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This one is Part A of this episode review.

"Would U Marry Me?" by Choi Moo Gak will always be the Best Question from All ChunNi's character for me. XD...although it just an imaginary.

Be My Girl (accoustic version) by JYJ was the 1st Video I watched after I knew ChunNi also a Singer n then I knew about Chunglish... n coz I love him for the 1st heard. It's so nice to hear his english. Don't know how to explain it. Sexy english? LOL.....N it's so rarely hear his Chunglish nowadays so when heard his random English on one of the BTS. That - "I love ur dance Girl". I imagine that maybe we can hear it on this drama.

Actually MG already said an English word. It's STOP... LOL.... So, I don't know whose idea it was,  it's ChunNi's adlib or just coz Writernim is a ChunNi's fanboy, he use those English word for porpose. Thanks for that. N on this eps, we got some of random Chunglish. XD

N the HIGHLIGHT of this eps is THE WEDDING.  Though I already predict about the wedding scene  when watched the teaser. The feeling when really get it, it's so different.

N not to forget The Process before the Wedding.... I think on my KDrama Lovers era, I never watched something like that. I think only the propose part n just do it without imagine  how to do it. LOL

N the other one that SHOULD NOT to forget is MG's singing scene. I will put my theory before about that on this review n also for a new fans, ChunNi's real singing.

On this eps I also got my favs:  number 4 & 7 plus Purple. XD.... So, I felt this eps really2 a gift for me. LOL.. ...n coz of that,I really didn't refrain my self. Just screencap all the scenes that I like. So, at the's really a lot. Double from the usual. The total is 77 pics. LOL... So, this review divided into 2 parts. Maybe on some pics, I don't need to write a lot coz the pic has already tell the story. XD... I just love their expression. 

For ChunFace of the Day (15) I choose these.

I always love his gaze when he look at the girl. I was waiting for chose the one that I really like to use it as my siggie. So, here is the newest one.

N his expression when he got the YES from CR is priceless.  He looks soooo Happy. I love it.

Choi Moo Gak's nice that finally we can see him wear that uniform. Looking good.

Btw, do U see his bouquet? Each of them get different flower n color. The question is WHY MG gets  everything that I love on his bouquet?  LOL.... The colour n the flower. It's the 1st thing why I felt this eps really special for me.

Ahhh... our MooGakkie who always do his Best on his our ChunNi. he decided to go  back to his dream job.

After  I got the propose spoiler pic, I.was really sure about a wedding scene n then I thought about time leap n our  MuRim have a baby girl. A daughter that ChunNi always want. LOL... It will be perfect I think. LOL... But then I got scene like the pic above. OMO... Writernim already made it though it's not from our MuRim. XD. The 7th child is a daughter.  But,Hhmmm...I hope later, U should not wait till 7th child to get a daughter ChunNi,  XD

Btw, Det. Kang's children are cute n there U go...the same mole position. Hehe

Oh Cho Rim

OMO....these words... hahaha...

How come she's not remember about it when she heard it a lot. XD

Wahh....she also wear glasses. She also want to fulfill her dream but unfortunately still failed.

MooGakkie n his gangs... XD

I like that YM can break her image... yeah, feel sad when we must say goodbye.

N I will miss them....

I think PDnim gave freedom on that scene. It's a free style... U can pose like anything U want... n there U go.. We got those weird ChunFace. XD... I think ChunNi really love his Churrr... Hahaha

The Things

Our food of the day.

Love these "touch of the hands" scenes.

Love these "touch on ur back" scenes.

And also for these one.

I think We can call it as Our Gentleman ChunNi's habit . LOL... Just imagine that they are at SBS Award.  LOL

The Case

I like that MG finally can use his gun to shoot him.XD....

I like this scene.

OMG, panic n cry  coz his most valuable treasure was burned. N then his expression just change back into that expression when he see YM.

N now JH's obsession is MG.  N yeah, JH.....A SORRY is so important even though it won't change what was happened.

But aigoo... U won't do what MG want, instead U wanna tell him how U felt. So, I don't blame MG to punch U.

3 punches from 3 important person. Btw, I like ChunNi's expression on that scene.

N yeah, they're absolutely will meet again.


3 different expressions from CR... I like that.

N she knows something happen just looking at MG's expression.

N yeah......his sense is back.

The working of our brain is so awesome. The connection between heart n brain.

It knows what happened n just click...everything is back to normal.

N yeah,  "unfortunately " MG's wish to get back his sense after CR gets back her memory didn't happen n fortunately she doesn't need to rush it.

A sexy sleeping pose. XD.... Where is the Walrus's doll? He put it beside CR? So it's like he sleep beside her? Hahaha

I like when he woke up, he had a second to think, waiting for the  soul n body connected.XD... n WOW he jump over 2 steps.....

Finally at the same night, different time....her memory is back.

N I really like this.

Sometimes when U cry,  it's better to hear Just Cry than Stop Cry.  Cos sometimes after the cry,   U can feel like the load lifted. No more burden in ur heart.

N I really like that MG gave her, a moment of silence.

N WOW.... finally ChunNi get cooking scene. LOL

n it's better just living in the same house than U should go so early to her house to cook her breakfast.  Hehe

N I just realize that CR like Green.

n that "Officer Choi" is a nickname for him n it's kinda hard to change it. Hahaha.... n we can see ChunNi's habit to hug pillow with his leg.

I really need sub for this scene.

I knew that they want to go to cemetery but didn't know MG said that he already move his sister to the same cemetery coz I was surprise to see on the next scene, why it change.  I remember so clearly that the position of her altar was on the table. So, I wonder...WOW... they made a very obvious blooper? But then after know the sub. Glad it didn't happen.

N there U go....The Process to the Wedding.

This scene is just like what happen in another K Drama.

Buy her an engagement ring. It's a  pretty ring n he even doesn't need to look to another ring. The 1st ring he see n he buy it. N just like CR, the 1st girl he loves  n he will propose her. So sweet.

n this one is his wedding vow.

n this one is her wedding vow.

Eun Seol-ah.....U don't need to worry about ur brother anymore. He's in a good hand.

Ahhh....poor her, she never look him in a wetsuit. Coz we got that honour. Hahaha...

N like MG said, he looks great in a wetsuit too. Hahhaa.... Just like our ChunNi,  he looks great in everything he wear. Hehe.

N that one was the 1st time he said he's getting mad at her. But when CR challenge him to do that. It just a smile that she get. Hahaha....Oohh....MG, I don't think U can get mad at her. XD 

Btw, I really like that convo. It just a simple natural convo but really has a meaning.

N his sunbae...LOL... Is there any connection between doing well with has a very pretty girlfriend? Haha...I think it has. LOL.... n it's cute that both of them looks shy.

N this one when a man's mind couldn't connect with a woman's mind. LOL

N she even sing the song. HAHAHHA.... Ottoke.. when writing this, too much laughing.... Hahaha.....MG's expression is priceless n Wahh...he even sing those words...Hahaha

 To Be Continued into Part B, U can read in Here.

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