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JYJ News: Week of 9/29-10/5/2014

What's New with JYJ?

JYJ enthralls 50,000 fans in Gangnam

Updated : October 06 2014
True to the name of JYJ’s world tour concert “Return of the King,” the trio seemed like kings who had conquered the K-pop world on Sunday.

On Sunday evening, tens of thousands of people flocked to Gangnam, an affluent southern district of Seoul, for the K-pop concert featuring JYJ.

The entire seven-lane Yeongdong road in front of the Korea Electric Power Corp. headquarters in Samseong-dong, blocked off for the two-hour concert, was filled by some 50,000 fans from home and abroad.


As admission to the concert was on a first come, first serve basis, some fans reportedly camped out at the site for two days ahead of the show.

Those who could not obtain a ticket crammed into the nearby streets to watch the show from a distance.

The three members of JYJ -- Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu -- stepped onto the special outdoor stage at 7 p.m.


They opened the concert with “Be the One” and “Baboboy,” and performed a total of 19 songs. Each member also gave an individual performance of favorite or self-composed songs.

“Autumn night, it is the best weather to hold a concert in. We are pleased that many more fans than we expected came to this street gig,” JYJ told the audience.

The band said farewell to its fans with the final song “Empty.”


Started in 2011, the K-pop concert is a part of the Gangnam Festival designed to promote hallyu, the overseas Korean pop culture boom. The annual show has also featured A-list K-pop acts such as Rain, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, EXO and SHINee.

JYJ released its second studio album “Just Us” on July 29 and toured eight Asian cities for the concert tour “Return of the King.”

By Ock Hyun-ju (laeticia.ock@heraldcorp.com) 



Cjes said, (JYJ's) official schedule for this year is over. They'll take a rest n prepare next projects/activities
Trans by crystalmoon64

50,000 Korean and international fans gathered for JYJ's solo concert on Yeongdong-daero!
Trans by crystalmoon64

[KBS NEWS CLIP] VIDEDO: JYJ Fans take over Yeongdong-daero
Via crystalmoon64

JYJ Freezes Traffic by Gathering 50,000 Fans to Street Concert

2014.10.06 11:00 Newsen Hwang Hye Jin Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung 

JYJ heated up the autumn night by gathering 50,000 fans to Yeongdong street.

C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, stated on October 6, “JYJ held the ‘Gangnam Hallyu Festival’ solo concert on October 5, on the stage specially set up in front of KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Corporation) in Yeongdong street. After filling up Seoul Olympic Stadium with 30,000 fans in August with 2014 Asia Tour in Seoul, JYJ caused traffic around Yeongdong street with the fans who came to see JYJ from all over the world. JYJ proved its popularity by gathering 50,000 fans to Yeongdong street, and gathered great response from them by performing 20 songs live over two hours.”

JYJ presented songs of various genres, including ballad, dance, rock, acoustic, R&B and more, for not only its fans but for all citizens who came out in order to enjoy the fall concert.

Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun presented special stages by singing Lee Juck’s Running in the Sky and Mate’s Leaning on you, respectively. When Kim Junsu presented powerful dance performances for his solo album title songs Tarantallegra and Be my Girl, the audience responded with enthusiastic cheers.

During the remix performance for Be my Girl, 50,000 fans cheered by doing the wave and citizens in their 40’s and 50’s watching from the streets also participated in making the wave, enjoying the festival.

JYJ said, “It’s the perfect weather for a concert on an autumn night. We’re happy that more people came than we expected, despite the fact that it’s our first street concert in six years.”

JYJ performed over 19 songs this day, including dance songs Be the One and Babo Boy during the opening stage. They were followed by the sentimental song In Heaven as well as the ballad songs Let me See and So So.


JYJ Freezes Traffic by Gathering 50,000 Fans to Street Concert

Wrapping up the concert with Back Seat, JYJ stated, “Thank you to everyone who came today and since the weather has gotten colder, be careful not to catch a cold. This was an enjoyable time. See you again.”

The fans then made request for an encore song, and the members got up on the stage one more time to sing Empty as the finale song, to which the global fans sang along the chorus in English.

JYJ proved its status as the veteran hallyu artist by presenting stable live performances, dance moves in unison as well as its stage manners along with the dancers, interacting closely with the fans. Water and air shots heightened the atmosphere and the members made good use of the protruding stage to capture the eyes and ears of the audience.

After the concert was over, Lee Jung Hee (44/female) said, “JYJ’s music, which I enjoyed in the middle of Yeongdong street, was the best. It was a perfect concert with nothing to take out, with their powerful performances and ballad stages, apart from interacting with the fans on the stage.”

Vicky (25/female), who came from Indonesia, also said, “I couldn’t attend the Asia tour. I came to Korea in order to see JYJ’s concert in Korea. I waited since the morning but gave me such a happy memory and I love JYJ so much.”

Having wrapped up the solo concert by proving its status as a global artist, JYJ recently finished its 2014 Asia tour in 8 cities, including Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Chengdu, Taipei, Shanghai and Bangkok.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


#JYJ 와 함께한 강남의 밤 !! 어떠셨나요 ?
정말 많은 분들이 즐겨주신 강남한류페스티벌~!
역시 JYJ ~ !! 역시 강남 ~ ♡

*변화를 선도하는 강남! 희망을 선사하는 강남!

— with Young Kim. (4 photos)

The one with the #JYJ of the night!! Did you make a difference?
Really a lot of fun Gangnam Hallyu Festival ~!
JYJ too ~!! Nevertheless the Gangnam ~ ♡ * change Gangnam! Hope presents Gangnam!

#love_gangnam (Translated by Bing

The night of Gangnam with #JYJ !! How was it ?
Tons of people had fun at Gangnam Hallyu Festival~!
As expected it’s JYJ ~ !! And also Gangnam ~ ♡

*Gangnam that’s leading change! Gangnam that’s providing hope!

Trans by Rilanna of JYJ3


[PICS] 141005 JYJ delivered 6,500Kg of rice to Gangnam district office

Commissioner of Gangnam-gu Shin Yeon-hee was taken in the photo after receiving the delivery of 6,500Kg of rice from group JYJ at ‘JYJ’s rice of love delivery ceremony’ held in Gangnam district office on October 5th.

Group JYJ was taken in the photo, holding their hand-printings after delivering 6,500Kg of rice in Gangnam-gu at ‘JYJ’s rice of love delivery ceremony’ held in Gangnam district office on October 5th

Source: Newsis(1, 2)  
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

Junsu Twitter Update

영동대로 리허설 중~이따봥^^
[-TRANS] Now we are rehearsing in Youngdong Street~ See ya^^  

By theyoungestmin

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Toscana Hotel added 8 new photos.
Behind story in toscana
오픈식 날, 엄청나게 더운 날씨였죠? 그럼에도 불구하고 호텔 이곳 저곳을 둘러보면서 체크하는 ‪#‎김무영‬ 대표님과 ‪#‎김준수‬ 이사님.
그리고 항상 토스카나를 위해 노력하고 도와주시는 관계자분들이 있기에 더욱더 아름다운 오픈식이었던 것 같습니다.

In open-day. It was incredibly hot weather? Nevertheless President Mooyoung and Director Junsu looked around the hotel to check here and there. and we think it was more beautiful ceremony because those officials are always trying to give us help in Toscana
‪#‎toscana‬ ‪#‎toscanahotel‬ ‪#‎토스카나호텔‬ ‪#‎xia‬ ‪#‎junsu‬ ‪#‎junho‬ ‪#‎라뮈샤‬ ‪#‎김정주‬ ‪#‎이비자태닝‬ ‪#‎IBIZA‬ ‪#‎KJCOMMS‬ ‪#‎LAMUCHA‬


Kim Jaejoong Featured in a Japanese magazine
Korea TV Drama Magazine Vol 63
cr: stjeje


KJJ Twitter Update

날 웃게해주는구나..ㅜㅜ

[-Trans] Make me laugh..ㅜㅜ
trans by theyoungestmin

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Park Yuchun and HaeMoo Cast During Stage Greeting at BIFF 2014

Press Pics

Much More Here: JYJ CAFFEINE: Park Yuchun and HaeMoo Stage Greeting at BIFF 2014... http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/10/park-yuchun-and-haemoo-stage-greeting.html?spref=tw

Park YuChun at BIFF 2014 "Birth of an Actor"

Yuchun: "Birth of an Actor" Talk at BIFF 2014

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More Here:  JYJ CAFFEINE: Park YuChun at BIFF 2014 "Birth of an Actor" http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/10/park-yuchun-at-biff-2014-birth-of-actor.html?spref=tw


[NEWS] 141003 The 19th BIFF – Jung Woo-sung for ‘people of all ages’ VS Park Yoochun with a ‘mighty powerful fandom

Who will actually be the top star at the 19th Busan International Film Festival?

The 19th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), starting with its opening ceremony and amid lifting up the full-fledged, festive curtain on October 2nd, is drawing the attention of its fans; with Jung Woo-sung who is acclaimed by men and women of all ages, and Park Yoochun who has a strong fandom and is rising up as a top star at the 19th BIFF.

 photo 201410030922770321_542dec553fb79.jpg

While Jung Woo-sung is exciting street vendors and food stalls, the sandy beach got jolted by Park Yoochun’s fans. Fans swarmed to Haeundae a day early on the afternoon of October 2nd and stayed up all through the night, each person preparing and spreading out their mats, to grab their seats to see Park Yoochun’s Open Talk held at BIFF Village’s Outdoor Stage at 4 pm on October 3rd.

The appearances of these fans who stayed up all night on the sandy beach, by the sea, too, were driven by Park Yoochun’s high popularity.

There happens to be cases where idols at the Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) in the past would meet fans coming on the stage. But like then, fans were finding the circumstances of where they had to stay up all night, difficult. This is a passage in which they were able to feel anew from Park Yoochun’s popularity as a Hallyu star who is in possession of a lot of fans.

The 19th BIFF this time will not flamboyant as it was last year. Last year found Busan with a lot of idols like Lee Joon and Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) and because of them, Busan had gotten shook up; but this time there are not that many idol stars. Because of then, between officials in the film industry, there were also a lot of talks between officials in the film industry about the 19th BIFF this time not being an event that will pass by quietly.

Like this, even at the 19th BIFF, Jung Woo-sung and Park Yoochun are displaying their high popularity to the extent of making Busan serene. Who has attention transfixed on him to be the top star at the 19th BIFF.

Note: Only parts related to Park Yoochun and Sea Fog were translated.

Source: Osen Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

Note: Fans were camping out last night to get tickets to today's "Talk" event with PYC...Dedicated and loyal fans.


[NEWS + INFO] 141002 ‘Haemoo’ to compete for Golden Orchid Award at The 34th Hawaii International Film Festival

 photo 61997.jpg

The 34th Hawaii International Film Festival (30 Oct — 9 Nov 2014) shifts to the end of October this year, opening with ISHII Yuya 石井裕也‘s The Vancouver Asahi バンクーバーの朝日 about a baseball team of second-generation Japanese in the 1930’s. [...]

The film headlines a lineup of films from 45 countries, including more than 60 films from Asia. With the Vancouver festival downsizing its Asian lineup, Hawaii is now one of the largest showcases for Asian cinema in North America. [...]

Asian films competing for the event’s Golden Orchid Awards are South Korean thrillers A Hard Day 끝까지 간다 and Haemoo 해무 | 海霧, Philippines’ transsexual documentary Shunned, and — from Taiwan film-makers — Paradise in Service 軍中樂園 and The Furthest End Awaits さいはてにて かけがえのない場所.
A brand-new section this year is the New Frontiers Program that in its inaugural edition has an Islamic theme. The Asian films are Brunei’s Yasmine (about silat martial arts) and, from Singapore, Banting (about wrestling) and Sayang Disayang (about food).
Sayang Disayang is among several Asian films screening that have been submitted as foreign language Oscar candidates. Other potential nominees in the lineup include Haemoo (South Korea), The Golden Era (Hong Kong) and The Teacher’s Diary คิดถึงวิทยา (Thailand).
The festival’s main Asian lineup is programmed in spotlight sections dedicated to recent films from seven regions: Japan, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, India, Philippines and Southeast Asia (excluding Philippines). [...]

Note: parts unrelated to Haemoo were omitted.

Source: FilmBiz Asia


The 34th Hawaii Film Festival (HIFF) will be held on October 30 to November 9. Haemoo has been selected to be one of the ten Halekulani Golden Orchid Award Nominees.

The Golden Orchid Award (presented by Halekulani) is bestowed upon the narrative and documentary films that best express artistic and technical excellence and promote cross-cultural understanding. Like the rare endemic orchids of our native Hawaii, these awards recognize singular achievements amid collective beauty. Each nominated film furthers the Hawaii International Film Festival mandate to entertain, enlighten and empower. Our international jury will select the films that articulate this manifesto consistent with the cross-pollination of words, ideas and images that comprise the kinetic and visceral power of film. (Source)

1. Friday, October 31 at 8:15pm | Venue: Dole Cannery B | Buy tickets HERE
2. Monday, November 3 at 8:30pm | Venue: Dole Cannery C | Buy tickets HERE

Source: HIFF Shared by: JYJ3


2014 Gangnam Hanryu Festival...With JYJ



KJJ Twitter Update 

결국 넌 나에게~ 
[-Trans] Finally, you came to me~  
by theyoungestmin

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KJJ Update on his Instagram (luring a stray cat)
IG video

video bornfreeonekiss2
via lovey tic


KJJ Twitter Update

근수형 부국제 "영도"로 진출 축하~!^^ 내일은 유천이의 토크 기대기대^^ [@bornfreeonekiss-Trans]
Congratulations to Geunsu-hyung who is entered in BIFF through 'Shadow Island'~!^^
I'm looking forward to YC's talking tomorrow^^ http://t.co/o7hHvn8ben

Trans by theyoungestmin

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김재중, ‘2014 코리아 드라마 어워즈’ 최우수연기상 수상! <트라이앵글>에서 과감한 연기변신과 성숙한 내면 연기로 호평을 받았는데요~ 첫 주연작으로 수상한 만큼 의미 깊은 상이라는 소감을 전했습니다^^

Kim Jaejoong received 'the Best Actor' award at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards! He earned favourable reviews over character changes and the play with the depth and emotion in the drama <Triangle>~ He's given his thoughts about the winning the award over his first lead role in the drama and mentioned how meaningful it is^^

김재중이 2014 코리아 드라마 어워즈에서 최우수연기상을 수상했다.씨제스 엔터테인먼트는 김재중이 오늘(1일) 오후 경남 문화예술회관에서 열린 2014 코리아 드라마 어워즈에서 트라…


Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Jaejoong, Oh Yeon Seo and More Win Awards at Korea Drama Awards 2014

Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Jaejoong, Oh Yeon Seo and More Win Awards at Korea Drama Awards 2014

The 2014 Korea Drama Awards recognized the best actors and actresses in the industry today, October 1, at the awarding ceremony held at Gyeongnam Culture and Art Center.
As expected, the popular SBS drama series “My Love From the Star” took the Best Drama award for this year and its lead actor, Kim Soo Hyun, was awarded the Grand Prize for his performance in the drama.

Kim Soo Hyun’s eyes welled up with tears while he made his acceptance speech.”To the ‘My Love from the Stars’ producers and (co-actors) Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Chang Wan, Shin Sung Rok, Ahn Jae Hyun. To the (other) actor colleagues and staff. To (my) family, thank you very much. I will do my best to confidently be in this position,” said Kim Soo Hyun.
Aside from the Grand Prize, Kim Soo Hyun also received the Hallyu Hot Star award, taking home two awards.

Ahn Jae Hyun and Shin Sung Rok, who played supporting roles in “My Love from th Star,” also received awards for their performance in the drama. Ahn Jae Hyun took home the Best New Actor award alongside Seo Kang Joon while Shin Sung Rok received the Hot Star award. A total of five trophies were received by “My Love from the Star,” confirming its position as the best drama of the year.

The actors of tvN’s “Reply 1994” were also recognized for their work in the drama especially that their director, PD Shim Won Ho, took the award for the Best Director. Dohee also received the Best New Female award and together with Kim Sung Kyun, she took the Best Couple Award.

Singer-actor Kim Jaejoong has been recognized for his acting in “Triangle” as he received the Top Excellence Award, Actor category while “Jang Bori is Here!” actress Oh Yeon Seo was awarded the Top Excellence Award, Actress category.

The Excellence Award, Actor category went to Lee Kwang Soo of “It’s Okay, It’s Love” while Kang So Ra of Doctor Stranger received the Excellence Award, Actress category.
See the rest of the awards here:
Grand Prize: Kim Soo Hyun (My Love from the Star, SBS) Best Drama: My Love from the Star, SBS Best Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Min (Jeong Do Jeon, KBS 1TV) Best Director: Shin Won Ho (Reply 1994, tvN) Top Excellence Award, Actor: Kim Jaejoong (Triangle, MBC) Top Excellence Award, Actress: Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bori is Here!, MBC) Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Kwang Soo (It’s Okay, It’s Love, SBS) Excellence Award, Actress: Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger, SBS) Best New Male Actor: Ahn Jae Hyun (My Love from the Star, SBS), Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady, MBC) Best New Female Actor: Dohee (Reply 1994, tvN) Best Couple: Kim Sung Kyun and Dohee (Reply 1994, tvN) Best Child Actor: Kim Ji Young (Jang Bori is Here!, MBC) Best Drama OST: Ailee, “Good Bye My Love” (Fated to Love You, MBC) Hot Star: Shin Sung Rok (My Love from the Star, SBS) Hallyu Hot Star: Kim Soo Hyun (My Love from the Star, SBS) Global Actor: Otani Ryohei (Joseon Gunman, KBS 2TV)
Congratulations to all the winners!



[TWITTER] 1401001 Jaejoong Twitter Update

by Ces
[TRANS] Once again, thank you Triangle Team! Miss you, actors n staff~
[TRANS] I forgot that we said this(last year) too. Congrats ( Oh Yeonseo)

[CAP] Conversation between Jaejoong and Oh Yeonseo of their ambition to win the best actor/actress awards at MBC drama award ceremony last year (T/N: It came true!):

Yeonseo: Yes, next we are going to award is an Excellence award for a Mini Series Drama. I'll try to act much harder and I hope to get this next year. Jaejoong: Me, too. I think I'll really try to work much much harder.. Yeonseo: Yes, right. I hope to meet you again as recepient of this award.. Jaejoong: Let's try to work harder.

Credit: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by @crystalmoon64 + @theyoungestmin  
Shared by PrinceJJ


Kim JaeJoong: 2014 Korea Drama Awards

Best "Top Excellence" Actor Nominee for Triangle....and WON!


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via starryeyed wolf

[FULL TRANS] 141001 Jaejoong's acceptance speech:

"Thank you. First of all, I would like to thank PD Yoo Chulyong, PD Choi Jungkyu and all the staffs. I also sincerely thank many actors/actresses who have diligently immersed into the filming with your smiles and who have helped me a lot, even though we have had hard time filming. I told myself not to be nervous when I came to the stage, but [I became nervous] before I knew it... *fans cheering* Before I knew it... because I don't have many chances to appear on TV, so I'm being very... a little bit nervous... *fans cheering* I'm very thankful to my family, CEO Baek Changju of our company and my members Yoochun and Junsu. This is my first drama as main lead. Thank you very much for giving me this award. I'll try my best to prepare my next project, so that I could greet you again on TV with better image. Thank you."
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Red Carpet


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Press Pics as tagged

Red Carpet
Cr: uploader

More Here: JYJ CAFFEINE: Kim JaeJoong at 2014 Korea Drama Awards http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/10/kim-jaejoong-at-2014-korea-drama-awards.html?spref=tw


JYJ: Honorary Ambassadors for Korea Medical Tourism


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JYJ’s Fan Signing Event Gathers Fans from Around the World

2014.10.01 11:25 Newsen Lee Min Ji  
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung 

JYJ successfully wrapped up its second round of fan signing events in celebration of release of the second album Just Us.

JYJ held its fansigning event on September 29 at Yongsan I’Park Mall.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on October 1, “The second round of fan signing events, which was held thanks to the heated response to the first round, gathered not only the selected fans but those who were not selected as well, bringing together fans from all over the world.”

The first round of the event, which was held in the beginning of August in IFC mall, had gathered a greater number of fans than expected and the Yongsan fan signing event also proved the fans’ passion to see JYJ.

The event gathered fans across all ages, nationalities and genders, from Muslim fans wearing hijabs to male fans and from young children to mothers in their 50’s.


JYJ’s Fan Signing Event Gathers Fans from Around the World

The fans showed explosive response to every gesture made by JYJ and continued to send their message of support to the members throughout the event.

After wrapping up the event, JYJ said, “We were happy to carry out our activities in a long time after releasing the 2nd full length album Just Us. We’re epically happy to have made special memories by interacting with the fans.”

Meanwhile, JYJ sold over 130,000 pre-ordered copies of the 2nd full length album Just Us released at the end of July, which ranked number two on Hanteo’s monthly chart. In Japan, it topped Oricon chart without officially releasing the album in the country and it also ranked number one on iTunes of seven Asian countries and on Tower Record’s monthly chart.

The group also carried out JYJ Asia tour The Return of the King in August, capturing the heart of 100,000 fans in eight cities around Asia. JYJ will be launching a solo concert on October 5 in Youngdong-daero.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


*On 9/30/2014* (Closed Event)

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More Here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ Fansigning Events on 9/29/14 and 9/30/14 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/09/jyj-fansigning-event-at-yongsan-ipark.html?spref=tw


KJJ Tweets...

제가 사랑하는 사람들 모두가 행복했으면 좋겠습니다.

[-Trans] I wish everyone whom I love is happy.
by theyoungestmin


[FACEBOOK] 140930 JYJ Official Facebook Update: Yoochun’s message for fans after today’s fansign event

 photo 140930cjesjyjfb.png

[TRANS] This is Yoochun
Here is everyone who was with us today for a short time, thank you very much
I hope everybody will always be healthy and happy
I heard stories about fans helping and caring for each other and was touched
I hope you always help each other that much

 photo 148780_667397493355618_3222192482769332650_n.jpg

Source: CJESJYJ  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu saying Hi....


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JYJ at Fansigning Eventat Yongsan I'Park Mall

More Here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ Fansigning Event at Yongsan I'Park Mall (9/29/... http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/09/jyj-fansigning-event-at-yongsan-ipark.html?spref=tw


Fashion, food and JYJ in Gangnam

Festival to celebrate hallyu culture from Thursday to Sunday

kh closePublished : 2014-09-29 20:43

Updated : 2014-09-29 20:43

Gangnam is hosting its annual hallyu festival from Thursday to Sunday, presenting a K-pop concert, fashion shows, a food festival and an international marathon for expats and locals.

In its eighth year, the Gangnam Festival celebrates hallyu culture, featuring K-pop group JYJ, top fashion designers and stores from the district’s hip and trendy Garosu-gil street. It also invites expats, foreign tourists and local residents to run together in a charity marathon. In celebration of the festival, department stores, hotels, restaurants and cultural centers in the district will offer discounts of up to 60 percent.

“The Gangnam Festival has evolved from a local festival to an international celebration of hallyu, fashion and culture. I hope the district of Gangnam will gain a reputation as the destination for ‘hallyu tourism,’” said Shin Yeon-hee, mayor of Gangnam-gu.

Gangnam gained worldwide attention when it was featured in Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” whose music video has hit 1 billion views on YouTube.

The festival will start with a fashion event on Thursday, featuring the works of young, established and international designers. Twenty teams of young designers will showcase their creations and compete in a fashion contest.

Gangnam Festival includes fashion shows, a food fair and an international marathon. Models present designers’ creations during the 2012 Gangnam Festival. (Gangnam District Office)

On Friday, Korean designers and shops on Garosu-gil will present a trend show to introduce the latest fashion and accessory trends. Renowned menswear designer Jang Kwang-kyo of CARUSO will showcase his creations at the show.

Top Chinese designers from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong will wrap up the fashion festival on Saturday, bringing their creations to the stage. To heighten the festive mood, residents in the Gangnam district will participate in a separate fashion show, showcasing diverse traditional costumes from around the world. For more information about the fashion festival, visit www.fashionfestival.or.kr.

The festival will also host the 12th International Peace Marathon, which is expected to draw more than 15,000 participants, including running enthusiasts, U.S. servicemen stationed in Korea and local and foreign residents. 

Participants in the International Peace Marathon run during the 2013 Gangnam Festival. (Gangnam District Office)
Local chefs offer food prepared on site during the 2013 Gangnam Festival. (Gangnam District Office)

The marathon will start at 8 a.m. on Yeongdong Boulevard in Samseong-dong on Friday. Participants can choose to run the full course, half course, 10 km or 5 km courses. Proceeds from the marathon will be donated to UNICEF and the Community Chest of Korea.

The street in front of the Korea Electric Power Corporation headquarters will turn into an outdoor restaurant after the marathon. Chefs from popular local restaurants will come out and serve their signature dishes from 10 a.m. on Friday.

Participating restaurants include Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, the Ritz-Carlton Seoul, Baenamugol, which specializes in smoked duck, Buenos Aires, bulgogi restaurant Samwon Garden, sushi restaurant Edogin and Chinese restaurant Yeonkyeong. 

JYJ will perform at a special stage on Yeongdong Boulevard in Samseong-dong, Seoul, on Sunday during Gangnam Festival. (Gangnam District Office)

The highlight of the festival is the JYJ concert starting at 7 p.m. on Sunday at a special outdoor stage on Yeongdong Boulevard. The scale of the concert is unprecedented as the entire seven-lane boulevard will be blocked for the two-hour concert. Started in 2011, the K-pop concert has featured top K-pop stars such as Rain, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, EXO and SHINee.

The Gangnam Grand Sale will be held throughout the festival, offering discounts of up to 60 percent at major department stores, hotels, restaurants and cultural centers in Gangnam. Discount coupons are available for download at the Gangnam District Office website (www.gangnam.go.kr). Coupon books are offered for free at the Gangnam Tourism Information Center as well.

By Lee Woo-young (wylee@heraldcorp.com) 

[Korea] Visit Medical Korea, a new platform for Korean Medical Tourism

Honorary ambassador JYJ (bottom right) (Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment)

The launch of Visit Medical Korea, an integrated platform for Korean medical tourism, will be held on October 1, 2004. Pop group and honorary ambassador JYJ will be in attendance during the opening ceremony.

Available in English, Japanese and Chinese, the Visit Medical Korea website provides up-to-date medical tourism information about beauty, herbal medicine, wellness, health screenings, and treatments ranging from minor health problems to serious illnesses. The site also contains travel information, medical tour packages, and a page where people can get online medical consultation.

As an opening promotion, the site is offering a 20 to 50 percent discount on medical checkups, treatments and medical tour packages. By registering on the website and leaving a comment, users will get a chance to win prizes such us flight tickets, hotel vouchers, discount coupons for medical services and more.
More Info

<Visit Medical Korea, an integrated platform for Korean Medical Tourism>
☞ Opening date: October 1, 2014 ☞ Event period: September 23 to November 22, 2014 ☞ Website: english.visitmedicalkorea.com (English, Japanese, Chinese) ☞ VisitKorea: www.visitkorea.or.kr (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German,
    French, Spanish, Russian)
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) 
Cr: Visit Korea

JYJ appointed as Medical Tourism Ambassadors

JYJ has been appointed as the Ambassadors for Korean Medical Tourism! Medical tourism is the travel of people to other countries for the purpose of health or medical treatment in that country, including cosmetic procedures.
Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) will complete their website, “VISIT MEDICAL KOREA,” (www.visitmedicalkorea.com) on October 1st. Once the site is up, people all over the world will have access to more accurate information about medical tourism in Korea. “VISIT MEDICAL KOREA” is seen as a method to increase Korea’s competitiveness in the medical tourism industry.
In 2012 159,000 people from 188 countries visited Korea for medical treatment. The Korea Tourism Organization claims that this rose to 399,000 in 2013 and will reach 998,000 in 2020. While there is general agreement that medical tourism is growing, not everybody believes the KTO figures as if true they would mean a huge increase from 2012 to 2013 of an additional 140%.
Soon after the KTO figures had spread globally, the Health Ministry said that just over 200,000 foreigners visited Korea for medical treatment in 2013.
On the October 1st, there will be an opening ceremony held at TIC where the KTO will award medical institutions that have greatly contributed to medical tourism in Korea. Moreover, the Korea Tourism Organization will officially appoint JYJ as the ambassadors of medical tourism.
Source: Sports Seoul, IMTJ

Updated: JYJ at Gangnam Trolley Bus Tour Interview
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