Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Birthday YUYA ~ ~

Happy Birthday Yuya
14 10 2013

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  1. The name ‘Yuya’ sounds like优雅(you ya) in Chinese which means graceful. However she is not a graceful gal that I know especially after our first met at end of July this year. But I must say she has a sexy voice that I enjoy listening to her story about herself and family … especially about her dad. While listening to her, I love to look into her eyes! You ought to meet her in order to feel it yourself about her eyes.
    Instead of 优雅, I get you a Chinese name 悠雅 (you ya) because 悠 is more suitable for you. It means take thing easy, leisurely …
    悠雅, thank you very much for all the hard work ... It’s you that we have the Chunsas Bulletin and now JYJ Magz. Every word in there is all the hard work, I certainly appreciate all that. And now you have brought in more and more people in to join you …. Well done!!