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JYJ News Week of 9/17- 9/23/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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This in Tokyo has been great! and more. Hope there is Photo People 3 (maybe set in the USA?)

Adorable of in Tokyo! The whole cast is great and loved that they showed a lot of BTS stuff showing camaraderie from everyone. Hope there’s PhotoPeople3!

Hope more people will check out in Paris and in Tokyo. So much fun! and friends.


Some translations from Secret Road Hall Concerts
180923 Secret Road: My Chinese friends, Korean friends often come to Hokkaido n invite me. Like, skiing. But I’m too busy. They also invited me to the brewery in Sapporo. I’m afraid I will get too drunk to come out of there😂 
180923 Secret Road: In your 10s? 20s? 30s...pass😂 Newcomers may think I’m impolite doing so. But people in their 30s are my friends. Those in their 40s n 50s are my life friends. 60-year-olds are also my friends. 70-year-olds, I still want to make friends with you! As for 80-year-olds, I will try my best, too!

 「糸」was recommended by someone who co-starred <The Covers> with me. He/she said it was a very famous song in Japan. 

Though you guys might have seen me on TV before...you have, right? No??? I’ve been working hard on TV shows recently! So glad to see you all who come to meet me here in person.😘

Today he said that when he went to the street stall , he met a couple in their 40s, the woman likes korean idols but doesn't know him, when they asked what he did in life , he said he was a Chinese food chef , they paid his bills!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
He said he went there in research about food , they said you're Korean but a Chinese food chef?

He was sitting on the stage and suddenly he said " there was a little boy here now right?" The hall erupted thinking it was a ghost 👻👻👻 He scared them while looking cute on the stage like s lil kid 😂 

kimjaejoong 님의 동영상을 확인하세요! >

20180923 ジェジュン Tik Tok

midoyot JJ


JJ Twitter updates

今日の苫小牧の天気は最高ですね^^ 皆んな会場まで気をつけてください! 良かったいい天気で

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The weather in Tomakomai today is great, so please take care to the venue! Good weather.

リハーサルも順調です! 早く会いたいな!

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The rehearsal is going well! I need to see you soon!


[IG] 180922 Kim Junsu update:


Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BoCBUsFF72K/…

Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA


[ INS] 20180923


180921 Jaejoong Secret Road Tour AOMORI DAY 2 Cr.rinmaze weibo 
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180920 Jaejoong Secret Road Tour AOMORI DAY 1 Cr.rinmaze weibo  
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久しぶりの北海道! 皆んなで思いきり楽しもう! 後で会いましょう^^ ちなみに昨日は…焼き鳥屋さんでした 雨の中の屋台はすごく気持ち良かったです^^

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Hokkaido after a long time! Tilted everyone have fun! I'll see you later ^ ^ by the way yesterday... The stalls in the rain that was a yakitori shop were very pleasant ^ ^


Jaejoong reveals the album covers for his upcoming ‘Defiance’ comeback

As many knows, Jaejoong has previously revealed that he will be making a Japanese return with ‘Defiance‘. He has now revealed the album covers. So, check it out below!
So, this album will have a total of four versions. Each version showcases a dark concept in which Jaejoong flawlessly pose in front of the camera. Because of the way he is posing, it surely has fans wanting to buy every one of those albums! He looks great in black and white, as well as in colour. No matter what the colour scheme it is in, it helps enhances the concept he is going for!

Limited Press Version A

Limited Press Version B

Regular Version


Meanwhile, it was also announced that his second single, ‘Defiance‘ will be the opening theme track of the anime, ‘Zoids Wild‘. This track is described as a dynamic track that brings out Jaejoong’s charms. Not only that, it is a song that is suitable to be the opening of an anime.
This album will be revealed on October 24th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!
Officially Kmusic will keep you updated, so stay tuned!
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Written and edited by Tracey

Jaejoong reveals the album covers for his upcoming ‘Defiance’ comeback


Park Yuchun sent a message to congratulate on Blessing Yuchun’s 8th anniversary and starting 9th anniversary too “Congratulation on 9th anniversary sincerely! Everyone cheer up and fighting together!”

박유천님이 블레싱유천 8주년 그리고 9주년의 시작을 축하하며 보내준 메세지 입니다^^ "9주년 진심으로 축하해요! 함께 힘내서 화이팅해요!" 


blessingyuchun Retweeted 블레싱유천

Welcoming 8th Anniversary of Blessing Yuchun, Blessings Yuchun will be with Park Yuchun always. Also, Blessing Yuchun will walk with constant support and encouragement with Park Yuchun together. Our loved one Park Yuchun! Thank all fans for being with us always. We love you all


[IG] 180920 Kim Junsu Update: Source: Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

[INFO] 180921 2018 King Sejong the Great, King Sejong Theater Festival. 10/8 (Mon) Main stage outdoor performance hall 17: 00 ~ 18: 00 Information. Source: 
Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA.

[VIDEO] 180920 Junsu's EBS public service ad for kids kickboard safety Source: Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

[MENTION] 180917 GSEEK Protect your life! a seat belt. Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu, who is working as a police promotion team in the southern provincial police department, and a comedian Lee...

[MENTION] 180917 GSEEK Protect your life! a seat belt.

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu, who is working as a police promotion team in the southern provincial police department, and a comedian Lee Jung-soo, who is actively communicating with the public, joined forces to announce the importance of safety belts. Kim Junsu donated his voice, and Lee Jung-soo went to the safety belt enforcement site and tried to cooperate with the coverage. With Kim Junsu and Lee Jung-soo <Your life-protecting! read about the reason why we need to fasten the seat belt on all the roads and all seats through the coverage of the first highway patrol along the highway patrol zone.

The Knowledge (GSEEK) Campus and the Union Poomsaix, co-produced by <Your Life Preserver! In addition to the risk of not wearing a safety belt, the importance of wearing a safety belt on all roads and all seats is reviewed together with Kim Junsu and Lee Jung Soo. Through this video, you can also hear the story of Kim Jong-su and Lee Jung-soo about wearing safety belts.

Source: http://m.news.einfomax.co.kr/news/articleView.html…

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

Junsu Narrates PSA for New Seat Belt Law



ジェジュン TikTok 20180921_2




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Thank you 😊, mother.


Some Translations

JJ really loves this town, but highlight is an experience at a snack bar run by an elder lady, 68 or 70?? As many bars are closed on Thursday it was JJ who googled to find the one and called for reservation. 
It was quite a small snack bar for up to 15 ppl. That’s where all you can drink with only ¥2500. Foods were delivered from mama san’s favorite pub. Fried chicken were so delicious. Then JJ paid only ¥40,000 some for 15 ppl
When mama san offered a bottle of “Don Beri “ JJ thought it was Dom Perignon, an expensive 🍾 . Don Beri is a popular local unrefined sake. JJ enjoyed it very much.
When JJ called the snack mama san made sure that there were no girls to entertain. But actually there was an another lady, mama san’s friend, about same age, who came to help 


A picture of Don Beri and a towel gave to mama-san.

JJ renamed this tour “Hall and Snack bar Tour” It’s just started so how many snack bars will he visit? Lol JJ also said the sky of Hachinohe is so beautiful and big , which is a bit like Switzerland

JJ: I was also a member of a group who sang and danced. But now I can’t dance like those boys (bts). I don’t even know any K pop songs. They sing and dance so fast that I wonder are they singing in Korean?

180921 Jaejoong Secret Road Tour AOMORI DAY 2

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今日0時50分東京らふストーリー見てください! 八戸ライブお疲れ様でした!

Trans: Thank you everyone for the good work at Hachinohe performances! Please watch Tokyo life/laugh story today at 0:50!
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Scaps from



ジェジュン TikTok 20180921_1



JAEJOONG Photo People in Paris Season 1 & in Tokyo Season 2 achieve a great success not only on Naver TV but on Cable & Terrestrial TV as well!🎊🎊 Broadcasting Channels: •Mnet Japan •KBS World Japan •Life Time Korea (Cable Channel) •Viki

【プレゼント🎁 のフォトグラファー挑戦記!「 Photo People in Paris」スペシャルサイトでプレゼントキャンペーン実施中✨ 特製の番組クリアファイルを抽選で20名様にプレゼント♪たくさんのご応募お待ちしております☺️💕詳細はこちら👉

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[Present 🎁] the photographer Challenge Record! " Photo People in Paris" special site we are waiting for you to ✨ present a lot of submissions to 20 people in the lottery with the special program clear file ♪. ☺️💕 👉 Learn More


Our Jaejoong has changed his Instagram Profile Picture!^^

Also Jaejoong changed his Weibo profile picture^^

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Hot damn ! 💚😊💚


八戸のスナックに行ってきました! 優しいママのお店で皆んな楽しい時間でした!笑

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I went to a snack in Hachinohe! It was a good time for everyone in the shop of the gentle Mama! Lol


Jaejoong: "it is a cool rock song with a dynamic style, but the lyrics really match to my current feeling of constantly challenging various things" Links: •


Our favorite rockstar



[Sponichi Annex] Jaejoong: "Many kids will listen to my song while enjoying the anime" Link:

Before and Now

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Greetings Message--AiiA×Kim Jaejoong --
Honey Holic FAN MEETING 
Venue:Tokyo Dome City Hall 
Time :19:00 
JST 200 limited Vip Seat will be closer Jaejoong. 
2300 Lucky Fan will attend this. 


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180917 Jaejoong Secret Road Tour Day 1 Sendai 
Cr. Rinmaze
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JJ IG and Twitter Updates

I hate shopping but looks great doing it! 💚😊💚


ドンキにも来たよ! 楽しい!八戸!! 俺は買い物王になる!! 香水のサンプル沢山使いすぎて申し訳ありませんでした これがショッピングて言うよろこびなのか!😏

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I came to Donki! Fun! Hachinohe!! I'm going to be a shopping tycoon! I'm sorry I used too much perfume samples. 😏

八戸で買い物しました! アイテムゲット!! が来たぞ!

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I went shopping at Hachinohe! Get the item! is here!


JJ Weibo update

[JJ Weibo] 내일은 아오모리!!!힘낼게요^^ ​​​

JJ Twitter update


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to do one's best!!!!


JJ update

for the second day in a row Jaejoong's songs are taking the top on tsuiran's daily music ranking!! 
1st w/ 33,755tweets 
2nd /Ur❤ w/ 24,279tweets 
3rd w/ 24,192 
And Jaejoong is 2nd place on celebrity category w/ 62,354tweets👏👏👏🎊🎊🎊


180918 재중Jaejoong Secret Road Tour2nd Sendai Day 2


Rough Trans (from some tweets): 
I ate grilled meat yesterday.The soup was so good I ate it all and my got face swollen. I look in the mirror first after waking up in the morning. 
There was a 63 year old ahjussi fan who yelled "Jaejoong Sarangheyoyoyo" Jaejoong laughed so hard.  
Jaejoong had or attended a Yukata Party the other night.
He seemed to ask everyone to raise their hands if they also went yesterday. "You(fans) always said you cannot get tickets but you're here!"  

I can not talk much longer than the previous tour, but I love to talk with everyone.I don't decide in advance what I'm going to say, it may take me some time to express my feelings on stage, please wait. 180918 Secret Road Tour 2nd Day 
Since the scene is small, I can easily see and hear everyone. I can talk without a microphone.
Since I was a fan of all ages, I wanted to make a show that everyone could enjoy.I wanted to interact with everyone not only with standing and sing a song.
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ジェジュン Instagram 20180918

Lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 仙台ホールツアー みんなありがとうございました!


ホールライブて本当いいね!と思う二日間でした! これからも幸せな時間楽しみです^^ ありがとうございました!

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The hall Live is really good! I think it was two days! Thank you very much for the happy time!

JJ bands お疲れ様!!!!!!!

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JJ bands your tired!!!!!!!


Jaejoong's Secret Road Hall Tour

今回のツアーはほとんどカバー曲。Hideちゃんから最後はワンオクまで。楽しいよー! じゃまたあとでー

(Trans) As for JJ’s Hall Tour songs most of them are cover songs starting from Hide’s and finishing with One O’clock song. A lot of fun! Talk to you again

仙台初日終わりました〜✨ ほんっとにヤバイほど かっこよくて震えました💕 ほぼカバー曲だけでの3時間💜 ミス チル “ 抱きしめ たい ” 胸がぎゅーっとなった😭😭 ジェジュンの歌声をたっぷり浴びれてめっちゃ幸せでした〜

(Trans) 1st day in Sendai is over now. is sooo cool and I was thrilled. Three hours of singing most of cover songs. Among them ‘Dakishimetai’ of Mr Children was heart breaking. So happy to be in a shower of JJ’s sinning voice.

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New song "Defiance" 4 the anime "Zoid Wild". Jaejoong knows that the tie-up info has flowed today, & he said that he was very happy 'cause he liked the anime (many Korean also knew it). There is great hope 'cause we want to spread to many children in Japan Cr.furufuruold
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JAEJOONG Hall Live Tour 2018 ~SECRET ROAD~ @ Sendai 【Summary】

JAEJOONG Hall Live Tour 2018 ~SECRET ROAD~ @ Sendai 【Summary】Part 2

JAEJOONG Hall Live Tour 2018 ~SECRET ROAD~ @ Sendai 【Song List & Covers】 Cr.owners


Tour Tshirt 


Other IG...Jaejoong Related

20180915 tatsuya_pf IG Story

(JJ Band member)

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20180918 moon_jy_ IG

(JJ make up artist)

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JAEJOONG Hall Live Tour 2018 ~SECRET ROAD~ DAY ❶ in Sendai file pocket『scan』

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Photo People Update

*Rough translations! Jaejoong shared some stories about DBSK and I know there are official translations, but I think they leave out details, so I typed up my own translations. I hope there won't be any misunderstandings or negativity 🙏

link here

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Big article on idols & musicals


Jaejoong and Anime

Every Saturday on TBS & MBS: We're looking forward to this collaboration!^^ Congratulations Jaejoong!!!

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will be the opening theme song for animation called “Zoids Wild” which will be aired every Saturday morning at 6:30 (MBS/TBS ch.28 Net Anime Saturday 630)
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Anime "Zoidwild" opening theme!!

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