Saturday, June 4, 2016

ChunsaMagz Vol.1 - B'day Gift

Its' 06.04 AM KST......

Finally, my 1st time ever send B'day present to an artist & I think ChunNi will be the 1st and also the last one. hehehe...

2 Gifts for ChunNi:

# 1 pcs of 6002 Shawl
# 1 book of ChunsaMagz

n also a gift for Manager Moon.

It's a wallet from Stingray fish' s skin that has an "EYE" design on it. The wallet represent ChunNi's album n the eye represent Chunsa's eyes. Through Managernim, we could "see" ChunNi....hahaha...

The colour of the gifts are Blue & Brown. Blue is ChunNi's colour & Brown is that Brown's LINE sticker's colour, hahaha....U should read the book to understand it, hehhe...

This ChunsaMagz Vol 1 is a compilation of Part 1-3, so If U have read Part 1 & 2, U can skip those parts, hehehe....

It contains 300 pages, quite thick & heavy. 

Credit to all the owner of pictures & videos that I use for this project. 

So, here it is....the publish version of ChunsaMagz Vol.1

U can read in here : PDF Version or JPG Version

n these vids are the vids that we use for made the review of ILU :

Hong Kong







                      Tokyo Dome

                                            Osaka Dome 141213

                                                      Osaka 141214

                                              Fukuoka Dome



  1. Is the gift from indonesia? I see batik there

    1. Hi Shein2...Sorry for the very late reply....Yup....the gift is from Indonesia coz me as one of admins here is from Indonesia n I want the gift represent my country.

    2. Cool ❤❤❤❤❤❤
      Sorry, i wanna ask, jyj caffeine #BelieveinYoochun , right?
      So, any project for it???
      Thank you

    3. Yes....#BelieveinYooChun...I even make a shirt with that words.

      Yes, We have project for it, but unfortunately because of something, didn't make a project for International fans...For Indonesian Chunsa/ JYJers only coz of the banner.

      Where do you come from? If You want to joint, I could change it a little bit for the banner.
      Coz the project will combined with other fansite so at the end it's an International Project.

      U could email me at

      Thank you

    4. Glad to know you #BelieveinYoochun ❤❤❤❤❤

      I'm from indonesia....
      i don't have group ^^

      But, thanks for join "Park Yuchun's Korean-Foreign Fan Union"
      I'm so happy there's Indonesia on list ^^

    5. ahhh...from Indonesia too, I U could join the project. ^-^...
      Please send me ur email so I could send you the banner.

      Yes, fortunately could join Union at the last minute. So happy too.
      Though actually this fansite is a multi national site but coz only make project for Indonesian Chunsa so decided to use Indonesia for the List.

    6. I'do sent mail first to your mail ^^

    7. * I'd sent mail first to your mail ^^