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JYJ News Week of 3/7- 3/13/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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Hologram Jaejoong Update
Very successful Tokyo Hologram Concert of who is serving in the army!

K-Pop falls for VR! "Possibilities of hologram concerts in other countries in progress."



Jaejoong Update

When was on break/handsome soldier/became more manly/not long till discharge fighting!

Actress Nam Gyuri reveals a selfie with serving in Army, warm friendship!


Junsu Update
160314 CJES IG Update: "He's always very focused when he's singing"

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[OTHER TWITTER/INSTAGRAM] 160312 Japanese musicians update on rehearsal day 1 with Junsu! 

ジュンスさん相変わらずというかさらにパワーアップして圧倒的な歌唱、表現力。リハ中に引き込まれてしまいました^^; これは本人おっしゃるように本番超期待ですねー!楽しみ\(^o^)/#xia #バラコン #ケータリング #旨辛系
Junsu san, should i say it is ever changing or futhermore power upped overwhelming singing, expressiveness. I (ended up) being drawn in during the rehearsal ^^; Just like the person concerned said, super anticipating the actual performance right-! Looking forward \(^o^)/#xia #balladcon[-cert] #catering #deliciousspicytype

Heard his songs of enthusiastic singing after a long time. Amazing.
Today as well it was a perfect rehearsal. Everyone you worked hard!!
Today was rehearsal with Junsu san included.
Overwhelming singing prowess!
As expected it was amazing!!!
Looking forward to the actual performance became even more ー♫
Rehearsal finished!!
Tomorrow the rehearsal we had since 9 days will also end!
Junsu’s song was consideribly intense singing (。ゝ∀・)b
Tomorrow i will work XIA hard!
Source: kkkzzzyyy + @Daisuke_Atsuro + @nozo731 + @0205Pf
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


160312 Kim Mama IG: "Many requests to see little Junsu's expressions, hence here's a cute pic of the twins baby~^^" 

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Oh MA GAaa.... Junsu's cuteness!!!


Supporting Corporal Jaejoong's 'other' interests... 

[FB] Get a sweet candy w love from on 3/14(White Day) Myeongdong   
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@ bornfreeonekiss wearing born free one kiss sweatshirt in Love You More MV teaser



CJeS official pics of '2015 Park Yuchun Fan Meeting Japan Tour' .


Junsu in Japan

160312 JYJ FB Update: "Finally reach Japan! Just 3 more nights and we'll see each other"
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[INFO] Corporal Jaejoong's name on the Jinhae Military Band & Honor Guard Festival poster
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[INFO] What is Jinhae Military Band & Honor Guard Festival?



[IG] Seems like CEO of Prain received he says "Thank you"
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[IG] Even his album is handsome, this big brother... Track No.10 is so dang good!  


Junsu at Haneda Airport (Japan)! 


xia jemin 


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[NEW PIC] 160312 CJES instagram update!!!

 Junsu heading to Japan!

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160312 Junsu instagram update!!! 



[NEW PIC] 160311 Junsu at <MI COOK OPPA> Restaurant!

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Jaejoong as Cha MuWon in PTB!!!

Korean dramas definitely know how to add some flavor to their villainous leads! While these dramas may appear to be made of sugar, spice and everything nice, these antagonists seem rotten to the core-- and yet there is something about them that leaves you awe-stricken.

Whether it is the amazing acting from the actors themselves or the devastating plots behind these malicious characters, these 10 unforgettable 'bad guys' and 'bad girls' will definitely get your blood boiling again!

4. 'Protect the Boss' - Cha Mu Won 

JYJ's Jaejoong's becomes the seemingly perfect but dastardly Cha Mu Won, the 'ideal chaebol son' who also plays the love and work rival of lead character (and cousin) Ji Hyeon, as they both clash from their love triangle with Seo Na-Yoon. Cha Mu Won attempted to be sneaky by hiring the cheerful Eun-Seol, who is also his love interest, to be the assistant of Ji Hyeon and act as a spy for him. Sadly, Cha Mu Won is unable to win her over as he had further planned as she begins falling for Ji Hyeon instead. However Eun-Seol makes more complications for the two, causing more tension and bickering between them. The almost brotherly bickering becomes cute to some extent, which is why his rivalry becomes funnier and more light hearted.

The bad blooded rivalry goes beyond being chairman of the company and Cha Mu Won's relentless actions to belittle Ji Hyeon turns him into a bitter character filled with spite, even in the most little of ways, but his situation is understandable.



Without a doubt these men have always been total man/eye candy with their handsome features and beautiful smiles! However, if you think they were hot enough to make you swoon on screen, just wait till you see them in uniform! Take a moment to spice up your day and check out these idols who made military service a fan-service heaven instead!

5. JYJ's Jaejoong


Note: allkpop used Jaejoong as a soldier in SPY (drama)...LOL
Corporal Jaejoong looks even better in his REAL uniform!


Junsu Update
오늘 여러분이 누울 자리는 바로 요기!
문득 보고싶고 그립고 생각이 나는 일상의 준쨩

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎녹음실‬ ‪#‎시선강탈‬ ‪#‎미공개영상‬ ‪#‎꼭어제뮤비_백만_넘었으니_하드탈탈‬

Video here: https://www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ/videos/927038090724889/ 

160310 [JYJ FB] Congrats "Yesterday MV" hit 1 million views

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Congratulations Jaejoong!

[INFO] 's Album is #1 in Gaon Monthly Album Chart for February!!! 👑

February 2016 Gaon Album Chart No.1 is 's sold 84,868 copies
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Gaon Monthly Album Chart (Feb) 
#1 Jaejoong 
#2 Taemin 
#3 Winner 
#4 B.A.P 
#5 BTS 
#6 Mamamoo 
#7 BTS 
#8 SS301

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[INFO] Jaejoong’s “Love You More” is #1 & Yuchun’s “Walking With Her in Spring” is #3 on KPOPWAY Radio TOP 10 Weekly Ranking

 photo Kpopway-top-10-weekly-ranking.png
 photo Kpopway-160307.png
Source: KPOPWAY  
Shared by: JYJ3

Thanks to Mazelight3 for the heads-up!


[PART TRANS] Military service is no longer a hinderance for male celebrity's popularity

[NEWS] 160310 Sports Seoul Focus: We say the army is not an obstacle of their popularity~!

Since actors Song Joong-ki and Yoo Seung-ho –who returned recently after their discharge from the army– are making sudden rises as ‘it actors’, singers’ album releases creating interests one after another. It is true that a 2-year gap caused by a military service in one’s 20s, bears a burden to the male stars who holds activities in the entertainment world, onstage and in their prime, at home and abroad. However, recently, stars who receive the general public’s love are increasing; by heightening their favorability on the side, with their tough virility up to their healthy image more than ever after getting discharged from their military service as a turning point. In the cases of singers, they are presenting meaningful gifts to their fans who misses them longingly and, casting the gap of their hiatuses into the shadows; with them releasing new songs in the middle of their military services.
 photo 20160310064940986fmxj.jpg
JYJ Kim Jaejoong –who’s in the middle of his military service– has gained hot popularity, releasing his 2nd regular album ‘NO.X’ last month. It raised album sales of 90,000 copies in only a week and recorded 1st place in 16 countries on iTunes charts throughout the world immediately after its release. His title track ‘Love You More’ was nominated for 1st place on a terrestrial music broadcast.
 photo off-wallet.jpg
JYJ member and public service worker Park Yuchun also swept at home and abroad with his first solo song and mini-album ‘How Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet’ after its debut in January. He showed off his steadfast popularity, ascending to 1st place on national major album charts after its release.

Source: Sports Seoul  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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160309 Junsu IG Update: "Football football! Huu"

160310 Junsu with Kim Soo Hyun, Nuskin Enterprise Distributor! Same hair colour! 

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Kim Jaejoong in SPY!
Shower scenes of your favorite male celebs that will make your day even hotter via

Even though the weather is finally getting warmer, no day is ever too hot for a steamy shower scene! Korean actors are excelling in turning up the heat with these insanely sexy shower scenes that will have you wanting to dive right into your computer screen. If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself and see if you don't break a sweat while shouting "Wet Psy!" I recommend muting the videos and looping this song as your browse through this sexy list. 

14. JYJ's Jaejoong 'Spy'

The tension of them hacking into Jaejoong's computer isn't as nerve wracking as this sexy shower scene. The suspense is endless.


Jaejoong for BNT Magazine ONE
Click here for video:  instagram.com/p/BCufnPGAmYi/
#ジェジュン #김재중 #jaejoong #jyj #연예인 #koreanstar #bnt #화보 #kpop #black #fashion #follow @one_bntworld



Kim Jaejoong's "RunAway" (from NO.X)
as OST for Descendant's of the Sun


Saki ハン 

Kim Jaejoong's "Will Meet Again, Would Meet Again...But" (from NO.X
as OST for Descendant's of the Sun


JYJ’s Junsu flaunts his fabulous cars together on Instagram

Junsu, JYJ member displayed his luxury collection of beautiful cars.
In his Instagram post on March 8, he said, “I gathered for the first time all of my cars that were previously all separated,” posting together all the pictures showing fabulous and impressive collection of imported cars.
jyj Junsu Cars
He flaunted the nine cars and it was so amazing, this includes a Porsche Panamera, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupe, and a striking blue Lamborghini Aventador- which individually cost approximately $397,500!
Here are some comments of the netizens, “This is why people become a celebrity,” “I’m so jealous,” and “The only thing I’ve gathered is fat.”
He will be heading to Japan on March 15 for his next tour.

JYJ's Junsu (XIA) shows off his car collection!   
Did you know that JYJ Junsu (XIA) had an impressive foreign car collection? 

Well you do now! The singer took to his official Instagram to show off his loving collection, including a Rolls-Royce, a Farrari, and a blue Lamborghini Aventador - the only one of its kind in South Korea!

Fans have been dropping jaws for Junsu's impressive collection, with comments such as "Please give me one," and "Always be careful when driving!"

Whew! The singer ought to meet up with Illionaire's Dok2 and The Quiett sometime!

Junsu Shows Off His Impressive Foreign Car Collection

JYJ member Junsu has revealed his impressive collection of super cars.
On March 8, he uploaded to his Instagram a post that said, “I gathered for the first time all of my cars that were previously all separated,” along with a picture that shows off his incredible collection of foreign cars.
His display of the nine cars was jaw dropping, including a Porsche Panamera, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupe, and a striking blue Lamborghini Aventador- which alone costs $397,500!
Some of the comments on his post include, “This is why people become a celebrity,” “I’m so jealous,” and “The only thing I’ve gathered is fat.”
You can see Junsu next on tour in Japan starting on March 15.
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[PICS] 160308 Studio Noon shares past photos of Park Yuchun

Photos by Lee JunYong
 photo img_154_img_add_869.jpg
 photo img_154_img_add_868.jpg
 photo img_154_img_add_867.jpg
 photo img_154_img_add_866.jpg
Credit: Studio Noon
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[PICS] 160308 Studio Noon shares past photos of Kim Jaejoong

 Photos by Lee JunYong
 photo img_145_img_add_825.jpg
 photo img_145_img_add_826.jpg
 photo img_145_img_add_827.jpg
 photo img_145_img_add_828.jpg
Credit: Studio Noon
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[TRANS] 160307 KNK’s Inseong mentions Junsu & ‘Just Yesterday’

 photo twitter_com_20160307_223244.jpg


[Inseong] Song recommended for the first time! XIA Junsu sunbae-nim’s ‘Just Yesterday’ He is a senior I usually really like and respect, and this time, his new song’s lyrics are so good. I would like to recommend it since it seems like a song toward his fans. Thanks to sunbae-nim for his nice voice #KNK

It seems like it was just yesterday, the day that doesn’t fade
Your eyes were so clear like a child
But now you’re comforting me though I wanted to embrace your small shoulders
I didn’t know I’d lean and rest on your small shoulders
The promise I can make to you

 photo aa.jpg


Q: Who is the entertainer you wanted to meet first when you debuted?
A: XIA Junsu sunbae-nim

Source: DC JYJ Gall  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3 + pop!gasa(lyrics)  
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The Jaejoong Effect!!!

Mar 7
Moldir Tote #1 in Amazon Overall Ladies Bags & Purses, and #1-4 in Ladies tote bags


Poet Park Nohae's Nanum Culture staff thanks Kim Jaejoong  fans for gift of and snacks
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[TRANS] Nanum Staff, "I was so impressed that a star and his fans can have such a strong emotional bond"


160308 Junsu IG Update: "A selfie after a very long time ㅎ let's quickly meet up!!! You can look forward~~~~♤Hu" 

160308 Junsu IG Update: "1st time gathering my cars together after being separated during this period."
그동안 흩어져있는 나의 붕붕이 한번 처음으로 모아봤다. #rollsroycephantomdropheadcoupe#rollsroyceghost_ewb#rollsroycewraith #ferrariitalia458#lamborghiniaventador#porchepanamera#astonmartinvanquishvolante

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Photographer shares BTS pic of Jaejoong at a photoshoot...

Some of the pics from that shoot...



MC/Host shares pics with Jaejoong at a previous Army concert...Love Concert for Korea's 70th Independence Day Anniversary (August 2015)

Much more Jaejoong at the LOVE concert here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 8/10-8/16/2015 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/08/jyj-news-weeof-of-810-8162015.html?spref=tw


Jaejoong: Memories of 100 Days 
With English subs
Published on Mar 7, 2016
Translator: HeoHeo
Timer & Encoder: Sét Sét
Japanese sub belongs to CJeS
Broguht to you by CielJJ's subbing team.
Please DO NOT re-upload and use the subtitles for any purpose without CielJJ's permission. Thanks and enjoy!

Filmed in 2015...leading up to KJJ's military enlistment...
Great gift for the fans


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 160307 Ideal Boyfriend obtained Jaejoong’s autograph for Girlfriend & mom

Lucky Girlfriend shared the following photos:
 photo 10391994_545851985592532_6511695372249485896_n.jpg
 photo 12646962_545852128925851_1714336555142449028_n.jpg
Source: 장이슬  
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160308 CJES IG Update! Junsu's selfie taken directly from his phone! 


jp_tatist shares pics of Jaejoong fake tattoos for concerts...

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