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XIA Junsu FLOWER concerts- Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya)

XIA Junsu FLOWER concerts- Japan

(Will Update Continuously)

Kim Jun Su successfully finishes his Asia tour in Nagoya

Kim Jun Su made a successful finale of his Asia tour in Nagoya.
On April 9th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "Kim Jun Su successful two finale shows of '2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT - FLOWER' at Kaishi Hall in Nagoya on April 7th and 8th.

'2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT - FLOWER' was officially commenced in Osaka early last month, and tickets for all the shows were completely sold out.

During the tour, Kim Jun Su toured around Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, meeting up with 150 thousand fans in total.

After releasing his 3rd solo album, 'FLOWER,' on March 3rd, the heat for the tour among the fans started growing even hotter, further indicating his colossal popularity once again.

After the album was released, Kim Jun Su held at least one 3-hour show every week, and he mesmerized the fans with an explosive performance for every show.

His set list included songs like powerful dance numbers like 'Incredible,' 'X Song,' and 'Out of Control,' and he also melted fans with sweet ballad numbers like 'My Night,' 'Butterfly,' and 'Love Breath.'

During the last two shows in Nagoya, Kim Jun Su mentioned about his colossal love for 'Unagi-don (grilled eel covered rice),' which is one of the most famous local cuisines of Nagoya.

Kim Jun Su also mentioned about his next drama, 'Death Note,' and he also spoke a few Japanese jokes that he learned recently. Afterwards, he started taking song requests from the fans, and performed the songs on the spot.

'FLOWER' album is the first solo album from Kim Jun Su in over one and a half year, and he deeply impressed his fans with even more upgraded performance.

With the 150 thousand fans that Kim Jun Su met in the seven different cities, Kim Jun Su shared memories and stories from his previous solo tours, recent activities, and other cities that he visited during the tour.

Before finishing the tour, Kim Jun Su said, "Last one month just flew by, and I earned so much energy during this tour thanks to everyone's amazing love and supports. I promise to keep doing my best to not let everyone's anticipation down."

Meanwhile, Kim Jun Su is going to hold encore concerts in Seoul on April 18th and 19th.

Kim Jun Su successfully finishes his Asia tour in Nagoya

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo
EN Star N News 

Junsu LIVE in Nagoya...Night 2 (4/8th)


X Song

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Genie Time: Dance Medley

Genie Time: Trying to wear the Pudding hat
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Genie Time: Don't Go 
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Love in The Ice
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Out of Control

Out of Control (4/7-4/8)

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Loving You Keeps Me Alive 

Live Tweets and Translations
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#XIAinNagoya DAY 2! Let's look forward to it!  

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#XIAinNagoya Omg! Showing DEATH NOTE TEASER!! 

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#XIAinNagoya Junsu listing the country he went for asia tour. when he say NAGOYA, everyone screammmmmm!~

Junsu: I went to eat Ungai rice today,although I didn't ate a lot.
Unagi rice is good for man!!!!

He ate 2 bowls of unagi rice saying this will make a better health.
Fans are now saying he is very pervertic~

Junsu saying the same old lines.
How’s the 3 song that I just sang?
It’s the final day in Nagoya, let's get high and end it~!

#XIAinNagoya PAPA Fan came to watch Junsu's Concert today!!!!! AND There is alot of Fanboy today!!!
Fans were all standing just now. Junsu told everyone to sit down as it is the best way to listen to it!!! 
Fanboy teased JUNSU!

Junsu say he wanted to make an adult con. Only ppl with age above 20 can come and attend it!!!

Junsu said something wrong and he laughed shyly #XIAinNagoya

Junsu: He will be enlisting soon after and will be back as a man.  T____T 

Junsu saw a fanboy and he ask for his name. HIS WHOLE FAMILY CAME TO WATCH JUNSU CON! 
That fanboy is only 20 this year, Junsu then say he wants to teach him to be a real man.

Japanese fans all stand up when Junsu is singing butterfly~~~
omg! Fans are full of enthusiasm~~~~!!

150408 #XIAinNagoya Genie Time 1st - Don't go away!!!!!!!!!!
Fanboy gave Junsu a pudding cap and requested him to wear it!! DID HE WEAR IT? I NEED PICSSS!

Fan requested Junsu to “Act cute” but he rejected. He say he can’t!!  fans then requested him to act eating the pudding & post it on twitter

#XIAinNagoya Junsu and the Pudding hat! Fans ask him to act eating the pudding and pose it to twitter!!  

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#XIAinNagoya Genie Time 2nd - Doushite! Why Have I Fallen For you~~!!!
#XIAinNagoya Genie Time SET LIST! (For now,will add on)
1) kajima (Don’t go)
2) Wear pudding hat
3) Doushite (Why have I fallen for you)

#XIAinNagoya Genie Time 3rd - Asu WA Kuru Kara
#XIAinNagoya Genie Time 4th - Wasurennaide!!!!! OMGGGGGGG

[FANCAM] #XIAinNaogya
Junsu sang <Doushite,why have I fallen for you> During Genie Time!
(耳朵親) …

[FANCAM] 150408 #XIAinNagoya Junsu sing <Wasurenaide>
(耳朵親) …

Junsu didn't sing Stand by you.

#XIAinNagoya Genie Time Setlist!
1) Don't Go Away
2) Wear Pudding Hat
3) Doushite
4) Asu wakuru kara
5) Wasurenaide
6) Dance Medley

Junsu say there’s no chair for him to dance JYJ backseat!

#XIAinNagoya Genie Time Dance Medley!
1) Reason
2) Xiahtic
3) Valentines
4) X Song
5) Fever
6) Be The One
7) Intoxication
8) BackSeat

Junsu say he wants to meet Yoochun~ ^^ #XIAinNagoya kya! 

150408 #XIAinNagoya Junsu teasing Bodyguard (Wonshik) KYA~~ 

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150408 #XIAinNagoya Junsu's 3rd stage of puberty! KYA!  

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150408 #XIAinNagoya Junsu teasing fans again! Opening R19 adult concert!  

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#XIAinNagoya Special Stage - Love In The Ice!!!!!!!

#XIAinNagoya Junsu talk about his past about how difficult life was during that period. 
Junsu said, last time even if they are injured or sick they still have to attend the shows.
Junsu: Recently he had to fly to korea,japan,china many times. Sometimes he will be confuse where he is at now.
Recently he kept thinking negatively. For example, as an idol, we can’t do a lot of stuff that normal idol can do.

Junsu: During my debut, there’s some time where I feel sad. I only wanted to sing on stage but why this happen?

I need to put on a smile even when I’m not in a good mood. To be honest, it’s very tough.
But now, I have change my mind.
I feel very grateful. There’s good point in being an artist too.

Becoming an artist, I’m able to sing in front of so many ppl,I felt very happy & blissful to be able to sing in front of so many people


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Every Concert, I always try my best to see everyone's face.Although i am not good at remembering names, but i can remember looks well
When we meet, I am not able to say out your name but I will remember where we had met! 

#XIAinNaogya  Junsu: My heart is actually around the age of a high school student.

#XIAinNaogya Loving You Keeps me Alive!!

#XIAinNagoya Junsu say Bye bye.  After that he played tu tu tu tu. Kya!!!

[FULL AUDIO  DL LINK] 150408 #XIAinNagoya (JYJCN)
Audio: … DL Link:

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[TRANS] 150407 Nagoya Concert Day 1: Junsu’s ments

Everyone, have you missed me? I wanted to meet you all in Nagoya. Starting with Osaka, Seoul, Shonghai…Ah, Shanghai? haha, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and today, Nagoya! I’m finally in Nagoya. It’s the last stop in my tour.

It’s the day before the last today, because tomorrow is the last day. It feels like the last day to me though. I will work hard as I feel that way! Ah, it’s my first time in Gashi Hall? It’s been a while? Ah, I was sitting in the dressing room, and I remembered having fun with my members. haha

I’ll sing a new song from my new album now. Ah but, it’s kind of weird to say a ‘new’ song from my ‘new’ album right? haha. Please listen, X Song. (he’s poking fun at his Japanese skills ^^)
I want to master Japanese, but it’s quite tough. I will work hard until the day I come close to mastering it ~audience claps~

Truthfully, I’m not ‘hot’ recently, because I’m lonely… You might not know, but I’m already 30 years oldㅠㅠ I want to become ‘hot’ but you always say I can’t. Aren’t you guys being too much? Telling me to get married at 77… Telling me to live life alone while you all have boyfriends.. or husbands.. You all have lovers right? ==! You have them!!!!!! Since you’re all here… I’ll put that energy into my concert today. Ah, but it’s something I always say but, for real, I… my real side!! I’m ready to show you all my real side in full. I’ll resist today though, because there are middle and high schoolers here.. But I’m a healthy 30 year old man.. Recently, my third… ah what should I call it; shall I call it the 3rd? My 3rd growth phase has arrived. My dreams are often… and often when I’m lying on my bed after concerts too… well, it’s good to experience many things as an artist right? I’m sorry hahaha. Well until the day we can talk about deeper things together… Let’s do that together. The day all my fans become adults will come right? For sure…? There are middle and high schoolers right now but…. if you all become adults, I’ll show you some glamorous performances and outfits.

Seems like there are a lot of men today? Ah.. I could see you since a while back! Are you married? …… He said he’s married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you first come to my concert? With you mom? sister? Ah, someone recommended to you? Ah, it’s exactly the middle of my concert right now. How is it? Is it alright? Haha thank you.

(To a fan who he recognized) Ah, Nagoya!! You came again? You went to Fukuoka too? You came to all my concerts? Ah… is that your mom next to you? But seriously, there are a lot of men in the audience today. Why is that…

(Introducing Genie Time) Recently, this part that makes me more nervous than my performances and singing… I’ll do everything as usual today too!

(Genie Time Wish #1) It’s my favorite song from the first musical I did… Will I be able to sing it well…haha. It’s a song from the musical Mozart. ~I Am, I Am Music~
(Genie Time Wish #2) Wah, it’s a song from a long time ago. Ah… this song.. Ah. You’re my melody? Ah it’s in Japanese. ~audience laughs~ What can I say.. it’s from 7 years ago…. ~You’re My Melody~
(Genie Time Wish #3) Ah. This is from a long time ago. You’ll forgive me if I can’t sing it well right? Stolen my soul~ haha. Is this really a song I sang before? haha. ~Tonight~
Ah, everyone, the segment is like this haha. Ah… it’s… kind of… it’s a segment where I don’t know what comes out. Okay, last one! What should I do? In Japanese? Hm? Ah what Japanese song would be nice? Ah… yeah my face is very red right now, right?

(Genie Time Wish #4) Please dance~ Songs I don’t know could come out though. Is that okay? (to the staffs) Are you ready? ~random play dance~

I really see a lot of men in the audience today. (male fan screams JUNSU!!!) Ah, are we doing this already? I’ll hear the men first. Everyone! Do this! In unison! alright? Women, you can’t yell JUNSU (pretending to be male) alright? Okay. Men, go!
Ah should I do people in their 10s too? 20 year olds can’t participate, only up to 19 year olds. Let’s do newborns to 19 year olds.

Then, shall we do 20s, 30s, 40s too? Why? Okay, let’s do 20s, 30s and 40s, go! Ah, most of you are in this category haha. Lastly, let’s do 50s and 60s. Age is age but strength is still strength. Do as much as you can, okay? haha You can yell quietly as well, just do as much as you can. Alright, go! Ah, don’t go (slowly) Juuuunsuuuuu, say it quickly, Junsu!!

Ah, I really like Nagoya, because there’s hitsumabushi in Nagoya.. haha. Though I just got to Nagoya yesterday, I’ll definitely go eat it!!!! Is there anyone who hasn’t ever had hitsumabushi before? Oh? You haven’t had it? Why…? Isn’t it delicious? Ah.. you had monja? Why? That’s Tokyo’s… Are you from Tokyo? Ah, no wonder. But a Korean here (referring to himself) has even had hitsumabushi… If you come to Nagoya, you must have hitsumabushi. I came to Nagoya for hitsumabushi… Ah, but you all can have hitsumabushi in Tokyo too. Everyone here can eat hitsumabushi at any time.. I envy you haha.

I’ll be performing as L in the musical Death Note starting in June. Another video must’ve been revealed today right? haha. (fans say ‘give us your towel’) Ah, you want my towel? But my sweat is all over it… I do want to give it to you but if I throw it, it could become dangerous for you all..

This is something I’ve talked a lot about recently. Doing 3 day 2 night concert sometime… 2 nights with everyone! haha. Ah concert tour? This probably won’t work as a tour..? It’s a bit hard to do as a tour… Washing up? Ah, then I’l build a huge bath house…? What will you all wear to bathe? (audience shouting ideas) bikini? towel? Ah.. but if you bathe with just a towel it’s kind of… ;; Okay, I’ll really move on to the next song now haha (audience goes EHHH??) ah, you are all so good at acting. Seriously, your acting is amazing.


Source: @_WithXIA  
Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation

Press Pics

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Photo with dancers, staff, bodyguard...
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Junsu LIVE in Nagoya (4/7th)

Pictures and Fancams (Will Update as more HQ pics and fancams become available)

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Genie Time: Tonight

Genie Time: You're My Melody
Via  marii y

Genie Time: Dance Medley 

Out of Control
Via  marii y

Love in the Ice
Via  ohmyjuncom

Junsu Talk "But I'm not erotic!"
With English subs
Via  marii y

Live Tweets and Translation by Vichellelicious
or as tagged

Inside Venue!

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RED OCEAN! Spectacular stage! Flower MV on screen! (missionxiah)

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Junsu pronounced Shanghai wrongly and said "last day" instead of "final day" again~~ >__<

JS: "This venue is smaller than Tokyo. I came here before, this place reminds me of the past..."
 JS: "While I was at backstage earlier, I recalled being with a member in the past."

JS: "I speak very good Japanese 5 years ago, now it's in a mess. Everyone can understand what I'm saying?"

Fan boy at Junsu's concert! Ahjusshi maybe? LOL~ (耳朵亲)  

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JS introducing <My Night>: "It’s a song in the whole album that’s the most soulful..."
JS: "Everyone should listen <My Night> like as if you’re lost in a jungle and feeling unease..."
JS: "Recalling back the sufferings and plights you’ve once encountered."  

JS: “How was last night? Cold? Hot? I’m not beside u, you guys able to feel hot? Feeling very lonely recently, wanna get hot.”

There's about 10 fan boys around fan's seat! A fan boy shouted: "Marry me, Junsu!!!" *____*
JS: "There’s a lot of fan boys today~~ Are you guys married?" Fan boy shouted: “Not yet~!!!”
JS: “You’re lying!! I’m sure you’re married!! We’ll talk again later!!”  

1st thing Junsu asked during Genie Time: "Is there anyone here for the 1st time, why you come?" ><

That fan boy who gave Unagi Rice to JS came 2day again. JS pointed at him & shouted: “Nagoya! Unagi Rice! U’re here again!"
JS: "You came to Fukuoka right? Came right?” JS then pointed thumbs up to that fan boy!  

Genie Time 1: JS sings "I Am Music"~
Genie Time 2: Fan request Junsu to imitate Yoochun! >___<
Genie Time 3: Junsu sings "Tonight"~ OMG!

After singing “I Am Music”, JS asked fans: “What do you want me to do?” Fans: “Shake hands!” JS: “I can’t shake hands~”
Fan boy: “Imitate Yoochun!” JS: “You suddenly asked me to imitate Yoochun, what should I imitate?! I don’t even know…”

GENIE TIME LIST! 1) I Am Music 2) You’re My Melody 3) Tonight 4) Dance Medley
GENIE TIME DANCE MEDLEY! 1) Be The One 2) Tarantallegra 3) Mission 4) Mirotic 5) Fever 6) Incredible 7) Somebody To Love

[FANCAM] JS sings "You're My Melody"~ (耳朵亲)

JS wants to hear fans’ voice. 1st is fan boys → fans in 10s → 20s, 30s, 40s to shout together → 50s to shout casually.  
JS: “You guys don’t shout so loud, softly will do, something like those voices in a haunted house..."
JS then tried shouting softly and said: “Why do I sound like a gangster?”

JS says he loves Unagi Rice the most in this whole wide world! His most favourite food!

JS: “News have already been released? I’ll be performing in <Death Note> Musical as ‘L’ in June, all must come and watch yah!!"

JS sings "Love In The Ice" again~~ Soulful voice~~ T___T

JS talked about 3D2N concert and said he wants to turn the venue into a huge bathing house. JS: “What will everyone wear?"
Fans: “Wrap ourselves with towel only!” JS: “I can't focus on singing! Please wear something that won’t distract me!”
Pretty Red and Blue Ocean for Junsu today~ Thank you everyone! (missionxiah)

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JS: "The song I sang just now is “Breathing in Love”, does everyone have a partner that can exchange “Breathing in Love”?"
JS: "Do you have a boyfriend or husband? Fans: “No!!” JS: “Those who shouted no is the most suspicious!”
Fan: “I broke off with my boyfriend!” JS replied excitedly: “Who? When? Is it because of me? But I’ve not done anything..”
JS: "You came to my concert after breaking off, don’t blame it on me! Everyone don’t allow me to marry..."
JS: "Only let me marry when I’m 77 years old, but by then I won’t be able to have kids..."
JS: "I still wanna see my baby! Wanna teach my baby to sing and perform in musicals!"
JS talks about his relationships, do you believe him?

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JS: “JJ has already enlisted, the next is YC, and I’ll be the last one. You won’t be able to see us in 2-3 years..."
JS: "You will see the real us when we return. JYJ and myself will put in a lot of effort to achieve this."

[DL FULL AUD] D1 Concert! (JYJCN)


Small fan boys formed "XIA" name at concert today! So cute! (amu_xoxo)

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Almost all goods sold out! Only left with lightstick, big size towel, apron and poster~ >< (tanpopo1215) 
Via Vichellelicious

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Junsu at Rehearsals in Nagoya, Japan

Junsu in Nagoya, Japan

어느덧 2015 아시아투어 마지막 도시, 나고야 공연만을 앞두고 있네요. 공항에서 반겨주신 많은 팬분들 고맙습니다^^ 내일 공연에서 만나요!
The last 2015 Asia Tour City Nagoya concert is left now. Thank you so much for the warm welcoming in the airport. See you at the show tomorrow!


Junsu Twitter Update


나고야간다!미러안에 나 또 있다~~ 
[Trans] Going to Nagoya!It's also me in the sunglasses~~
Via rubypurple_fan

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Junsu in Fukuoka, Japan (3/31-4/1/15)

XIA Had A Successful Concert In Fukuoka

[by You-bin Ha] 
XIA performed solo for the first time in Fukuoka. His agency, C-Jes Entertainment, said that XIA hel his concert ‘2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT FLOWER’ for 2 days with more than 10 thousand fans.

Fukuoka was actually the 3th city of his Asia tour and even if it was the first time doing the concert alone, fans' interest was the same as usual. XIA was very excited to have this time with Fukuoka’s fans and said that he wanted to make a very special time with them to keep it as a remembrance.

He began to sing ‘Incredible’ and continued with ‘X-Song’, ‘F.L.P’ and ‘Out of Control’. He also sang the acoustic version of ‘Love In The Ice’, arranged specially for Fukuoka. XIA’s concert has a trade mark to make the concert more enjoyable: Genie time. It’s a special corner during the concert when XIA grants fans’ wishes and fans often ask something comical to make him embarrassed.

At this time, XIA sang some songs from musicals ‘Dracula’ and ‘Elisabeth’ and also did some Japanese slapstick. Fans were really happy and had a pleasant time to see him doing all the wishes frankly.

XIA also showed the strong friendship between JYJ by talking about Jae-joong, another member of JYJ, who joined the army on March 31. He wishes that Jae-joong will come back with a better figure and sang the last song for him.

Meanwhile, XIA continues his last concert of the Asia tour in Nagoya on April 7 and 8. Then the encore concert will be organized in Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium on April 18 and 19. (photo by C-Jes Entertainment)



Genie Time: Song from Dracula

Love In The Ice
Via  withxiahcom

Junsu talks about Jaejoong's enlistment
Via  Linh Chi


Audio w/ Eng translations
Via  marii y
Loving You Keeps Me Alive (4/1/15)

Genie Time: Speaking like a cat and baby

Genie Time: My Everything

Genie Time

Out of Control

Some Tweets and Translations:

3/31/15 Concert
From Vichellelicios

JS said he was connected to rap when he was a trainee back then, he don't know when he ended up singing only~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
JS: "I really want to challenge to rap, I'm not saying it for fun. I ever showered and rap at the same time..."
JS: "If I could return back to 10 years ago, I will definitely make more effort in rapping."

JS: "How is everyone feeling? Was it hot yesterday? I felt it was really really hot (eu-kyang-kyang away~) Fans: “Why?”  
JS: “Because I never turned on the aircon. Why keep persisting to ask? Eu-kyang-kyang~~~~"
Fans shouted that they're very tired in the morning, JS asked why very tired in the morning! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!!! ><

JS: "I had my 2nd puberty recently, I'll dream at night… Its content… I better not say it… Self-imagine… (eu-kyang-kyang)" >_<
Genie Time 1: JS sings "Sakurairo Maukoro" by Mika Nakashima~
 Genie Time 2: JS SINGS <FOREVER LOVE>!!! OMG~~~
Genie Time 3: <LIFE AFTER LIFE> from Dracula Musical!!! 

GENIE TIME LIST! 1) Sakurairo Maukoro by Mika Nakashima 2) Forever Love 3) Life After Life 4) The Longer I Live

JS asked which song he should sing from Dracula Musical, he says he will sing all 3 instead...  
As JS needs to sing and act at the same time, he ask fans not to look at his face as his expressions will exaggerate...
So the 3 songs he sang from Dracula Musical are: 1) Life After Life 2) The Longer I Love 3) Fresh Blood

JS talked about food after Genie Time. He first talked about Fukuoka’s ramen, Nagasaki’s snacks.
Fans said snacks are from Kyushu. JS says they have it in both places and asked how far is Nagasaki and Kyushu.

WTF!!! JS singing <LOVE IN THE ICE> now!!! *_____*
JS: "Thank you all for being so passionate. A pity it's the last song. A special song for every1 as a gift, LOVE IN THE ICE."

JS asked a fan abt marriage. Fan said she's waiting for JS. JS yelled and said she’s a liar! I’m certain you have kids! HAHA~

Junsu talks about Jaejoong enlisting today... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ   
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[FULL AUDIO] D1 Concert! Crisp clear~ (FAY)

4/1/15 Concert
From Vichellelicious

JS: "I wanna challenge all sorts of performances. R18 concerts…" Fans: “No!!!”
JS: “Why not? Because not adult yet? In this case how long more do I have to wait? 3 yrs? Let’s do it in 3 yrs time~"

JS: "Next song is… Ah? Ah~~ I haven’t talk enough? What do you wanna listen then? Ahh congrats me on my marriage?"
Fan shouted: “Marry me!!!” JS: “Ahhh… I can’t marry an non-adult now hahahah~ Compared to marriage, music is now…”

GENIE TIME LIST! 1) Talks in baby voice 2) Some parts of Dracula musical songs 3) My Everything 4) The Last Dance

JS: "We can do many things if I really open a 3 days 2 night concert~ Time will be well-spent. But how about everyone?"
JS: "Can everyone come? Outfit? What should we wear? Let’s just wear white clothes, by the time the concert ends..."
JS: "Your clothes will turn black, your parents will then find out…" 

Press Pics

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Junsu in Rehearsals...Fukuoka concerts
오늘도 즐겁게!

XIA In Tokyo Concert With More Than 33,000 Fans 
[by You-bin Ha] Yesterday, XIA made another successful concert with his Japanese fans at Yoyogi National Gymnasium located in Tokyo. After the concert in Osaka, the tickets for Tokyo were also all sold out, which proves his popularity in Japan. The concert was special since he sung his 3rd album’s songs like ‘Flower’, the title song of the album, ‘X-Song’, ‘F.L.P’ and more.

The staff said that fans adore him and it’s amazing to see the result even if he never performed on TV shows. XIA’s performances are always hot and complete which make Japanese fans keep coming to see him.

Meanwhile, the tickets for XIA’s encore concert in Seoul will be released tonight at 20:00 on Interpark. (photo by C-Jes Entertainment)



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XIA~ FLOWER Live in Concert-Tokyo Night 3 (March 26)


X Song

My Night
Via  ohmyjuncom

Genie time: Taxi

Genie Time: Picture of You
Via  iroha 1215

Genie time: Really
Via  iroha 1215
Genie Time: Dance medley

Kiss talk
Via  iroha 1215

Tweets and Translations by Vichellelicious

JS: "Today is Tokyo's last day..." Everyone laughed as it should be said as Tokyo's final day. LOL~~

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JS: “Next song is <My Night>, it’s a song in new album that goes right into the soul..." 
JS: "Hope everyone can sit down quietly and let me listen.. Fan: “Wrong wrong..” JS: “..Oh, let you guys listen?”
Fans: “Correct!” JS: “I sing for you guys to listen, you guys teach me Japanese, not too bad~”  

Few ladies shouted really loud, JS ask them thrice if they’re a real man. JS then laugh out & said: “You all are really cute~"

Genie Time: Fan request JS to sing <TAXI>, he didn't know how to sing and fans sang for him to hear. He's singing it now!

JS: "<Butterfly> is a song written by my brother, Junho. I feel healed every time I sing this song."

Genie Time 2: JS singing <REALLY> now!!!

JS: “Is there anyone here for my concert for the 1st time? What’s the reason? How do you feel?”
A fan said: “I watch musical before, this my 1st time watching concert.” JS: “You originally like musicals?” Fan: “Yes~”

Genie Time 3: Junsu sang <Picture Of You>! OMG~~~ T___T
Genie Time 4: Junsu sing and dance <INTOXICATION> now!! SWAY THAT BODY!! >__<
OMG!!!!!!!! DANCE MEDLEY!!!!!!! PURPLE LINE >__<
GENIE TIME DANCE MEDLEY! 1) Intoxication 2) Purple Line 3) Turn It Up 4) XIAHTIC 5) Tarantallegra 6) Wake Me Tonight

Junsu said recently when he have nightmares, he will dream of GENIE TIME, as this part of the concert makes him most nervous!

JS not only played “dududu” with fans, he asked fans to do gun pose and shoot him too! JS went “biubiubiu~~”

Junsu talking about his kiss scenes in his musicals... What kind of kiss would that be...  

Junsu said he didn't kiss the dancer during <Musical in Life> on stage~ He only acted like he did~ ^^
JS: “There’s many things we can’t do as artiste, however there’s many things you can do on stage, I take that as a bliss..."
JS: "Ever since I started acting in musicals, fans and people around me always ask me about kiss scenes..."  
JS: "Actually I didn’t really kiss, I didn’t stick my tongue inside, that is not counted as a kiss right?”
Fans: “Ehhhhh!!!” JS: “That’s only counted as a deep chuchu (kiss) right?” Fans: “Not counted!!!” 

JS: "I’ll sleep with everyone for 2 hours if I open 3D2N concert. I'll sing high pitch songs once I wake up.
JS: "It’ll be good to sing together with JYJ and BBQ on the spot as well. Bathe together? No cannot!"
JS: "If you guys really want to bathe, let’s turn the whole venue hall into a bathhouse!!!" ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

There'll be special performances in Fukuoka concerts! *___*
There'll also be special performances for Nagoya concerts too!! He will sing new songs!! O___O

During the last song, fans shouted their goodbyes (发送り出すOkuridasu), JS heard it as “reveal your butt” (お尻出すOshiridasu)!!!
Fans laughed like crazy and started asking JS to reveal his butt!!!

XIA~ FLOWER Live in Concert-Tokyo Night 2 (March 25)



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English subs by  Shia Kim

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Musical in Life
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Loving You Keeps Me Alive
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Genie Time: from Dracula "It's Over"
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Live Tweets/Translations
via Vichellelicious

JS: “Today’s the 2nd day in Tokyo, Tokyo is in the middle of my Asia Tour..."

JS: "Before that, it was Osaka, Shanghai, Thailand, and more to come. I’ll work even hard
as Tokyo is in the middle!" 

JS struggled with his Japanese again when introducing the song. He felt he’s being protected, and he can focus on singing.

JS asked if everyone is ready! OK? He said this is YC’s privilege/trademark, YC’s voice is very loud, his is very soft. >__
JS: “Let’s high 2day, every1 ready OK?” Fans: “OK!!” JS: “This YC’s lines, I not as loud as him. I ask softly, every1 ready OK?”

JS: “I sang <My Night> just now, how was everyone’s night yesterday?” Fans: “Very lonely!”
JS: “Why? Ahh.. Because I’m not beside you? Indeed... What is my image in everyone’s heart? Very cute right?"
JS: "Ahhhh... How can I say that I’m cute... (shy and squatted on floor)..."
JS: "I actually have many unknown images, those are all my cover-ups, I’ll show you after 30 years old."

Fan request Junsu to dance INTOXICATION!! Woohoo!! Please dance!!
JS: “It’s Genie Time now, is there anyone who’s here for my concert for the 1st time?” Someone raised hand... 
JS: “Why you come? Oh, with a friend? Are you your friend’s partner?” Fan denied. JS: “Hahaha... She calmly said “no”.”

During Genie Time, fan boy requests JS to sing <Beautiful Love>, JS said he sang before thus he doesn’t want to sing. LOL~~~

JS sang a bit of <It's Over> from Dracula.....and burst out laughing!!! Genie Time: 1) Intoxication 2) Story 3) It's Over

Fan boy who came to concert and gave Junsu Unagi Rice last year came again today! He dyed the same hair colour as JS!
JS saw his face and shouted: “Ahh! Unagi Rice! I remember you! You came again?” Fan boy: “I come to every of your concert!”
JS formed a "heart-shape" and showed it to him. JS: “Thank you! I like this fan.” 

JS disturbed his bodyguard again: “You guys don’t look at him like that, he’s actually younger than me..."
JS: "When I hear him (bodyguard) call me “hyung” now, I will still get a shock...”
Everyone started shouting “Junsu hyung~~” JS: “What are you guys doing!!!”

JS: “Someday I will make my dream of 3 days 2 night concert come true! We’ll eat Okonomiyaki on stage, I’ll make it for you!”

JS: “I’ve sang <Loving You Keeps Me Alive> for more than 30 times, I still feel like crying every time I sing it..."
JS: "Never once I could sing it properly as I will cry. Once I cried till mucus drip. I continued singing, with mucus."

Fan shouted at JS: “You’re very handsome!!!” JS eu-kyang-kyang till he kneeled on the floor....
JS stood up and said his appearance (looks) is actually not very good. He said when he first debut...
Everyone looked at photos of the 5 of them, pointed at JS and said, this person must be an awesome singer right?


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Talked about marriage & that newly-wed who went to Bora Bora, JS: “U dont let me marry, yet u are happily married, too much!”
JS: "I can’t be marrying every one!" Fan: “Marry your music!” JS: “Haha” Fan: “Marry YC!” JS: “What?! With YC?! No! I’m not gay”
S: "Sometimes I will see the comments in my video, some will say: "Is this person gay?" I am not!!! I am not gay!!!"

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XIA~ FLOWER Live in Concert-Tokyo Night 1 (March 24)


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X Song

Musical in Life
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 Oyagi gags
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Genie Time: 
Various songs including Don't Say Goodbye, Wasenuraide...)
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with English subs by  Shia Kim

Goose's Dream
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 Via iroha 1215

With English subs by Shia Kim 

Baby voice
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150324 RED OCEAN! So beautiful~~ Concert started! (duanmubu)   

Tweets and Translations by 

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150324 RED OCEAN! Junsu and fans fighting!!! (KISSJYJ)

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JS: “This is Yoyogi right? How long haven’t I been here?” Fans: “1 year!!” JS: “I haven’t been here for 1 year right.."
JS: "Other artistes will say “ahh we haven’t met for a year”, but I let you say it, it’s more meaningful right?”

JS took towel to wipe his sweat, after wiping he said: “Do you all want it (towel)? Everyone’s sweat is actually the same!"
JS: "I wanna give it to you all too but I’m afraid that you all will be in danger (fight over towel), so better not."

JS after singing <My Night>: “How was everyone’s night yday?” Fan screamed. JS: "I only asked if it’s hot, why you scream?"
JS: "I don’t have other meaning, maybe because I didn’t opened window & didn’t turned on the aircon that’s why I felt hot.."
Fan: “Cold!!” JS: “Why is it cold?” Fan: “Because JS is not beside us.” JS: “You’ll feel warm if I’m there?”

JS: “Is anyone here for my concert for the 1st time?” Someone raised hand, JS yelled: “What are you doing!!”
Fan: “I’m here 1st time for your solo con!” JS: “Oh ok, then why are you here for?”

Junsu sang <Don't Say Goodbye>, <Wasurenaide> and <Love Is>! T___T

All focus on Junsu, surrounded by so many fans!!! (KISSJYJ)  

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Junsu danced <Tarantallegra>! He went "dudududu" again with gun pose! Aigooo~~~

JS: “Fan boys, let me hear your voice!!” Fan boys: “Junsuuuuu!!” JS: “Fans in their 10s scream too!” Fans: “Junsuuuuu!!”
JS: “Let’s proceed with next song!” Fans: “Eh?!?!?” JS: “Oh there’s also fans in their 20s? Ok you guys scream too!”
Fans: “Junsuuuuu!!” JS: “Let’s proceed with the next song!” Fans: “Eh?!?!?”  

JS: “Oh there’s also fans in their 30s? Ok you guys scream too!” Fans: “Ahhhhh!!” JS: “Let’s proceed with the next song!”
Fans: “Eh?!?!?” JS: “Fans in their 40s shouldn’t force themselves... I think for the sake of your health..."
JS: "To prevent anyone from low-blood pressure or heart pain.... Alright~ You guys scream too~”

Butterfly~~ Fly high in the sky~~ (KISSJYJ)  

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Junsu sings <License To Love>! He says this song's lyrics is what he wanna say to all his fans. (KISSJYJ)  

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JS: “Very regretful that it’s the last song.” Fans: “Eh?!?!”
JS: “Every time when I say it’s very regretful that it’s ending, you guys “Eh?!?” I’m trying very hard to hide my regrets!"
Fans: “Eh?!?!” JS: “You guys always eh here and eh there!” Fans: “You reveal the secret!”
JS: “What have I revealed? Oh, it’s not really regretful actually, I acted that I’m regretful and you guys realized it?”

JS: “Still recalled I talked about 3D2N concert before? Let’s analyse how we can arrange this, anyone has any requests?"
JS: "Singing, dancing, 30 mins interval to go to restroom, this very impt right, not gd if u hold it in... (laugh very hard)
JS: "After that, sleep for 3 hours then continue to sing, can’t sing high pitch songs when I wake up~"

Fans: "Sleep 2gether! Bathe 2gether!" JS: "Eh?! Bathe 2gether? It's not right? Though I quite wanna bath 2gether, but still no~"

Press Conference


 photo 533x800xDSC_7140.jpg.pagespeed.ic.quef5yzqXk.jpg

 photo 533x800xDSC_7124.jpg.pagespeed.ic.nolZeaFOtA.jpg

More Here:  korepo

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Junsu arrives in Japan (Tokyo)


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Junsu at Gimpo airport to Japan

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