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1st of all, wanna say thank you to Writer Kim Eun Hee…Yeahhh….finally you want to write loveline on your project and you really did a good job for your 1st try. ….I love it. I remember before this eps, me and my friends had chat about the loveline on 3 Days. Some said -  think there will be NO Loveline but I still keep the faith, there will be loveline (holding hand, hug…etc…….) although we had only left 5 eps. XD….and we also got promo still about the late night date. But the pic to me wasn’t like’s more like BTS from ChunNi & Ha Sun coz I’ve never seen Bo Won looks shy in front of Tae Kyung. LOL….And also coz we got a preview for eps. 12 about searching bomb on bus. My thought was maybe it will be kinda like US Movie Speed, the romantic scene happened after all its done.  and tada…We really got that on eps. 12. The number of eps that I will never forget. XD…
Like ChunNi said before about the writer ask him about the loveline, so she really already had on her mind what kind of loveline that she will write. So, actually from the beginning we already got hints about the loveline. And I think the loveline scenes on this eps were not forced, everything just like on the plan. Slowly but Sure.
I remember there is a phrase from Javanese people in my country.  And I should google it. LOL……It say….”Witing Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino” which, if interpreted in Indonesian/English means to be “Love grows because it used”.  Indeed, if the intention is understood, will be able to understand that love can grow because it will get used. Accustomed to meet, get used together. Even if it might at first love has not grown, but because of frequent and often met together in love eventually it started to grow.
It really doesn’t need years or months, …..days or even hours (XD)….love can start to grow.  And TaeBo already keep together from the beginning. So, if there are some people say that on this kind of drama (action, thriller) loveline isn’t important and no needed. I think its wrong. XD……For a 16 eps of Kdrama, I don’t think we should always on high adrenaline coz of the action. We need slow down too.
And off course my fav from this eps will be from Sweet Moment from our TaeBo. I really love this. The Precious Almost Smile from Our Tae Kyung. Yippiii…..Love it. The long wait vanished when we saw that smile. XD….I don’t know if I’m weird or what? (LOL)…..I don’t really like to see ChunNi always Smile. LOL…..Like he did at the beginning of his drama Ripley. I hate that.XD….And I really like it when the 2nd part he seldom to smile. XD….
So, this is it. Lovely Smile from Bo Won too.
 photo 01.jpg
Lets begin…….Btw, WARNING…….this eps recap will be so looooongggg…..XD…The Pics are triple than usual and bigger. LOL…..I like to see TaeBo’s expression in bigger pic. But actually I was kinda spamming Pics a lot coz I really made screencap from all TaeBo’s scenes. XD…..It just coz I love to see their expression and I didn’t count how many times I replay those Sweet Scenes from TaeBo. LOL……Even when I made eps. 11 recap and got blank mind, I watched those scenes again and again. XD…..


Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won

Like this one…
 photo 02.jpg
What should I write about that screencap? LOL….maybe just like this. Everytime they have to say something they look to each other. XD…
Their “communication” is always complement each other.
 photo 03.jpg
Also always to look each other’s eyes….
 photo 04.jpg
Okie…when you talk you should to see your interlocutors’s eyes.
 photo 05.jpg
And what is this?
 photo 06.jpg
I should replay & replay to make sure that my eyes didnt trick me. LOL…..So, whose hand that start to touch? LOL….I think it was Tae Kyung – Just remember this, on every TaeBo’s skinship, the starter always Tae Kyung. Different if Tae Kyung with ChYoung. The starter always Cha Young. XD…… (ooohhh, I remember that TK once did that, he touch her arm when they try to find Bo Won, but it’s different not arm but hand now, hehehe……) -  I think it’s like encourage her and thank you that she want to help him. Oh, btw I put the time when that moment happened. It was on 07:17……LOL….
The “funny” thing about our TaeBo is if Tae Kyung get a question, its always Bo Won who give the answer. XD…Like this.
 photo 07.jpg
Aahh…..seeing something together again.
Their Scare and worry.
Ahhh….You did the navigator’s job so well, Bo Wonnie….
We should do that (touch the bus, XD…) everytime we step into a bus? XD…..Nah, it just a sync action from TaeBo….hehehe…
See….once again it was Bo Won who explain. LOL….Maybe coz as Bodyguard, Tae Kyung is rarely to talk? LOL….he use his eyes more than his mouth. XD…..
And what are you doing Tae Kyung? You tell them to get out. You can’t defusing the bomb.
You made BW so worry about you.
Its 3 Days, so the bomb should stop at 00:03 and TK’s relief…..The bomb stop and he’s not die.
And off course BW’s relief. Tae Kyung is not die.
And there you go…the 1st sweet moment from TaeBo…. Did you all notice, I think BW had 2 expression that time. Relief coz the bomb thread didn’t happen but I think she also “sad” coz its like her time to go home finally come? She knew that TK is coming to her, she look at him just a very little second. XD then she bow again.
It just when Tae Kyung say “Good Work”, she lift her head and looks so happy to hear that compliment. His 1st compliment after everything she’s done. XD…
Then Tae Kyung offer his hand, I think there were 2 reason why he did that. XD….He offer his hand to help BW to get up and also for give her a compliment. Like we always do when we give congrats. Shake hand. Thats why BW gave him her smile.
And this is the reason why PD-nim gave Us a zoom shoot in eps. 2. I dont know if there is a meaning why on eps. 2, they use their left hand but now they use their right hand. Maybe coz of their relationship already changed?
Then we got the 1st awkward scene on this eps and also this song. Love this song, I think I like all 3 Days OST.

MV Shin Yong Jae (신용재) (I Love You, Erase You, Cry Again)

From eps. 2 we got the similar scene but different reaction. At that time, it just for a help. That’s it, nothing more. But this time is different. Something happened. Love is in the air. XD…. Tae Kyung felt something.  Did you see their eyes direction?….Pic’s analysis from left to the right.
  1. TK look at BW’s eyes…- it’s like…..this girl did a alot for me. But he did that on suspicous act. LOL…..He look to her eyes but not straight. Like doing that in secret. XD….But BW look straight to his eyes like she always do.
  2. TK look at their hand and felt something. It’s like..” Oohhh….why I felt different now when I touch her hand?…..BW still look at his eyes.
  3. Coz BW notice that TK look at their hand then she look at their hand too. But now TK look at her eyes. Btw, I assume that BW already had that kind of feeling from TK from the beginning. XD…So, for this pic I think their thought are the same…..” Is she/he know what I feel? “……XD
  4. TK look again at their hand and think that he did a wrong action to offer his hand. XD…..
TaeBo’s action…..”I should let go her/his hand”….XD but TK still curious about his feeling, why he felt different now so he still look at her.
Coz BW doesnt want still on awkward situation so she compliment TK too and off course with her sweet smile and still using that formal call….. AGENT HAN. LOL…. TK’s reaction after that kinda funny. At 1st….”ahhh, good she doesnt notice anything”. Then…”aahh, what should I do”…Then…”ahhh, Okie…I’ll try to give her a smile. Then that precious almost smile happened. XD…
Then we got that scene…OMO….the last bomb and then followed by TaeBo’s scene……Aigooo…..I’m so sure that KDJ won’t kill TK , so his victim must be Bo Won.
It’s uncomfortable if just walking not talking. XD…and the safety topic for them is LCY. XD….And I think that “What about You” from TK had 2 meaning. “Are you also going to see LCY?” and “what is ur plan after this (no more threat)?”….Then BW told him that she wanna go see her,  and then she is going to back to her town. From TK’s reaction …”Oh No…she wanna go home and I can’t see her anymore”.
TK:…..”aahh….my last time to can see her” then BW gave her sweet smile again and TK look at her like he wanna remembering that smile.
BW:….”aahhh, why he look at me like that, I’m so shy”. TK:…”When I can see you again”…and then he still looking at her, although she already walk away from him.
Then TK got a call and it’s good that he still remember what BW’s said about the total bomb.
After that, he knows that another precious person in his life is in danger. And it’s Bo Won.
Then we got the flashback scene. The thing what was happened.
Btw, luckily BW already change her rent car, XD….I like her 1st car.
And he remember KDJ’s threat about it.
Then the 1st reaction he did, was….screaming her name. The 1st time he did that coz usually when he calls BW with just her name, BW’s condition was on unconscious. I think BW is surprised…..”why he call my name?”…
BW:..”OMO…what happened? Why he run?…” but before can think more than that…DUARRR…..The bomb explode.
The 1st to do is Check BW’s condition….
OOOOHHH….NOOO….That Man….”I wanna kill him even if he just touch her hair” ….XD
Usually when we want to help/protect someone that We love, there is a strength to do anything. So, like TD did, he really didnt give that man a chance to hit him. Just punc again and again….
Then…..OMG…what happened to BW?
And then the 2nd sweet scene….
TK knows his feel. Sometimes we felt/realize/accept our feeling (whatever feeling) when we’re on nearly death situation. So, he still call her with just her name and off course don’t wanna lose her.
Actually I wanna compare TK’s reaction when CY got accident with Lee Gak’s reaction when Park Ha got accident too, but I cancel it and now I’m happy did that coz I can compare TaeBo’s and GakHa’s. XD….Am I have a sixth sense that I know that TaeBo’s will also have that scene? Lol….Actually not really compare it, it just we can feel that TK’s action is like LG’s when someone he loves nearly die.
I like ChunNi’s acting here (like I have scenes that I don’t like his acting. LOL…..). Many expression from TK.
Then finally BW awake and look at his eyes. So, what will Tae Kyung do?
He hug her….
I thought he will let go his hug but nope, he still hug her and express his relief.
If there is a moment about keep image thinghy (don’t wanna her know what I feel)…I think at that moment he really doesn’t care.
Just grateful that she still alive.
He just need hug her so tight…..
“Beatifully” shoot…. If he can hug her more tight than that, I think he will do that. XD….Just want her so close to him and feel she’s alive.
As always….complete each other.
TaeBo’s walking, thinking & surprise (what exactly that kind of expression’s name? LOL…..) style.
The 1st time TaeBo meet Kim Do Jin.
Oooucchh….Tae Kyung’s expression…”You almost kill my ‘girl’ …”
And I never thought that he will punch him. XD….Think KDJ’s try to kill Bo Won made him do that.
Bo Won so worry about TK’s action….
Oooowww…TK, what you wanna do?
OMG….someone like you….ooooww, you should never underestimate someone, okie….
OMO….KDJ didn’t know BW’s name but he did try to kill her.
Yeahhh…..Tae Kyung….challenge him.
And as always, BW worry about him.
Aahh, it’s good then he still worry about CY.
Why you look at her like that, TK?’re kinda like wanna know her feeling coz you’re still worry about CY? XD….TaeBo’s expression kinda funny coz they try to never mention about what happened before. Hehe…..and now you’re kinda really need to go home ASAP, Bo Won? LOL…..When he ask you to go home, you didn’t obey him but now it’s so different. XD….
And TK….LOL…..You really want her to go home before, but now you don’t like that idea. XD…
And there you go, the 3rd TaeBo’s sweet awkward scene. XD…..It started by a super hearing Tae Kyung. LOL….You became “paranoid” about her safety or something else? You hug her so tight when actually nothing happened to her. XD…
OMG…..what is that? Something very dangerous? XD
BW:…” why he acting like that? Is he really worry about my safety? Or something else? Meanwhile TK’s expression…” what did I do again? “
TK: …”what is she think about my action? Is she feel something too?”..
TaeBo: ….”I can’t look at her/his eyes coz I don’t want she/he wanna know what I feel.”
TaeBo:….” What should I do now? “….
And I never imagine that this is what Tae Kyung did….XD…and LOL…Bo Wonnie….You looks like come in to a very dangerous place. XD….You ever went there before. Why so scary now? XD….
Still find a reasonable reason to escape. XD….
I think they really didn’t talk at all on the way to TK’s home. XD…..BW only get in his car & sit and she even didn’t ask TK where he wanna drive her. LOL….. Meanwhile Tae Kyung also like that and driving in silence, but the thing that he’s so sure was his destination. His home. XD….OMG….I love ChunNi’s character has his own home. LOL….
And Bo Won really try to act “normal”….LOL….
But Bo Wonnie….You met a “new” Tae Kyung. You can’t do act “normal” like nothing happened…hehehe….
And WOW….Tae Kyung….what a statement ? I really like that he can be honest about his feeling about Bo Won.
And LOL….what a straight question?
Ooooo “Poor” You Bo Wonnie….XD…
And We got a very ‘protective’ Tae Kyung. XD…Btw, unfortunately we don’t know on what floor his home? XD….
No one can enter the room except you? XD….
The AWKWARD Moment…..LOL….Really love it. XD….Tae Kyung….It looks like that was the 1st time you see her. And Bo Won now really nervous. I think she bite her lips is her habit when she’s nervous.
OMG…Tae Kyung….You can’t take ur eyes off of her?
And I hope someone will use this song for TaeBo’s FMV…..Love this song for Clois (US-Drama Smallville couple) and coz Tae Kyung love to see Bo Won, think this song suit with them too. XD….

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Cary Brothers

And I like that Bo Woonie really like have a shower. XD….Her hair kinda wet coz no shower cap. LOL…and she really too nervous.
And Btw Tae Kyung…what did you see? LOL….I think he saw her bra straps? XD…TK: “where is the safe place for me to see?” LOL…..and the “safe” place is her face. LOL…
TK: “ I ask her to stay here and why I still keep her just stand like that? “….You can come in now….Its safe……XD….
And Bo Won really looks so skinny with Tae Kyung’s clothes.
LOLing saw their expression and the thing that they’re talking about.
The 1st Good Night….and the strings attached from Bo Won…”Where are you going to sleep?…..How if Tae Kyung’s answer…..”Here”. LOL….
“Call me if you need Me”……Don’t think BW will do that. LOL….
Still can’t take my eyes off of you. XD…
I was waiting to see BW”s reaction after TK left the room and there you go…”What should I do? “…
Okie, I was surprised when saw suddenly TK open the door again. XD…Same like BW. LOL….
OMG….still cant take yout eyes off of her. You just want to stand there like that, Tae Kyung? LOL…..If BW also don’t say anything, I think they just standing there and just looking at each other. LOL….
And a wooden sword? What for? It just letting you know. LOL…..Are you afraid that you will “disturb” her? LOL….Okie BW, its just for your own safety from the host. XD….
A second Good Night but BW still can’t say Good Night to TK. LOL…
And finally BW can smile again. XD….
Sleeping ChunNi is a Must on his drama. XD…
And this is the last scene that I watched via streaming. Can you imagine what I felt when my streaming just stop like that on that scene? LOL…..So frustation. XD….coz I thought after he check the window, he must be check Bo Won too. Aiiihhh….
OMG Tae Kyung….You were so easily open a girl room. XD….
Luckily you have a “normal” sleeping, Bo Won…XD..
TK:….ah, it’s good that she can sleep. A Tired day.
And there you go…a surprise scene again. I think his friend often come to his home coz he know the door’s combination key. XD….what was that yeah? XD…
And there our Bo Woonie…still sleep like a baby. It’s nice that she can has a good sleep on TK’s bed. XD….Btw, look at her hand that holding that wooden sword. So different. When TK saw her, it looks like that she didn’t need that coz she looks kinda “hug” that sword. Okie, you can’t hug him, so you hug that sword? XD…..But when TK’s friend saw her, she hold that sword like she really will use it. LOL….
LOL at this scene….
I like his gesture here, it’s kinda like told Us that he really regret his decision to ask his friend come. LOL…and then he just waiting for what kind of question that he will get.
And as always….answer question with another question. XD…
And did you notice that he was kinda hesitate to ask his help? And when he said “Officer Yoon”, he can’t look at his friend’s eyes.
TK:….Did I make a mistake to ask him to come? “……XD
And the question that must be come up. XD….Btw, I like TK’s voice when he said that  “Don’t get any wrong ideas”…..XD…The DENIAL….
The COMMAND and then The CONFIRMATION that it wasn’t wrong idea. XD…..OMG…I will kill you if you do something stupid. XD….
Then TK left so unfortunately we haven’t got TaeBo’s Dinner or Breakfast. LOL…

Han Tae Kyung and Pres. Lee Dong Hee

Jeez TK….why you always like that? answer question with another question.
Everything is not dangerous for him.
Thats a good decision Tae Kyung.
Yeah, its better to protect him by his side.


Han Tae Kyung…

Our TK who has a very good memory.
Good quotes Tae Kyung but I hope the  last quote will never happen.
I really like ChunNi’s serious expression. Hhehehe…..I think if we get BTS of this scene. After put that serious face he will back to his ChunFace. XD…and I like his body. LOL…..not that too skinny (on TV, LOL…..)
OOOOwwww…Tae Kyung…..why U didn’t awaken BW so U 2 can have a breakfast together. XD….and that’s “Toilet” thinghy is so cute. LOL….
Hehehe…yeah, he get the job from a very good connection. Think that his resign letter still on CY’s desk.
And there you go Our stylist Bodyguard. XD….Love his hairstyle.
OOOwww…luckily you have good colleagues, Tae Kyung…
And yeaaahhhh…..the preparation…
Walking with a style. XD….
Like always….XD..

Yoon Bo Won

Omo…Bo Won…thought TK ask his friend to protect her on his home, but I think you will always like you do….Will not obey TK’s order. XD….I think after you meet LCY, you will go home? Aigooo Bo Wonnie…..Tae Kyung doesn’t has time now to chase you there. LOL…
And that shy smile. XD…..You know that TK really have a feeling for you. Please don’t run. XD…I know you have that feeling too. XD…
Aahhh…..she hasn’t said Thank you to TK, XD…..Think you’re really became so nervous now when he’s around you.
And those smile. Tae Kyung should see that. You smile to another guy. LOL….
Ahhhh, finally you 2 can meet without asking about TK. LOL….
OMG Bo Wonnie….why your face like that?
You really don’t have poker face.
OMG…I hope if something happen to you, you still can face it.


Oohhh Wow….what a question?
I like that Prosecutor Choi try to be more carefull now in front of his staffs.
Yup…that’s so true. A man like KDJ will not give up.
And finally there it is, Chapter 3, The Judgement….and I really hope at the ending, TaeBo still alive. Oh, btw…we’ve never had an ending pic from TaeBo but we get TaeBo’s pic on the ending of Chapter 2. Yeahhh….I like it. Hope TaeBo’s pic will be the ending of last eps.
So, we got a sureness that on the next 3 days, they still alive, but don’t know what will happen after that.
Ad  why LDH can face to face with KDJ, where are the others Secret Service? And even Tae Kyung must run to that place? Looking forward for it.
Wow….he even kill his partners….
Thats so true.
This is cool. 3 Men, 3 Shoots.

The Things

My number…
And my fav one…thats so Me…..LOL…..Tae Kyung, why you stand on that section? XD….Love it.


Looking forward for the next eps…What KDJ’s plan and how Pres Lee can stop him? And off course how Tae Kyung can help him, and also what will be his reaction when he knows that BW in trouble again? And also what will be TaeBo’s reaction to each other? Another awkward moment. I hope no more. XD…Heiii…we only have 4 eps left…XD….

End of 3 Days 6th week

For read my recap and give comments. I really appreciate it.
PS :
My lovely smile Thank You is represent my Thank you to all of you who read my recap. Btw, I never thought that I make this eps recap will be that long. LOL….and thats because the loveline on action/thriller drama. Hehe…
Thank You – You Make Me Smile also from Tae Kyung to Bo Won, hehhe….Hope we will get another smiley face from you Tae Kyung.
Thank You – You Make Me Smile…..from me (all Chunsa/JYJers) to Kim Eun Hee. Thank You for hear our wish and let it happened. XD…and I always smile when watch TaeBo’s sweet scenes and coz we’re so “greedy”….We want more. XD….Please give Us at least 1 memorable kiss scene from our TaeBo. XD…..