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JYJ News Week of 8/24-8/30/2015

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JYJ 2015 Fanmeeting

Part 1

Part 2
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PFC Jaejoong on his mini vacation from the army weeks ago...

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JaeChun LOVE...

All the touchy feely stuff
before went to the army. 

From joohyejin83 (JYJ Dancer)

[IG TRANS] U guys r soldier uncles now...I mean, oppas. Be healthy n do good job. Many are waiting for 2 yrs.
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Yuchun and manager
From manager's IG (moon.j.h)

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JYJ Managers (Cr: moon.j.h)

Left to Right (Junsu's, Jaejoong's, Yuchun's)
JYJ Managers Woojjang, Ahnjjang, Moonjjang

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Full Episode...70th Korean Liberation Celebration "Love Concert"
Jaejoong shown 35:40~55:15

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cjes.tagram's video
Be healthy and stay safe ...Fighting!

[TRANS] Yuchun's last message before enlistment


Hello, it's Yuchun.
By the time this letter is in your hands, I'll be at training camp. Umm.. Can I just be casual? (T/N: can I use familiar form? aka banmal) We've known each other for a long time now~^^
I didn't really have any thoughts about enlistment for a while, but as I was doing photo shoots and interviews, I started to realize that I will be serving in the army and wouldn't be working for a while... I haven't had a break for a while now.. And once I came to that thought, it became real to me. I knew I had to serve in the military around this time, but when it came, the reality was hard to grasp. I decided not to have any regrets. I heard that many fans asked about what I was regretful about the most, but I thought it'd be better to think about what I was grateful for rather than dwell on regrets. I realized that, thankfully, I have received so much love and was able to work happily. Thank you so much^^
I'm not good at expressing my heart or putting my thoughts into words, but I really do want to say that I knew and felt everything in my heart. Thank you so much.
Now I’ll answer some questions.
I've chosen a few from the questions you gave me.
What if I wasn't a celebrity? I think I would've been a composer or a novelist? Umm... I think so.
Many of you asked what food I would miss the most at the training camp, but Jaejoong hyung says anything tastes good in the training camps. I don't think I would want to eat one food in particular..
What do I want to work on after I finish my service? Umm... I had a drink with Kyung-Gu hyung and I told him that I definitely wanted to work with him on a movie. I have so much to learn from him as an actor, and he is like a warm-hearted brother to me, so I really want to work with him in the future.
Person I would miss the most will always be my father. As I grow older and take on more responsibilities, I have so much to ask him, but he's not here. I miss him all the time.
Vacation homework for my fans will be health and happiness!! As for me, I want to learn Chinese and read a lot of books.
Will this answer be enough? My Jaejoong hyung... He told me that he wanted to see my face for the last time during his break, but we only ended up talking on the phone. I really want to tell hyung that I am so proud of him. And Junsu, my loving friend and my member, I know that he will be lonely by himself but hang in there and fighting!
Also my fans, thank you so much and I will come back safe and sound in return of all your support. Yesterday, a day before enlistment, I was both calm and excited. It felt good. It's good to meet new people and experience new things. We won't be able to meet each other for a while, well, for a long time, but I hope that it will be good time for both of us to mature before we meet again. Bye~~~~~~~~~!!!!^^

Original KRN:
안녕하세요. 유천입니다.
지금 이 글이 공개 되면 저는 훈련소에 있겠죠? 음.. 반말로 해도 될까요? 그래도 우리 오래 알고 지낸 사이니까~ ^^
음. 훈련소에 들어가기 전에 한동안은 별 생각이 없다가 화보 인터뷰 등을 하면서 아 내가 군대에 가는 구나 한동안 일을 하지 않는 구나… 꽤 오랜 시간 일을 쉰 적이 없었는데… 라는 생각이 들며 실감이 나기 시작 했어. 이미 오래 전부터 이 시기가 되면 군복무를 해야 한다고 알고 있었는데 막상 그 시간이 오니까 실감이 안나더라구. 아쉬운 감정은 가지지 않기로 했어 많은 팬들이 뭐가 제일 아쉽냐고 질문 했다고 들었는데 아쉬운 건 되돌이킬 수 없는 건데 아쉬워 하기 보다는 오히려 고마운 일에 대해 생각하는 것이 좋겠더라고. 참 감사하게도 많은 사랑을 받았고, 행복하게 일을 했구나 라는 생각이 들었어. 정말 고마워^^

잘 표현을 못하고 말이 많지 않지만 마음 속은 다 알고 느끼고 있다고 말하고 싶었어. 정말 고마워.

그러면 질문에 답을 해보겠습니다. 주신 질문 중에 몇 가지를 골라 보았어. 만약 연예인이 아니었다면? 나는 작곡가가 되었을 것 같아 아니면 소설가..? 음.. 아마도 그럴 것 같아. 훈련소에서 생각날 것 같은 음식을 많이 물어 봤는데 재중이형이 그러는데 무엇이든 맛있다고 하드라구 그 안에서 먹는 음식들이. 나도 딱히 훈련소에서 뭘 먹고 싶겠다 생각은 없을 것 같은데.. 제대 후 어떤 작품을 해보고 싶냐는 질문은 음.. 경구 형과 얼마 전에 술을 마셨는데 내가 제대 하면 꼭 함께 영화를 찍고 싶다고 말씀 드렸어. 정말 배우로서 배울 점이 너무 많아서 그리고 나에게 너무 따뜻한 형 같아서 정말 같이 작품을 꼭 해보고 싶다는 생각이 들었어. 가장 그리울 사람은 언제나 아버지. 어른이 되면서 책임감이 늘어가며 더욱 물어볼 게 많고 만나고 싶은데 안계시니까 항상 그리워 하고 있지. 팬들에게 내주는 방학 숙제는 건강, 행복 ! 나는 중국어도 배우고 싶고 책도 많이 읽고 싶어.

자, 이정도면 대답이 됐으려나..? 우리 재중이형…휴가 나와서 마지막으로 내 얼굴 꼭 보고 싶다고 했는데 결국 통화만 하게 되었네. 형이 너무 자랑스럽다고 말하고 싶고, 준수 정말 내가 좋아하는 친구이자 내 멤버, 혼자서 외롭겠지만 힘내고 파이팅 하길 바라고,

우리 팬들, 정말 감사하고 응원해준 만큼 무사히 잘 다녀올 테고, 입소 하루 앞둔 어제는 정말 뭐랄까 덤덤하기도 하고 기대감이 들기도 하고 기분이 좋았어. 새로운 사람들 새로운 경험 할 수 있으니까 좋더라구. 우리 잠깐 아니 꽤 긴 시간 볼 수 없겠지만 서로 각자 좋은 시간이 되서 나중에 더 한 뼘 자란 모습으로 만났으면 좋겠어. 안녕~~~~~~~~~~!!!! ^^


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Yuchun saying Goodbye...
cjes.tagram's video

Yuchun enters the military as a trainee for 5 weeks then will be assigned as a Public Service Worker (total 24 months)...

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YC with bodyguard and mom...

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JYJ bodyguard Twitter Update

띵띵부은 눈을 보니 마음이 아푸다. 날씨도 점점 흐려지네 

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SP-san: Heart aches when you see the swollen eyes. The weather is gradually getting cloudy.  
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[NEWS] 150827 Park Yuchun gets a phone call from Kim Jaejoong in the army, the night before enlistment

Kim Jaejoong conveyed his regards in a phone call to Park Yuchun the night before his enlistment.
According to a close JYJ source on August 27, Kim Jaejoong conveyed his regards, “Stay healthy and go and come back well” through a phone call personally to Park Yuchun on August 26. Kim Jaejoong is in the middle of his service as a Private 1st Class soldier in the 55th Infantry Division of the Army currently. On this, Kim Jaejoong entreated Park Yuchun –who he cannot meet directly– a healthy life in training camp; even if it was only with a telephone call.
Not only that. Kim Junsu had a small farewell party for Park Yuchun after the ‘2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ fanmeeting held on August 25. According to a close source, Kim Junsu sat through till the end at a farewell party with his agency C-JeS Entertainment family and shared many stories with Park Yuchun.
Out of JYJ that’s enlisting up to Park Yuchun, only Kim Junsu is left in society.
Meanwhile, Park Yuchun will be entering at Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungnam on August 27. He is expected to be receiving his basic military training for 4 weeks, to serve as a public goods service member from there.

Source: Newsen  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Acquaintance of JYJ reports called YC night before his enlistment n wished him well
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150827 C-JeS Instagram Update: Car ride on the way to training camp

[VIDEO] 훈련소 가는 길. 잘 다녀오겠습니다!

On the way to training camp. I’ll go and come back well!

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Source: cjes.tagram  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Park Yoochun Reveals His True Feelings and Expectations in Last Interview Before Military Enlistment

Park Yoochun Reveals His True Feelings and Expectations in Last Interview Before Military Enlistment
With just a few hours left till his military enlistment tomorrow on August 27, JYJ‘s Park Yoochun sat down and did an interview where he talked about his feelings, friends, and future plans for the last time.
Q: Aren’t you afraid or worried about going to the military?
Park Yoochun: Actually, I am worried. It’ll be much different than the environment I’ve been used to for the past 10 years. Actor Go Soo told me that the process of becoming a “normal” person was quite unusual and hard for him when he went to the military. I’ve always said I wanted to live a normal life but never actually tried to.
Q: How are you spending the time you have left?
Park Yoochun: Nowadays I’m just staying home. A few days ago, a close friend of mine came to visit and we went out for drinks at 11 p.m. However, I came home at around 12:30 in the morning. No matter how hard I set my mind on having fun, I can’t seem to do it. All I can think about is going home and resting.
Q: How did you choose your enlistment date?
Park Yoochun: I originally wanted to go earlier but I had to work. I had to earn some money for my company and for myself, haha.
Q: You were categorized as a public service worker instead of a soldier, how do you feel?
Park Yoochun: I wanted to be enlisted as a soldier. A soldier’s serving time in four months shorter, too. I passed my physical but I was categorized as a public service worker because of my asthma. I didn’t know asthma was such a dangerous condition.
Q: Kim Jaejoong came out on vacation a few days ago. Did you meet him yet?
Park Yoochun: I drank so much with him. I think we drank till the sun came up. Jaejoong was so used to the military lifestyle, though, that he awoke early in the morning even if he fell asleep at 12 a.m. that night. Junsu joined us after he was done with his musical, but he had to leave early because he had another performance later. Since the three of us gathered together for the first time in a while, we even listened to Junsu singing.
Q: Don’t you think Junsu will feel lonely? Are you worried?
Park Yoochun: Not at all. He’ll be fine. He’s busy doing musicals and concerts. I’m actually jealous of Junsu. He can work more before he goes.
Q: Two years from now you will be in your 30s. What are your expectations?
Park Yoochun: I don’t know what projects I will be doing, but I better be more mature and ready. I need to work on my acting skills, too. If I start living a fulfilling life, I’m certain I will come across a good project. I plan to live quietly during my military years. Then I’ll have time to reflect on myself. Once I get to know myself better, I will be more comfortable standing in front of a camera two years later.
Fans will be waiting for your safe return, Park Yoochun!
Source (1)

Park Yoo-chun to enlist in the military on the 27th 2015/08/26 Read more at:

JYJ′s Park Yu Chun to Enlist in Army Today (8/27)

Park Yu Chun will be the second JYJ member to enlist in the army, following Kim Jae Joong.

Park Yu Chun will enter the Nonsan Training Center in Chungnam on August 27, where he will receive basic training before fulfilling his military duties as a public service worker for two years. Park Yu Chun will enter in private, as he expressed that he wishes to enlist quietly.

JYJ′s Park Yu Chun to Enlist in Army Today (8/27)
Instead, Park Yu Chun showed his love for his fans leading up to the days of his enlistment through fan meetings in Korea and Japan. He successfully wrapped 2015 JYJ Membership Week at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on August 25, two days before his enlistment.

There, he said, "The fact that I′m living on the receiving end of this much love, is deeply moving every time. I hope the day that all three of us can be together again will come soon. I will take care of myself."

Park Yu Chun has proven himself an excellent singer and actor through the years. He cemented himself as an actor through numerous films and dramas, including Miss Ripley, Rooftop Prince, Three Days, The Girl Who Sees Smells, Sea Fog and more. He also continued to play an active role in leading the hallyu fever around the world as JYJ with Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong entered the army as an active duty soldier at the end of March.



Private First Class Jaejoong News...
JJ with fellow soldiers. Source is from the ground forces facebook page. 
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getting along and having good time with his comrades Fr. fellow soldier's FB account  
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[INFO] English site of the 13th Ground Forces Festival where Jaejoong will perform:


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Kim Jaejoong's Letters to Fans at JYJ Membership FM event and at JHolic...
Set to video with English subtitle.


Fans singing "This Boy's Letter" to Yuchun...

[ENG] Yuchun's message before leaving for military service 

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Fans ride emotional roller coaster at fan meeting ahead of Park Yoo-chun‘s enlistment

Updated : August 26 2015
Thousands of excited fans stormed their way into Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul on Tuesday. The lucky fans, who were selected through random drawings, turned up for the crowning event of the group’s annual “Membership Week” to bid Park Yoo-chun a farewell for his enlistment Thursday. The event, which had been scheduled for two hours, went overtime by an extra two hours.

Sporting an “Inside Out” theme from the homonymous animated film, the event kicked off with the members singing the soundtrack of the film with modified lyrics. The members then walked up to the center of the stage and touched the magic balls made of “core memories” through which the group’s most memorable memories were screened on the supersized onstage screens. The memories, which reflected fans’ comments on the group’s Facebook page, included the times the versatile members won awards as well as when they topped local music charts. Park Yoo-chun burst into laughter when an old cringeworthy ad was projected on the screen.

Kim Jun-su (left) and Park Yoo-chun (C-jeS Entertainment)

Along with special guest emcee Boom, the duo left fans in stitches while playing games including a hilarious “palm-pushing game” and “Pepero game,” where the two ate a stick cookie from opposing ends to make it as tiny as possible. As part of the penalty for the loser, the duo respectively tried playing a man who finally confesses his love, and a man who drops tears in the agony of parting. Park impressed fans as he shed tears in a split second.

Some of the fans were moved to tears when the two sang their hit tracks together.

What’s more heartwarming were Jae-joong’s surprise handwritten letters through which Kim sent his regards to his fans and the two remaining members. “My brothers, I love you so much. Let’s stay happy together,” wrote Kim, showing off the love toward his well-beloved friends.

The tearful event came to a grand finale with the duo’s special thanks to the fans.

“I’ve been saying this repeatedly, but I would like to thank you again. For me, it’s a heart-throbbing blessing to be able to spend every moment filled with your love and support,” said Park with equanimity, expressing hope for the three to come together on stage as an integral whole.

“Your support brought us here today. We’re much obliged to you for everything you have done for us,” Kim added.

“I’m set to serve my mandatory military duty starting from Thursday. It was the most precious moment in my life when the three of us (JYJ members) were together onstage. Please wait for the day of reunion.”

(C-jeS Entertainment)

Fans with intense wistfulness called out his name, calling out, “We’ll be waiting, see you again in two years.” Some of them broke down and burst out sobbing when they sang the group’s doleful track “The Boy’s Letter” in return, pledging their genuine and abiding love for the trio.

“I couldn’t sleep last night. I was so excited to see them so close,” said Ko Mi-soo, a devoted fan of the group, adding she couldn’t get a wink of sleep until 9 a.m. after the heart-throbbing event. She further explained that the fans are in deep sorrow as there would be a long hiatus until all three members can get together as a whole.

The ongoing “Membership Week” held at Seoul Arts Museum in Buam-dong also encompasses an exhibition that showcases behind-the-scene photos of the JYJ members during drama shoots, track recordings and more.

Park is set to serve his two-year duty as a public service worker and will be stationed at a public office, substituting for the mandatory 21-month service term at a military camp due to his asthma.

By Ko Ji-seon (

26August2015 [FULL TRANS] Park Yuchun’s Interview with Sports Chosun: Ahead of his enlistment, Park Yuchun “Gap of 2 years? Time to look back on myself”

<Interview> Ahead of his enlistment, Park Yuchun “Gap of 2 years? Time to look back on myself”
“What’s the date today? Ah! Time flies so fast.”
While signing at the palm print and writing down the date, Park Yuchun playfully acted as if he was about to cry, then laughed “buhaha” out loud. I met Park Yuchun at the site where he was leaving his handprint in advance as a winner of the best new actor from last year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards. And because of his enlistment, it’s a pity that he won’t be able to attend this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards and join in the palm printing activity, so he allocated some time out of his busy schedule to be here. Although there are only few days remaining prior to his enlistment on the 27th, but Park Yuchun looked very comfortable and relaxed. “Sol Kyung Gu hyung said to have a drink together before my enlistment. It should be Beondegi soup with Soju. It would probably fuddle me. Haha. ” In a warm send-off, the time to go back as a normal person in his 20s is getting nearer. Park Yuchun wanted to say that while being away from other people’s sight, he would want to look back on himself. As a maturing actor and singer, he said that the two years of military service would become a meaning comma. We asked Park Yuchun about his thoughts and plans regarding his enlistment.
Aren’t you worried or feel scared about military life? Honestly, I’m worried too because it would be different from the environment I have lived for 10 years. Probably, it’s also because my date of enlistment is not far anymore. Working busily for 10 years, I’ve recently thought about leaving this (entertainment) circle and rest for awhile. But not long ago, I’ve realized that this kind of thinking is not right. While filming “Lucid Dream”, Ko Soo hyung and I have talked about the military. Before enlisting, Ko Soo hyung was also confident that he’ll do well. But when it became the reality, the process of becoming an ordinary person is very strange and very difficult. He said that there was a time when he went to Jeju Island for a trip. Coming out in the streets after having a meal, he was being surrounded by students coming out after their classes. Seeing that kind of situation, the grandmother from the restaurant said, “Why would TV personalities come out and suffer.” At that time, he came to understand that for us, living a normal life is not an option. The moment after hearing this, it’s like I’ve been hit and became dumbfounded. It seems that I’ve been impatient, blindly yearning for a normal life.
How do you spend your remaining few days as a “civilian”? Recently, I’m mostly at home. Not so long so, a hyung whom I’m close with celebrated his birthday. Around 11 in the evening, we went for a drink but I already went home at 12:30am. I really planned to enjoy myself but my heart can’t keep up anymore and wanted to go home and rest.
How did you decide on the date of your enlistment? Originally, I wanted to enlist even earlier but I had to take on more work so, I postponed it for a bit. I also had to earn for the company and earn for myself. Haha.
Because of asthma, it’s been decided that you’ll do public service. I also wish to become an active-duty soldier. The serving time for active duty is also lesser by 4 months. I’ve also done a medical re-examination. But still, because of asthma, it’s been decided that I’ll do public service. I never thought that asthma is an illness that is dangerous. Before, when we had a one-week break from activities, I went to Jaejoong hyung’s hometown. Suddenly relaxing after the running activities, and because of breathing difficulties, I fainted. With the help of Jaejoong’s parents, we went to the Emergency. Really, at that time, I nearly died.
We heard that you got injured a lot while filming. Is your back and rib injuries getting better? (About to cry) I’m not lying but it’s really not okay. The pain of lifting the chair with a tear in my shoulder muscle all came instantaneously so, I was in pain for a long time. It was really painful but the people in my company (T/N: he calls them family here) was not worried. Hahaha.
Not so long ago, soldier Kim Jaejoong went out for a vacation, have you met each other? It’s really been a long time since I drank a lot. It seems we drank until dawn. But Jaejoong hyung doesn’t sleep at exactly 10pm in the military. He said from that time on, he doesn’t remember anything anymore. Jaejoong hyung slept at around 12mn, but the next day he wakes up early as a habit. Junsu joined in after his musical ended, but he went home early since he still has a performance the next day. And to commemorate our reunion after a long time, we listened to Junsu’s songs there.
It must be extraordinary to see the image of soldier, Kim Jaejoong. It’s rather amazing. He’s someone I miss but I can’t see him all the time. So being in the same place as Jaejoongie-hyung is something fresh. We also talked and shared a lot. He keeps telling me to come join him in active duty.
Seems like Junsu who’ll be left alone will feel lonely. Aren’t you worried? Not at all. He’ll live well. He’s busy preparing for his concert and musical. I am envious of Junsu more than anything. Isn’t it better to be able to work?
Aren’t you worried about the gap for 2 years? I think the competition is fierce among the actors in their 20s. I think there’s a reason for a person’s popularity. I respect that reason. And I‘m not worried that I’ll be left behind and I’m not anxious about it too. Originally, I don’t have anything to greed about. Instead, it’s the people around me who are more worried. There will come a time when my popularity will go down, although I don’t know when that will happen. The love I have received is already enough. If there’s an opportunity, plus if my luck is good, I’ll probably receive more recognition as an actor. But I won’t look into it too seriously. Right now, the joy I feel for my work and the happiness I feel being able to meet people is greater.
2 years later, you’ll be in your 30s. How do you expect yourself to turn out like? I don’t know if I will be able to meet everyone to through a film but firstly, I think I should be more prepared. Above all else, if I can live as myself then, I think I will be able to meet everyone through a good production. During my military service, I want to live an ordinary and quiet life. There will also be time for me to look back. If I knew myself, I reckon I would be able to stand in front of the camera feeling more comfortable 2 years later. Acting is something really fun and happy.


Source: Sports Chosun via @JYJCN

Korean-Chinese translations by: 紅燕

Some parts were translated (Korean-English) by: yochwennie

Chinese-English translations by: ParkYoochunSGFC

Note: Our translations are best-effort and since some are based on Chinese translations only, so if there are any mistakes, it was not intentional. Thank you for your understanding.

[INTERVIEW] 150826 Sports Chosun: Ahead of his enlistment, Park Yuchun “Gap of 2 years? Time to look back at me”

 photo 20150826083420670bxsn.jpg

Source: Sports Chosun  
Translations by: @yochwennie  
Shared by: JYJ3


[TRANS] Jaejoong's letter to Yuchun & Junsu at 2015 JYJ Membership Week FM

To. Two of MY PEOPLE
Read this letter, my members.
How are you. I am doing fine. Military service really depends on your perspective of things. It's tolerable if you think positively, and really hard if you are pessimistic. But, it's really okay. Seriously. Butㅜㅜ duty is so hard..
Yuchun will be enlisted on 27th, right? Fighting to you, you will have great time as a trainee. And Junsu, you should make a lot of memories before enlisting next year.

After I enlisted, I realized that it was wrong to think that 2 years of my life would be wasted. It would make cherishable things more cherishing, and deepest thoughts, even deeper. It's like reading many books, meeting and talking to different people. And you start to cherish the memories that come back as you tell our own story, too. (A week) before enlisting, Kyung-Gu hyung came over to music video shooting and told me many things about the military. One of the things he said was, "Jaejoong, think of the military service as repaying the debt you owe to this country you were born." I think that makes sense. Because I was born in this country, I was able to meet you two and the fans who love us. I will work hard to repay this debt during the rest of my military service. It's really worth it when I think about it this way.

I don't worry about you two.
I know that as long as we keep trusting and relying on each other, we will be together for life.
You are the two people I respect the most.
You are the two people who warm up my heart the most.
You are the two people who are the most decent.
You two are the reason I live.
Let us be happier in the future. You two make hyung's world worth living in♥
And I never use red hearts to men.

Original KRN:
To. 내 사람 둘
나의 멤버들 보라.
잘 지내는가. 형은 잘 지낸다. 군생활은 생각하기 나름이라 긍적으로 생각하면 할 만하고 비관적으로 생각하면 아주 힘들어. 근데 진짜 할만해. 진짜. 근데ㅜㅜ 근무가 너무 힘들어..
우리 유천이는 27일 입소지? 훈련병때가 제일 재밌으니 화이팅하고 우리 준수는 내년 입대인데 가기전에 많은 추억 만들어.

들어와보니 2년이 내 인생에 없어진다는 생각은 틀린 생각이더라. 소중하면 더 소중하게 깊은 마음은 더욱 깊고 푸르게 만들어 줄 수 있겠더라. 다양한 사람들과 만나며 이야기를 들어보면 직접 사람에게 수많은 책을 전해 들은 것 같아. 내 이야기를 하면서도 문득 떠오르는 기억들이 소중해지고 말야. 입대 전(일주일전) 신곡 뮤비 촬영장에 경구형이 놀러와서 군대에 대한 이야기를 하다가 "재중아 이 나라에 대한민국에 태어난데 빚갚는다 생각하고 군복무 잘해라"라고 하셨는데 참 맞는 이야기야. 이 나라에 태어나 너희를 만나고 우리를 사랑해주는 팬분들도 만나게 된거니까 형은 남은 군복무 기간동안 힘내서 나라 빚 잘 갚을게. 이렇게 생각하면 아주 할만하군.

난 너희 걱정은 전혀 안돼. 우리가 믿고 의지했던 그마음 그대로라면 평생 함께 할거니까. 내안에 가장 존경하는 사람 둘
내안에 가장 따뜻한 사람 둘. 내안에 가장 인간다운 사람 둘. 그래서 내가 산다. 우리 더 행복하자. 니들때문에 형이 살만하다♥ 남자한테 빨간하트 잘 안하는데 말이지 


JYJ FB Update

우리들의 행복했던 여름날, 잊지 않을게요!
우리들의 시간은 앞으로도 쭈욱 영원한걸로


#JYJ #김재중 #박유천 #김준수


More Pics

JYJ Holds Its '2015 JYJ Membership Week Fan Meeting'

[by Sora Ghim, photo by Baek Soo Yeon] The '2015 JYJ Membership Week Fan Meeting' was held on August 25 at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Jamsil-dong.

Starting in 2012, the grand-scale tribute fan service 'JYJ Membership Week' has been going on for four years. This year's special fan meeting had the concept of 'Inside Out.' The main stage recreated the emotion control center from the movie and contained 6 years of JYJ history. (photo by bntnews DB)

as tagged

 photo CNSr9NnUEAAR5D_.jpg
 photo CNRDeuhUcAEHIEb.jpg

Translations by:
Additional fanart from: @sunshinexia1215
Shared by: JYJ3

More fancams:

Body wave from Junsu

Trying to shake off the post its without using hands!

Playing games...LOL

Junsu trying NOT to laugh...Impossible after seeing Chunface!

YC singing "Love is Like a Snowflake"  

Unchanging Truth (Death Note)

"Confessing to Eundong (fake wife)" -acting by Junsu



Unchanging Truth

Yuchun's I Love You song

Yuchun's "Incredible" and "Love is Like a Snowflake"

Yuchun- acting (saying goodbye to Eundong -fake wife)

Pepero game...LOLs

Looks wrong in this angle...LOL
넌 나의 별

도담 도담

Singing part of TGWSS theme song
도담 도담

Empty Space for You
Blessing Yuchun  

. 바다바람 

Walking With Her in Spring
 도담 도담

Park Yoo-chun shows bright smile while on standby to enlist in the army soon 2015/08/25 Read more at:
Park Yoo-chun shows bright smile while on standby to enlist in the army soon 2015/08/25 Read more at:
Scroll down for more pictures and videos... 

[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150825 JYJ Membership Week – Korean Fanmeeting

  • Y_S_H_I: Starting with Noraebang kekekeke
  • Y_S_H_I: Showing bb’s pics on screen…
  • XiahDerTod: My heart is beating like crazy @___@
  • Y_S_H_I: Starting!!!
  • yochwennie: Playing “I Lava You” #JYJMembership2015 [Note: “I Lava You” is the song from the opening video to “Inside Out”]
  • Y_S_H_I: Oooohhh this opening video is so so cute!!! 
  • Y_S_H_I: bb is turtle, junsu is dolphin and jj is penguin kekekeke
  • Y_S_H_I: Mc boom!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: Woooohoooooo bb looks dashing in black printed top
  • yochwennie: Yuchun v. Junsu during the opening of the fanmeeting – [via dhdh1215]
    JS: This is a core memory call [T/N: from movie ‘Inside Out’]. If you touch it, something magical will really happen.
    YC: This is just a lightbulb, When you pick a code, it’ll light up.
    JS: Yuchun really has no childlike innocence. I believed in Santa Claus until I was in the 3rd year of high school.
    YC: That’s not childlike innocence. It’s just stupidity.
  • 1215_xiajs:

  • Y_S_H_I: Stage backdrop is sooo cute and colorful! Inside out theme
  • Y_S_H_I: Junsu showing off hipthrust!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: bb and Junsu will touch balls, each ball has videos of JYJ con BTS
  • Y_S_H_I: Video of JYJ performance at the KBS awards…a very memorable one
  • yochwennie: MC Boom asked who gave JYJ its name. YC said perhaps it was JS. JS said it was not him but JJ. MC Boom said just because JJ isn’t present, that doesn’t mean they can push it to JJ. JS quickly defended that that’s not it but he’s sure it wasn’t him. YC denied that it was him too.
  • yochwennie: YC said he doesn’t like being in the middle so, despite the name JYJ, JJ is the one who’s in the middle.
  • Y_S_H_I: Videos of penzal q tv ads are being shown! So funny!
  • yochwennie: Yuchun lifts his right leg on his left then keeps changing [via mickynews64]
    `YC: when listening music in the past,he will tend to imagine how to perform and do better on stage. But suddenly this motivation is gone. When coming here today, i was thinking why i dont have this thought already.
  • yochwennie: Showing videos of Yuchun winning his Best New Actor awards
  • yochwennie: Yuchun’s arms are crossed at his waist as he sits still with this arms folded [via mickynews64]
  • yochwennie: YC said he’s embarrassed because he doesn’t prepare his award acceptance speech. Because he doesn’t prepare his speech beforehand, he ended up saying weird stuff. (via mickynews64)
  • yochwennie: Yuchun put his right hand on the chair slightly behind his waist, touches his nose gently and licked his bottom lip [via mickynews64]
  • yochwennie: Yuchun likes watching documentaries such as conspiracy theories about whether did human really set foot on the moon. [via mickynews64]
  • yochwennie: A fan on the side was holding a lightboard and we said we could not see. Yuchun was the first to hear and asked, “Oh, you can’t see?” [via mickynews64]
  • Y_S_H_I: bb reading JJ’s letter…
  • Y_S_H_I: It starts with ‘Salute’!
  • yochwennie: Yuchun used to hang his own photos at home but no.w, they have been put away. Looks like they’re been snipped away. Even though it’s his own face, he still feels burdened looking at them [via mickynews64]
  • Y_S_H_I: Pics of JYJ posted by fans on FB are being shown…
  • Y_S_H_I: Edited pic of members looking like pretty girls is being shown hahahhaahhaah
  • yochwennie: Looking at the pic of himself wearing a shoulder-length curly wig, YC said, “Don’t know, can’t recall.” [via mickynews64]
  • Junsu was worried about Jaejoong when he was the 1st to enlist out of the 3 of them. But seeing Jaejoong adjust well [to military life], Junsu is put at ease now
  • Y_S_H_I: Message boards at the exhibition are brought on stage…junsu and bb reading the fans’ messages now
  • yochwennie: Yuchun read some fans’ post-it notes [via mickynews64]
    “I don’t have any thoughts. Because I don’t have any thoughts.”
    “I think I left the boiler at home and just came.”

  • yochwennie: Junsu has stopped eating fried chicken [via ShuShuShoong]
  • yochwennie: YC said during overseas activities, JS’s room is always filled with KFC and JJ’s room and his own room are filled with Whisky
  • Y_S_H_I: Junsu carefully reading bb’s messages looking for an interesting one kekeke he is so funny
  • BlisS2_:
  • Y_S_H_I: Bb singing ‘Empty Space for You’…
  • Y_S_H_I: bb the empty space right next to me will always be yours! I love you!!! 
  • Y_S_H_I: Stadium starting to flood with tears
  • Junsu singing ‘Butterfly’ (from his “FLOWER” album)


  • Y_S_H_I: Part two of the FM…game time
  • Y_S_H_I: Peppero game…bb was so shy!!! While Junsu was so game hahahaha
  • BlisS2_:
  • Y_S_H_I: Junsu won the peppero game
  • Y_S_H_I: As junsu was biting the peppero he sexily held bb’s neck
  • Y_S_H_I: Bb’s penalties…he has to sing…dance incredible
  • Y_S_H_I: Oh my gosh! bb’s incredible is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: Both of them putting sticky notes on each other’s faces
  • Y_S_H_I: Both would have to remove the sticky notes without touching them hahahaha
  • Y_S_H_I: That is National Treasure Junsu kekekeke
  • Y_S_H_I: Junsu put 4 sticky notes on bb’s eye rims when he out one on bb’s forehead we all complained!
  • Y_S_H_I: Awwww bb lost again…he still has 4 notes on his face while junsu has 3
  • Y_S_H_I: bb tried so hard hahahahah he made all those funny faces to blow the sticky notes
  • XiahDerTod: Both of their faces turn red omg
  • Y_S_H_I: Bb had to do an aegyo for penalty
  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun is in a down stage after losing all 3 games lol
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu is really a kid when it comes to game lol
  • yochwennie: Comments from Korean fans. Yuchun’s acting was indescribable. Tears are flowing
  • XiahDerTod: Park Yuchun, go and comeback healthy and safety #waitigfor6002 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Jen_BabyLove: So Jae actually took leave and intended to come to membership week but due to situation with N Korea, he was asked to go back to army?
  • XiahDerTod: Fans had fun, Yuchun had fun, Junsu had fun, even the MC had so much fun that no one noticed the time ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • XiahDerTod: When Boom looked at the time, he was shock and Junsu was surprise its already that late
  • Y_S_H_I: Last game…they both had to write the songs on Just Us album in order…both got 3 points so both had penalties
  • Y_S_H_I: Next game…strength test…bb won on arm wrestle but lost on knee wrestle game kekeke
  • Y_S_H_I: bb is such a great actor…when he acted his penalty he actually cried! 
  • XiahDerTod: After they looked at the time is when they started wrapping up the FM, I wish thy didn’t check time ㅠㅠ
  • Y_S_H_I: Sorry…i had a roller coaster of emotions
  • _WithXIA: 
    Video Player

  • Y_S_H_I: Can’t tweet while crying…and then suddenly laughing again coz of Junsu
  • Y_S_H_I: It’s heartwrenching…to send bb off…
  • Y_S_H_I: The last part of the FM…we sang boy’s letter to him and he just stood on stage and closed his eyes…
  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun proved he’s a real talented actor OMG, my mouth couldn’t shut when sec ago he was laughing, just turned around he is already crying

Live tweets trans credits: Y_S_H_I + XiahDerTod + yochwennie + mickynews64 + ShuShuShoong + BlisS2_ + 1215_xiajs + _WithXIA  
Shared by: JYJ3



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[TRANS] 's latest letter to fans displayed
Via crystalmoon64 




Jaejoong's Letter...JYJ Membership Fanmeeting...

[TRANS] 's letter to fans during Japanese fan meeting 
Via crystalmoon64

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fan art as tagged

Fancams (JYJ Membership FM-Japanese)

Mentioning Butts

Cute Junsu
saao chuun

Penzal Q Thank You
saao chuun

Yuchun singing Junsu's Nice Guys OST "Love is Like A Snowflake"
Acapella (audio)

Yuchun performing "Incredible"

[P Story] “2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” Fanmeeting open! 2 days left for enlistment, Yoochun, & Junsu Past CM video brings Explosive laughter

[P Story] “2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” Fanmeeting open! 2 days left for enlistment, Yoochun, & Junsu, Past CM video brings explosive laughter

 <‘2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ fanmeeting opened on 25th Aug at Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium>
Started off from 2012, Group JYJ’s fan exhibition “JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” has greeted for the fourth time. Especially in this year, dedicating their record of till now, photo exhibition on the theme “Time is… seems to be like this” is created, bringing a big reaction from the fans.

Fanmeeting which took place on the 25th, with members Yoochun and Junsu taking part, a scene that talked about a moment of memories was seen. Including which was the time the video for the headache medicine CM in which the three (JYJ), disguised as models, was played, the scene with the two, who were embarrassed but laughing, brought a wave of laughter.

“2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” is open till the 26th, Yoochun is set to enlist on the 27th.

 <it’s so weird i can’t watch it>

<Touched to the point that tears are coming (?), Junsu?>  


<‘Don’t be in pain, don’t endure as well’ Yoochun’s dialogue? Lyrics?>

 <Watching it again too, it’s definitely interesting!!>

<That scene is~>


<The two who talk about an episode associated with the CM>


Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150825 C-JeS Instagram Update: Yuchun & Junsu backstage of Membership Week

[VIDEO] [#박유천X김준수] 리얼은 이런 것! 팬들을 기다리는 대기실 즐겁고 훈훈 하네요!
#팬미팅을_앞두고 #형들이_보고_빵터진_프로그램은? #형들_이제_무대_준비하셔야죠 #박유천 #김준수 #Yuchun #Junsu #cjes #cjesentertainment #씨제스 #씨제스엔터테인먼트 #씨제스타그램 @xiaxiaxia1215

[#ParkYuchunXKimJunsu] They are real like this! It is fun and warm in the waiting room, waiting for fans!
#ahead_of_fanmeeting #[what_is_the_]program_that_hyungs_are_bursting_in_laughter_watching? #hyungs_are_preparing_on_stage_now #박유천 #김준수 #Yuchun #Junsu @xiaxiaxia1215

Video Player

Source: cjes.tagram  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


150825 Yuchun, Junsu 2015 Membership Week Fan Meeting with JPN Membership 

150825 2015 Membership Week Fan Meeting with JPN Membership (5) Watching JYJ's Core Memories

More pics...

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Yuchun and Junsu at Rehearsals ahead of the JYJ Membership fanmeeting...
유천&준수는 팬미팅 리허설 중!
이따 팬미팅에서 만나요 😄

‪#‎어메이징한_팬미팅_기대해‬ ‪#‎박유천‬ ‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎멤버십위크‬


John Oliver (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO)
...Mentions TVXQ and Jaejoong!!!


John Oliver on what he’s hoping South Korea is playing for North Korea
(Alright. Whose blog did he find that on? LMAO)
“and I didn’t need to google any of that. That was all up here (he points to his head) and in here (points to his heart) “ - John Oliver (c)
From Tumblr as tagged


PFC Jaejoong News...

JJ bought ice cream for 60 people. He says JJ is extremely handsome and has a great body. 
Via rubypurple_fan

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Seems like they are practicing for the Ground Forces festival which will happen in October.
Via rubypurple_fan


[VIDEO + TRANS] 150825 JYJ opens photo exhibition ‘Time…will have to keep going on’…also holding large-scale fanmeetings

 photo 0000754620.png
Click pic to watch the video

Group JYJ’s photo exhibition ‘Time… will have to keep going on’ is being held amid fans’ hot support at Seoul Art Museum in Buam-dong, Seoul; from August 17 to 30.
The photo exhibition is to present their special, moving memories to fans, covering all the moments that JYJ were active during those times.

Interview : Kim Junsu
– “Taking a look around the photo exhibition this time, we JYJ found it really filled abundantly with traces from over 6~7 years already, from our beginning up till now.”

The photo exhibition this time was arranged as a part of the special fanservice project ‘JYJ Membership Week’ that has already come around continuing its 4th time.
Over 3000 Japanese fans have entered [into the country] to see the photo exhibition and attend JYJ’s large-scale fanmeeting that’ll be held in Jamsil Indoor Stadium today(Aug. 25).


Source: MBN News  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150824 C-JeS Instagram Updates: Yuchun preparing for Membership Week

[VIDEO] 유천입니다. 제가 지금 선곡하는 노래는 무엇일까요? 지금 갑자기 이 노래가 듣고 싶어졌어요.. #유천_DJ #유천_감성 #유천_퀴즈 #아_이게_태그인가 #신기함

This is Yuchun. What is this song that I picked right now? I suddenly want to listen to this song now.. #DJ_Yuchun #Yuchun_sensibility #Yuchun_quiz #ah_so_this_is_tag[ging] #novelty[T/N: Instagram is new to YC]

Video Player

(Note: There’s no sound with the video)



[PHOTO] From 유천이가

This is from Yuchunnie
 photo 11326282_617552001681569_1576273177_n.jpg
Note: Finger Heart


[VIDEO] 함께 들어요…^^ #나야 #유천이 #인스타 #재밌다 #씨제스타그램 #너 #나 #우리 #내일봐

Let’s listen together…^^ #it’s_me #Yuchunnie #Instagram #it’s_fun #C-JeS_Instagram #you #me #us #see_ya_tomorrow

Video Player

Note: The song is Memory Of The Wind – Naul (YouTube)


[PHOTO] 여러분이 원한 얼굴? ….^^

The face that everyone resents? ….^^
 photo 11909339_1640157382937846_1840456437_n.jpg
Source: cjes.tagram  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[NEWS] 150824 JYJ Membership Week, Special reason why there’s more than 1000 photos from over 6 years

‘2015 JYJ Membership Week’ has returned more special as a photo exhibition this year.
This event will be held in Seoul Art Museum in Jongno till August 30 and is the first photo exhibition among the four Membership Weeks that has happened.
In particular the fact that the works of photos being displayed are going to be auctioned off, is drawing fans’ attentions.
Among the entirety of photos, about half of them are appearing in the charity auction and the three members had taken part in bidding firsthand. Under several photos in places of the gallery actually, there can be seen images with stickers attached, noting ‘auction bidder Park Yuchun’ or ‘auction bidder Kim Junsu’. There is interest looking at the photos, posted with the names of the two persons as auction bidders at the same time.
At the photo exhibition this year, profits from the auction has added to the significance that will serve as a support fund for cultural artists.
Phrases also written on the floor and the wall where works in Seoul Art Museum were hanging, stand out.
These phrases can be seen everywhere in Seoul Art Museum as words written by JYJ members for fans personally. It is reported that this photo exhibition’s title and theme were even created from the members going through much efforts. In attendance at the photo exhibition, there is a message where the members said “I felt like I am meeting with the me of the past who I’ve forgotten about” and went into a video.
Under the theme ‘Time…will have to keep going on’, the photo exhibition this year, it is filled with images of JYJ over the last 6 years and has more than 1,000 photos among pictures from their World Tours, fanmeetings, album jacket shootings, behind-the-cuts of drama and movie filmings, photos shot by their managers, etc. put on display.

Source: Sports Biz via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


PFC Jaejoong News...

[AirForce FB]Got goosebumps when I saw Hero Jaejoong standing among the troops in the dining room.Extremely handsome
Via Rubypurple_fan


CJES Instagram Update....Junsu in an airplane (presumably coming home from Hawaii)

[#김준수] 준수형 무슨 생각하세요? 라고 묻자 "저기가 우리 묵었던 호텔, 저기는 와이키키, 저건 다이아몬드 화산! 나 완전 잘 알지?"라며 즐거워하셨다 😙 
#심쿵 #매니저 #준수형_너무_귀엽잖아요 #하와이는_이제_안녕 #내일_팬미팅_화이팅! #Junsu #cjes #cjesentertainment #씨제스 #씨제스엔터테인먼트 #씨제스타그램 @xiaxiaxia1215

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Kim Jaejoong Update

[INFO] Spy DVD Vol 1-4 is Top 1 to 4 in Tsutaya DVD rental week Aug 17-23  

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[PIC] photos spotted on Thailand's Daradaily TV - thai stars who are fans of kpop stars (cr. on pic)

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JYJ Membership Week 2015

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More Pictures/Updates re: JYJ Membership Week 2015 on previous week...Click below...

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