Wednesday, January 28, 2015

[scrapbook] SPY 003 KimJaeJoong

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Kim Jae Joong

Mom's bag?!
Or did KiChul recorded their conversation?

Seonu's official job when he first started
Or so he told the family

Hope this didn't transpire anything about the family dynamic

J digging into his new colleagues

Seems like HyunTae's been in similiar situation that make him took Seonu under his wing

Chief Song's priority isn't on the job

Seonu is anything but effecient ^^

And only she knew where all her insecurities come from

Everyone trusted you but can't help on betraying you?!

And he's anything to getting a chance on promotion with having scapegoat as a fallback

[scrapbook] SPY 002 KimJaeJoong

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Kim Jae Joong

♡ ♡ ♡

[scrapbook] SPY 001 KimJaeJoong

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Kim Jae Joong

Just right after making arrangement with his Mom for the family to meet YooJin, a truck crash his vehicle. Intending to disquise it as a robbery they took the wallet and stab SunWoo's colleague.
But after seeing SunWoo's wallet, recognizing HyeRim in his family picture KiChul decided to spare SunWoo's life.

His Dad's occupation is related to National Defense IT
Is this how the parents met . .

HyeRim only knows that SunWoo is working as a civil servant.

After all that she went through, for HyeRim ordinary is happiness.

Will his allegiance to his home country stands . . .

He is an outstanding field agent for the past three years who bumps into his 1st failure . . the analyst team couldn't find the reasoning of it

Did they meet because of her mission collided with his occupation . .

1st impression on HyunTae, interesting kid ^^

YooJin's shady background

Did she purposely became like Mom . . .

SunWoo suceeded in making contact with SooYeon

Why did it being deployed to an analyst team

♡ can we have them as best couple ♡

A woman that caused KiChul's his heart ache

♡ ♡ ♡