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Park Yoo Chun Shares that JYJ is Currently Preparing Album

2014.06.05 14:12 Newsen Lee So Dam Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong
 Celebrating his 29th birthday, JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun shared a special time with his fans.

C-JeS Entertainment shared, "Celebrating his birthday on June 4, Park Yoo Chun successfully held the 2014 Park Yoo Chun Fanmeeting ′House Warming Party′ with fans in Korea for the first time.

Held at Ilsan′s Kintex, the fanmeeting was orgazanized on June 4 for Park Yoo Chun′s birthday, specifically for his fans in Korea, whom he hasn′t had a chance to meet with through a fanmeeting. Tickets were all sold out within 15 minutes of the ticket release, and the event ran for about three hours with much excitement from the fans.

With ′housewarming′ as the theme, the fanmeeting began with a door bell and Park Yoo Chun walking onto the stage that was decorated to look like his room. When the specially designed cake appeared, fans presented a special glowstick event along with the birthday song, as Park Yoo Chun blew out the candles and thanked everyone for coming.

JYJ members, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu left a congratulatory message, saying, "Happy birthday, and sorry we couldn′t come. We hope you′re still happy even with this short video message. Have a great time."

The video message was followed by another from the cast of Park Yoo Chun′s recently concluded drama, Three Days, with Jang Hyun Sung, Park Ha Sun, So E Hyun, and Choi Won Young saying, "Bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, happy birthday. It was an honor to be in a drama with you and a lot of fun. Let′s meet again in a different one!"

Park Yoo Chun also couldn′t hide his tears when his mother appeared on the screen with a moving message that made the entire hall fill with warmth.

Park Yoo Chun Shares that JYJ is Currently Preparing Album
Organizing special events for the 6002 fans, referring to ′Yoo Chun-ie′ or ′6002′ in Korean, Park Yoo Chun fulfilled the wishes of fans by presenting three-level winks, singing Three Bears, and even making character lunches for fans.

There was also a segment called, "Yoo Chun, Turn On Your Greenlight," in which fans sent in worries about their romantic lives and Park Yoo Chun honestly gave advice from a man′s point of view.

Just because the fanmeeting was held in Korea didn′t mean the fans from abroad were left out. A video presenting birthday messages from Chinese fans that were hung in the subway station of Myungdong was played. Also, fans from Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, London, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, and more were also present at the event hall, proving Park Yoo Chun′s popularity.

In his final words, Park Yoo Chun said, "Thank you so much for today. As much as you take care of me and love from places I cannot see, I will work that much harder. We are also working excitedly with the JYJ album, so we′ll be sure to show you great things."

Park Yoo Chun performed The Empty Spot for You from the drama Miss Ripley and his self-composed song, I Walk in the Spring with Her. As a fan event, the audience threw paper airplanes, closing the curtains on the 2014 Park Yoo Chun Fanmeeting ′House Warming Party′.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun will also be holding exclusive fanmeetings in Guangzhou on June 14 and Shanghai on June 29 as an actor.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment

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