Saturday, April 18, 2015


U can read the Part A in HERE.


N here we go, our 2nd food of the day, hehe....MuRim eating on sync n it looks yummy...

I don’t know if the connection really playing game with me or not, coz it was always loading on every important moment. Hahaha.....Like I didn’t know what happened before coz suddenly the thing that I see was MG’s hand on CR’s hair.....OMG.....

But then MG destroy that moment, hahaha....

N CR, never ever tell about ur friend’s friend story, haha..

I like that she didn’t waste time to confront MG about what she really wants but unfortunately she did that on the right time.

ChuNi did amazing sleeping scene n I like that CR heard his msg to his sister n finally she know his sister name.  Hear his msg kinda like hear his heart n CR remember everything he said before. His precious sister n she can answer her own question before....yes, something bad happened.


MuRim using the same phone? MG change his phone. No longer THAT BLUE.

Is it the same bus stop? Or all bus stop in Seoul has that Butterfly? LOL


There U go the missing diary....ahhh....unfortunately Dr. Chun just believe everything JH said. But yeah, as a friend....he just give him that help but won’t interfere. So, he just keep it.

So, is it just a mistake or Det. Oh change CR’s year of birth? So, CR only 21 years old.....the difference age with MG is 8 years. It’s good. XD....

But I hope when he knows that CR is that Choi Eun Seol, he wont think CR as the replacement of his sister.  

Aigoo... JH will always as my suspect. The drastic change of his epression. It’s different with MG and added with that creepy background song. Aisshh...

N another ChunNi’s crying scene to be reviewed on my next article.

N wow....great acting ChunNi....

I’m glad she didn’t discharge him from the team n didn’t obey the rule.

N FINALLY....This scene...ahh...Love it...Thank You Writernim for give Us this scene.

Do we really need to know CR’s secret how she can take MG into that park? Hahaha...

It’s the reversal scene with the previous eps. Now it’s MG’s turn to sleep on CR’s lap n she’s fine with it. N I didn’t see this scene coz as always, loading on important moment. So I didn’t know the reason why suddenly CR’s face was so close to MG’s face....

LOL, why I didn’t think its because of the petal. Off course CR won’t dare touch his face coz it maybe can wake him up, so she think the better thing to do is blow it away. But for a “sensitive” guy like MG, yes, it can wake him than just a touch. XD

An ending that made our heart beat so fast like CR’s heart. XD 

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