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JYJ News Week of 4/6-4/12/2015

What's New With JYJ?

Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 4
by | April 12, 2015

There’s a brand-new murder to solve, which raises doubts about the Barcode Killer’s pattern and whether or not he’s become a loose cannon. Cho-rim makes herself even more valuable to Mu-gak as a partner, as she’s able to see clues that nobody else can see. But there are personal feelings starting to get mixed up in their partnership, which threaten to ruin everything.

Lieutenant Yeom stares at Cho-rim, seeming to recognize her as the missing daughter of the Barcode Killer’s victims. But before she can say anything, Mu-gak introduces her with the name he knows her by, Oh Cho-rim. He says she’s his friend, apologizing for her drunk state, and Yeom seems to accept that Cho-rim isn’t who she thought. She instructs Mu-gak to try to break Baek-kyung’s alibi, and heads home.
Mu-gak brings Cho-rim a coffee, but she ignores him and shuffles a lap around the room, then sits back on the sofa and collapses with her head in his lap. Aww, his befuddled expression is so adorable. He awkwardly scoots out from under her and watches her sleep with an interesting, searching expression on his face. 

In a dark room somewhere, a man wearing rubber gloves opens a surgical kit and selects a scalpel. His face is concealed behind a cap and hoodie. We see a body next to him, and he begins to carefully and precisely carve a pattern of lines into the person’s left wrist.

Cho-rim wakes up in the morning to find herself being observed by four curious faces, and jumps up in alarm. She’s still at the station, and the detectives are all regarding her with expressions varying from amusement to annoyance. They assume she’s some drunk who wandered in to sleep, but Mu-gak quickly corrects them, saying that Cho-rim is his friend.
She runs out in embarrassment, and Mu-gak follows, but by the time he catches up Cho-rim has remembered how he let her down the night before. She yells that she was kicked out of Frog Troupe because he never showed up for her audition, and she wells up with tears and tells him that her life is over now.

Mu-gak makes a snippy remark which earns him a slap, then a full-on fist to the jaw, but his non-reaction only reminds Cho-rim that he can’t feel pain. It’s not fair that she’s hurting so much, but she’s the only one that can feel it. She says that she assumes they won’t meet again, and leaves. He goes to the roof to think, where he’s joined by Detective Tak, who tells him he’s going to talk to Baek-kyung but that Mu-gak doesn’t need to come along.
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Yuchun stills from SBS


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Junsu arriving at EBS Space Studios...
Performing on TV for the first time in 6 years.


XIA Junsu's stage is ready...1st Music Program in 6 years

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Park Yuchun stills for Sensory Couple of #TGWSS


[PICS] 150407 Kim Jaejoong at Military Enlistment Entrance Ceremony

Part 1
Kim Jaejoong at Military Enlistment Entrance Ceremony on March 31th
Other private’s family member: “I’m sorry, I took pictures of Kim Jaejoong instead of you coz he was right in front of me”

Source: ramses4657
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3


Older picture of Jaejoong with a fan during Triangle filming...Sweet JJ

Realizing older fan taking photo of his back, came, took photo w her.
Triangle was hard but YD was best

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Kim Joon-Soo, “Musical ‘Death Note’, I’m going to make a character better than the original work”

  2015/04/12(Sun) 22:07

Kim Joon-Soo told how it is to come back on the musical with ‘Death Note’.
Kim Joon-Soo is coming back to musical stage with musical ‘Death Note’, which is the most expected work of this summer.
Kim Joon-Soo said how feels to take role of L through the official SNS of musical ‘Death Note’ on April 11th.
He said, “I’ve been an affectionate fan of original work ‘Death Note’ since I was little, so I expected a lot when I heard that it will be made into the musical. I feel great to act with attractive character L through this chance. In the original work, L has this strong image, but I will try to put everything of the character in me that I show musical’s L beyond the original work.”
Kim Joon-Soo made a debut with musical ‘Mozart!’ in 2010, and he became the representative musical actor in 5 years. How he will make success with musical ‘Death Note’ draws expectations.
Meantime, musical ‘Death Note’ is drawing an issue as the best actors like Kim Joon-Soo, Hong Gwang-Ho, Jeong Seon-Ah, Gang Hong-Seok, Park Hye-Na and more are going to be on the stage. It will be played from June 20th to August 9th at Seongnam Art Center Opera Theatre. 

[Photo=Musical ‘Death Note’ Interview video capture]


Jaejoong's sister's Twitter Update...
We miss him too sis...#WaitingforJaejoong

입대하기전에 편지를 주고 부대로 편지를 보내는건 처음이구나!누나 편지 속에 가족건강.팬들이 보내준 많은 이야기가 있으니까 힘을받고 끝까지 화이팅 하자!오늘 따라 우리 막둥이가 더 보고싶다.

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Junsu Twitter Update

세계 각국의 대통령 국왕 총리분들이 한데 모인 자리 세계 물포럼 개회식. 대표들의 각자 물의대한 논의와 대책마련의 연설을 듣는데 물을 우리 모두 아껴써야 한다는 생각이 들었다.그나저나 동시통역 너무 신기해

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Translations Via theyoungestmin


Junsu at Daegu Exco for 7th World Water Forum Opening Ceremony!

On way to venue

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as tagged

At Venue...With all the dignitaries from around the World...

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Via ohmyjun_com

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Junsu's hair stands out from the crowd...


Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 3
by LollyPip | April 11, 2015

Our duo grows closer as they work on Mu-gak’s case and Cho-rim’s audition, and they both finally come clean about how their past traumas have affected them. Rather than be put off by each other’s oddities, their confessions create a unique sort of kinship, even as they both start to realize their growing attraction. But there’s still a killer on the loose, and the search for the truth unearths more questions than answers as danger looms closer and closer.

Standing at the site of the accident, Cho-rim stares as she watched the missing girl Ma-ri’s signature scent ride from the ground behind Mu-gak, wafting off the road and toward the river below. She follows the scent and gets too lose to the drop-off, losing her footing, and Mu-gak quickly swings her away from the edge and into his arms. For the second time he holds her close a bit longer than necessary, and they both seem intensely aware of the other before they pull apart.
As Mu-gak steps backwards nervously, he trods on Cho-rim’s sunglasses where she dropped them breaking them clean in half. Her loud reaction irritates him and he reminds her that he just saved her life. He takes the pieces of the glasses, and redirects her attention back to Ma-ri’s scent trail. Cho-rim looks again, and points to the river. Oh no.

Out in the mountains, the chief (whose name is Detective Kang) directs his men as they search by using a bullhorn to project his voice, hilariously aiming it right at his detectives’ ears. He’s enjoying that too much for it to be entirely accidental, hee. Mu-gak calls to say he’s found the missing girl, so they all head to the riverbank where her car is being pulled from the water.
As Cho-rim watches from a distance, the detectives open the car door to find Ma-ri’s body in the car, as they feared. They call Lieutenant Yeom to the scene, and she curses as she confirms that Ma-ri has a barcode etched into her wrist — it’s definitely the Barcode Killer again. She asks Mu-gak how he knew the girl was in the river, but he just silently looks over towards Cho-rim (which the sharp-eyed Yeom catches).

The Chief of Police comes to inspect the scene, and orders a special investigation team to be created for this case. Detective Kang motions over his three lackeys, but when the police chief orders Lieutenant Yeom to head the team, the three hilariously sidle over to stand next to her instead. Yeom asks permission to include one more person on her team, and handpicks Mu-gak, to everyone’s surprise (including Mu-gak). 

Full Article/Link here:


#MissingJaejoong ...And #WaitingforJaejoong

[TRANS] As WELOVEJJ & LOVIN’JJ prepared for #Spy support project, they also prepared #Jaejoong questionnaire. Here is some of his answers:

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as tagged

Q1: What do you want to hear the most from your fans
1. The greatest god in the universe Kim Jaejoong
2. 2 years will pass by in a blink, don't worry
3. Jaejoong ah let's go eat ramyun
4. Powerful healing voice
5. Jaejoong ah we love you, thank you always
=> JJ chose 5. Jaejoong ah we love you, thank you always

Q2: What part of your body do you like the most
1. Ceramic-like skin
2. Pink jelly lips
3. Nice muscular body
4. Every part of my body is perfect
5. Other
=> JJ chose 5. Other and added: face, hands, body skin except legs

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Q9: We're waiting for your Japanese album. Will you release one in the future?
JJ: I'll try when I get back

Q10: If you're going to ask your fans a favor, what would it be?
JJ: I don't want to ask anything from you

Q11: This is last question. Please describe your care and love for fans in at least 10 characters
JJ: I don't think I can express it by letters.

Via The_Little_Pear

[TRANS] WeloveJJ & Lovin’JJ Q&A with Jaejoong During 'SPY' Support

by Ces
Q1: What do you want to hear the most from your fans (Choose from the following:)
1. The greatest god in the universe Kim Jaejoong
2. 2 years will pass by in a blink, don't worry
3. Jaejoong ah let's go eat ramyun
4. Powerful healing voice
5. Jaejoong ah we love you, thank you always

JJ chose 5. Jaejoong ah we love you, thank you always
Source [x]
Q2: What part of your body do you like the most
1. Ceramic-like skin
2. Pink jelly lips
3. Nice muscular body
4. Every part of my body is perfect
5. Other

JJ chose 5. Other and added: face, hands, body skin except legs Source [x]
Q9: We're waiting for your Japanese album. Will you release one in the future?

JJ: I'll try when I get back
Source [x]
Q10: If you're going to ask your fans a favor, what would it be?

JJ: I don't want to ask anything from you

Q11: This is last question. Please describe your care and love for fans in at least 10 characters

JJ: I don't think I can express it by letters.
Source [x]
Credit: WeloveJJ & Lovin'JJ  
Translated by: The_Little_Pear  
Shared by: PrinceJJ


[TRANS] News & Netizen Comments: Photos of Kim Jaejoong in the Army

by Ces
Recent photos of JYJ’s Jaejoong have been uploaded on the official website for the training squadron he is currently in.

In the released photos, the singer/actor is seen wearing his military uniform and beret while saluting. His handsome looks are still sharp despite the different environment.

The star’s sister shared these pictures on her personal Twitter account and wrote, “[He] is training well. [He] will become honorable soldier and will continue to be excellent until his release.”

The JYJ member enlisted on March 31 and is expected to be discharged on December 30, 2016.


A look at Kim Jae Joong's army life.. Handsome in military uniform 
1. [+180, -12] He looks more handsome than I thought... Really surprised me ㅠㅜ

2. [+155, -6] Kim Jae Joong is so awesome. Always cheering for you. I hope you maintain your health until the day you get discharged

3. [+147, -15] So handsome♡♡ㅠㅠㅠ But looks like he lost some weight. Please give them more food, not just seaweed, pork or fried rice ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+135, -6] He looks so good in uniform. He debuted at a young age so he worked nonstop without any rest. I hope you get some relaxation time~ Fighting^^

5. [+75, -3] The photo got me a bit teary-eyed. Are you doing well over there?

6. [+53, 0] Army life is difficult but be strong~ Work hard and then make a comeback~ Aja aja fighting

7. [+52, 0] Kim Jae Joong acts well and has an easygoing personality ㅋㅋ

8. [+52, 0] He's got that charisma. But why did you lose so much weight? ㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+45, -2] The beret looks good on him. Always be healthy

Credit: kkuljaem; soompi  
Shared by: PrinceJJ


Will Park Yoo-Cheon save SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama?

   2015/04/10(Fri) 23:24
Park Yoo-Cheon is saving SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama.
SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ with Park Yoo-Cheon rated 7.8% of national viewer’s rating and took back 2nd on Wednesday-Thursday drama with 4 episodes.
In the center of the success of ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’, there’s Park Yoo-Cheon. Park Yoo-Cheon’s one-man show that he works with comic, action, melo and all is the key engine of ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’.
Park Yoo-Cheon came back to dramas in a long time, and he is drawing viewers’ eyes with matured acting. From action acting to eating acting with drinking hot coffee and ramen, emotional acting with the loss of sister, and fresh romance, he enchanted viewers with various spectrum.
With the comeback of Park Yoo-Cheon, SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama has spring as well. Its previously drama ‘Hyde Jekyll, and Me’ rated the lowest viewers rating. However, ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ is taking care of the dark history of SBS Wednesday-Thursday dramas. 
[Photo=SBS capture from ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’]

With English subs via  Hyeri Haylee


Kim Jaejoong throughout the years
Via JaejoongArabFan

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[Trans] Our Jaejoong who can everything well, even in the army!!! ^^ hehe~ Hwaiting!!
Via KatHeartsJJ

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[INFO][The general schedule and contents of Education and Training in New Recruit Training Center]


Junsu Twitter Update...Sharing his Death Note interview clip...

2015 뮤지컬 '데스노트' (L) 인터뷰 영상: 마지막 엘


Scaps via ohmyjun_com


Saturday, April 11, 2015


This is my 3rd time making recap for ChunNi's drama but this is the 1st time that I knew about the concept that I want before I even decided to make it. LOL....Usually just flow with whatever his drama give it to me n it's none other than ChunFace. I knew that I want to chose 1 ChunFace on each episode, hehe....especially when I knew that his character is emotionless. But it's kinda hard to choose coz there are soooo many ChunFace. hahaha...

So this is my ChunFace of the day (3)...

OMG...Could U believe that just a blink of eyes, he can do that? hahaha...The moment when I was kinda “WOW....ChunNi kinda looks different" then BAM....the ChunFace. hahahahha......Speechless....XD

Choi Mu Gak
It’s NOT being PERVERT, just he gave Us something to see, XD...Kinda hard to make this screencap so I’m glad I can make it. LOL..........................
I really like this scene.
Wahh, their destiny. So, after 2 months coma, Det.Oh took decision to move CR into another hospital in Seoul. Coz we saw on 1st eps that MR's room still under guard. So, I think we can take conclusion, that time he still a Detective. I know that they put CR under witness protection program. But why Det. Oh is no longer as Police now? I think if someone under that program, the police whose responsible about the case, still working as a police. Not make a new identity. Does he has hidden agenda for adopt CR and saying that she died, beside wanna protect her ?  If he hasn't, he's really an angel.



Junsu Twitter Update...Missing JaejoongHyung

군대 가는 전전날에 찍은사진 벌써부터 위장약 바르고ㅋㅋ 형 잘지내지?보고싶소이다!!
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Junsu's Twitter Updates

Toscana in jeju 

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드림걸즈 보러간날 레인보우 멤버 재경이의 강아지 샵에서 매번 볼때마다 너무이뻐서 지나칠수 없는 강아지 저렇게 큰게 너무너무 순해 ㅎㅎ 날 저 큰 눈으로 멀뚱멀뚱 쳐다본다. 데리고 도망치고 싶다..흐

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한국에 와 밀린 냄보소를 봤다.이런 모습에 사람들은 유천이한테 이런 모습이 있었냐고 하던데 난 항상 봐왔던 너의 이런 매력이 비춰져서 너무 좋다.드라마 보는 내내 우리가 함께있는것같아.그나저나 왜이렇게 재밌냐

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Piggyback ride in ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ sparks rise in ratings

SBS TV Wed-Thu ‘‘ is fast gaining popularity among viewers, and the most recent episode on April 8th saw it setting a new ratings high thanks to the start of the romance between Choi Moo Gak and Oh Cho Rin.
In episode 3, Choi Moo Gak () was able to finally join the homicide investigation team, after getting help from Oh Cho Rin (), regarding the disappearance of model Joo Mari (Park Han Byul).
Choi Moo Gak was unable to join Oh Cho Rim for the audition because of work, and this causes the latter to be booted out of the gag company. Choi Moo Gak then gives Oh Cho Rim a piggyback ride back home, after the latter drowns her sorrow in alcohol. This particular scene recorded a high rating of 10.22 percent. Episode 3 also obtained an overall rating of 7.9 percent, and sees the drama moving upwards in terms of ratings.
The production team said, “In episode 3, Choi Moo Gak gives Oh Cho Rim a piggyback ride back home, and a romantic vibe between the two has started to form. Their relationship and the mystery deaths will see further developments in the upcoming episode on April 9th.”
‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ is an adaptation of a popular manhwa of the same name, and tells the story of a woman who has the ability to see smells following an incident, and a man who is unable to feel anything. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM (KST).
By: Alvin



Kim Jun Su successfully finishes his Asia tour in Nagoya

Kim Jun Su made a successful finale of his Asia tour in Nagoya.
On April 9th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "Kim Jun Su successful two finale shows of '2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT - FLOWER' at Kaishi Hall in Nagoya on April 7th and 8th.

'2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT - FLOWER' was officially commenced in Osaka early last month, and tickets for all the shows were completely sold out.

During the tour, Kim Jun Su toured around Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, meeting up with 150 thousand fans in total.

After releasing his 3rd solo album, 'FLOWER,' on March 3rd, the heat for the tour among the fans started growing even hotter, further indicating his colossal popularity once again.

After the album was released, Kim Jun Su held at least one 3-hour show every week, and he mesmerized the fans with an explosive performance for every show.

His set list included songs like powerful dance numbers like 'Incredible,' 'X Song,' and 'Out of Control,' and he also melted fans with sweet ballad numbers like 'My Night,' 'Butterfly,' and 'Love Breath.'

During the last two shows in Nagoya, Kim Jun Su mentioned about his colossal love for 'Unagi-don (grilled eel covered rice),' which is one of the most famous local cuisines of Nagoya.

Kim Jun Su also mentioned about his next drama, 'Death Note,' and he also spoke a few Japanese jokes that he learned recently. Afterwards, he started taking song requests from the fans, and performed the songs on the spot.

'FLOWER' album is the first solo album from Kim Jun Su in over one and a half year, and he deeply impressed his fans with even more upgraded performance.

With the 150 thousand fans that Kim Jun Su met in the seven different cities, Kim Jun Su shared memories and stories from his previous solo tours, recent activities, and other cities that he visited during the tour.

Before finishing the tour, Kim Jun Su said, "Last one month just flew by, and I earned so much energy during this tour thanks to everyone's amazing love and supports. I promise to keep doing my best to not let everyone's anticipation down."

Meanwhile, Kim Jun Su is going to hold encore concerts in Seoul on April 18th and 19th.

Kim Jun Su successfully finishes his Asia tour in Nagoya

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo
EN Star N News 

Complete Recap here: JYJ CAFFEINE: XIA Junsu FLOWER concerts- Japan (Nagoya...also Tokyo and Fukuoka...


Private Jaejoong in the army...
Is is too late for us to join that training?

:)) :\"> >:D<

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Yuchun filming #TGWSS
BTS pics




Park Yoo Chun Confirms “Lucid Dream” Movie

Park Yoo Chun Confirms “Lucid Dream” Movie

Park Yoo Chun will be returning to the silver screen with the movie “Lucid Dream.” He will be playing an important role supporting the lead actor Go Soo.
Last year, Park Yoo Chun made his film debut with “Sea Fog.” He portrayed naive Dong Shik who worked on a boat.

“Sea Fog” won many awards at various film festivals, so there is great anticipation for his acting in his next film.

“Lucid Dream” is a thriller about a father who finds clues in his dreams toward finding his kidnapped child. Seol Kyung Gu, Go Soo, Kang Hye Jung, and other actors will also be acting in the film.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun is currently acting in SBS‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells.”



Yuchun will appear in the upcoming movie "Lucid Dream" in a cameo role...

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[NEWS] Park Yoochun joins 'Lucid Dream', returns to silver screen just one year after 'Haemoo' …
 [NEWS] Park Yoochun returns to silver screen with 'Lucid Dream', first day of filming today … confirmed by CJES

NEWS from January, cast of 'Lucid Dream' includes Seol Kyung Gu, Go Soo and Kang Hyejung … STELLAR cast

Premise of Lucid Dream

A thriller in which a father whose child was kidnapped finds clues regarding the crime with the help of an assistant

[INFO] Yoochun starts filming for 'Lucid Dream' today. He will play Go Soo's assistant

[NEWS] Park Yoochun to cameo in 'Lucid Dream'. Movie's rep says 'not enough to say it's a silver screen return' …
'Lucid Dream' rep: The film centres around Seol Kyunggu and Go Soo. Park Yoochun will appear as a cameo. It's not enough to say that this is a silver screen turn for him. He plans on enlisting in the army after his drama, so it will be tough for a silver screen return right now.

Translations via ohmyjunsu 

Note: Sol KyungGu and Kang HyeYung are with CJeS as well...

Park Yuchun at "Lucid Dream" filming...

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Pics as tagged

Note: Yuchun and GoSoo at Blue Dragon Awards...
(Yuchun won one of his Best New Actor award for HaeMoo)
Via Heeeewon2


Photos of JYJ’s Jaejoong in the Military Revealed


Photos of JYJ’s Jaejoong in the Military Revealed

Recent photos of JYJ’s Jaejoong have been uploaded on the official website for the training squadron he is currently in.
In the released photos, the singer/actor is seen wearing his military uniform and beret while saluting. His handsome looks are still sharp despite the different environment.
The star’s sister shared these pictures on her personal Twitter account and wrote, “[He] is training well. [He] will become honorable soldier and will continue to be excellent until his release.”
The JYJ member enlisted on March 31 and is expected to be discharged on December 30, 2016.

Source (1) … 

Other Related News...

JYJ #김재중 photo of his military life revealed, 'perfectly sharp salute' …  

#김재중 Peeking on his military life, 'handsomeness' that radiates through the uniform … 

#김재중 seems more manly after serving in the Army for just a few days … 
Via crystalmoon64 

From AllKPop
JYJ's Jaejoong has been spotted in military photos, looking as handsome as ever!

Jaejoong can be seen above with other soldiers in the photos posted on the official fan cafe of division 1 of the recruits training battalion. The usually stylish and chic idol star definitely looks different wearing a beret and military fatigue.

The JYJ member also had an update for fans. He wrote, "I'm receiving training well," and"Until I get discharged after being a worthy soldier of South Korea, I will wrap things up in a commendable manner."

(Note: Jaejoong's sister actually shared those Pics and thoughts and not Jaejoong himself...)

Jaejoong's sister shares Private Jaejoong picture in the army...

전진~~ 나라의부름을받고 대한민국의남자로써 훌륭하게 군복무잘하고있습니다 대한민국의 훌륭한군인이되어서 제대하는그날까지 훌륭하게마무리하겠습니다 전진!
Advance. Receiving training well. Received photo as b-day gift. #김재중 Thanks n love you! 
Via crystalmoon64

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Glorious Kim Jaejoong captures...WWW DVD

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(출처 lime_hwaya)


#TGWSS Press Releases

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[Spoiler] 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' Park Yoo-chun reveals his past to Sin Se-kyeong, "I'm a monster too"


Park Yoo-chun revealed his past to Sin Se-kyeong.
On the third episode of SBB' Wednesday & Thursday drama, 'The Girl Who Sees Smells', Choi Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun) found out Oh Cho-rim (Sin Se-kyeong)'s odd-eyed and then he shared his painful history with her as well.
Choi Moo-gak could discover Joo Ma-ri's dead body thanks to Oh Cho-rim and could join Yeom-mi's investigation team. Later Choi Moo-gak gave Oh Cho-rim's sunglasses he had broke to her and said, "I'm sorry for the broken sunglasses. It was almost impossible for me at my current rank to get into the homicide unit"
While Oh Cho-rim was playing with the sunglasses, her contact lenses popped out of her eyes.
As Oh Cho-rim's odd eye was revealed, a child in the restaurant started calling her a monster and Oh Cho-rim ran away. Choi Moo-gak ran out after her and grabbed Oh Cho-rim. He said, "No need to run away. I'm a monster too, I'm an alien".
Choi Moo-gak said, "I had a younger sister. But now I don't have one. She died three years ago. Her throat was slit in a hospital. I felt suffocating and I couldn't sleep much. So I fainted. When I went to work at aquarium on that day, I fainted right after I got into the water. When I was taken to a hospital, they concluded I was dead medically. But I woke up in ten days. But I lost all of senses. Even when my forehead was torn, it didn't hurt. I cannot smell and I can't taste even. Most of my senses are gone".
Oh Cho-rim said, "I believe you. My case is similar. I had a car accident and almost died. I woke up in 193 days. And the color in one of my eyes turned like a monster. I can see smells with this eye".
'The Girl Who Sees Smells' is a drama depicting a story about a man who cannot feel any senses after losing his younger sister in the "Barcode murder case" three years ago, and a girl who has a supersense and survived the same incident, but lost all of her memories before the event.


#TGWSS Press Conf with English subs

Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung begin their romance with unexpected hugs on ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’

The production team for SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘,’ has today released a set of photos featuring JYJ’s and hugging each other.
In the photos, Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoo Chun) and Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) is seen laughing off their accidental hug following an incident, but little do they know that it’s just the beginning of an unexpected romance between them.
Just like the first time when they met, where Moo Gak saves Cho Rim from being hit by a passing motorcycle, the former once again instinctively catches Cho Rim and shields her from danger.
The production team said, “Park Yoo Chun is able to capture the hearts of female viewers with his every move. To find out what will happen next to him and Shin Se Kyung’s characters, you will have to catch ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells.’”
‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday through SBS TV.
By: Alvin


Little Jaejoong Update....Missing him...
공연한지 열흘이 지났는데
아직까지 여운이 남아있네요
훈련소에서 잘 지내길 기도해주세요!

Ten days has past since he performed
The lingering resonance remains still now
We pray you are doing well in training camp!

Via JYJ3


[TRANS] 150407 Nagoya Concert Day 1: Junsu’s ments

Everyone, have you missed me? I wanted to meet you all in Nagoya. Starting with Osaka, Seoul, Shonghai…Ah, Shanghai? haha, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and today, Nagoya! I’m finally in Nagoya. It’s the last stop in my tour.

It’s the day before the last today, because tomorrow is the last day. It feels like the last day to me though. I will work hard as I feel that way! Ah, it’s my first time in Gashi Hall? It’s been a while? Ah, I was sitting in the dressing room, and I remembered having fun with my members. haha

I’ll sing a new song from my new album now. Ah but, it’s kind of weird to say a ‘new’ song from my ‘new’ album right? haha. Please listen, X Song. (he’s poking fun at his Japanese skills ^^)
I want to master Japanese, but it’s quite tough. I will work hard until the day I come close to mastering it ~audience claps~

Truthfully, I’m not ‘hot’ recently, because I’m lonely… You might not know, but I’m already 30 years oldㅠㅠ I want to become ‘hot’ but you always say I can’t. Aren’t you guys being too much? Telling me to get married at 77… Telling me to live life alone while you all have boyfriends.. or husbands.. You all have lovers right? ==! You have them!!!!!! Since you’re all here… I’ll put that energy into my concert today. Ah, but it’s something I always say but, for real, I… my real side!! I’m ready to show you all my real side in full. I’ll resist today though, because there are middle and high schoolers here.. But I’m a healthy 30 year old man.. Recently, my third… ah what should I call it; shall I call it the 3rd? My 3rd growth phase has arrived. My dreams are often… and often when I’m lying on my bed after concerts too… well, it’s good to experience many things as an artist right? I’m sorry hahaha. Well until the day we can talk about deeper things together… Let’s do that together. The day all my fans become adults will come right? For sure…? There are middle and high schoolers right now but…. if you all become adults, I’ll show you some glamorous performances and outfits.

Seems like there are a lot of men today? Ah.. I could see you since a while back! Are you married? …… He said he’s married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you first come to my concert? With you mom? sister? Ah, someone recommended to you? Ah, it’s exactly the middle of my concert right now. How is it? Is it alright? Haha thank you.

(To a fan who he recognized) Ah, Nagoya!! You came again? You went to Fukuoka too? You came to all my concerts? Ah… is that your mom next to you? But seriously, there are a lot of men in the audience today. Why is that…

(Introducing Genie Time) Recently, this part that makes me more nervous than my performances and singing… I’ll do everything as usual today too!

(Genie Time Wish #1) It’s my favorite song from the first musical I did… Will I be able to sing it well…haha. It’s a song from the musical Mozart. ~I Am, I Am Music~
(Genie Time Wish #2) Wah, it’s a song from a long time ago. Ah… this song.. Ah. You’re my melody? Ah it’s in Japanese. ~audience laughs~ What can I say.. it’s from 7 years ago…. ~You’re My Melody~
(Genie Time Wish #3) Ah. This is from a long time ago. You’ll forgive me if I can’t sing it well right? Stolen my soul~ haha. Is this really a song I sang before? haha. ~Tonight~
Ah, everyone, the segment is like this haha. Ah… it’s… kind of… it’s a segment where I don’t know what comes out. Okay, last one! What should I do? In Japanese? Hm? Ah what Japanese song would be nice? Ah… yeah my face is very red right now, right?

(Genie Time Wish #4) Please dance~ Songs I don’t know could come out though. Is that okay? (to the staffs) Are you ready? ~random play dance~

I really see a lot of men in the audience today. (male fan screams JUNSU!!!) Ah, are we doing this already? I’ll hear the men first. Everyone! Do this! In unison! alright? Women, you can’t yell JUNSU (pretending to be male) alright? Okay. Men, go!
Ah should I do people in their 10s too? 20 year olds can’t participate, only up to 19 year olds. Let’s do newborns to 19 year olds.

Then, shall we do 20s, 30s, 40s too? Why? Okay, let’s do 20s, 30s and 40s, go! Ah, most of you are in this category haha. Lastly, let’s do 50s and 60s. Age is age but strength is still strength. Do as much as you can, okay? haha You can yell quietly as well, just do as much as you can. Alright, go! Ah, don’t go (slowly) Juuuunsuuuuu, say it quickly, Junsu!!

Ah, I really like Nagoya, because there’s hitsumabushi in Nagoya.. haha. Though I just got to Nagoya yesterday, I’ll definitely go eat it!!!! Is there anyone who hasn’t ever had hitsumabushi before? Oh? You haven’t had it? Why…? Isn’t it delicious? Ah.. you had monja? Why? That’s Tokyo’s… Are you from Tokyo? Ah, no wonder. But a Korean here (referring to himself) has even had hitsumabushi… If you come to Nagoya, you must have hitsumabushi. I came to Nagoya for hitsumabushi… Ah, but you all can have hitsumabushi in Tokyo too. Everyone here can eat hitsumabushi at any time.. I envy you haha.

I’ll be performing as L in the musical Death Note starting in June. Another video must’ve been revealed today right? haha. (fans say ‘give us your towel’) Ah, you want my towel? But my sweat is all over it… I do want to give it to you but if I throw it, it could become dangerous for you all..

This is something I’ve talked a lot about recently. Doing 3 day 2 night concert sometime… 2 nights with everyone! haha. Ah concert tour? This probably won’t work as a tour..? It’s a bit hard to do as a tour… Washing up? Ah, then I’l build a huge bath house…? What will you all wear to bathe? (audience shouting ideas) bikini? towel? Ah.. but if you bathe with just a towel it’s kind of… ;; Okay, I’ll really move on to the next song now haha (audience goes EHHH??) ah, you are all so good at acting. Seriously, your acting is amazing.


Source: @_WithXIA Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation


Junsu LIVE in Nagoya...Night 2 (4/8th)

Genie Time: Dance Medley
Live Tweets and Translations
Via XIAkiss
and as tagged

#XIAinNagoya DAY 2! Let's look forward to it!  

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#XIAinNagoya Junsu listing the country he went for asia tour. when he say NAGOYA, everyone screammmmmm!~

Junsu: I went to eat Ungai rice today,although I didn't ate a lot.
Unagi rice is good for man!!!!

He ate 2 bowls of unagi rice saying this will make a better health.
Fans are now saying he is very pervertic~

Junsu saying the same old lines.
How’s the 3 song that I just sang?
It’s the final day in Nagoya, let's get high and end it~!

#XIAinNagoya PAPA Fan came to watch Junsu's Concert today!!!!! AND There is alot of Fanboy today!!!
Fans were all standing just now. Junsu told everyone to sit down as it is the best way to listen to it!!! 
Fanboy teased JUNSU!

Junsu say he wanted to make an adult con. Only ppl with age above 20 can come and attend it!!!

Junsu said something wrong and he laughed shyly #XIAinNagoya

Junsu: He will be enlisting soon after and will be back as a man.  T____T 

Junsu saw a fanboy and he ask for his name. HIS WHOLE FAMILY CAME TO WATCH JUNSU CON! 
That fanboy is only 20 this year, Junsu then say he wants to teach him to be a real man.

Japanese fans all stand up when Junsu is singing butterfly~~~
omg! Fans are full of enthusiasm~~~~!!

150408 #XIAinNagoya Genie Time 1st - Don't go away!!!!!!!!!!
Fanboy gave Junsu a pudding cap and requested him to wear it!! DID HE WEAR IT? I NEED PICSSS!

Fan requested Junsu to “Act cute” but he rejected. He say he can’t!!  fans then requested him to act eating the pudding & post it on twitter

#XIAinNagoya Junsu and the Pudding hat! Fans ask him to act eating the pudding and pose it to twitter!!  

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[FANCAM] #XIAinNaogya
Junsu sang <Doushite,why have I fallen for you> During Genie Time!
(耳朵親) …

[FANCAM] 150408 #XIAinNagoya Junsu sing <Wasurenaide>
(耳朵親) …

Junsu didn't sing Stand by you.

#XIAinNagoya Genie Time Setlist!
1) Don't Go Away
2) Wear Pudding Hat
3) Doushite
4) Asu wakuru kara
5) Wasurenaide
6) Dance Medley

Junsu say there’s no chair for him to dance JYJ backseat!

#XIAinNagoya Genie Time Dance Medley!
1) Reason
2) Xiahtic
3) Valentines
4) X Song
5) Fever
6) Be The One
7) Intoxication
8) BackSeat

Junsu say he wants to meet Yoochun~ ^^ #XIAinNagoya kya! 
150408 #XIAinNagoya Junsu teasing fans again! Opening R19 adult concert!  

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#XIAinNagoya Special Stage - Love In The Ice!!!!!!!

#XIAinNagoya Junsu talk about his past about how difficult life was during that period. 
Junsu said, last time even if they are injured or sick they still have to attend the shows.
Junsu: Recently he had to fly to korea,japan,china many times. Sometimes he will be confuse where he is at now.
Recently he kept thinking negatively. For example, as an idol, we can’t do a lot of stuff that normal idol can do.

Junsu: During my debut, there’s some time where I feel sad. I only wanted to sing on stage but why this happen?

I need to put on a smile even when I’m not in a good mood. To be honest, it’s very tough.
But now, I have change my mind.
I feel very grateful. There’s good point in being an artist too.

Becoming an artist, I’m able to sing in front of so many ppl,I felt very happy & blissful to be able to sing in front of so many people


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Every Concert, I always try my best to see everyone's face.Although i am not good at remembering names, but i can remember looks well
When we meet, I am not able to say out your name but I will remember where we had met! 

#XIAinNaogya  Junsu: My heart is actually around the age of a high school student.

#XIAinNaogya Loving You Keeps me Alive!!

#XIAinNagoya Junsu say Bye bye.  After that he played tu tu tu tu. Kya!!!

[FULL AUDIO  DL LINK] 150408 #XIAinNagoya (JYJCN)
Audio: … DL Link:

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Complete Recap here: JYJ CAFFEINE: XIA Junsu FLOWER concerts- Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya...


Junsu Twitter Update

ぷりんじゅんじゅう 푸링쥰쮸 
[Trans @1215thexiahtic]
ぷりんじゅんじゅう = Pudding Jun
푸링쥰쮸 = Pudding Jjun-jyu

Via Vichellelicious

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Note: Fan had asked Junsu to wear this 'hat' during Genie Time at Nagoya concert but JS promised he would wear it after the show and tweet the picture.

Junsu's Mom's Tweet

사진이 잘 안보인다고 하시는 분들이 많으셔서 다시 한 번 올려드릴께요~~~~!!!!!^^♡♡♡
[Full Trans] Junsu with Kim Mama and her flower headband gift from fan~ I think it's from this fan! ^^ 
Via Vichellelicious

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Via Vichellelicious

[OTHER SNS] 150408 Backstage photos with Junsu after Nagoya concert

ID-MYO’s MinD’s Twitter Update:

 photo 150408MinD3365.png

Many thanks for everybody’s hardship over the course of a hectic month!!
You’ve collected a lot for your mileageㅎㅎㅎ
#Osaka #Shanghai #Seoul #Thailand #Tokyo #Fukuoka #Nagoya and encore in Seoul~~!!!!!
I.D MYO&WEZIN&Han Jeong-eun&Bong-bongie
And XIA Junsu!!!!
 photo CCEnIKMUMAA-Pam.jpg

ID-MYO dancers’ Facebook Update:

Xia 3rd concert in Nagoya “flower”
☆아이디묘: 이민현.주혜진☆
메이킹무브: 함현균
Choreography- 정건영(IDMYO)
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎시아준수‬ ‪#‎xia준수‬ ‪#‎아이디묘‬ ‪#‎idmyo‬
‪#‎시아준수안무‬ ‪#‎꽃‬ ‪#‎jyj전속안무팀아이디묘‬


Xia 3rd concert in Nagoya “flower”
☆IDMYO: Lee Min-hyun.Joo Hye-jin☆
828: Yoon Jong-in
withus: Kim Yong-hyun
EZN: Lee Eun-ji.Hwang Sun-ah
Making Move: Ham Hyun-kyun
Han Jung-eun
Choreography- Jung Gun-young(IDMYO)
‪#‎Kim_Junsu‬ ‪#‎XIA_Junsu‬ ‪#‎xia_Junsu ‪#‎ID-MYO ‪#‎idmyo‬
‪#‎XIA_Junsu_choreography ‪#‎꽃/Flower‬ ‪#‎jyj_exclusive_choreography_team_ID-MYO
 photo 11110377_814218895320581_2986733685557297480_o.jpg
 photo 11146199_814218931987244_4055868787334521732_n.jpg
 photo 11130227_814218948653909_4742882839006923032_n.jpg

Bodyguard Won-sik-ah’s Twitter Update:

 photo 150408wonsikah11.png

[TRANS] Thank you for all your efforts!!!!!!
 photo CCEvkSHUoAAKdVw.jpg
Sources: @MinD3365 +  ID-MYO FB + @wonsikah11  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

 150408 Full Trans of Junsu conversation with Bodyguard Wonshik! (on Twitter)
Finally a goodnight from Junsu♡

Via XIAkiss

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7 Reasons to love Sensory Couple

Amy_D on Tue, Apr 07, 2015

If I could see smells like the female lead in the new K-drama Sensory Couple, I would tell you that the smell of a new show looks like spring and rainbows. So much to enjoy, nothing yet to disappoint. Sensory Couple is no exception, and here are 7 reasons why Sensory Couple smells like a winner. 
1. It is not about multiple personalities (I hope)
I am only two episodes in, but I can say with some certainty that this show is not, I repeat not, about multiple personalities. Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief. There is only so much of that plot device I can take, and my seven other personalities agree with me on this one. Plus the two main characters' very distinctive singular personalities should be plenty to keep us interested.

2. It’s a mystery
In the vein of You are All Surrounded and Who Are You, there is an overarching mystery to propel the story forward.What is the deal with the barcode? Who is the chef? How can Park Yoo Chun's character eat so much and still look so good? These are just a few of the mysteries our sleuthing couple will help us solve. 

3. It’s also a comedy
Comedy! You might not think a dislocated shoulder could create comedy gold, but you would be wrong. And while I have no idea what was funny about the comedy sketch Park Yoo Chun performed with Shin Se Kyung (which was the point I think), it was funny to watch nonetheless.

4. Park Yoo Chun is looking fine
I’ll admit, previous to this show I was not a Yoo Chun fangirl. Please, netizens, don’t hunt me down and burn Rooftop Prince effigies in my yard for saying that. But my, how he’s aged like a fine boxed wine. Usually when I say a man looks good in uniform, I don't mean the kind that comes with yellow reflective vest, but he pulls it off, ladies. He pulls it off.

5. The Bad Guy Seems Really Bad
I like a malicious stepmother with a well-articulated back story as much as the next K-drama fan, but sometimes it is fun to have the bad guy be just bad, bad, bad. In this show, we have a potential serial killer with a very serious stare to contend with. True he’s yet to prove himself as bad a baddie as Shin Sung Rok from My Love from Another Star, but we can’t all have off-kilter creepy grins, can we?

6. She can see smells
The premise of the show, of course, is that Shin Se Kyung’s character can see smells. For me, I would use this unique superpower to prove what I have long believed, that So Ji Sub smells like angels and fresh pennies. But Shin Se Kyung is not as smart as I am, and she only uses it to solve crimes. Yawn. But she has 18 more episodes to redeem herself for this oversight.

7.Nam Goong Min is in it
That means we have a chance of him taking his shirt off. I mean, a man has to shower, right? You really don’t need any other reason to watch.

Are you watching and in ? Here's why you should!


Park Yoochun lightens the set of Sensory Couple with his adorable antics

CoCo Kdrama on Tue, Apr 07, 2015

The first two addicting episodes of Sensory Couple are out, and personally I can't get enough of this quirky, lighthearted romcom! Part of what makes this drama so great is the playful interaction between leads Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung. While Yoochun plays a serious and determined character in the show, an SBS representative revealed that he is actually the one on set who keeps all the staff smiling. 
In regards to this photo of Park Yoo Chun riding a bicycle around the set, they commented, “Park Yoo Chun is always doing that kind of fan service for the staff while we’re filming. His positive outlook plays a big part in that.”

How could you possibly have a hard day at work when you see this adorable face grinning back at you?

Have you been watching Sensory Couple? What do you think so far?
If not, then I highly recommend watching it because it is really fun and adorable! 

makes the crew smile with his funny antics


Yuchun in #TGWSS or Sensory Couple
SBS <냄새를 보는 소녀> 박유천의 대본삼매경,
마치 패션화보를 방불케 하는데요!

오늘밤에 방송되는 3회도 꼭 본방사수!!

Park Yuchun engrossed in #TGWSS filming...Script always in hand...

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Junsu LIVE in Nagoya (4/7th)

Pictures and Fancams (Will Update as more HQ pics and fancams become available)

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Genie Time: Dance Medley

Junsu Talk "But I'm not erotic!"
With English subs
Via  marii y
Live Tweets and Translation by Vichellelicious
or as tagged

Inside Venue!

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RED OCEAN! Spectacular stage! Flower MV on screen! (missionxiah)

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Junsu pronounced Shanghai wrongly and said "last day" instead of "final day" again~~ >__<

JS: "This venue is smaller than Tokyo. I came here before, this place reminds me of the past..."
 JS: "While I was at backstage earlier, I recalled being with a member in the past."

JS: "I speak very good Japanese 5 years ago, now it's in a mess. Everyone can understand what I'm saying?"

Fan boy at Junsu's concert! Ahjusshi maybe? LOL~ (耳朵亲)  

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JS introducing <My Night>: "It’s a song in the whole album that’s the most soulful..."
JS: "Everyone should listen <My Night> like as if you’re lost in a jungle and feeling unease..."
JS: "Recalling back the sufferings and plights you’ve once encountered."  

JS: “How was last night? Cold? Hot? I’m not beside u, you guys able to feel hot? Feeling very lonely recently, wanna get hot.”

There's about 10 fan boys around fan's seat! A fan boy shouted: "Marry me, Junsu!!!" *____*
JS: "There’s a lot of fan boys today~~ Are you guys married?" Fan boy shouted: “Not yet~!!!”
JS: “You’re lying!! I’m sure you’re married!! We’ll talk again later!!”  

1st thing Junsu asked during Genie Time: "Is there anyone here for the 1st time, why you come?" ><

That fan boy who gave Unagi Rice to JS came 2day again. JS pointed at him & shouted: “Nagoya! Unagi Rice! U’re here again!"
JS: "You came to Fukuoka right? Came right?” JS then pointed thumbs up to that fan boy!  

Genie Time 1: JS sings "I Am Music"~
Genie Time 2: Fan request Junsu to imitate Yoochun! >___<
Genie Time 3: Junsu sings "Tonight"~ OMG!

After singing “I Am Music”, JS asked fans: “What do you want me to do?” Fans: “Shake hands!” JS: “I can’t shake hands~”
Fan boy: “Imitate Yoochun!” JS: “You suddenly asked me to imitate Yoochun, what should I imitate?! I don’t even know…”

GENIE TIME LIST! 1) I Am Music 2) You’re My Melody 3) Tonight 4) Dance Medley
GENIE TIME DANCE MEDLEY! 1) Be The One 2) Tarantallegra 3) Mission 4) Mirotic 5) Fever 6) Incredible 7) Somebody To Love

[FANCAM] JS sings "You're My Melody"~ (耳朵亲)

JS wants to hear fans’ voice. 1st is fan boys → fans in 10s → 20s, 30s, 40s to shout together → 50s to shout casually.  
JS: “You guys don’t shout so loud, softly will do, something like those voices in a haunted house..."
JS then tried shouting softly and said: “Why do I sound like a gangster?”

JS says he loves Unagi Rice the most in this whole wide world! His most favourite food!

JS: “News have already been released? I’ll be performing in <Death Note> Musical as ‘L’ in June, all must come and watch yah!!"

JS sings "Love In The Ice" again~~ Soulful voice~~ T___T

JS talked about 3D2N concert and said he wants to turn the venue into a huge bathing house. JS: “What will everyone wear?"
Fans: “Wrap ourselves with towel only!” JS: “I can't focus on singing! Please wear something that won’t distract me!”
Pretty Red and Blue Ocean for Junsu today~ Thank you everyone! (missionxiah)

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JS: "The song I sang just now is “Breathing in Love”, does everyone have a partner that can exchange “Breathing in Love”?"
JS: "Do you have a boyfriend or husband? Fans: “No!!” JS: “Those who shouted no is the most suspicious!”
Fan: “I broke off with my boyfriend!” JS replied excitedly: “Who? When? Is it because of me? But I’ve not done anything..”
JS: "You came to my concert after breaking off, don’t blame it on me! Everyone don’t allow me to marry..."
JS: "Only let me marry when I’m 77 years old, but by then I won’t be able to have kids..."
JS: "I still wanna see my baby! Wanna teach my baby to sing and perform in musicals!"
JS talks about his relationships, do you believe him?

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JS: “JJ has already enlisted, the next is YC, and I’ll be the last one. You won’t be able to see us in 2-3 years..."
JS: "You will see the real us when we return. JYJ and myself will put in a lot of effort to achieve this."

[DL FULL AUD] D1 Concert! (JYJCN)


Small fan boys formed "XIA" name at concert today! So cute! (amu_xoxo)

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Much More Here:  JYJ CAFFEINE: XIA Junsu FLOWER concerts- Japan (Nagoya and more ...


More Army 'Private Jaejoong' News...

From The_Little_Pear

[TRANS] More army trainee/family's accounts about Jaejoong:
1. (From umma) In your letter, you said that Kim Jaejoongie helped you shave your hair. Is that true?
You said he's very handsome
But in your mom's eyes, my son is also handsome ㅎㅎ

2. (From appa) Ah, I hear that Kim Jaejoong helped you shave your hair, that you guys helped each other

3. (From sister to oppa) Oh right, I heard that Kim Jaejoong also came to 1st Division. Kim Junsu hasn't enlisted yet. I'm thrilled by the thought of seeing Kim Jaejoong at your completion ceremonyㅎㅎ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Hey, did you see Kim Jaejoong?ㅋㅋ I was already amazed that you guys enlisted at the same time... But you even came to same training camp;ㅋㅋ I came that day, there were so many Japanese fans.

5. I showed your photo to my friends. They all said you're cute. So, quickly go to Jaejoong-nim and tell him that your sister is very pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋWho knows???? Maybe later Jaejoong-nim would ask you to introduce me to him,,,,ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah I'm joking.. Sorryㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Also, I earnestly wished that you would stay in the same dormitory with Jaejoong, but it turned out that you don't..
Go ask for his autograph for noona and Soojung...........
(↑ This.. the officer who filters the letters won't delete this right? It's not restricted right? *cry* T^T)
Dad, mom and me will visit you on May 7 ♡ Bring his autograph that day..
Actually, I was so sad when you enlisted that I almost cried
But seeing Kim Jaejoong, my tears stopped a little haha He is so handsome
The day you enlisted, I stepped forward a little bit to see you, but thanks to that, I saw Kim Jaejoong. Thank you for standing on that side. It was really eye candyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

T/N: No1 and no2 are parents of 1 trainee

Source: 1st Division daum cafe

Helping shaving head of fellow soldiers would be like this...
Via fans


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via yukinojj


Junsu Twitter Update

마음을 비추는 거울은 분노와 증오심 정의를 외치는 목소린 공허한 말장난 어둠에 가려진 두눈은 볼수가 없는데 알지도 못하는 세상을 멋대로 색칠해 The game begins.7

Embedded image permalink

Note: This appears to be lyrics to one of the songs in Death Note.


Junsu at Rehearsals in Nagoya, Japan


Park Yuchun Weibo Update


Yuchun in #TGWSS BTS pics...

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【JYJ/JustUs】Asia tour concert 2014


#TGWSS couple bts pics
Embedded image permalink

  Making! Murim Couple 'Green Light' Comedy skits

More BTS video #TGWSS


Death Note teaser


Pictures of Jaejoong upon enlistment...#WaitingforJaejoong


[INFO] 150406 About SK Army 1st Infantry Division + The reason why March is the best month for enlistment

JYJ3’s Note: Jaejoong has enlisted as Active Duty Soldier into the 1st Division where is located at Paju in Gyunggi-province.

1st Division Schedule: 

Jaejoong’s Daily Schedule with the SK Army 1st Infantry Division (difference in time is summer/winter sched)

About 1st Division Daum Cafe:

It seems the 1st division protects and takes care of our Jaejoong well. Anyone could join and write a letter, see trainee’s pics and know their news through online cafe before. But only confirmed family and friends can write a letter and see pics on that cafe from 30 Mar. Moreover only JJ’s personal training number and pics were not posted on that cafe. I’m thankful for their care for JJ although I can’t see JJ’s pics.

  • A private sent letter to his family saying he encounters Kim Jaejoong every morning xD
    Cr: 1st Division daum cafe

Army Rank for Enlisted:

Kim Jaejoong’s army rank is “Private” Byong or byeong (Korean: “병”, “兵”) is a military term used in the armed forces of South Korea to describe a soldier, airman, sailor, or marine who holds a junior enlisted rank.
more info about korean army rank here, and Private/Byeong here

The reason why March is the best month for enlistment:

① Enlist this year and be discharged next year
② Only have to endure 1 winter = experience cold weather training only once
③ As soon as you’re discharged, you’re already first-year reservist (Cos in Korea, you increase your age count on January 1st of every year, not on your birthday. JJ will be discharged in late Dec, so 2 days later, he will become first-year reservist) More about ROK Reserve Forces here
④ The possibility of being 꼬인군번 is extremely low = high chance of getting “relieved”
꼬인군번 (literally, entangled soldier): military term – you join an unit where there are many seniors who enlist not long before you, which means it’s highly possible that no more newbie will come after you. Remember that military is a hierarchical society where lower-ranking soldiers have to follow the directions of higher-ranking soldiers. Being the lowest-ranking soldier in your troop, you’ll have hard time for long.
On the contrary, in case that no long after you move in, your seniors get discharged, many newbies will come in to fill the vacancy, which means you can be relieved of chores early.

Sources: instizwiki
Credits: @PrinceJJ_, @The_Little_Pear 1, 2, 3 + @forjj
Shared by: JYJ3


Mr. Egg shares an older picture of Jaejoong...

It's time for #mancrushmonday! Today's honor goes to none other than my 동생 himself... Jaejoong! I miss you brother! Still 633 days left till he's discharged from his military service. ㅜㅠㅠ #waitingforjaejoong
군대에서 가족들한테 편지가온다는데... 재중이 본남자들이 진짜너무 말도안되게 멋지고 잘생겼다고.... 이런얼굴인대 당연히그런말듣지.... ㅋㅋㅋ 내가 본적도많은데 나도볼때마다 같은생


‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ Park Yoo-Chun, fantastic ad-lib ‘Burst of laughter’

  2015/04/06(Mon) 20:59
The behind story of ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ was opened.
At the making video opened at the official homepage of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ on 6th, there was a scene of Park Yoo-Chun and Shin Se-Gyung couple.
At the second episode of ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’, Choi Moo-Gak(Park Yoo-Chun) became a partner with Oh Cho-Rim (Shin Se-Gyung) to be helped for investigation. At this scene Park Yoo-Chun showed exaggerated facial expression, body language, and talk, and it made viewer laugh.
This scene was made by ad-lib, without any direction from the director. The staff noticed, “The changing face of Park Yoo-Chun made staffs laughed, and we knew that it would be hot issue.”
Meanwhile ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ is keeping its upturn by the chemistry between Park Yoo-Chun and Shin Se-Gyung. 

[Photo=’The Girl Who Sees Smell’ making video]

Park Yoo-Chun, warm smiles in the shooting studio ‘Happy’

  2015/04/05(Sun) 23:13

The behind cut of Park Yoo-Chun was opened. C-Jes Entertainment opened the behind cut of SBS ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’ on 5th. Park Yoo-Chun led the shooting studio by warm and playful smiles. Park Yoo-Chun scented the smell of mint as the role of CHoi Moo-Gak, and he showed playful smiles while he shot the process to catch criminal. He also showed bright smiles when he became a partner with Oh Cho-Rim(Shin Se-Gyung). Beside, Park Yoo-Chun was favorably commented by the performance of serious and hypocritical character at the second episode of ‘Girl Who Sees Smell’.


Junsu in Nagoya, Japan
어느덧 2015 아시아투어 마지막 도시, 나고야 공연만을 앞두고 있네요. 공항에서 반겨주신 많은 팬분들 고맙습니다^^ 내일 공연에서 만나요!
The last 2015 Asia Tour City Nagoya concert is left now. Thank you so much for the warm welcoming in the airport. See you at the show tomorrow!



Private Jaejoong "News"

Older Sister's Biased Advice [Trans] I received your letter haha. It was extremely funny, but you have one thing you misunderstand.
Not that I moved forward to see Jaejoong, but I walked that way to look at you more closely and he came towards me.

Also, when you saluted at mom and dad, I clearly looked at you.
My camera pointed him by itself though...

See, people have to be good to others to be blessed.
You also keep in mind 'Heaven helps those who help themselves' in your life.
I was just moving forward to see you, and that happened to me.

Excerpted a letter from older sister of Jaejoong's fellow soldier.

[Trans] Ah, and for your information, I share a dorm room with JYJ Jaejoongie-hyung, which means I sleep (share the bed/the room for sleep) with him. What has happened today is that I was not able to learn how to fold underclothes because of (?)MI Test and Jaejoongie-hyung taught me. He said that he was raised in Gongju. At first It was just amazing every time I looked at him, but I've gradually felt that he's becoming like a hyung next door. His body is freaking awesome by the way. Effing cool. I will tell you about him in detail during your visiting hours here in the future.
It's excerpted from Jaejoong's fellow solider's hand-written letter to his family member. 


Jaejoong Update from another private...

150406 Jaejoong's bunk mate wrote a letter to his parents and mentioned about Jaejoong! (_only_jyj)
Via Vichellelicious

Embedded image permalink 

Embedded image permalink

Other translations from crystalmoon64

Letter from friend's brother: I'm in same company/platoon/Living quarter w JYJ sleep in same room.
He taught me how to fold underwear today. He is from Gongju. I'm amazed every time I look at him. 
He feels like an older brother next door as I get to know him. He has great body n is so cool.


More than 10,000 People Apply in 3 Hours to Watch JYJ Kim Junsu on ′Space Sympathy′

2015.04.06 17:56 CJ E&M enewsWorld Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong 

With his upcoming TV performance, more than 10,000 people applied to watch JYJ′s Kim Junsu on EBS′ Space Sympathy.

With Kim Junsu filming for Space Sympathy on April 13, the audience applications opened up on April 6 at 11AM (KST). As soon as the applications opened up at 11AM, the Space Sympathy was swarmed by visitors, resulting in more than 10,000 audience applications within 3 hours. 


More than 10,000 People Apply in 3 Hours to Watch JYJ Kim Junsu on ′Space Sympathy′

Expecting a large number of applicants, EBS increased its servers for application process as it has always done with other artists.

The audience applications for Space Sympathy is not based on first come, first serve. The program will be accepting applications from April 6 to 9. Random applicants will be chosen through a computer lottery and they will be announced on April 10.

"Regardless of being a weekday or a weekend, we′ve receiving a flood of inquiries asking how to get chosen and about the exact process of choosing an applicant. As it′s his first music program appearance in six years, we think many viewers, not just fans, are showing a great deal of interest," said an EBS staff. "All audience members will be chosen at random. As much as there is interest, we′ll put our hearts and souls into making it as fair as possible during the selection process. We ask for understanding that as it will be taking place in a small theater, there won′t be as many seats as applicants."

The Space Sympathy staff shared that it will reveal the process in which applicants get selected on its official homepage.

Kim Junsu′s episode will be filmed on April 13 and broadcasted on April 30.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment





Jaejoong's sisters' Twitter Update

드 디어 훈련들어갈때 입은 재중이 사복 도착했는데 박스안에는 재중이가 입은 옷하고 부모님 사랑한다는 편지봉투 또 눈물이 나온다.다행이 건강하다고 하니까 안심했다.그 와중에 이쁜 조카들 옷까지 미리 준비한 내 동생 진짜 멋있다.건강한 모습으로 전진
Jaejoong's family received the package w JJ's personal belongings (eg clothings etc) & a letter saying he loves them. 
JJ says he is well & healthy! Meanwhile it looks like he prepared surprise gifts for his dear nieces before he left
(via inheaven_wJYJ)

[TRANS] Finally Jaejoongie’s plain[/civilian] clothes that he wore when he entered training, has arrived; and inside the box are the clothes that Jaejoongie wore and the envelope that says he loves his parents. Tears are coming out again. Fortunately he got a clean bill of health, so I feel assured. Meanwhile my little brother is really cool for preparing clothes and all for his pretty nieces in advance. Onward with your good[/healthy] shape
Via Rilanna of JYJ3

조카바보삼촌 군대가기전 이쁜옷 사주고싶다던~~ 군대간후~~오늘받아보네요 예쁜옷감사 항상 건이.서현이.현아 예뻐해구고사랑해주는재중이 보고싶다


JYJ with Jaejoong's parents (50th Wedding Anniversary and JJ's dad's 70th Birthday)

누구네 아들들인지.... 잘 생겼네~~ㅎㅎ

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Kim Jun-su to star in musical 'Death Note'

Updated : April 06 2015

Singer-actor Kim Jun-su, also known as Xia Jun-su, will star in the Korean production of musical “Death Note” this June, alongside acclaimed musical actor Hong Kwang-ho.

Kim, a member of JYJ and crowd magnet in the local musical scene, will take up the role of genius private detective L in the upcoming musical.


Singer-actor Kim Jun-su of group JYJ. Kim, a member of K-pop group JYJ and one of the original members of boy band TVXQ, has come to be recognized as a crowd magnet in the Korean musical scene. (C-Jes Entertainment)
Hong, who made his debut at London’s West End in 2014, will play Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a deadly notebook that kills anyone whose name is written inside.

Based on the Japanese cartoon and film series of the same title, the musical has been produced by major Japanese entertainment agency HoriPro and directed by Tamiya Kuriyama, a master of Japanese theater.

Also on the stellar production crew are composer Frank Wildhorn (“Jekyll & Hyde”) and scriptwriter Ivan Menchell (“Bonnie & Clyde”). Jack Murphy (“Monte Cristo”) wrote the lyrics.

In addition to Kim and Hong, the Korean production will feature actresses Jung Sun-ah and Park Hye-na, known for their recent roles in the local rendition of musical “Wicked,” as Light’s girlfriend Amane Misa and female Shinigami (“death god,” or ghost-like being who survives by killing humans) Rem, respectively.

Actor Kang Hong-seok, who recently played drag queen Lola in the local production of “Kinky Boots,” will play male Shinigami Ryuk.

“Death Note” premieres on April 6 in Japan. In Korea, it will run from June 20-Aug. 9 at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House. For inquiries, call (02) 1577-3363.

By Rumy Doo (


None of the songs are from the manga series itself...
The musical is different.


This is Death Note Musical (NY) demo music (Light and L)-English ver.
Via AnimeLoversHK


Demo song (L, Light, and Misa)-English ver.
Via AnimeLoversHK


[TRANS] Excerpt from Yahoo News: J-Party MC Furuya Praised Jaejoong

by Ces
Mr. Furuya, who served as MC of Jaejoong's J-Party with Japanese fans praised Jaejoong.  He said Kim Jaejoong is really smart.  He brilliantly and instantly countered every question in Japanese!
Mr. Furuya also said, "Kim Jaejoong's unique presence is effortless, and I believe there won't be any star who surpasses his charisma".  That is why, when he come back even after two years of enlistment, there will still be a place for him (in Japan).

Source:  Yahoo Japan News via admireJJ_bot  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: PrinceJJ



SB March Madness: You Guessed it, Kim Jaejoong Won Again

Written by On April 5, 2015 20130315_seoulbeats_jaejoong2 

And the award goes to…….Kim Jaejoong!
Now, who didn’t see that one coming? After cruising through the poles last year to grab the win, it can hardly be a surprise that the same happened this year. It almost seems unfair to the other contestants, maybe we should give Jaejoong a handicap or have a completely separate poll completely dedicated to Kim Jaejoong in the future. Wait, we already did that!
Kim Jaejoong… How do you begin to explain Kim Jae-joong?

Jang Geun-suk: Kim Jae-joong is flawless.
Im Siwan: I hear his hair is insured for $100,000.
Yoochun:I hear he does oppai chocolate commercials… in Japan.
Junsu: His favorite gag is Shoyukoto — totally not better than Oyagi gags.
Park Myung-su: One time he apeared on Yoo Jae-suk’s Happy Together…and he asked him if he could come back permanently.
Jisung: One time he punched me in the face… it was awesome.
Alright, that was just for a bit of fun! But if we are going to continue with this Mean Girls reference we might have to clarify a few things. If Jaejoong is Regina George that does mean Yoochun and Junsu are Karen and Gretchen. Just face it, Junsu, ‘Bambaya’ is just never going to happen!
20150403_seoulbeats_jaejoongIn all seriousness, what is it that makes Kim Jaejoong practically unbeatable in these polls. Could Seoulbeats secretly be just a Jaejoong fan site? After Camiele’s March Madness post from last year, we learned that it is a combination of great looks, a gigantic fan base, talent, a 4D personality and many other aspects that make the enigma that is Kim Jaejoong so intriguing. Instead of just repeating the same aspects again, it might be a good time to catch up with what he has been doing in the year since his last win. What is he doing to keep such explosive popularity?
We all know that the JYJ fans are no joke, selling out Jaejoong’s Beginning of the End concerts for the 28th and 29th of March this year in just 5 minutes. So, obviously this incredibly dedicated group of fans is still going strong. Concerts have always been of large importance for the JYJ members, being their only means of prompting their music. Jaejoong’s concerts have become a delight for fans, providing them with a unique stage that is different from JYJ’s concerts as a group. Bringing his own brand of pizazz his concerts can only be called risque, adorable and intense. With the amount of times he goes shirtless in his concerts he could be joining the ranks of Taeyang and Jay Park as idols that just can’t keep their shirts on. But who’s complaining?
Speaking of shirtless, this seems to have crossed over into his acting career when he finally took lead roles in two dramas, SPY and Triangle. Playing vastly different roles in both, a gangster and a spy, Jaejoong has added to his already diverse group of characters. He has come a long way from his first serious foray into acting in Heavens Postman, unless you count DBSK’s Baejun Dramas as his first serious acting challenge. In Heavans Postman, he was criticized for his lack of emotion, now he can create heart breaking crying scenes at will. He came forth last year to win the Top Excellence Award for an actor at the 7th Korea Drama Awards for his role as Heo Young-dal in Triangle. Though neither drama did very well in the ratings, it is clear that he is dedicated to improving his acting.
20150403_seoulbeats_jaejoong1His most recent concerts have revealed that JYJ has gotten a new resident cry baby in the group. Move over Yoochun, it’s Jaejoong’s turn! This is a stark transition from the Jaejoong we were first introduced to when he was a member of DBSK, who said that ‘men only cry three times in their life’.  You don’t have to hold it in anymore!
Over the years, Jaejoong seems to have grown into his personality; becoming comfortable in his own skin. He started off with a silent concept back in his DBSK days, that clearly didn’t fit him as he was prone to random outbursts. As he started to get older, fans got to see a shift in that concept that allowed a different Jaejoong to shine through. He was able to accept and use his flaws to become confident with his ‘4D’ Personality. Maybe this is a testament to all those awkward teens out there — it does get better.

Jaejoong reunited with the Junsu and Yoochun in 2014 to bring fans the long awaited JYJ Album, Just Us. It ended up being their best release yet, even after making fans wait three years for it. The anticipation was killer! When these three get together the dynamic changes from when Jaejoong does solo projects. Though it sometimes feels like they are trying to out do each other, these three voices still can produce the harmonies that capture fans’ hearts and minds. But most of all they just seem to have fun, bullying Junsu, singing, and then bullying Junsu some more.
Jaejoong didn’t give up his involvement in production either; He wrote the lyrics for four of the album’s songs, “Let Me See”, “Baboboy”, “Dear J” and “Creation”. “Dear J”, as Jaejoong’s solo track, was his follow up to his rock sound in his solo album, WWW; once again proving that the rock genre fits him seamlessly. With Jaejoong challenging pretty much every genre under the sun, whether it be R&B, Ballads, Pop, Trot, Rock and even endeavoring on rap battles with Lion JS (Junsu). Are there any other genres left for him to try? I guess he could always try opera.

With Jaejoong entering the military on March 31st and not coming back till December 30th in 2016 , you can be sure he has left a string of broken hearts behind. Though I don’t think he is going to get much sympathy from his pet, Jiji. When Jaejoong was working fans could always find their Jaejoong fix on social media, whether it be on Twitter or Instagram.
It’s going to weird not to have that, now that he has gone to the army. With his last posts revealing his new super short hair, fans have been forced to face the reality that Jaejoong is no longer going to be active as an entertainer for two years. Though his new hair style looks like he has gone full circle, back to his pre-debut days. So are you liking his new hair style or are you mourning the loss of those luscious locks?
However, fans, do not get too heartbroken! It was revealed that Jaejoong would be releasing a solo album while in the army, it seems fans will not be left with nothing new to hold onto in the period of his enlistment. Already sharing two new songs in his Beginning of the End Concert, “Breathing” and “Good Morning Night”, it seems that this release is going to be lots of fun.
What better way to go to the army than on a high note! This is the last farewell for Kim Jaejoong– even though he has already technically gone. I’m sure other fans will also be eagerly awaiting his return. In the time being, like Jaejoong said, no cheating guys!
(Images via SM Entertainment, CJES Entertainment, [ 1 (fan taken photos), Twitter [ 1 from @bornfreeonekiss Twitter], [1 from @bornfreeonekiss Twitter]  YouTube [1][2], Kpop Herald


Oh and Kim Jaejoong WON last year as well...Click this link:

Previous week's JYJ News...
JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 3/30-4/5/2015

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