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JYJ News Week of 10/23- 10/29/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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JJ IG Update

[IG]Thank you for giving me overwhelmingly wonderful memories today  
I could feel different emotions compared to other fanmeetings Thanks
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Awwww wonderful family! Nice to see the and support!

MC w/ ’s Family

The most gorgeous uncle ever! w/ his sweet family at  

[Other IG] Halloween Party+Uncle’s Fanmeeting Nephew and nieces who love their uncle, multiplying
by crystalmoon0213


Jaejoong FM in Seoul

Translations via crystalmoon 0213

Pics and Vids as tagged

So many of you came, thank you  

Comedian Cho Seho is the MC tonight

I felt that JJ was really good hearted, nice person and bigger than life when I spent time filming Photo People in Paris - Cho Seho of  
Applaud each other... so many people dressed up! -Cho Seho

 It's been 8 years since I made appearance on Japan TV

I had a strange dream, survival game like where I climbed mountains and engage in games, very difficult game it's like my life now
I've experienced ups and downs, slumps...pondering what I enjoy the most?

Who do you love the most in the world, Gunny? Uncle!!!!

Will select the top 3 best dressers ! JJ will give autographs
First winner, an army reservist who came with his sister


I had hard time during the photo shoot coz I can't make cute faces easily these days
JJ in various costumes Waiting for photos ㅜㅜ



Talking about Halloween costume ideas Hahahahahahahaha

Instead of candies, I brought questions from the fans for your Halloween -CHo Seho
If you can't answer, you will get penalties!

Whisky or Sake on the rock is his favorite drink, don't really enjoy mixing drinks... Always smell the drink first except beer and soju

Ideal type? When younger, was easy to answer but not now... I have none. Coz I notice myself change a lot How can I have an ideal type?

Stress reliever: When I focus on something, like shooting during army, taking photo And seeing fans who has been with me for so long


Asked to sing Sunmi's Gashina


Photo time with  
What world class fan service this is... the One and Only  

cr. Jaejee_

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No Going Back Truth or Dare is a very dangerous game...So relieved that it's finally over will come back after changing

Super Mario was Jaejoong!




Quiz about Ppl answer correctly will get gifts

What do I always do when I'm drunk? 

Kiss NO hold hands NO aegyo NO

wink NO shower NO bath NO
Brush teeth Correct!  

Really drunk the other night don't remember anything but found tooth paste all over my face, tooth brush besides me on bed in morning

I was surprised because my close friend did this... what can it be? IT's something really dangerous not supposed to do

Trespass Correct answer
Jang Keunsuk is the friend who trespassed lol

I have something on my body that others don't have, what is it?
tattoo NO sexy muscle NO
It's a bone
tail bone NO
HIs Teeth
Invisible tooth a round thing you see on the photo
A molar fell out but underneath it was a wisdom tooth so I was fine

I was surprised when I came back home because of this... what is it?  
Shrimp is the answer
I was so surprised because the shrimp grew so big... And I had two but one ate the other and grew that big 

I cried so much recently, why?
I wasn't sad or happy
Because I ate really spicy Korean food


I become fat really quick if I eat pork belly that's why I eat it before concert to look younger  

Drink 4 drinks and tell which is which? Sprite Coke Pepsi Cide

Sprite Pepsi Coke(X) Cider??? Got it wrong...




RT yoomuel: [TRANS] Fanaccount during Jaejoong's fanmeet again~


3 different types of fried chicken now needs to guess correct brands
Mexican BHC Nene
Totally wrong
Penalty: Aegyo

Tasting beer now 
Hite Cloud Kass Pils
Just got one right

Tasting various fish ... he gave up lol

Penalty: Write his name using his butt

Using cute voice say, Jaejoonie will write his name using his butt




PPAP dance


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Joong Karaoke !
Sing top 10 songs suggested by fans

Family Portrait (Heavenly voice)

Forgotten Season 


Fans love dance a lot? -CHo Seho 
Coz I don't dance often 

Pick Me by Wanna One

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Rising Sun (I injured my leg that time...)


The Way You Are
via yakamoz109

It's my first time singing "You Know What?" "for the first time live

Byebye to Cho Seho now

Seho told me he had another schedule after 8 PM but he is still here... Does he really have another schedule???


I lost so much weight... have you notice? Even my shoulders became narrower...  

Good Morning Night




Cute and sexy... Only of course!

We all have been waiting for this #moment! See you soon at the fan meeting #yay
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #팬미팅 #경희대학교 #평화의전당 #2017 #서울 #KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_FANMEETING #in_Seoul #리허설 #비하인드 #잘생김 #뿜뿜 #팬여러분들_많이_기다리셨죠 #5시에_만나요 #씨제스타그램 #fanmeeting #rehearsal #behind #photo #Cjestagram

Jaejoong's Seoul fanmeeting...



Still a long queue for the Halloween makeup an hour and half before


Inside the venue...



Outside the Jaejoong FM Venue...
Super Mario is running around with Minion as a side kick.
Many people believe that Jaejoong is in that Mario costume!

Today was interviewed by SBS as well had photo taken by CJES staff




We were suspicious of Mario, the black mask gave it away. He came to front of the line when we called and gave us high five, too
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슈퍼마리오 의심은 했는데 역시 김재중이였어 ㅠ 검은마스크 너무 의심스러웠다구 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 분장줄 앞으로 오라고 하니깐 오고 하이파이브도 해줬던 슈퍼마리오재중히 ㅜㅠㅠㅠ




I translated SPICE article by I wanted to share bc it is written so well about Jaejoong Find original here

Photo published for 三浦大知、ジェジュン、GENERATIONSが三つ巴の熱演 テレビ朝日ドリームフェスティバル 2017・1日目 | SPICE - エンタメ特化型情報メディア スパイス

launches his own fanclub and plans to concentrate on his solo activities for the time being

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Kim Jaejoong Seoul FanMeeting


JJ (MBC Documentary)

There can be differences in opinion between teacher/student but there could not be such thing between us coz he was such a good singer
Translations by crystalmoon0213

veronicha __

Excited will take in any broadcast capacity! documentary?


Policeman Junsu
Suwon Gwangyo Park Wills Walking Tournament Southern Police Public Relations Team 
Yesterday ~ 
I want to fall in love 
(song FULL) Kim Junsoo XIA Junsu ジ ュ ン


More candid Junsu



Incognito Jae

Got back from Tokyo to Seoul yesterday [HQ]
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JJ IG Update

Our favorite rockstar ! Proud here

[TR] [J-Pop] makes appearance in TV Asahi Dream Festival on the first day, representing Korea and heats up Saitama Super Arena
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[J-Pop] 김재중, "TV 아사히 드림 페스티벌 2017" 출연 - 사이타마 슈퍼 아레나 뜨겁게 달구어

JJ visited the dentist again... 


Get ready for the Return of Prince JJ 

Jaejoong at Asahi Dream Festival last night

[TR] to launch his own fanclub and kick start his solo activities in Japan
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[COMPILATION] 171026 Kim Jaejoong in 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival

[COMPILATION] 171026 Kim Jaejoong in 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival

  • JJ fans have the lighsticks. Generations fans have the flags~ (Via: @rubypurple_fan)
  • The arena was beautiful when it was lit up with lightsticks 💕 (Via: @rubypurple_fan)
  • Red Ocean (Photo Credit: @gochan_V)

    One Kiss (JP)
    Good morning night (JP)
    Just Another Girl (JP)
    I’ll Protect You (JP)
  • (Photo Credit: @jijinaomi)

  • JJ: coming in december but dont tell that I told you 😂 (Photo Credit: @okke126, Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)

  • Introducing Kim Jaejoong’s Live Band Members (Photo Credit: @Daisuke_Atsuro, @Gtomohi)
    From the left side
    Guitarist Daisuke Atsuro
    GT. Tomohiro Nagasawa
    Bass Junichi Yamada
    Key. Akito Shirai
    Drum Kamita Kosuke


  • Muggle 1: “I didn’t know the song at all but I like Jejung’s good morning song. It wss fun, will look for it” (Source: @me__ikyu, Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)
    Muggle 2: “Daichi Miura and Jejung’s singing were so good, I was trembling the whole time” (Source: @017_komo_, Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)
  • Muggle 3: “JJ’s version of Nakajima Miyuki’s Keshou is awesome” (Source: @DAICHIDREAM1, Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)
  • Muggle 3: “Red Ocean during Jaejoong’s part was amazing. The venue became red. It was beautiful when the fans sing acapella (during I’ll Protect you)” (Source: @DAICHIDREAM1, Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)
  • Muggle 4: “Jaejoong fans’ sense of unity was too amazing” (Source: @Yuta_Rui_Panda_, Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)
  • Let me say that there are no lyrics displayed on the screen. We just know our “national anthem” by heart. 😂 (Via: @rubypurple_fan)
  • So many muggle fans are amazed by the fans acapella singing. We sang as one~ 💕 (Via: @rubypurple_fan)
  • “Jaejoong speaks nihongo like a native and some newcomer in the dream fest thought he’s a japanese artist because he’s yoku shaberi kata lol”,  A friend who went to the concert said this to me
    non-fan: “If jae is in johnny’s he’d be definitely in the elite 7”
    Fan: “oh he’s bff with the elites: Yamapi & Yamada”
    non-fan: “WHAT”
    (Via: @exilesque)


Nikkan Sports
(Photo Credits: @okke126, @jeje_maki)

News: “Kim Jaejoong solo activities! Fanclub to open in December”
<Nikkan Sports>
<Yahoo Japan>


October 26th, 2017 – #1 Kim Jaejoong
(Source: @tsuiranjp)


Note: Everything was recorded, so let’s be more patient and wait for the official broadcast of 2017 TV Asahi Dream Festival

Compiled &Shared by: JYJ3


Wow ! So nice to see this! are happy w/ this interaction.

[kazukomatsumura IG]   




Oh I wished I was there with at Asahi


Sharing Junsu!

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 [영상] Shoot for Love FB



Shoot for Love 슛포러브

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[사진] soevely IG

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[Cjes IG] will hold a fan signing event at the fanmeeting! On top of the make up booth?What a fan service!
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Jaejoong...BTS: Cosmopolitan shoot

Handsomeness is given, dangerously charming & sexy (Love for his fans? A bonus)

Whose son is this adorable young man with puppy eyes?

Plays by himself wearing gloves as big as his face but transforms into a model as soon as he sees the camera flash Unreal suit fit

He lives high up there all alone...”I must bite this thing at least once...” He sure knows what “dangerous” means

Who taught you to sit still like that(such a baby)? Wait! I’ll b back after eating something(smiles ever so sweetly)

Has his first meal gimbop and spicy ddeokbokki! Finishes his pictorial shoot! Then does VLIVE eating pig feet and noodles! Unbelievable

“I’m so full” Gets ready for the shoot after done eating, upbeat “I’ll be back after finish working!” Wink!

Feels like a sculpture’s standing in front of me! Can’t dare looking into his eyes! Isn’t this just basic for overflowing handsomeness

How happy it is to spend the year end with fans! Everyone, ready?

연말을 팬들과 함께 보낸다니이 얼마나 행복한가!!!
다들 준비 됐지?

Cosmopolitan Behind the Scenes eats squid filled gimbop, says he can’t wink(coz it’s embarrassing) but does

Photo published for [V LIVE] 김재중 - 화보 비하인드 Film
click link and give hearts

Translations via crystalmoon0213


Silly Happy during offshoots but the resulting photos at are so serious and brooding! Versatile is !


Jaejoong to hold first Manila fan meet in 14 years


Korean singer and actor Kim Jaejoong will finally meet his fans in the Philippines for the first time in 14 years.
He will hold his “2017 Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour Fanmeeting In Manila” on Nov. 30 at Araneta Coliseum.

Kim JaeJoong (
Kim JaeJoong
This is his first fan meeting in the country since debuting as a singer in 2003.
The Manila event is part of his Asia Tour, which starts in Seoul this month. Tickets to the Seoul fan meeting were sold out in just one minute and this will be his first official event after starring in the Korean drama “Manhole.”
Jaejoong’s fan meet will have fun interactions through a question-and-answer portion and games, and he will also show his vocals and acting skills.

He earlier announced on a V Live online broadcast that he would be holding his first fan meeting in Manila.
“I’ve been to the Philippines but I think it’s my first fan meeting there,” he said. When he was still a member of boy band TVXQ, the group went to the Philippines in 2006 to shoot an advertisement.
Jaejoong debuted as member of TVXQ in 2003 and became part of boy band JYJ in 2010.
Besides being a part of JYJ’s albums, he also released solo albums. His first mini album titled “I” was released in January 2013 followed by the studio album “WWW” in October the same year. He later released “No.X” in February 2016.
As an actor, he has starred in the dramas “Protect The Boss,” “Dr. Jin,” “Triangle,” and “Spy.” His film credits are “Heaven’s Postman” and “The Jackal Is Coming.”
This year, he won the Asian Choice Award at the 31st Golden Disc Awards and Best Male Artist at the 2017 Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards.
Tickets to the Manila fan meet, presented by Unusual Entertainment with the support of Fangirlasia and Showtime Thailand, are available.


JJ IG Update

Hello !!! Best of luck at in

  • jj_1986_jj明日会いましょー^ - ^

  • See you tomorrow


    [Cjes IG] Warming up before Taiwan Fanmeeting! Let’s meet up with for live chat on 11/2 7PM CSTFollow Weibo n Set alarm
    via crystalmoon0213

    Oct 24

    1. Dl Yizhibo 一直播 app, subscribe Jaejoong's live as below. Will receive notifications when live start or update 
    2. view on web like vlive.


    Virtual dating starring Jaejoong!

    Always creative in how to reach & promote Hwaiting! Looking forward to this project!

    [IG TR] Free Dating Simulation Game for cellphones featuring to be launched in 2/2018

    via crystalmoon0213

    Our wonderful must have forgotten he’d shared this pic before (Sept 8).


    Photographer Jaejoong

    gunheenimさん IG


    JJ with SungHoon and JangGeunSuk

    It is the best time.

    Is this friendship for real? Hallyu star Triple Threat: Chu Sunghoon x Jang Geunsuk x
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    JJ IG Updates

    Nice to wake to a barrage of pics!   is much appreciated by !

    [IG] Sunghoon-hyeong, thank you for the meal

    “It’s been a while...” Heartwarming friendship between two men, Chu Sunghoon and

    Beauty and the Beast? Unlikely friendship between Chu Sunghoon and  
    via crystalmoon0213 

    akiyamachoolong IG time no see〜〜 Always handsome.

    via LoveJJMore Japan

    JJ being a blogger again...(hope he's getting paid for his love of Botanist products!)

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