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JYJ News Week of 9/12- 9/18/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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Sergeant Kim Jaejoong news...

[News] is to be relieved of his military duty on 12/30 What will be his next step?


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Heard about Junsu...

[From idmyo Gunyoung's dance lessons in JP] 
Junsu doesn't drink so the JYJ dancers call his tour "Healthy tour" (via 0601akkun)
[From idmyo Gunyoung's dance lessons in JP] 
In <intoxication> the dance while sitting, it seems was Junsu's idea (via 0601akkun)


Sergeant Jaejoong seen and heard...

[TRANS] Fan's brother unintentionally imitates 's voice lol

[TRANS] What a nice looking nice person is... as always


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Upcoming performances worth adding to the fall calendar

Updated : September 18 2016

With the Chuseok holiday behind us, temperatures will soon begin to drop and live performance lovers will flock indoors to enjoy nights of cultural programs.
Whether one’s interests lie in dabbling in the arts scene or head-banging the night away to the latest rock hits, the upcoming fall season promises a variety of performances.  

K-pop idols star in musicals
One of the biggest names in K-pop has returned to the musical stage in a brand new, original production: “Dorian Gray.”

A scene from new musical “Dorian Gray” (CJeS Culture)
K-pop mega star Kim Jun-su and CJeS Culture unveiled their first original production -- a musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s 19th century philosophical novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

When first published in 1890, Wilde received severe backlash from the British public, who referred to the literary work as indecent and amoral. The story tells the tale of the devilishly handsome Dorian Gray, whose newfound fascination with hedonism leads him to sell his soul in the name of beauty.

“Dorian Gray” will be staged from Sept. 3 to Oct. 29 at the Seongnam Arts Center’s Opera House. Ticket prices range from 50,000 won to 140,000 won. For more information, call 1577-3363.

Skipped unrelated to JYJ Junsu...
Upcoming performances worth adding to the fall calendar  

Dorian Gray Highlights with English subs


160918 Junsu's Mom Instagram update!


Sergeant Jaejoong Update

News Translations:

[News] to be discharged on 12/30. Agency, Plan for his comeback activity is on the way

[News TR1] Agency: Possibilities are open from concert for album released during MS to acting It's too early to tell what'll it will be

[News TR2] himself considers his current priority is to finish his MS faithfully.

[News TR3] Many are keenly interested in his future activities after MS. Agency will discuss the matter very closely w before deciding.

Jaejoong's discharge date from the army set for December 30th

JYJ's Jaejoong's discharge date from the army has been confirmed to be December 30th!

C-JeS Entertainment told Star News, "We're currently planning for Jaejoong's return. We're considering many possibilities such as performances of the album he released when he was still in the army, as well as activities as an actor. He's still a soldier, so it's too early to say what he'll do when he is discharged."

They added, "Jaejoong is also putting his enlistment activities first. A lot of people are interested in what he's going to do after he is discharged. We will be deciding on his future activities after talking with him as well."


[NEWS] 160918 Kim Jaejoong to get discharged (from army) on December 30th…agency “start planning of activities for his return”

 photo 2016091313151492381_2.jpg
Amid it being before singer Kim Jaejoong(JYJ) gets discharged this coming December,  eyes are on him for when he returns to an entertainer with what kind of image.
Kim Jaejoong is getting discharged on December 30th. With over 3 months up ahead till his discharge, he is evoking curiosity over getting to stand in front of fans with what kinds of activities he will start afterwards.
In regards to this, a C-JeS Entertainment official disclosed to Star News, “We are making plans in regards to Kim Jaeoong’s return at the company”.
The official said, “There are many possibilities open; like performances for his album that was released while he was in the middle of his military enlistment, activities as an actor, and etc.,” and, “It is premature to mention what kinds of things he will do upon his return since there does remains a period of his military service still”.
Continuing it was added, “We will be working, as our top priority, on things for those who stayed loyal to Kim Jaejoong also doing his military service”.
The official disclosed, “A lot of people are interested in his activities after he gets discharged. We proceeded in having discussions closely with him even at the agency about planning for his activities afterwards”.
Meanwhile Kim Jaejoong is in the middle of his military service with the army’s miliitary band currently, after enlisting in the army on March 31st, 2015.

Sources: Star News via Naver  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Soldiers thanking Sergeant Jaejoong for the Army Band shirts...

[IG TR]Thumbs up! Only 37 in existence:55th Army Band Sweatshirt Sgt sorry I only receive thanx Support

[IG TR] "Always grateful and love you, JaeJoong~"

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Park Yoochun

ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ ⓒⓗⓤⓝⓓⓐⓨ 342 Days left  


JTBC NewsRoom and Joongang News treat Yuchun differently. Why? Unfairness!


[NEWS] 160916 Compensation ordered for JYJ Goods sales obstruction, Korea’s celebrity production wins lawsuit

Note: During 2014 JYJ Japan dome tour Ichigo Ichie concerts in Osaka, C Jes announced that due to some disagreement with the organisers they have decided to not sell the goods at the venue and instead the Osaka goods were sold online through JYJ JAPAN fan club and in Fukuoka the goods were sold at a different venue and not at the concert venue.
As the goods sale at the concert venue was obstructed, Tokyo ward’s event organising company which sponsored the 2014’s Japan tour with the sentence of the lawsuit of request for restitution by Seoul’s celebrity production (T/N: i.e. C JeS entertainment) to which Korea’s popular group ‘JYJ’ belongs to, on the 16th Tokyo district court ordered for the  payment of around ¥140,000,000 (T/N: roughly $1.4 million). 
JYJ is formed by 3 members who separated from male idol group ‘Tohoshinki’. Presiding judge Katsuhiko Okazaki, “It is an infringement of the celebrity production’s right as recognised from the stand point of the contract, it is a highly malignant conduct of extreme betrayal,” and severely criticised the sponsor.
The Judgment concluded, “the celebrity agency holds the right to the sale of goods and the organising company had the duty to cooperate with the celebrity agency,” and judged, “the organising company intentional obstructed the (goods) sale, it was a vicious act.”
According to the judicial decision, in 2014 held a total of 6 days of performances in the order of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and around total of 430,000 people attended.
Tokyo performance’s first day, the party entrusted by the celebrity production held the concert related goods sale. The sponsor side as well sold the item including a capsule that was arranged by themselves, but the celebrity production claimed that it was not agreed by them and the sales were suspended. On one hand, in Osaka and Fukuoka the sponsor did not approve the goods sale at the venue, the celebrity production side unavoidably held the sales at a different location.
According to the judgement, the celebrity agency (T/N: i.e. C JeS ent.) entrusted the venue arrangements for the 2014 dome tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka to the organising company. The celebrity agency held the rights to the sales of goods and when they tried to conduct the (goods) sales through a different supplier at the Osaka and Fukuoka concerts, as the organising company did not agree they were not able to do the sales.

Source: Sankei News + Yahoo News
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



Junsu's mom's IG update

"To all fans~are you enjoying Mid-Autumn Festival? ^^ Junsu & family enjoyed a really happy Mid-Autumn Festival~^^"

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[NEW PICS] Junsu at <Kinky Boots> Musical Backstage!  
Handsomely cute!

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[TRANS] 160908 Rapper and F.C.Men member J. Hwan (J-BRO) mentions JYJ Junsu

Note: Rapper J.Hwan and member of J-BRO is a member of F.C. MEN and was seen participating in the ‘MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN’ held on 12th Aug 2016 in Tokyo.
J.Hwan, you have activities with “FC MEN”, will you be becoming a new member?
In the beginning, I was contacted multiple times by Yongpil, with whom I did activities together as M.E.N but it was at the time when I was not playing soccer and because I thought I was not good at it, so I did not want to (play) and declined (T/N: i.e. to join), I did not go twice in the beginning. However, when I went once, I was told by Junsu san, “next week is from this time at this place,” and I was like, “yes?” and from then on before I came to know it myself, I was entered in the team (laugh).
As the next schedule was announced by Junsu san and you were joined into the team.
I believe Junsu san didn’t know about me very well but from my point of view since it was the first time that I received the contact information of a famous celebrity. (laugh) I was asked by Junsu san, “what is your phone number? tell me!” and, “next week is here from this time so come.” For the time being, I replied with “yes,” but Junsu san as well, doesn’t really remember people well and as he didn’t remember that in the past during the trainee times we had met before, while thinking that this time as well he is just saying it like lip service, the night of the day before he contacted me with, “tomorrow it is from this time,” there was no helping it and I ended up going, from there on it became so that I went every week (laugh).
What kind of person is Junsu san as the captain of the team?
To the extent of thinking is he okay, he is seriously playing soccer. Though I play seriously as well but Junsu san is a person who works hard in (playing) soccer as well to the point that [makes you think] isn’t he gonna get injured (T/N: i.e. while playing like that), he hates to lose. Before there has been (an occasion) when he played with professional (soccer) players but he is not a ‘soccer player’ but an ‘artist’, he is a person who works hard to the point that the people watching become worried. Game is also like that but he is a person who does everything properly, inwardly I think that is amazing and I admire him.
He is serious to that point, before a match what kind of words does Junsu san give to the team members?
He says, “if we lose I will do something something,” “you know (what will happen) if we lose right?” And, during the match when the opposite team scores a point everyone looks at Junsu san’s expression. Then, that we need to work even harder (laugh). Especially, I too hate to lose and since I am (playing) defence and the bruises are quite a lot, so before the match I was called separately and was told by Junsu san, “the bruises are more so don’t get hurt,” but when I answer him with, “you hate to lose right?” he says, “but don’t get hurt.” That’s why I never know whether he is properly thinking or not (laugh).
Is Junsu san your senior? or your friend?
In the beginning he was my senior but while going out for coffee and having fun with everyone we became close, in Korea there are times when we are invited by Junsu san to his house to come and play (T/N: it could mean ‘hang out’ as well). However, certainly thinking not be careful at work is not correct, so I do not talk to him much at the work place. I do not go near if everyone is there. Reversely, playing at like home we play game together, it is a bit different. I separate it so that at work he is a senior, in private he is a friend.
Is there some part of Junsu that you admire or that you want to follow?
It is about the music. I too in the beginning sang in the car but Junsu san as well always with a big voice sings. He sings while driving, sings at the work place while waiting, forgetting about the place he is always singing. I as well need to become to this well, is what I think. Junsu san as well, if you include the trainee time, it has been about 15 years I believe, but he still loves singing (T/N: the literal translation is ‘song’, but i think in this context ‘to sing’ suffices better), him always singing is amazing. Even when we go for karaoke, he is serious to the point that would shock you. He sings with such emotions that the veins on his neck stand out, even when we say, ‘over here is not a concert,’ he sings seriously (laugh). His passion for singing, his concentration, is the part that I admire the most.

Source: Korepo
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Sergeant Kim Jaejoong Update

[FB TRANS] gifts Army Band members Sweatshirt for Chuseok

[FB TRANS]37 Limited Edition Chuseok Sweatshirt from 55th Army Band Edition! Thanx, will cherish it, I love U

[FB TRANS] Fellow soldiers discuss 's handsomeness and body: His body is an armor, a rock!!!!


Other comments say was at the place where photos were taken, just outside the camera angle 

Our Jaejoongie always has a rock hard body even when he was 'skinnier'

LOL !!!


폭발적인 연기력과 소년소년스러운 반전매력까지..(끙끙)
세상에서 제일 매력적인 남자, 김준수의 역대급 인생캐 '샤리안'의 모든것...!

샤리안의 반전매력 http://naver.me/5Z80eSKM

The Explosive and smoke a boy boy charm to invert.. (grumbling)
In the world, the most attractive man, Xia's ever a life ' ' Shah sight all of...!
Half of the Julian Charles charm http://naver.me/5Z80eSKM
#Xia #Xia #Xiajunsu #Musical #Dorian Gray #Julian #the _ time #stage and behind the stage _ is _ other #real _ war #charm is a #seongnam arts center #opera house

Junsu...Dorian Gray


Gorgeous Kim Jaejoong...

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Sageuk Hairstyle For Men

Ah, the mane of glory. There is something irresistible about men with long locks.

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Sageuk Hairstyle For Men
Or you can choose the silky, straight locks:
Kim Jaejoong in “Jackal Is Coming”

I wanna see our Kim Jaejoong in a Sageuk drama when he's back from the military...Well, after her does JParty2017 of course!


Dorian Gray Highlights...

〮 긴 여름날 – Basil 최재웅
〮 Beautiful World – 합창
〮 돌아올 그날까지 – Sibyl 홍서영 & Charlotte 나하나
〮 Against Nature – Dorian 김준수
〮 감각의 완성 – Henry 박은태
〮 Life Of Joy – Dorian 김준수 & Henry 박은태 & Basil 최재웅

CJeS Culture



BREAKING: JYJ’s Junsu And EXID’s Hani Revealed To Have Broken Up


Breaking: JYJ’s Junsu And EXID’s Hani Revealed To Have Broken Up 

Breaking: JYJ’s Junsu And EXID’s Hani Revealed To Have Broken Up

On September 13, an exclusive report by Yonhap News revealed that JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani have broken up.
A source stated, “There were rumors of them breaking up but they had been meeting well. However, they recently naturally drifted apart due to their individual busy schedules.”
Following these reports, both sides have acknowledged the break up.
EXID’s agency Banana Culture stated, “It’s true that Kim Junsu and Hani broke up. We cannot confirm the specific time when they broke up. It appears as though they naturally broke up because of their busy schedules.
Source (1) (2) (3)

EXID's Hani and JYJ's Junsu confirm breakup

EXID's Hani and JYJ's Junsu are confirmed to have broken up.

On September 13, EXID's agency Banana Culture told media outlets, "It's true Junsu and Hani have broken up. We cannot confirm the exact timing of their separation. It seems the two naturally went their separate ways because of busy schedules."

Hani and Junsu confirmed their relationship publicly at the end of 2015. Rumors of their breakup began earlier today, and one insider denied the reports, saying the two idol stars were still dating when the rumors first started.

However, it looks like they've gone their separate ways after all.


[NEW PIC] Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage

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C-JeS Ent. taking legal action against malicious commenters of Junsu and Ryu Joon Yeol

C-JeS Entertainment is taking legal action against malicious comments about labelmates JYJ's Junsu and actor Ryu Joon Yeol.

On September 12, the label stated it was currently in the middle of a lawsuit against netizens who made malicious comments concerning the two stars. C-JeS Entertainment said the defendants have received orders to appear in court for defamation of character and spreading false rumors.

The agency plans to take strong legal action for its labelmates. C-JeS also warned netizens from making malicious comments in the future.


Kim Junsu as Dorian Gray with CJES family...
Vichelle Wong


Kim Junsu as Dorian Gray


 . 바다바람

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[INFO] ‘Sea Fog’ can be watched on Netflix USA & Canada

 photo haemoo-0.png
 photo haemoo-1.png
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