I have thought about it a lot.
Fighting for today too!
 photo 14295372_1693949750928003_1364741587_n.jpg
Junsu comments on his own post: 연예인?혹은 공인으로서의 삶은 마치 이 기로에서 매일을 갈팡질팡 하는 것 같아.그래도 선하게 행복하다면..그것만큼 좋은것도 없지 안그래?

[TRANS] Entertainer? Or it feels like my public life goes back and forth every day at this crossroads. But if I am happy because I am good[-natured]..There’s nothing like that, isn’t there?

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[POLL] Blonde Vs. Black: Male Idol Hairstyles (Part Three)

By alim17
Whoo, these boys can definitely pull off both the dark and blonde look for their promotions! But which look do you prefer on the select male idols below?



Kim Jaejoong!
The ONLY SOLO ARTIST to top monthly chart 2016   

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Dorian Gray Press Call and Previews...



160906 Junsu IG: "Peek-a-boo! See you tomorrow audience~~~^^"

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160906 Junsu at Dorian Gray Musical Press Conference!
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9/5/16 Dorian Gray musical...


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Click below for more Junsu as Dorian Gray (musical previews events)...

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