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To all Chunsa/JYJers….
Ahhh…..We’ve already at 2nd part… fast…..
My Hello’s for this eps is like what happened on this eps, hacking thinghy n We knew something new about Bo Won.
My fav pic on this eps is from TaeBo’s scene. Aahhh…..on this 2nd part, it was Bo Won who help Tae Kyung 1st. I like it that she always there everytime he needs help. He looking at her eyes n maybe say “Thank You” with his gaze. No need a word for it. They understand each other. N I like that he just following BW.
Lets begin…


Han Tae Kyung…
Ooo….thats so scary when U feel there is something behind U n it was somone whom flying without nothing n die and OMO….just got hit then fall then got another hit on th face……ahhh….poor Tae Kyung….
Many expression from Tae Kyung….I like that we can know his feeling by just read his face’s expression.
I think his “Yes” kinda shocking coz its kinda he answer that question….even though later he was actually answer the other question.
I like that TK didnt still calm on the interogation…n the screencap looks like focus to his lips. XD..
Shouting n even hit the table…..I like that he follow Bo Won’s advice. He should expressing what he feel. Dont just keep it on his heart.
Angry and after that thinking what should I do?…
Yo…..another under cover style.
N the ChunFace while fighting. XD
N another fighting scene….Think on every eps, he will has fighting scene?
Yoon Bo Won
Oohhh Dear….I thought that we would not get ur scene on Wow….we got something new from Bo Won…..Will the writer tell Us why she resigned from Cyber Crime? I think cop for that division only at the head office? Mean…..only at Seoul? Why she’s back to her hometown? N actually we dont know is that city is BW’s hometown or not? Why she decided “ONLY” became a country police officer?
Bo Won’s little action n I like it that she also kinda “afraid”…..thats so normal. XD…


Yoon Bo Won and Lee Cha Young…
Aahhh…..there was a reason why after we got this scene, they didnt give us right away what happened between them.
2 female character that I like n I never like both female from 1 drama. XD….Its usually I like the lead female or the 2nd lead. Both have strong character. N the different between them is the make up. XD…..
That time was the 2nd time they met but the question still the same. Where is Han Tae Kyung? XD….
Han Tae Kyung n Kim Do Jin
Wow…what a “promise” ?…….
A Man with his word…
Han Tae Kyung n Pres. Lee Dong Hee
Actually I was confused what Tae Kyung did between 2 trucks? LOL….Then I saw that black car, XD…
I like the 1st thing Mr. Pres ask was about his condition.
N also his decision…
Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won
I like their expression. Bo Won’s smile n Tae Kyung’s gaze.
Aahh…..the worry….
Think with his gaze like that, it was Bo Won who call him. LOL…..Yo, Tae Kyung….if U dont want someone worry about U, U should didnt answer her call n told her where are U now. LOL…..
The 1st expulsion. LOL…..n I like that BW still walking behind him. XD….
n oopss….Sorry Guys…..Not a really good caption n as always love the close shoot.
OO….Tae Kyung…why so stubborn? n U extrude her again.
Ahhhh…the 2nd time they watch TV together……
Wow…..that was the 1st time BW grab his arm. XD…
His expression kinda like doubt everything BW said. XD
I like TK’s expression….A person who give someone 100% trust will act like him.
N then the 3rd time…..Please Go Back…aahh…Poor Bo Wonie….
I think after the interogation his mind was full of many things. Feel Sad, Angry, Confuse n made him kinda “Blank” n then those reporter gave him many question. He is a person that never under the “spot light” n I think its kinda made him shock n kinda “freak out”.
But there U go….Our Heroine….hehe…Yo Tae Kyung….luckily she never obey everything U said. LOL…..3 times U ask her to Go Back but she still following U. XD….
Then We got the silence from Tae Kyung….
I like at the moment like that, BW didnt continue to push TK. She just let him go.
And then we got a surprise scene, LOL….coz he already ask her to go back 3 times, so I never thought that Tae Kyung will ask BW’s help. Hehe….
Did TK press his “pride” to ask her help or did he just realize that its better to use BW’s help than she always following him n investigate by herself. I like ur decision Tae Kyung. Teamed up is better than did it alone.
I like that TK did a little mistake when he led BW, hehe….he’s not used to watch many screen, hehe…
Ahh…I like that the writer gave them an obstacle. Think Tae Kyung cant say “Damn it or something like that… what he did just only close his eyes. Thank U for that so we can see ChunNi’s eye lashes, hehhe….
Tae Kyung, till now U still hasnt knew what is BW’s character? U can’t force Bo Won to do what U wanna her to do. She is an Unstoppable Bo Won, XD…


As always, my fav number.


Ahhh…..I knew it that he cant tell his name and there were 7 persons to wait for that.
Aahhh….so it was their plan. Actually I already guess about it but didnt think it was Mr. Pres who wrote that….
Ahh…what a realistic sentence.
Duuhhh…..Think the SS’s member instinct only apply for Mr. Pres…OMG…he was left alone there n think no one remember about him.
Fortunately Mr. Press remember about him but unfortunately his SS didnt remember him n can’t protect him.
Aahh…that’s right. Now, the prosecutor know about who were behind that accident n now its time to prove it.
I thought I misread the year on the pic…..n so they have a plan to make the 2nd accident.
Did U ever guess it was her who make that blackout happened ? Think with was happened on previous eps, its not that surprising.
Even though we should questioned her motif coz of her expression.
Especially with his expression n gesture…I knew that we will see someone that will be a very shocking thing for Tae Kyung.
N it really a shocking thing for Tae Kyung….he was on Panic mode but when saw someone that he know, he stop the Panic Mode n gave Us the shocking Mode…
He even just run n not remember about what he n BW did n just wanna see n know, that his eyes doesnt trick him n got the answer that what he see is real.
And the shout from someone that felt betrayed with someone he trust.


N we got the 2nd time of the ending from Tae Kyung n Cha Young….Is Cha Young can still be trusted by Tae Kyung?

To be continued…….

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