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It has been 2 weeks after his drama ended. How is it? Have U move on? LOL.....N imagine those 2 weeks like 2 years that we will face it. XD... For 2 dramas before, I postponed  made the last eps review coz of something happened that make me could not make it for some time.  But for TGWSS, it's kinda like I  don't  wanna make it coz it's like saying Bye2 to headache moment n deadline. LOL.... It will be my last buzee moment with  his drama. Don't know what will happen next.

N before started the last eps review, I just wanna say that TGWSS was like RTP. It was memorable for me coz from that drama I found ChunNi. N for TGWSS. I think it's more memorable coz from this drama, I didn't only watch it but I got the drama itself . I will make the story about it later on Chunsa Magz. But the one thing I can say....I'm so gratefull that ChunNi chose this drama n no complaint at all on any aspect.

The last eps of a drama is really important like a pilot eps for me. Sometimes it could be so good n make me remember clearly or could be just mediocre or even could make all the good ones from all eps before the last one disappear n just remember the bad one from the ending.

So, what I got from the last eps of this drama?

This eps review also divided in to 2 parts.

For ChunFace of the Day (Finale) I chose these one.

A very different expression from ChunNi.

It's like U met 2 different characters in 1 drama. It's awesome.  I like all the OST from this drama n see those 2 expression is kinda like song from MC The Max - Because of You n Acourve's Honey. XD.... I like the contrast of the songs. N it's the same like those pic. 2 different expression.

For the 1st pic, I hope someday ChunNi will get a drama/movie with Old time setting. Maybe he became a head of gangster or whatever lah. I think he has that classique face. XD....He looks good on saeguk drama right? So I think he will be good too in 1900ers drama/movie right? N off course a dark antagonist character. I don't know if an antagonist character can be a lead character in a drama but I think more possible in a movie. Whatever it is, I want to see his character like on this pic.^^

A Chunsa friend who hasn't watched TGWSS ask me "Is that ChunNi's pic from his new movie?"...LOL....

N the 2nd ChunFace...Loveeeee his expression...Sooo ChunNiiiiii.....hehe....
For the last eps, the review will be scene by scene (but as usual not all scenes).

Till now I can't decide which one my fav. ChunNi the Cutie one or the Mature Serious one like that. LOL...Still 50-50. N yeah, like JH said before they will meet again, it's now time to meet.

It's good that he was allowed to participate in this case. Though he didn't  say he will follow the rule.

But MooGakkie,  why U change ur hairstyle? XD

I like that our ChoRimmie isn't just a damsel in distress.

Even in a situation like that, she still can think smart.

N yeah, our MooGakkie in Action.

It's the 2nd time he pick up something on the floor that important for ChoRim. U remember the 1st time right? It's a memorable scene. N this time off course dropped it on purpose. N Btw, MooGakkie has Super Eyes... hehe..

Aiisshhh... Jae Hee.....U really want our MooGakkie.... Someone who ruin ur plan.

N why are U running MooGakkie?

Coz it make U looks so obvious.

n finally, ChunNi looks "normal" in video call. Hahaha

I hope  that ChoRim give "sign" to MooGakkie when he said he'll be home soon.

N Hmmm, why chose 3 pm? ^^

hehehe....Our Writernim, still chose his fav number.

2 questions but We only got answer from the 1st question.  N are we really need answer from the 2nd question? There might be some of U who didn't satisfy with No answer.  I never think TGWSS is a thriller drama so I don't need answer for some questions n if want an answer for that question, RANDOM choice is the answer..

N there U go... Our MooGakkie was smart enough to not jump into JH's trap.

n once again n I hope it will always like that (in Drama n movie (pray for this). ChunNi's character isn't die. XD...

N yeah, our MooGakkie the Aquarist also can fight.

N I still don't want MooGakkie get his hand dirty by killing JH.

So, I'm so glad that Writernim make JH die like that.

Coz it's like he was killed by himself.

N finally MooGakkie,  it's done. I like that they're shoot the sun. It's almost sunset. It's kinda like end of the day. It's end of MooGakkie's dark time n he can closing the dark part on his life.

Ahhh.....JH, Before I thought that Die isn't the right decision for your ending. But yeah, at least U get arrested. ^^

I like the simple gesture from MooGakkie to ChoRimmie....n Hmmm,yeah...kinda hard to run with high heels.XD

N off course we like to know the behind of "what happened that make JH's plan wasn't working.

N yeah, we have a couple that always can depend (complete) on each other. N even for the situation like that.

N now it's all about our MuRim Couple...

Hahhaa... Bingo Det.Ki... That's our question too.

LOL... MooGakkie... Have worn the wedding dress means U're married already. Agree with ChoRim that she even didn't enter the hall.

When we're almost get a proper wedding scene from ChunNi. At the end, it's not complete. ^^

But I got your reason MooGakkie... hehe

n these expressions... LOL

ChoRim's gaze can kill U...MooGakkie... hahhaha

I'm not disappointed with there wasn't the "Yes,I do " moment. Coz:

1. The story will be more tense when the  kidnap happens before the wedding ceremony ended.

2. TGWSS isn't a typical K Drama. With a complete wedding ceremony, it will be kinda a daily drama? XD

3. I got more interesting scenes from the newlyweds. XD ...It can replace it.

Started with this one...

LOL.... ChoRim looks like wanna make a hard decision. Thinking very hard. N MooGakkie is so cute.... He just follow his wifey command.  LOL

N LOLing see ChoRim's body gesture.

N I couldn't read the meaning of MooGakkie's last smile.  Hahahaa..

N the funny thing from those scene above, at the end. All still in the same place. LOL.. The chair n the pictures. XD

N We got our MuRim's bow as a married couple. The 1st time from ChunNi.

Yeah, they will be happy from now on.

The happily ever after is so suitable for our MuRim.

N this one is really important.

I like CR's decision to still use Oh Cho Rim instead get back her real name. When we can say "what's the meaning of a name?"...on this ChoRim s situation, a name has so many meaning.

It's not that she has forgotten her parents, it will be better to make a living person happy Coz of her decision.

Ahh.....where we can see ChunNi sitting in couch like that?  In this drama.LOL... It's looks like a natural thing to do. Hahaha.. The Forever Left Hand. XD.... Ahh...notice that SSK also use her right hand when writing.

N yeah, don't need another wedding ceremony when just sign a paper, the marriage is legal. ^^

N the important thing is asking someone who is important (Dear) to each other as their witness.

N the special  thing from our couple. Something like that can make a funny scene. XD

I like that MG pretend don't wanna see CR but off course he know that CR give him killing gaze. LOL... So when CR ask him, finally he look at her again. N the beautiful thing from our MuRim... a question like that doesn't need answer. A smile is enough n make the situation back to normal. Hmmm, will they have a big fight? LOL...

I like the simple feet gesture from SSK on that scene. It's added the excited looks from CR.

N I like this scene.

It's not because she's not important that make CR doesn't chose her as their witness but she chose YM for MG's side witness Coz yeah she change his life. The right choice.

N this one respresent why I like CR.

She  isn't just cute and a nice lead female (I hate lead female that sooooo nice. So Angelic.XD ) but she also can act "bad" to her closest friend. XD

N another right choice.

N as always,  she's an informant for MooGakkie.  LOL

I love their smile.

N off course, he will do his promise.

U can continue to read Part B in HERE.

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