Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Triangle Episode 12 pics and clips...

Lots of things happening in Episode 12...Have to wait for the subs to get the whole picture.
But I'm loving that there are tremors in the baddies' boots...so to speak.
Triangle Fighting!

Clips from Episode 12

from MBCdrama on youtube

Triangle Episode 12

This is not a very happy 'oh I'm glad to see you again'...Uh oh...
More hardened expression on YoungDal.
A year in prison (and seeing the girl in a rival's car) will do that to a man.

gif by megwu0312

YoungDal's unlikely savior...
YoungDal's natural kindness is paying off.

YoungDal in a parade of different and varied tops today...XD

pics from nicoleleungkaka


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