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It will be kinda “funny” when we think too far about the murderer coz we think it’s too obvious but later we get that the answer is so “simple”. It’s just right there from the beginning. Yup, we got the clue from the beginning especially with the body posture but then the writer gave us a decoy that made Us questioning about our guess n I like it.

This is eps.6 review n we got the number 6 and 0. We also say RIP for Dr. Chun. So, for complete it into 6002. I chose 2 ChunFace of The Day (6)....^^

The 1st one is this one....

His expression is Awesome plus the extra “ehhmm” , MG is so confuse.

And the 2nd one is this one....

The Red Bra scene. LOL.....He’s not doing a laundry but we can get this scene. Hahaha....Precious expression. XD

Choi Mu Gak

We got a Mickey song on this scene. Hehe.... n this one also another question for ChunNi. Haha.....

His face on the 1st pic is so funny... LOL... He know he will get free dinner so when heard that, just flew.... Hahaha...

1 case for each eps n when I thought they will give us a repetition scene,they gave Us...this one. LOL....No action from MG this time, so no more 'Churr' voice.  LOL....

I like that the case didn't force to the story. N eventhough it was started by CR but MG can give explanation for solve the case. Though off course he won't take the praise for that. I think he still want to be low profile but not  for the barcode case.


After so happy got the Cherry Blossom scene at the ending of previous eps, so I had 1 scenario about the hug  from the still pic n wonder what will MG do after he wakes up.

We saw he  just wake n get up n awkward/nervous CR...What  did I do?  

N then he just suddenly hug her? LOL.... without saying anything? n I already wonder, is that real? XD...

The moment CR said I like U too. I knew it's not real. Hahaha.... When did MG say "I like U"....XD 

BTW, I  like they shoot MuRim's hand.

N there U go... CR's dream. XD ...It's not the right time to give Us the real romantic scene.... Haha...

CR's dream ended coz of the rain. Hahaha.....n then MG just get up n wonder "Did he sleep on CR's lap?"

We get the BTS for this one n I hope they  put it on this scene.  Hehehe....Our gentleman ChunNi became awkard Moo Gak... haha

Bingo Moo Gak, U fell asleep... Thanks for the apologize.

n that's our question but unfortunately CR doesn't want to share her secret. XD.... But LOL she want to give answer for this. But she's so right... He's like Zombie. XD n he accept it without saying anything n his expression. Lol

But then the wheater save her from the awkard moment. XD.....Poor her. How long MG sleep on her lap?

Then CR wonder about her mind n MG wonder “ whats wrong with her?”

Thanks for ur concern Moo Gak n I think MG can feel that CR behaving strangely.

The 1st time "she leave him" scene on this eps. She became so  silent now n it's weird for MG.

N there U go....The Buy One Get One issue on MuRim's relationship. XD

Started with this one...

I can understand why she give it back to MG. She think it's too precious but off course she won't say about that. So,it's better to act like that.

Only 1 time, they’re holding hand (though it wasn't holding hand. XD) but no awkward.

I hope MG can understand her especially coz he also heard it.

I think CR feel a little uncomfortable with MG now. The Gag's practice is diferrent with investigation coz it's more private n usually they did the practice on Resto. I think she won't have a dinner again with MG. But yeah, the other thing also like she said....She want success by herself. 

Coz he think CR want to “playing game” with him about the BOGO thingy so he did this. LOL... After looks so serious read the menu. He only order the BOGO one... hahaha

I like though he looks like doesn't feel anything,  he pay attention on CR's reaction.

N TADA.... hahaaa.... He did what CR said before.. n she knew it. Hehehe....

Later, U  will get the real answer.

Coz she feel bad to reject Det.Kang n especially coz MG say this...So she accept it. I wonder on which side CR sit in the car. Haha....so MG put him on his left side. Not in the middle of 2 guys. XD

I "hate" when MG told CR, Don’t misbehave. XD....N LOL yeah.... It's ChunNi 1st time get that Card game scene.

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