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JYJ News Week of 3/26- 4/1/2018

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News from in Japan : To hold concerts in June

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Jaejoong in the News!

[NEWS SUMMARY] Korean Artist Jaejoong(32) appeared at the music event "Tokyo Girls Music FES. 2018" held at the Yokohama Arena on April 1st.

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Press Pics


バックステージで )をキャッチ💋💬 でステージの感想を送ってね💌🎶 TGM2018にご来場頂きました皆さま、ありがとうございました🌸💞

Kim Jaejoong at Tokyo Girls Music Festival as the Headliner!

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Live Tweets from rubypurple_fan

introduction of artists.

[Trans] Beautiful flowers for Jaejoong this time @ Yokohama Arena TGM
今回もジェジュンに綺麗なお花が届いてます☆@横浜アリーナ TGM

Jaefans are saying that the JP artists in TGMF have short ments. They are betting that JJ will have the longest ment in the concert. Lol.
Jaefans are apologizing in advance to other fans in the venue cos the ending might be delayed cos of JJ’s long ments. Haha

(Note: This is a music festival so there were other artists performing before the headliner, Jaejoong)

The band is preparing their equipment so it took a bit of time for the next performance ~~~
After the concert, host san said she will interview the artists so JJ might be on TV tomorrow.

The venue came alive
JJ: I slept for an hour in the dressing room.

June 26 - JJ will have a live on Yokohama Arena!!!

After singing Keshou, JJ: A part of the lyrics said ‘even if it kills me’ but I don’t want to die today (laughs)’. Do you still have energy? (Cos good morning night is next)

JJ feigns surprise that Jaefans know the chants for good morning night lol
Fans chanting one more time  

JJ: So much fun! Everyone is having fun too!
JJ: it’s past 9. Is it okay to return home late? Jaefans: IT’S OKAYYYYY

JJ: I’m worried... 

JJ: I was told that my Japanese was bad when I appeared in Sukatto Japan. I haven’t appeared in 9 years. So I think my level is not that bad right?

JJ: keeping at this level, don’t you think I’m amazing? Lol. Shortly afterwards: JJ: I’m sorry... I’m sorry (for the self-praise). I bought a book in Japanese (laughs). I have to study hard. I will study.

We got around 1 hour of JJ time! 👍🏻 His ments are not that long, but yes, it is longer than other artists.


JJ’s last ment: Everyone, thank you for going to the Tokyo Girls Music Festival

180401 IG TGMF Official Spin-off Products~! New Pic~!


*Professional Baseball KT WIZ Supporters Festival

kt wiz

180401 Xia Junsu's "National Anthem"

Xia Girl21

[VIDEO] 180401 Kim Junsu attended kt wiz park for the national anthem. Cr 2eung1215 
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[NEWS]20180401 Kim Junsu `Nice hand greeting in uniform`.

On the afternoon of the afternoon, Suwon kt Wiz Park won the 2018 professional baseball game Doosan Bears and KT Wizz.
In the game, Kim Junsu had a lot of applause from the fans who visited the baseball field by singing the national anthem.
KT, who won the game on the previous day, is challenging the second consecutive game of Doosan.
Doosan is aiming for a winning series against kt.

Source by: Mk News

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

[NEWS] 20180401 Kim Junsu ‘Enthusiasm of national anthem with intense expression’
On the afternoon of the afternoon, Suwon kt Wiz Park won the 2018 professional baseball game Doosan Bears and KT Wizz.
In the game, Kim Junsu had a lot of applause from the fans who visited the baseball field for singing the national anthem.
KT, who won the game on the previous day, is challenging the second consecutive game of Doosan.
Doosan is aiming for a winning series against kt.

Source by: Naver

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

[NEWS] 20180401 Kim Junsu ‘In a clean police uniform’
On the afternoon of April 1, the KBO League Kwiatsu and Doosan Bears’ final three-game weekend was held at Katy Whiz Park in Suwon.
Kim Junsu, who is in military service at the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, sang the national anthem before the game.

Source by: Chosun News

Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA
** All photos have been edited by Kim Junsu-XIA Staff***

[VIDEO] 180401 Info (ktwizpark IG) Speech in Video. 【I’m Kim Junsu. It’s my honour to sing national anthem in baseball field. In my childhood, I always went to baseball field, therefore I’m happy to perform here. ktwiz cheer up!】 Cr kiss_jyj3...

180401 수원 KT wiz 하프타임 공연 XIA 김준수 - Dangerous



 kt wiz



Our reminiscing about the concert💚👍💚 is life!

[IG] Hologram JJ. How many years ago was this, already? Time passes so quickly ㅜ #김재중#jj
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In we trust! I will sleep well after this! Good night !

[JJstagram] How was your day like today? Was it okay?
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photo people season 2 staff talks about jaejoong フォトピープルシーズン2 スタッフのジェジュン話 @leekyungakarory

 180331 Info (IG Related) 【I can just feel it suddenly when arrived Japan. Jaejoong is still a big star who can’t offend to, but he treats us like family when shooting. He is really friendly.】 Cr leekyungakarory

[ENGSUB] Kim Jaejoong, Fuji TV Sukatto Japan "Reactions from the General... via Amazing! Proud of#Jaejoong! Happy !

[ENGSUB] Kim Jaejoong, Fuji TV Sukatto Japan "Reactions from the General Viewers”




180330 Thai-Chinese blogger (teerapat.teeper)went to KAVE And write about this.
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LOVE that our is actively promoting! Headliner at And all can date him as well Hwaiting !!!

[JJstagram] April 1 TGMF Let’s meet in Yokohama^^

[JJstagram] Are you going on a date with me? Let’s get together quickly and talk a lot^^
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Greetings Message from Jaejoong--Honey Holic Game #김재중 #Jaejoong #ジェジュン #金在中


180329 Info 【Hello, this is Jaejoong. My game finished finally, and I’m happy to show new things to you guys. I took lots of photos for the game. I’ll be happier if you love me more in the game. Plz see the game as falling in love with me! This is Jaejoong.】
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Screen Caps from HoneyHolic Game
Date Simulation with Jaejoong

*Try to read it without singing it* JAEFANS LEVEL CHALLENGE:


[IG] Youngmin, I’ll enjoy listening to it! Thanks^^ Let’s fly high

[Full TR] Youngmin’s note to

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JJ with PhotoPeople 2 Cast

They’re truly truly nice older brothers💗 Youngmin Woohyun Taehwan Seho hyeongs Will miss you a bunchㅠㅠ Good job!! -Yoo Seonho

Lee Tae Hwan MXM displays ‘Explosive Popularity’ during filming in Tokyo!

‘알파카’ 임영민, 김재중X유선호와 얼굴천재들의 만남…‘이게 아이돌이지’

‘Alpaca’ Im Youngmin, meets x Yoo Seonho: Face Genius Club... “This is what idols are supposed to be”

Translations via crystalmoon0213 

180329 Kim Jaejoong Photopeople message


JJ IG Updates

Always nice to wake up to ’s posts! is happy which makes his very happy!

[IG] Good job, everyone! You are such cool and adorable hard workers! Seho. Woohyun. Taehwan. Youngmin. Seonho. I got crush on you all~^^
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180329 IG 【Sakura🌸has many Jaejoong^^ 】 Words on lanterns: 【Jaejoong, I like you.】【Jaejoong, plz be happy.】
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[NEWS] 20180330 Kim Junsu (XIA) -SS501 Kim Hyung Jun at the Gyeonggi Southern Police Office ... 'The only drugs allowed by the state'
The current status of Kim Junsu (XIA) was revealed.
On the 29th, CJS Entertainment official Instagram said "What day is it today? Live After a while to see the face 8:00 # Match Gyeonggi Southern Police Office # After a while # 8 pm # Live # Kim Junsu # XIA # Xiah # Great # Kim Junsu Junchan #If you miss # Match # Southern Police # Southern Police Promotion Team # Facebook Live # Communication #Honeymoon Guarantee # CJesstaggram "with the image posted.
In the video, Kim Junsu and SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun were shown.
Junsu made a laugh with a calyx and a cute voice saying "Please subscribe ~".
The netizens who watched the video said, "It is cute to be complacent and smile right next to you.", "How good is it when you see the Gyeonggi Southern Police Promotion Team live?", "The only drug allowed by the state," " Angel Xia"," Dongshu 501 is a two-shot reminiscence .. my second generation idol of my memories ㅠ ㅠ "and showed various reactions.
The two are currently serving as the public relations delegation of the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency.
The above video is one of the police 's first attempted Facebook live broadcast' Gyeonggi Southern Police '.
In 'Gyeonggi Southern Police,' Kim Junsu - Kim Hyung Jun and a deputy head of the public relations team, who have a sense, are gaining popularity by unraveling the common sense and the police common sense quiz more interesting.
On the other hand, Kim Junsu is scheduled to discharge in November, Kim Hyun Jun four month later.
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Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA
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[JAEFANS*] New picture 📷


[ENGSUB] Full Kim Jaejoong 180326 Skatto japan 내용은 [Please Do Not Edit OR Re-upload] 재업로드금지DC김재중갤러리_DC jaejoong galleryVid Cr. 

SBS News about Jaejoong appearing on Japanese TV
From 1:01:27

SBS 뉴스


JJ IG Update

jj_1986_jj ins 냐옹냐옹


Date with Jaejoong


Trans: One more day to start! HoneyHolicLife will be delivery around noon on March 29th♪ and the Pre-registration will be closed tonight! It's your last chance to get special items♪ Subscribe Now☆ (Special items are available for Pre-registration only)

180328 Info Words in Pic【Finally I see you. Super...happy! Love me more, right?】
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When Jaejoong meets his fans...

At PhotoPeople Exhibition in Japan. Glorious JJ meets this beautiful JaeFan. Vid as tagged

[Other IG] Last fan at signing event was visually challenged. Don’t understand Japanese but can hear w my heart. I realize once again what ur eyes see is not everything. so warm! Why am I crying? Such cool/beautiful fan! U r happy when u can see what u love, very touching

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Here's JJ with Photo People2 cast

[PIC] 180327 INFINITE Woohyun Related Instagram Update - in Japan #2 (cr. )

[IG] 180327 official_yooseonho: photo people!! I love you, my older brothers💜

【nwh91さん Instagram】

【leetaehwan0221さん Instagram】


[TRANS] 180228 Gyeonggi Southern Police Public Team streaming.
*Just 3 mins into the show.
The guys had a break of sorts today it seems? Leader asked what they did.
JS said there was an 'incident', so he went to change his address.
They were like ah huh, JS said he has lots to say but (he shall keep it in) he'll do better next time.
Poor guy.

*Sneezes are such showstoppers
I wanted to hear more... ugh

*Expressions on their face after he finished.
Leader, genuinely likes his voice.
HJ, looking at him intently~ lol.

Cr ENGTrans: @rng_hrq
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180328 Info (IG Related) Cr yeongcan9433

180329 Info (Cjes IG) 【What is today? The day to see Junsu👮🏻‍♂️See you at 8pm in Gyeonggipol Facebook Page💕URL:

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180228 Gyeonggi Southern Police Public Team streaming, Kim Junsu - Performing CPR.

Xia Girl21

[OTHER IG] 180329 update:
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Appreciate so very much. This IFan is happy


JJ Headlines...

후지 「스캇토 재팬 '올해 최고 10.5 % 재중 9 년 만에 일본의 버라이어티 출연

Fuji TV [Sukatto Japan] which featured in a Japanese variety show records its highest rating of the year at 10.5%
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일본 가장 인기있는 화제 TOP10 기사중 기사 1위 👑 & 3~4위, 10위 석권 ✌✌ Kim Jaejoong's articles are on TOP1 and within TOP10 of most popular topics ✌ 



180327 Jaejoong Photo People Exhibition in Tokyo #김재중 #Jaejoong #ジェジュン #金在中


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From annzzanga IG

I love these composition of pics from ’s stylist (at ’s exhibition in Japan)... Looks real! Fans should take pics like these.

I like these pics ^^ in Paris... Looking forward to with & company. In the meantime, will rewatch PP1 here


Photo People in PARIS~Le Premier Pas(ル プルミエ パ)~華麗なるパリの軌跡とアート展、本日ついに始まりました! たくさんの御来場ありがとうございます。 4/5(木)まで開催しております^^


Taka News

【annzzangaさん Instagram】


JJ Twitter Update


今日もいい天気ですね! Have A Nice Day☺


LOOK! 's Jae Joong displayed his acting chops on Fuji TV's "Sukatto Japan" as a store clerk, marking his first appearance on a Japanese show in nine years. Jae Joong's episode recorded the highest rating in the show's history. Read more:


[Cjes IG] Japan was hot hot yesterday for ‘s first variety show appearance in 9 years 🔥 Handsome face working hard as God sent clerk/pastry chef! Excellent Japanese language skill! Twitter Popular Person no. 1 Hot Keyword no. 1 Daily Ranking no. 1

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The Return of the King in Japan

フジ「スカッとジャパン」今年最高10・5% ジェジュン9年ぶりに日本のバラエティー出演― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能

[trans] Fuji ‘Sukatto Japan’ got 10.5% (viewership rating) this year, JJ’s 1st appearance on TV after 9 years.
[News] the Fuji SP on the 26th got a viewership rating of 10.5% (Kanto area). It surpassed the 10.2% rating last January to become the highest record this year for the SP. The 2 hour SP marks the 1st appearance of Korean solo singer Kim Jaejoong in a JP variety show after 9 years
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한국인 솔로 가수의 재중(32)이 9년 만에 일본의 버라이어티 프로그램에 출연. 상쾌한 편의점 점원 역과 아이뿐만 아니라 엄마의 마음도 빼앗아 파티쉐 역을 맡아 관련 단어가 검색 사이트의 트렌드들이하는 등 화제를 불렀다.

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 기승전 김재중인 모나이요ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Korean solo singer made his first appearance in Japanese TV variety show in 9 years. He played a cheerful convenience store clerk and a pastry chef who stole both a child’s and her mom’s heart. Related search keywords were trending in multiple outlets.

후지 TV 「통쾌 TV 스칵 재팬 SP "26 일 방송분의 시청률이 10.5 % (칸토 지구)를 기록했던 것이 27 일, 비디오 리서치의 조사로 밝혀졌다. 1 월에 기록한 10.2 %를 넘어 올해 최고 수치를 기록했다.

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 기승전 김재중인 모나이요ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
According to the Video Research revealed on 3/27, the episode aired on 3/26 featuring surpassed the show’s previous highest rating of 10.2% recorded in January at 10.5 %, the highest rating by far this year!

appears on Fuji TV’s ‘Sukatto Japan’ and recieves ‘rave welcome’ in his Japanese variety show appearance in nearly 9 years

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Fuji TV "SKAT and JAPAN" This year got the highest 10.5% rating, Jaejoong appeared in Japan for the first time in 9 years.  



Kim Jaejoong and JoSeHo in a Press Conference for Photo People

Photo People in Paris-Le premier Pas (le 1er)-a splendid Parisian trajectory and art exhibition, from today!

Photo People press con MC posted pic with JJ


【Photo People in PARIS~Le Premier Pas~華麗なるパリの軌跡とアート展】 いよいよ本日から! 本日、ジェジュンさん チョ・セホさんと記者会見でした!優しい大先輩でした😌


[MENTION] 20180327 Prevention of child abuse
Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency Public Relations Committee, Kim Junsu
In the day 31, first game, PyeongChang Winter Olympic short track champion Choi Min Jung (Seongnam City Hall) plays city street.
In the first day of the third round of the game, Lee Woo-sung (5) and Lee Chae-won (7), who are police of the Gyeongbu Police Department.
The national anthem sang by JYJ Kim Junsu who belongs to the Gyeonggi Southern police station's public relations department.
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Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA
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JJ Update
This concert festival is coming soon!!!

🔥コラボリクエスト企画🔥 4月1日(日)開催『TOKYO GIRLS MUSIC FES. 2018』でスペシャルコラボライブを大募集👬✨ 見てみたいコラボアーティストを をつけてTwitterに投稿してね📱みんなのリクエストで夢のコラボステージが実現…💞お楽しみに💋(応募締切:29日)


Japan Twitter Hot Keywords No. 1 OF COURSE!

有名人ランキング|ついっぷるトレンド Twitterで話題の芸能人・スポーツ選手 【いま】 やっぱりジェジュン1位だよー!

Japan TV Popular Search Keyword Ranking No. 1 👑 : Realtime, Daily, Weekly and Monthly!

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JJ tweets...Thanking fans for tuning in the TV show...

僕は皆んなの笑顔が見たかったんだ。 いつも僕のこと愛してくれてありがとう😊

[trans] I wanted to see everyone’s smiles. Thank you for always loving me😊 (kind man)
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Jaejoong on Japan TV
2 little scenarios...As a pastry chef and a convenience store clerk...

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cake shop Eng Sub ① Sukatto Japan

Sukatto Japan cake shop ② Eng Sub 


pics from twitter


Looking forward to and company in

[JJstagram] The sacrifice of Comedian Seho-hyung hahaha Everyone is so nice~ Photo taken on day 6 of filming! where are you?
Translations by rubypurple_fan 

[ltothej00 IG]

[annzzanga IG] #조세호#김재중#남우현#이태환#임영민#유선호#sibuya#photopeople2#tokyo#든든하다!!!아자아자~~다들넘,고마워^^

[ljunhyeok IG] #오래간만에#만난#재중#그리고#대표님#나#이준혁#leejunhyeok#^^#라멘#먹고싶당💕😭


[cjes.tagram] He will appear on a Japanese variety show for the first time in 9 years! Can you believe he will become a pastry chef and a clerk in a convenience store?

JYJ LINE Update: Go
Don’t forget to watch 『SKATTO JAPAN』 tonight at 7pm! 
Wonder what promise that he made to himself? 
Don’t miss out! He will play a double role in 
■Date:26th of March (Mon) 7pm

With English subs:

(JJ Retweeted this message as well)

《ジェジュンさんから!》本日放送のスカッとジャパンに登場する さんからコメントが! ジェジュンさんのクールでセクシーな印象とは一味違った“エプロン”と“パティシエ"姿にもご注目下さい! 本日の放送は19時より! お見逃しなく!

[Trans] [from JJ] a comment from JJ-san who will appear in Sukatto Japan today! Pls pay attention to the appearance of “apron” and “pattisier” which is different from JJ’s cool and sexy image!
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[News] 03192018 Jaejoong to appear in Japan variety show after nine years

Korean artist Kim Jaejoong is set to appear in a Japan TV show for the first time in 9 Years at the Fuji TV series “Tsukai TV sukatto Japan 2hour special broadcast will be on 26th of March (7pm-8:54pm Japan Time).
Jaejoong will appear as a Sales Clerk and a Patissiere
JJ: I had to practice a lot of times in saying my lines because I am worried about my Japanese. I was so nervous the day before shooting. I experienced again the feeling of being a newbie.
Excerpt from : news
Trans by @rubypurple_fan


Ambassador Jaejoong
Paradise City promotional website 百乐达斯城,乐享优惠!


Junsu Update
[NEWS]20180326 2018 Gunpo Azalea Festival Opening Performance (Invitational Singer Lineup)
Gyeonggi Southern Police Promotion Team Kim Junsu, Kim Hyung Jun, Daewon, etc.
After last year, we decided to support the performance at the Gyeonggi Southern Police Promotion Team.
It was really popular with fans so much that I could go to the bathroom.
Kim Junsu and Kim Hyung Jun seem to be really popular.
Last year, there were quite a few people who came flying away on the airplane saying that #Junsu #Xiah Junsu #XIA fan in foreign countries. Maybe this time too?
Now fans of Junsu crew is expected this 2018 Gunpo Azalea Place want the military (police) version Tarantallegra of XIA in festival. If TARANTALLEGRA unfolds on stage, it could led the mixed expectations .
I am also curious. I was not surprised at the Gunpo Azalea Festival last year.
Recently, a short video of choreographer choreographed between the crews in the INSTAGRAM of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Promotion Department was on the topic.
Is Tarantalegra finally on the stage now? Is this 2018 Gunpo Azalea Festival festival?
Try linking the original image below. cool. ^ - ^
Source by Naver…
Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA
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[MENTION] 20180327 Minhyuk Monsta X mention's Junsu
Q. Have you ever been a fan of y someone?
Minhyuk: When I was a kid, it was such a big fan that I was able to memorize all songs of the group click fare. I also liked TVXQ. I listened to Xiah Junsu of TVXQ every day and listened to me. With this memory, I can understand the hearts of fans who love someone.
Source by…
Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

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JJ of Photo People 2



The Return of photographer Jaejoong in Photo People 2

[Full TR] makes his comeback in Photo People 2 - Tokyo with Cho Seho, Lee Taehwan, Woohyun, Yu Seonho, and Im Yoingmin

and confirmed to be back for Naver TV's Season 2 with new crew: , , & . The new season is filmed in Japan & will be aired within May RZ

[Cjes IG] The captain of Photo People returns 📷 confirmed to appear in Photo People Season 2
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