How can you possibly celebrate Thanksgiving without giving thanks to Jaejoong's tongue? I mean, it's practically a rule at this point that every year we must acknowledge and give thanks to his inability to keep that tongue of his in his mouth. Below are 7 GIFs to show just how thankful we really are.
7. The slow-motion and HD look of this gif is destroying my life! I really hate him O.M.G #JJiLoveYouSoMuch

6.  Because he's wearing glasses, which means he's automatically a tutor, imagine sitting with him and watching him do this as he's about to explain why you're stupid and will never pass your test. Little does he know you're getting the answers wrong on purpose in order to keep him as your tutor FOREVER.

5. Someone help me live! His tongue and perfect jawline are too much! 

Watch Jaejoong's more serious side on Triangle:

4. Sweaty tongue action...I'm really thankful.

3. Everything is perfect here! His tongue, his hair, his face, his smile, and the cute Line (chat app) bear behind him!

2. I love his eyeliner, and this is one of those hypnotizing GIFs that you can't stop staring at.

1. Tongue sighting from afar accompanied by a sexy walk and eye gaze for the camera! #Destroyed

How thankful are you right now? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE