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Model with JJ

[cr._bobohobo] On set with super star JJ Kim 


Are you a model or photographer today? is handsome!

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Photographer/Model Kim Jaejoong Paris France

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Hot Photographer in Paris covered by Japanese press!!!

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[Other IG] Superstar !!! You got it right, girl!  Photographer JJ is soooo~~~ hot

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[Other IG] Thanks 2 this photographer for sharing snippets of our handsome photographer

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20171001 Jaejoong (marienicolas_makeup IG story)

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JJ IG Updates

Our handsome in beautiful ! Have fun while working

Whoah with Gunhee and model ! Have fun ! Hwaiting!

With Managers KyungTae & AhnJang! in is !

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JJ Fanmeeting Update

[Cjes IG] Big Event inside Fanmeeting! Fanmeeting will be shaped by your suggestions! What a fresh idea! Go->

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Photographer Jaejoong at a Fashion show in Paris

[Other IG] Sculpture-like handsome guy, thought he was photographer Smiled biggest during business trip No GD but met so I’m satisfied

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[Other IG] Angelic  looks so hot when sitting 

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Manhole: Episode 16 (Final)

Well, we made it. We’ve traveled through time, altered the past and future, and mixed up countless relationships to the point where I’m now convinced that I will always get a slight headache every time I see a manhole. Still, while I may not understand most of the whys or hows behind this adventure, I’ll miss the elusive charm of our main characters and the family they created. We have reached the final hour, and I’m both relieved and exhausted as we take our last jaunt through the ever-lovin’ manhole, all in the hopes that Pil will finally get the girl.


Pil tracks Soo-jin and Jae-hyun to the lake house and peers in through the window to see them at the table. When Soo-jin spies Pil, Jae-hyun notices her gaze and turns to look, but Soo-jin pulls him back just in time to distract him and allow Pil to duck away.
Playing along with Jae-hyun’s crazy, Soo-jin tells him to wash up first while she gets changed for bed. Except the familiar suggestion reminds him of how she ran away the last time she told him to take a shower, and he grabs her arm.

Jae-hyun yanks Soo-jin back and warns her not to try and escape from him again, warning, “I’ll find you no matter where you are.” Soo-jin nods mutely, and he relaxes.
A car alarm suddenly sounds, and Jae-hyun goes out to investigate. Sure enough it’s his car, and as he goes to turn it off, Pil slips unnoticed into the lake house. (Ah, clever boy.) Pil quickly gathers Soo-jin and the two of them race out the front door, but they aren’t fast enough, and Jae-hyun spots the pair as they flee.

As Soo-jin and Pil make it to the back lawn, Jae-hyun sneaks up on them from behind the house, holding a long piece of wood. Soo-jin sees her husband raise the bat to attack and leaps to cover Pil with her body, taking the blow herself and falling unconscious.
Pil recovers first and starts punching Jae-hyun. Jae-hyun quickly starts fighting back, and the two men roll around the backyard as they trade blows. Pil manages to catch Jae-hyun’s arm and judo-flips him to the ground, then gives him three solid kicks to the face. (Heh. Karma, bitch.)
While Jae-hyun flounders around, Pil runs over to check on the unconscious Soo-jin. But Jae-hyun recovers quickly and pulls a knife from his waistband.

While Pil continues to hover over Soo-jin, Jae-hyun looms up behind and stabs Pil right in the stomach.
There’s a moment of silence, then Jae-hyun rips the knife out, causing Pil to gasp in pain. Looking stunned by his own actions, Jae-hyun drops the bloody weapon and sprints to his car, driving away while Pil crumples to the ground.
Soo-jin wakes up just as Pil falls, and she pulls his head onto her lap as she stares in shock at the blood spreading over his shirt. Pressing her hand to the wound, Soo-jin calls out to Pil, telling him to open his eyes.

Far away from the blood and mayhem, Pil’s police sunbae is still calling Pil’s phone after Pil hung up on him. Another officer informs Sunbae that Jae-hyun’s phone is back on, and there’s a police car heading to him now.
Returning to our life-or-death couple, Pil gasps out that he’s fine and asks where Jae-hyun went. Soo-jin assures him that he drove away and digs Pil’s phone out of his pocket to call an ambulance. Before she can, Sunbae calls Pil yet again and Soo-jin answers, weeping.

Sunbae immediately starts asking about Pil and Jae-hyun’s whereabouts, and Soo-jin hiccups out that Jae-hyun stabbed Pil and ran off. Taken aback, Sunbae promises to send an ambulance immediately, then hangs up to call the officers tracking Jae-hyun, informing them that he’s on the run.
As luck would have it, Jae-hyun drives past two squad cars just as they get Sunbae’s call. Recognizing the license plate, the police give chase.

Back at the lake house, Soo-jin tells Pil that help is coming and urges him hold on, but Pil just asks if she was hurt at all. Soo-jin says that she’s fine and apologizes for leading him here with her phone, crying that she wanted to stop seeing him because he always gets hurt.
Gasping now, Pil replies, “If I couldn’t save you, I would’ve resented myself for the rest of my life.” He adds that that would’ve hurt far more.

Jae-hyun continues to lead the police on a merry chase, until a wrong turn leads him to a dead end. He tries to escape on foot, but four officers pounce on him, shoving him to the ground and cuffing their elusive culprit.
Back to the tragic couple, Pil murmurs that while traveling through time, he first thought that all he needed was her. Then he came to realize, “When you smile, I can smile. When you’re happy, I’m happy. So you have to be happy. That way I can be happy. All right?” (*Sniff*)

Soo-jin snaps at him for talking like this is the end and begs him to stay with her. Pil’s breath is short as he swears, “Even if I die, don’t think that I’m not with you. Even when you didn’t remember, I was always by your side. Whatever you do, wherever you are, I will always be by your side.”
Sobbing now, Soo-jin says she can’t let him go. Pil slowly reaches up a bloody hand and brushes her cheek, whispering that he can’t see her face anymore. His eyes closing, Pil breathes out, “Soo-jin, I have to see you.”
Pil’s arm lowers, and his hand falls to the ground with awful finality.

Soo-jin trembles at his still form and cries out for him to open his eyes. An ambulance pulls into the driveway, and Soo-jin reaches out to hold Pil’s hand, thinking, “Pil, I love you.”
Soo-jin bows her head over Pil, but suddenly, her body starts fading. (Omo!) Soo-jin disappears completely, leaving Pil (dead or alive?) on the grass.

And… we’re back?! It’s 2017 on Soo-jin’s wedding day, and we zoom in on Soo-jin in her wedding dress, getting her makeup done.
Soo-jin jerks upright, gasping, while Jung-ae and Dal-soo tease her for falling asleep. Confused, Soo-jin looks around and asks Jung-ae what’s going on. When Jung-ae answers that she’s getting her bridal makeup done, she realizes that she’s gone back to her wedding.
Popping up out of the chair Soo-jin runs out of the room, yelling that she has to find Pil.

At Pil’s house, Mom and Dad are grouching about having to go to Soo-jin’s wedding, when Soo-jin bursts in in her full wedding regalia, looking for Pil. Mom answers that Pil isn’t home, but Soo-jin runs up to his empty room to make sure.
Promising to explain later, Soo-jin races back out, leaving Mom and Dad wondering why she’s looking for their son instead of walking down the aisle.

Woah. Okay, so now we jump through time again to 2018, where Pil lies unconscious (but alive!) in a hospital bed. He dreams about the manhole tunnel and hears Soo-jin’s voice reaching out from 2017 as she runs around the neighborhood in her wedding dress, searching for Pil and begging him to appear.
Pil opens his eyes, and the screen splits to show Soo-jin running in 2017 and Pil getting up out of the hospital bed in 2018. Looking pretty spry for someone recently stabbed, Pil yanks out needles and shakes off confused nurses before running out of the hospital.

In their different timelines, both Pil and Soo-jin jog through the manhole tunnel, Soo-jin during the day, and Pil at night. They come to a stop at the manhole and think:

Soo-jin: “Pil. You’re also looking for me, right?” Pil: “I told you that I’d find you wherever you are. That I’d always be by your side.” Soo-jin: “Right, I can feel you. We’re in different times, but we’re still together. We’re looking at the same thing.” Pil: “Nothing can split us apart. I’ll go to you by any means. Just wait a little.”
In her time, Soo-jin nods as though she can hear him, and both of them slowly reach their hands into the space in front of them, closing their eyes like they can feel one another. Above Pil, the streetlight starts to flicker, and when the clock strikes midnight, he fades away.

Jung-ae and Dal-soo finally catch up with Soo-jin, bringing Gu-gil along with them. Shaken out of her space time continuum moment, Soo-jin states that she has to find Pil, but the others snap at her that this isn’t the time since she’s late for her wedding, and they drag her away to her impending nuptials.
Meanwhile, in Jin-sook’s rooftop apartment, Pil awakens in 2017 to find himself tied to a chair. He starts looking around, trying to figure out what’s going on, when Jin-sook strolls in. Remembering the last time he awoke tied up (in the juice stand), Pil tentatively asks if he and Jin-sook got married again. Heh.

Thankfully, Jin-sook just calls him crazy and yells that this is to keep him from ruining Soo-jin’s wedding. Pil stills to hear that and wonders if Soo-jin didn’t time travel with him, lamenting that he came back alone again.
Seok-tae arrives at the rooftop apartment and Pil eagerly looks to his friend to untie him, but Seok-tae just asks Jin-sook if she tied the rope correctly. Pffft.
Seok-tae is firmly on Jin-sook’s side, agreeing that he needs to stay put for Soo-jin’s wedding, but Pil appeals to him, saying that he has to be there were the most important day of Soo-jin’s life. Seok-tae starts wavering and turns sad eyes on Jin-sook, only she just snaps that they can’t trust him and the two depart, leaving Pil tied up.

At the wedding hall, Jae-hyun paces while Soo-jin’s parents fret over their absentee daughter, but then Jung-ae and her boys arrive with the wayward bride.
Seeing Jae-hyun, Soo-jin freezes, remembering all the terrible things he’s done/will do. He walks up to her all smiles and sweetness, but Soo-jin stares at him, horrified. Soo-jin’s mom just laughs that she’s nervous, and then a staff member calls that the wedding is about to start.
In the rooftop apartment, Pil yanks at his restraints, finally managing to fall to the side and wiggle out of the ropes. He sprints of the apartment and is once again running through the streets to find Soo-jin. (Seriously, how much of this show has Pil spent running?)

Pil better pick up the pace though, as the wedding has already started, and Soo-jin is being called to make her entrance. She slowly starts inching down the aisle, looking like she’s walking to the gallows rather than the altar.
Downstairs, Pil dashes through the front doors and makes for the wedding hall. However, it seems this is the fastest wedding ever, as we’ve already reached the “Do you take” portion. Jae-hyun eagerly shouts out his “I do,” but when it comes to Soo-jin’s turn, she just stands there.
As silence builds, everyone starts shifting around uncomfortably as Jae-hyun looks questioningly at his bride. Then, here to save the day, Pil runs into the hall and calls out Soo-jin’s name. (Aw yeah!)

Soo-jin (and everyone else) whips around to see Pil standing in the aisle, panting. Soo-jin looks instantly relieved, and Pil gives his best ever puppy eyes as they gaze at one another, each hoping that the other remembers.
Everyone gawks at the interruption, and the officiate repeats his question, pushing Soo-jin to accept Jae-hyun as her husband. Her eyes never leaving Pil, Soo-jin answers, loud and strong, “No. I can’t marry this guy.”
The room erupts with twitters, and Soo-jin’s parents look like they’re having twin heart attacks. Soo-jin coldly warns Jae-hyun to never come near her again, then delivers a swift kick to his shins. Nice.

As Jae-hyun writhes, Soo-jin drops her bouquet and runs to Pil. He asks if she went through the manhole too, and she nods happily. Soo-jin grouches a bit at him for making her worry, but Pil just smiles and apologizes for being so late. Smiling back, Soo-jin holds out her hand and tells him, “Let’s go.”
Pil takes Soo-jin’s hand and, in front of all their gaping friends and family, the happy couple runs away from the wedding, both of them beaming.

Pil and Soo-jin escape to their lookout spot, and both of them can’t seem to stop smiling. Soo-jin turns serious when she asks if his stab wound is all right, but Pil chirps back that he’s all better, calling it a benefit of time travel.
Relieved, Soo-jin hugs Pil and asks that they never be separated again. Hugging her back, Pil answers that no matter where or when they are, he’ll always be there. He draws back, and they stare at each other for a moment. Then, Pil reaches up and gently holds Soo-jin’s head, pulling her in for a sweet kiss.

…And they keep kissing. (Damn, I think my knees just went a little weak.) The two slowly pull apart and smile at one another, a brilliant sunset lighting up their happy faces.
Then, we cut to one month later. It’s nighttime at Soo-jin’s house, and she lies in bed, checking her phone and looking worried. She glances at a string tied to her wrist, then we follow the string to where it runs all the way into Pil’s room, where the other end is knotted around Pil’s wrist.

Pil paces nervously, glancing at the clock, which reads twenty minutes until midnight. Pil calls out to see if Soo-jin is still there, and Soo-jin jumps up to reassure him that she wasn’t summoned by the manhole. Unable to take the stress, Pil climbs over the balcony into Soo-jin’s room and hops straight into her bed.
Soo-jin whisper-yells at him, but Pil insists, “If we get summoned, we have to go together!” Then he tugs her down into the bed with him. Before Soo-jin can give formal protest, she’s tucked in bed with Pil and holding his hand. She relents in the face of his happy face, but insists that it’s only until midnight.

Pil takes what he can get and cuddles closer, grinning when he hears Soo-jin’s heart beating fast. He brings up his phone, and they both pale to see that it’s 11:59 p.m. Soo-jin clenches her eyes shut as Pil counts down… but nothing happens. Soo-jin sighs that they made it through another midnight, and Pil cheekily suggests that he stay the night anyway.
Soo-jin’s eyes go wide, but then her mom’s voice calls out, and the two spring apart like guilty teenagers. Pil hides on the floor beneath the comforter while Soo-jin jumps up and manages to cajole Mom out of the room. The coast clear, Pil pops his head out of the blankets and calls the whole situation “thrilling.” Soo-jin, however, is less than thrilled and starts whacking him with a pillow. Hee.
The next morning, Soo-jin’s mom moans and groans about Soo-jin running out on her wedding and demands to know how she can keep dating Pil when he doesn’t have a job.

Suddenly, Pil’s voice carries down to them from his room, where he’s jumping around and yelling that he got accepted. Pil runs downstairs, barely pausing to tell his parents that he passed before continuing over to Soo-jin’s house.
Yelling that he got into the police academy, Pil scoops Soo-jin up and spins her around… right in front of her parents. Dad gives an “ahem,” and the giggling couple pause their revelry for Pil to practically shove the phone results in Mom’s face.
Pil’s parents come over and hug him, cheering to finally have a successful son. Soo-jin’s parents hold the stink eye for another moment before congratulating Pil and claiming that they always knew he’d be successful. (Sure…)

Having also passed the civil service exam, Seok-tae packs up his study cubicle when he gets a call from his father and heads to a café. Except, when he arrives, it’s to find that he’s been set up on a blind date. They sit down, and the woman seems nice enough, but Seok-tae clearly isn’t into it.
He just starts to muster up the courage to tell her that he already has someone he likes, when he spies Jin-sook sitting in that very café. He tries to hide his face, but Jin-sook sees him and heads over.
Seok-tae starts to babble that this isn’t what it looks like, except his date comes right out saying that they’re on a blind date. Seok-tae looks absolutely terrified, but Jin-sook merely apologizes for interrupting, then strolls out. With a quick apology of his own, Seok-tae ditches his date and runs after her.

Returning to her rooftop, Jin-sook scoffs that Seok-tae had claimed he’d only like her for his whole life, but then Seok-tae bounds up and starts explaining that he honestly didn’t know about it. Jin-sook tells him it doesn’t matter to her and turns to leave, but Seok-tae has had enough. He grabs her arm and asks once and for all if she’s ever thought of him as a man (as in, romantically).
Jin-sook hedges, but at Seok-tae’s insistence, she answers that there’s a slight possibility. Then she yanks her arm away and retreats inside, leaving Seok-tae grinning cutely.

Dal-soo is playing guitar at his DVD store when Jung-ae runs in with the news that Pil passed his exam. Jung-ae spies a wedding invitation for one of Dal-soo’s friends and she asks if he will get married now that all of his friends are having weddings.
Serious, Dal-soo asks if she thinks that marriage is the endgame for love, and Jung-ae answers that it is, since it means they’ll always stay together. Dal-soo points out that two people don’t have to get married to be together, arguing that marriage isn’t some kind of magic solution.
Dal-soo takes Jung-ae’s hands and promises that for as long as she wants him, he will always stay with her. It’s enough for Jung-ae, and the two hug.

In a distinctly gloomier setting, a rundown Jae-hyun is with his psychiatrist. Looking dead inside, Jae-hyun admits that the medication is helping the mood swings. The session is interrupted when Young-joo enters the office, and Jae-hyun spins around at her voice. With a Cheshire smile, she holds her hand out to him, and he considers it.
Back at the manhole, the streetlight shines brightly as Pil and Soo-jin run up. At one minute to midnight, the two clasp hands and close their eyes, cringing against any potential rainbow lights. But midnight once again comes and goes with not even a burp from the manhole.
They both sigh in relief, then Pil laments that he can’t live with the constant worrying. Soo-jin stomps on the manhole and wonders if they should just block it up, but Pil answers that he has a better idea.

Reaching into his pocket, Pil lowers to one knee and pulls out a ring box. Opening the box to reveal a diamond ring, Pil asks Soo-jin to let him always stay by her side, no matter what time or place they’re in. (Awww!)
Soo-jin looks moved for a moment, then yanks him up and tells him to be “specific, clear, and precise” so she can understand. She starts to rant that she needs fours words, or even just three, but Pil cuts her off: “I love you.”
He says it quickly the first time to get it passed his nerves, then repeats it again, slower. Soo-jin is shocked into silence, so Pil adds on the four words she wanted, “Will you marry me?”

Stunned that he actually said it, Soo-jin holds out her hand and jokingly tells him to put the ring on her finger before she changes her mind. Pil returns to one knee, sliding the engagement ring onto the finger of the woman he’s loved for twenty-eight years.
Pil stands up and Soo-jin pulls him in for a kiss. As they embrace, the streetlight flickers above them, giving a final farewell to its time-traveling duo.

Two years later.
The gang is at Soo-jin’s studio and gathered around Pil as he holds a baby boy on his lap. Soo-jin snaps pictures while everyone marvels over how good Pil is with babies. Then, Jin-sook and Seok-tae arrive, and it turns out that they are the baby’s parents.
When Pil turns the baby over to them, Gu-gil remarks that Pil should take care of any children he and Soo-jin have. Pil immediately turns to Soo-jin and offers, “You just give birth to a baby. I’ll handle the childcare.” Pffft.
Dal-soo calls everyone to come take more pictures, and Soo-jin sets the camera to automatic before jumping in to join Pil in the photo. As the friends pose, we zoom out to see that someone else is watching the happy couple: It’s the aliens!!

The bug-eyed and black-robed extraterrestrials observe the group from their spaceship, one of them asking if Pil is the guy who used their wormhole. Another answers that he gave himself the impossible task of trying to make his unrequited love come true.
The aliens marvel that love is really so important to these humans and find it interesting that Pil succeeded in his mission. They wonder if they should take their wormhole back now, but ultimately, they decide that they should leave it so they can study this “love” phenomenon some more.
An alien asks if there is another suitable candidate, and their spaceship screen zooms in on… Gu-gil. Uh-oh.

Later, at five minutes to midnight, Gu-gil is alone at his pool hall. He calls Jung-ae to ask if she wants to get food together, but Jung-ae snaps that she’s meeting Dal-soo and hangs up. Gu-gil pouts miserably and turns to put away a pool cue, but suddenly fades away.
Over at the manhole, the telltale street light flashes, and we hear the aliens laughing as the manhole belches once more. Now, it is hapless Gu-gil bellowing as he slides down the manhole water slide.
Cut to: Pil and Soo-jin as they walk hand in hand and reminisce over how it’s been a year since they married. Soo-jin hopes that since they haven’t been summoned, maybe the manhole no longer works.

Suddenly, there’s an almighty bellow, and they both flinch to see Gu-gil barreling down. He runs up and frantically rants that everyone else thinks he’s crazy, but they’ll believe him, right?
Dropping to a whisper, Gu-gil says that every night at midnight, he travels back and forth through time.
Gu-gil starts listing how he’s been back to high school and kindergarten, but his friends both start to smile as he keeps raving. Laughing as Gu-gil insists that he’s telling the truth, Pil and Soo-jin both point at him and exclaim, “Manhole!?”

You know, I can hardly believe it I’m saying this, but I actually liked the ending. I mean, I really enjoyed it. I know, believe me, no one is more shocked, but it was like everything the show was missing got shoved into this final hour. Admittedly, it was not a perfect episode, and there are still a few lingering questions regarding the rules of time travel that will forever remain a mystery. Still, this was way more than I was expecting, considering I went into this episode with the same level of excitement as Soo-jin during her second walk down the aisle.
My main concern was how they were going to return Pil to 2017 without losing everything that happened in 2018. I honestly had no idea how they were going to pull it off (especially since the manhole was now blocked again), and I absolutely love their solution: bring Soo-jin back with him. Granted, this means that future Soo-jin will now forevermore be stuck one year behind her actual timeline, but I can live with that.
Pil’s ability to travel through time had originated with his sincere wish to be able to tell Soo-jin his feelings. So there’s a kind of symmetry when Soo-jin’s love confession to him opens the manhole and takes her back. Then, with them both stuck on either side of time, their mutual love and Pil’s promise to never leave her was strong enough to pull him through to her. No, it’s not a flawless solution, and I’m sure if I poked around I’d find more holes in the theory than Swiss cheese, but for some reason it felt right, and that’s enough for me.
I was worried about what with happen with Sir Crazy if only Pil and Soo-jin remember what happened, except it turns out that it doesn’t really matter if no one else knows about Jae-hyun’s psycho tendencies. By going back, Jae-hyun never started using his serial beatings of innocents as an outlet for the rage he suppressed during marriage. So while he wasn’t punished, he didn’t actually commit the crimes either. I’m a little concerned that he and Crazypants will get back together, but maybe Young-joo was right when she told Soo-jin that only she could handle Jae-hyun. I’m just going to hope that they can focus their particular brands of crazy at each other rather than innocent civilians, and leave it at that.

My other worry when watching the last episode was how Manhole planned to wrap up our confusing Jung-ae, Dal-soo, and Gu-gil triangle. I was yet again surprised at their simple answer, which was essentially to not wrap it up. Sending Gu-gil through the manhole is brilliant, since it now sheds a whole new light on their past exchanges. Before, it was just a confusing mash of mixed signals and constant confusion as to why we even had this subplot.
Now, however, it’s the perfect backdrop for another manhole excursion, this time with Pil and Soo-jin there to give Gu-gil some pointers. Admittedly it’s not a completely satisfying conclusion, since instead of answering our remaining questions about these pesky aliens and their manhole, it sidesteps them entirely by implying that adventure continues with Gu-gil, and he’ll have to find the answers himself.
But while I still don’t have my answers, I’m just so taken with how clever the show was to find an ending that didn’t need to answer the questions that I don’t even care. After the subpar plotlines and constantly inconsistent characters, this crafty finale is a lot like getting outsmarted by a little kid: You can’t get mad because they are right, and you’re so shocked that you can only tell them “Good job,” while wondering what the heck just happened.
I may be in the minority regarding the ending (and it’s entirely possible that I’m subconsciously trying to convince myself that I like it as a way to justify sitting through the last fifteen hours of the show), but right or wrong, I ended the last scene smiling, which is far more than I had hoped for. So farewell, Pil. It’s been… an interesting ride, and I hope you and Soo-jin find the happy ever after that you worked so hard for. But maybe stay away from manholes for a while longer – you know, just in case.



Manhole Photographer Updates....

[Photographer IG] is an intriguing person Thank you Bong Pil

[Photographer IG] Working on unreleased footages of

[Photographer IG] Bon Pil’s simple hearted, unrequited love was sad and painful...


JJ IG Updates

[IG] Can’t believe it! Fruits are so cheap!
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JJ asked "Where is this?"
Jung Hye Sung posted same pic and asked the same thing...
Seemed like they're on the same team and doing a mission yo find and photograph the subject...

Our favorite photographer is amazing!

[IG] I’ve been only taking photos all day long... Coz it’s beautiful
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[Making Film No 9] Family’s last making film... 
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Photo published for [9차 메이킹] 맨홀 패밀리들의 마지막 메이킹..ㅠㅠ <맨홀>

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Expert at child rearing? Bong Pil

Pil-Su finally escapes the salt pan created by tears ... Just walk on flower filled paths from now on

So much happened/had to play so many different characters in different situations Feel like I have 3 yrs worth of memories not 3 months


Manhole: Episode 15

Although the end is near, Pil and Soo-jin’s fate as a couple is as unclear as ever, and their moments of unbridled joy are short-lived. Is it enough that the two love each other, or do too many missed chances from the past signify that they were never meant to be? While they face this conundrum, danger rears its head again, further complicating their lives.

We open on a freeze frame of Pil and Soo-jin in the middle of the road. Time unfreezes, and Pil and Soo-jin find themselves back in the past, mere seconds before the hit-and-run incident. This time, Pil quickly spots the car speeding toward Soo-jin and pushes her out of harm’s way.
Luckily, both of them avoid impact, and when Soo-jin informs Pil that Jae-hyun is the driver, the two hop into Pil’s car and drive off, leaving Jae-hyun looking none too pleased that he lost them. He then spots Soo-jin’s phone on the ground and picks it up.

In the car, Pil and Soo-jin catch their breath, with the latter reeling from deja vu. She tells Pil that she remembers everything, from Pil holding onto her while she was dangling off the hospital’s rooftop to saving Pil from the charging car, only this time, Pil saved her. Pil sighs and explains that they probably fell down the manhole together, and a quick rewind to the events leading up to the manhole trip confirms his belief.
Jae-hyun returns home and furiously flings items to the ground. He glares at the smiling Soo-jin in their wedding photo and wonders if she was trying to report him. Soo-jin’s phone rings (it’s Jin-sook), so Jae-hyun picks up and casually informs her that Soo-jin went out, agreeing to have her call back when she returns.

Seok-tae arrives at Jin-sook’s restaurant and asks her why she looks so concerned, and Jin-sook says that a very distressed Soo-jin came by earlier. He figures that Soo-jin and Jae-hyun had a marital spat and assures Jin-sook that they’ll reconcile soon, expressing more concern for Pil, who’s still not over Soo-jin.
Soo-jin and Pil pause at a rest stop, where Soo-jin tries to wrap her head around the time-travel trip. Pil is incredulous that Jae-hyun was the hit-and-run driver and that he still has the audacity to stay by Soo-jin’s side. Shaken but firm, Soo-jin states that Pil was right about Jae-hyun being the assailant randomly committing violent acts, and explains that finding the black articles of clothing inside Jae-hyun’s car trunk prompted her to call Pil for help.

Pil asks her if they should report Jae-hyun now, but Soo-jin doesn’t want to just yet, since she’s too overwhelmed and unable to think straight.
They return to the car, and Pil decides to drive to his uncle’s house outside of Seoul to see if he’d let them sleep over. Despite the late hour, his uncle is happy to see Pil and Soo-jin and welcomes them in.

Pil carefully dresses the wound on Soo-jin’s ankle, incurred from when they dodged Jae-hyun’s car. Soo-jin becomes upset when she notices Pil’s arm injury and tells him to look after himself first, because she hates that he gets hurt because of her. Touched by her concern, he gazes tenderly at her.
Pil suggests that she call her parents to update them, but that’s when Soo-jin realizes that she doesn’t have her phone on her and must’ve left it behind somewhere. She borrows Pil’s and sees that she’s saved under “My Precious.”

Over at a junkyard, Jae-hyun’s setting all the incriminating evidence ablaze. He silently answers Soo-jin’s phone when a call comes in from Pil, and hangs up upon hearing Soo-jin’s voice, furious that she’s spending the night with Pil. Then a guard arrives and reprimands Jae-hyun for starting a fire, and Jae-hyun retaliates by punching and kicking the guard repeatedly.
Back at Pil’s uncle’s place, Pil hands Soo-jin some bedding. Suddenly, the lights turn off, frightening Soo-jin and prompting her to latch onto Pil for security. Turns out that Pil’s uncle is outside, shutting the power on and off in a playful attempt to bring the couple together, hahah!
When the lights finally do go on, Pil earnestly asks if they should stay here instead of returning to Seoul, admitting that he doesn’t want to be apart from her.

An awkward beat of silence passes between them before Pil offers to buy stuff from the convenience store and steps out. And of course, once he’s outside, Pil immediately regrets saying that, while Soo-jin dejectedly sits in her room.
When Pil returns, he finds Soo-jin already fast asleep, so he covers her with a blanket and smiles at her calm, sleeping face before turning off the lights and exiting the room.

The next morning, we see that Pil spent the night outside on a bench sans blanket or pillow. Soo-jin rises first, and when she sees that he slept out, she covers him with her blanket and grows emotional when she looks at him.
Moments later, Pil stirs awake and spots Soo-jin sitting on a bench facing the ocean, and takes a seat beside her. Soo-jin turns to him and wonders why she didn’t heed his warning that Jae-hyun was dangerous, reasoning that things would’ve turned out differently had she listened. But Pil is understanding, and says that she had no choice but to trust the man she chose.

Pil explains that he learned that Jae-hyun was trouble through his time travels, but found it difficult to bring it up to her when she grew closer to Jae-hyun in every situation; plus, believing him would have required Soo-jin to accept his time travel stories.
Soo-jin listens intently and says that she finally understands how frustrated Pil must’ve felt. She asks him what transpired during his travels, and Pil smiles as he answers that many events she never knew about took place, such as rescuing her from danger and communicating with her as a spirit. Soo-jin’s surprised to learn that she even asked him to marry her, but he informs her that every time he entered the manhole, everything that happened disappeared, and they only grew further apart.

Soo-jin scolds him for thanklessly risking his life for her, but Pil brightly replies that he was always willing to do it. What frustrated him the most was the fact that his professions to her were futile even after they both found out their feelings were mutual, no thanks to the mechanics of the manhole. But now that they both share the same memories, Pil tells Soo-jin that he’s happy, adding that the hardships were ultimately worth it.
Soo-jin apologizes for making him suffer, and the two sit in silence in front of the calm waters. Meanwhile, Jae-hyun’s at home, clearly with a lot on his mind.

Police examine the junkyard where the victim was viciously beaten, and Pil’s older colleague digs through the fire pit and discovers a charred broken keychain, which reminds him of Pil’s claim that the assailant had a broken key accessory.
At home, Pil’s parents are dismayed to learn that Pil has been suspended for hitting Jae-hyun, and that nothing seems to be going right for their son. Soo-jin’s parents angrily barge in and express how furious they are at Pil for abducting Soo-jin in front of Jae-hyun. Naturally, Pil’s parents are alarmed to hear this so they call Pil for answers, but he doesn’t pick up, and they don’t know where he is.

Jin-sook and Seok-tae frantically run to the juice truck and ask if Jung-ae and Gu-gil know Pil’s whereabouts before filling them in on Soo-jin’s “abduction” by Pil. They say Soo-jin and Jae-hyun were supposed to fly out to London today, but that Jae-hyun hasn’t been able to reach Soo-jin. Gu-gil doesn’t believe this and calls Pil, but once again, the call goes to voicemail.
Back at the beach, Soo-jin chats with Pil’s jovial uncle, who informs her that Pil is busy cooking up a storm for her. He suggests that Soo-jin accept Pil’s feelings already, but Soo-jin merely smiles and asks if she can borrow his camera for the day.

Jae-hyun’s feeling antsy at home until Soo-jin’s phone buzzes with a text notification of a recent credit card purchase she made — she bought coffee at Pil’s uncle’s shop — which clues him in on where to find her. He hops in his car, outright ignoring the police officers who came to investigate him. But luckily, Pil’s older colleague spots a nearby security camera.
In the car, Jae-hyun’s fraught with worry, unsure why the cops showed up. He worries that Pil reported him, which prompts him to shut off his phone.

Pil shows off his egg frying skills to Soo-jin and offers to serve as her handsome model when he spots Soo-jin’s camera that she borrowed. Once lunch is packed, Pil piggybacks her when he notices that she’s still slightly limping, and she quips that he’s a man now, since she used to piggyback him in kindergarten. Heh.
At the beach, Pil and Soo-jin happily take turns taking photos of each other. They’re all smiles and laughter as they ride an ATV together and simply enjoy each other’s company. Pil can’t stop carrying her, and it’s pretty adorable.

But as Pil’s frolicking by the water, Soo-jin watches him through the camera’s viewfinder and fights back tears.
They sit down on a beach blanket to eat, and Soo-jin grows serious when she tells Pil that she has to return to Seoul today because she can’t stay here forever. Pil asks if she can stay a bit longer, but she returns the camera to him and says that this will probably be the last time she’ll be able to spend time with him; she thought about his time-travel stories and concluded that they were never meant to be, since he was always suffering or in precarious situations because of her.
She adds that not once during his time travels did things work out between the two of them, and the fact that she’s already married further proves her point.

Pil protests, reminding her that he only needs her to be happy and that Jae-hyun is dangerous, but Soo-jin says her reason for not choosing Pil had nothing to do with Jae-hyun; it was just her decision.
She earnestly wishes Pil happiness and hopes he’ll never choose her whether or not he time travels again, because she can’t bear to see him suffer on her account anymore. And with that, Soo-jin gets up first, leaving Pil reeling from her words.
Soo-jin cries as she walks along the beach and even removes her wedding band, dropping it in the sand. Go girl! Then, Jae-hyun arrives and slowly approaches her, his face contrite, and asks her to hear him out. Ugh, here we go.

They sit on a bench, and Jae-hyun appears pitiful for once as he apologizes for frightening and disappointing her. He admits to intentionally accelerating in order to hit Pil with his car, as well as his inability to control his rage, hence his random acts of violence. Soo-jin calmly says his actions can’t be overlooked and urges him to turn himself in and receive treatment, because only then can he get better.
Surprisingly, he agrees to do just that, but he only asks that Soo-jin accompany him. Gah, don’t fall for this, Soo-jin!

Pil’s uncle’s riding his bike when he spots Soo-jin sitting next to Jae-hyun. He later runs into Pil and says that Soo-jin was with a tall and handsome visitor, and Pil sprints, knowing that Jae-hyun’s around. But Jae-hyun drives off in his car with Soo-jin in the passenger seat before Pil can get to them.
Over at the police station, Pil’s older colleague watches security footage from Jae-hyun’s parking garage, which captured Jae-hyun’s face as he removed his assailant garb. The older colleague remarks that Jae-hyun is indeed the culprit.

They visit Soo-jin’s parents house hoping to speak to Soo-jin about her husband, but only her parents are home, and they’re alarmed to hear that their perfect son-in-law is the prime suspect of the random attacks around the neighborhood.
As Jae-hyun’s driving, Soo-jin appears extremely uneasy next to him. He’s relieved that “his Soo-jin” didn’t share the same room with Pil last night, which is when Soo-jin notices that he’s driving away from Seoul.
She reminds him that he has to turn himself in, but to her disbelief, Jae-hyun says he wants to take things slow and spend some quality time together, since they missed their flight to London. Oy.

In his car, Pil searches for Jae-hyun and Soo-jin when his older colleague calls and instructs him to return to Seoul with Soo-jin so that she can testify, since Pil was correct in asserting that Jae-hyun is the culprit. The stakes are even higher now that Soo-jin may be in danger, and Pil reports that Jae-hyun is on the run with Soo-jin, adding that he’ll find them.
Pil hangs up when he spots Jae-hyun’s car in front of him, but Jae-hyun sees Pil as well, and accelerates. Pil speeds up as well, but a red light stymies the chase, and Pil loses him.

Having stopped at a house, Jae-hyun happily cooks steak for Soo-jin while she sits at the table, her face screaming dread. She pleads with him to return to Seoul now and turn himself in.
Jae-hyun’s eyes turn steely, and he wonders if she hates being around him that much. But then he lightens up and sits her back down in her chair, reminding her that it’s been a while since they spent time alone like this.

Soo-jin’s clearly distressed, so while Jae-hyun has his back turned to her as he’s hovering by the stove, she grabs her phone from Jae-hyun’s jacket and turns it on. Immediately, an incoming call from Pil appears and she answers it without saying anything, making sure it set it down on her chair so that Pil can hear what’s going on.
Once dinner’s ready, Jae-hyun joins Soo-jin at the table, and Soo-jin calmly engages Jae-hyun in a conversation about his parents’ summer house that’s located by Sky Lake (the one they’re currently in). Pil listens attentively, which gives him enough information to locate the house.

After identifying Jae-hyun’s car in the driveway, Pil carefully nears the house. Meanwhile, Jae-hyun asks Soo-jin if they should leave Korea. He grabs her hands and says that he has to go to jail if he turns himself in, which means that Soo-jin will be lonely. And so, he proposes that they live by themselves in some remote place.
Jae-hyun insists that all he needs is her, and Soo-jin tries to break from his grasp, but he doesn’t let up. Just then, Pil spots Soo-jin through the window, and she sees him, too. He quietly motions for her to stay calm, but Jae-hyun follows Soo-jin’s gaze and wonders if something’s outside.

Well, that’s an uninspired way to end the penultimate episode!
For every episode of Manhole, I never knew what to expect, because I had no idea where the show was heading. And initially, that feeling of not knowing did heighten my anticipation until it quickly became very clear that this poorly conceived story lacked as much direction as Pil’s adult life. Did you notice the sudden disappearance of titles and the capricious epilogues?
At the end of every episode, I was always so dissatisfied by what “happened” — if anything of worth actually did happen — and was just befuddled by how little substance and story there was. I think the actors, for the most part, tried their best, but it’s hard to elevate a story that’s so light on, well, story. The element of time travel is a handy vehicle for character growth if utilized properly, but for Manhole, I wondered what the purpose was for many of Pil’s manhole trips, especially if everything reset at the stroke of midnight. Has Pil matured? I think so — either that, or exhaustion from too many disappointing trips to the past finally hit him, and he consequently lost all that frenetic energy.

If I thought the characters were being dim last week, they were even dimmer in this episode. I can’t believe Pil’s friends — save for maybe Gu-gil, who at least had doubts — actually believed that Pil had “abducted” Soo-jin. They’ve known Pil for how long? Sure, his time-traveling manhole talk didn’t do him any favors, but they should know that at the very least, Pil is an upstanding guy and wouldn’t do such a thing.
Admittedly, I did like Soo-jin’s line about how Pil’s time travel trips revealed that the two simply weren’t meant to be. It did for a split second make me wonder if the two would ultimately go their separate ways, but then Soo-jin decided to hop into Jae-hyun’s car against her better judgment, ignore all the red flags yet again, and endanger herself. Again. I got the impression that the show wanted to include one last moment of glory for Pil so that he could rescue Soo-jin from big bad Jae-hyun and then, at the very, very, end, throw in a happily ever after for SooPil.

Despite how cute and sweet the beach scenes were with Pil and Soo-jin having the time of their lives, I couldn’t fully comprehend how they could be having that much fun while volatile, psycho stalker Jae-hyun was still out and about. The fact that they decided to delay reporting Jae-hyun boggles my mind, especially when Pil readily agreed with Soo-jin’s suggestion to do so. Priorities, people! Safety over beach frolicking!
I’m not sure if the finale will take place in the current timeline which is the year 2018, but I think if SooPil were to happen, it would only make sense in 2018, despite it being the future. If the manhole took Pil back to the present (remember the present?), then Soo-jin would still be engaged to Jae-hyun and ready to wed him, and she definitely wouldn’t have any shared memories with Pil from the manhole trips. I hope that at the very least, the finale is fun, because most of Manhole was such a drag. Why not throw in one last manhole belch just for kicks?



Manhole staff IG update

[맨홀 스태프 IG (170929)] 여지껏 한 작품중에서 제일 현장분위기 좋았던 작품~그만큼 시청률이 많이 속상했음 ㅠㅠ 대본땜에 고생한 연기자들 다들 앞으로 좋은작품 만나서 훨훨 날길~

Best ever vibe at filming~ So ratings r more heartbreaking Actors suffered much due to script Fly in better drama next time

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Kim Jaejoong attends a fashion show in Paris (as a celeb photographer)

Jaejoong at the Yohji Yamamoto show photo :

[Other IG] What a daebak! With who’s training to become a photographer! Fashion People <3 Photo People ~~~

[Other IG] Backstage and

cittabellamalaysia IG 韩国男神金在中惊喜出现在Yohji Yamamoto秀场上,本人真的好帅!- Elsa, Editor-in-chief @yohjiyamamotoofficial ‥

Translations by crystalmoon0213

컿 어빠ㅜ


[elsa_dang IG]

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Jaejoong, Samuel, and more arrived in Paris, France

Apolline Vasseur


Jaejoong and company at Incheon airport heading to Paris
(Variety show on Naver..."Photo People")

as tagged


JJ with managers (AhnJang and KyungTae)

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Manhole Updates

bollsar IG (GooGill)

[kt.moon_91 IG]
JJ signed for his own manager...


Translations via crystalmoon0213

Successfully transitions upward into different level as an actor...Playing diverse characters in one drama


Totally closed happy ending after so many twists and turns

[PT TR] fails at the ratings.. Only thing salvageable is actor ’s successful transformation as better actor

[Full TR] Pls 'Like' wraps up, leaving bitter after taste... But kudos to actors and staffs


Manhole Episode 16 Highlights...



Oh my chaos right away... Pil ah!!! episode 16

Chasing JaeHyun while Pil is dying!

Oh Pil!!!

Where the ambulance or something? take Pil away!!!

What? took Soojin away!

This sequence is beautiful! SJ running around in the past & Pil waking up n d future.

Finding each other.. episode 16

Present and Future...

Finding each other again no matter what...

And Pil is going to the Present but what the?

Heart pounding actually...

And he made it!!!

Oh LOVE...what can you do?

And kiss...

Funniest sequence when Pil goes Over on to Soojin's bed! episode 16

Then hides when mom comes!

And Pil finally passed the test!!! He won't be jobless anymore!!!

Checking if will take them away again... and then... episode 16

Pil finally says "Saranghe"...

And Soojin moves in for the kiss! couple

A kiss by that darn ! couple.

Friends for life... episode 16

GooGill got sucked into the Manhole LOL! knows all about that process already...


epi 16 today. Looking forward to 's amazingness

click link

team members told over and over they were impressed by waves of countless supports from fans JJ felt so proud and was energized

Seoul Fanmeeting Dresscode: Halloween costume party Will invite and pay for makeup artists for fans himself

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Hints At Future Activities And Discusses Plans For His Upcoming Fan Meeting

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong greeted fans through a V App broadcast on September 28 to talk about his upcoming Seoul fan meeting, as well as other future plans.
When he was asked about his plans after KBS’s “Manhole” comes to an end, Kim Jaejoong said, “I’m going to be embarking on a fan meeting tour in Asia. For that, I’ll be going to Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines. I’ll also be going to China, Japan, and the U.S., but I can’t tell you what for. But I think I’ll be greeting my Japanese fans first.”
He continued to laugh as he added, “People want to know what my next project will be, and whether it will be a drama or new music, but I’m not even going to give you 1 percent of a spoiler. If a good project comes, I’ll do it, if not, I won’t.”
Though he jokingly said, “I was always working before I enlisted, and I went straight back to work the day after I was discharged. When will I get to rest?” Kim Jaejoong’s love for his fans came through as he added, “To be honest, I wasn’t really working, I was going to see all of you. I’m going to keep being active, what else can I do when you guys keep saying you want to see me?”

Kim Jaejoong also teased a fun event that he prepared for fans for his October Seoul fan meeting as he said, “Our fan meeting is on October 29, and Halloween is on October 31. So let’s set our concept as ‘Halloween.’ I’ll dress up, and I’ll even use my own money to rent out a Halloween costume truck and park it outside the fan meeting venue so fans can have fun and dress up all they want.”
Kim Jaejoong’s drama “Manhole” ended on September 28. From October, he will embark on his Asia fan meeting tour, beginning in Seoul on October 29.
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Manhole Wrap Up Party



MoreForms Media 魔方全媒


(translations by crystalmoon0213)
Handsome boyfriend look at wrap up party

His visual is the same! ‘s popularity rattles Yeoeui-do

Brilliant smile


Visual wanted by cameras

Visual mesmerizes women

So chic in denim jacket

“What?” listening to the sound of heartbeat? at wrap up party

Great manners #맨홀

All eyes on

Gentle greetings #맨홀

Lovely couple x Uee from drama

[TD Video] -Uee-Jung Hyesung at Wrap up party 종방연 현장!

Photo published for [TD영상] 김재중-유이-정혜성 '맨홀' 종방연 현장! 

More Pics 






At wrap-up party

170928 wrap party cr. duckin313

[juliakim2002 IG] 170928 

At wrap-up party

More pics...


CJES IG Update

Cjes IG 28.09.2017

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Manhole update
Last episode coming soon


[PTTR] Please see what happens in Pil x Su Couple’s future till the end

Jaejoong says goodbye to Bong Pil with the finale of 'Manhole' approaching
Photo published for Jaejoong says goodbye to Bong Pil with the finale of 'Manhole' approaching |

JYJ's Jaejoong bid farewell to his character Bong Pil, his drama 'Manhole', and viewers who kept up with 'Manhole' for the past 15 episodes.

KBS2's 'Manhole' will air its finale episode on September 28 at 10PM KST. Just ahead of the finale, Jaejoong relayed through his label, "I want to thank those who cherished and loved Bong Pil of 'Manhole'. I was able to film brimming with energy thanks to those in Korea and overseas who cheered Pil on. This production was truly a lone battle. It will remain in my memories for a long time because of how difficult it was. Please anticipate whether or not Pil, who has loved Soojin for 28 years, will be able to protect her happiness, and whether or not Pil's love for Soojin will reach her so that they can have a happy future."

“Filming was extremely difficult. This will be a very memorable drama”

Jang Migwan: Filming chasing/fight scenes with was physically challenging but fun coz of JJ’s funny ad libs


Translations by Crystalmoon0213


Manhole update

From Baro's IG
Thank you everyone

original art by nerukosan

Kim Min Ji IG


CJES update

So handsome! Our Pil/ of KDrama ! Great job You're an amazing actor!


Jaejoong as Pil in Manhole

준비한 오늘의 포스트!우연이 아닌 필
연으로 묶인
봉필의 <맨;


<포토피플> 프로그램을 위해서매일매일 촬영연습에 


Manhole episode 16 preview

170928 맨홀 예고


Sujin, even if I die, don’t think that I’m not with you... Bong Pil 170928 ep 16 Preview
Pil, you couldn’t do timeslip this time? Did I come back alone? - Sujin 

ep 16 Preview Am I getting married? Where is Pil??? -Sujin ?amp=1

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JJ IG Update
Appreciating gifts from Latin American fans...

Fan support from Latin America


Jaejoong Perú Fans @JaejoongPeru


JJ IG Update

Huge spoiler from  

A romantic sunset kiss... Is dropping a big hint? A happy ending?
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Can't wait for epi 16 tomorrow! KDrama

[Cjes IG] Did you enjoy again tonight? You will watch it again tomorrow night, right? V V the V Fairy the Finale tomorrow
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Manhole Episode 15 Highlights

KBS Drama

Translations from crystalmoon0213

saves Uee from Jang Migwan successfully

tells Uee, I want to be with you, sweet confession

“This is the end for us” Uee denies ‘s heart

Jang Migwan kidnaps Uee, chases him

Will be able to save Uee in imminent danger once again?

Will be able to save Uee and win her heart again? Last day of


Soojin telling Pil she thinks JaeHyun is responsible for the assaults...

To the beach and Samchon's place they go!

She's a married woman Pil ah!!!

OMG this funny uncle playing tricks to get together

Pil is so sweet!!!

Soojin is sweet also... sweetness all over LOL...I'm worried what's next!

Loving these scenes... loving pil's smiles

Awww Pil's smiles enlisting my heart & Soojin's as well

A man who knows how to cook is sexy as heck!

Love the

Heart to heart... she's still a married woman. Ottoke

She took off her ring but JaeHyun arrived! Oh crap!

Don't buy into that seemingly innocent face Soojinah! 

And she goes with him because he wants to turn himself in! He's dangerous! Go Pil GO!

Go Pil GO!!! What will do to the couple this time? SJ giving Pil some hints as to where she is.


JYJ Member Kim Junsu’s Grandmother Passes Away

It was reported earlier that MOMOLAND’s Taeha will not be taking part in MU:CON Seoul 2017 due to her grandmother passing away. It has been further announced that JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Taeha’s cousin, will also be taking the time to mourn with his family.
A source from C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu’s grandmother passed away on September 26. He will be spending the night at her wake.”
The agency explained that Kim Junsu, who’s currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, has been granted permission to stay out overnight. The funeral procession will take place on September 28.
We offer our sincerest condolences to Kim Junsu, Taeha, and their family.
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JJ IG Updates

Awake early because of   Hwaiting for episode 15!


Our favorite photographer and his loyal staff! LOVE the !


JJ IG Update

The never ending LOVE between & ! Cuteness!

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And our has not given up getting some LOVE from this ! is !


JJ IG Update

Awww too funny... is !

[IG] What is this? kkkk I’m trying this for the first time ...What the heck is this??? kkkk

[IG] I received in now - in red

[IG] “What is this... what’s the matter? oh!” Like this?
 Translations by crystalmoon0213


Manhole episode 15 preview

Ep 15 Preview
translations by crystalmoon0213

Pil: Park Jaehyun was the hit and run driver... 
Jaehyun: So you will spend the night with that dude...

170927 Ep 15 Preview: I wish time stops here as it is...

Park Jaehyun is on the run and he took Sujin with him ... -Pil


Handsome as always as Pil of KDrama ! Episodes 15-16 coming soon!

Manhole BTS Episodes 13/14/15










Manhole OSTs

[맨홀 OST] Various Artists - INSIDE MANHOLE(맨홀속으로) (Official Audio)

[맨홀 OST] Various Artists - NAÏVE FEEL(순수청년 봉필) (Official Audio)

[맨홀 OST] IMJIKWON ILDONG(임직원일동) - Don't go baby (Feat. 회장님) (Official Audio)

[맨홀 OST] Various Artists - BONG'S FAMILY(봉쓰 패밀리) (Official Audio)

[맨홀 OST] Various Artists - Feel So Sexy (Official Audio)

[맨홀 OST] Various Artists - WHEN I CALL U(나지막히 너를 부를때) (Official Audio)

[맨홀 OST] Various Artists - ETERNITY (Official Audio)


Complete list:



[1Click Scene] JangMikwan provokes KimJaeJoong, "Catch me if you can" (Manhole Ep.13

[1Click Scene] Uie found out that JangMikwan is the criminal...! (Manhole Ep.14)

KBS World TV


JJ IG Update

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Related non fan video

Some male non fans ogled at how young Jaejoong looks (not knowing he's a vampire of course LOL)...
Kim Jaejoong and his 488 Ferrari seen leaving the 70th Ferrari Anniversary event (he attended a few days ago)

veronicha __

[VIDEO + CAPS] 170925 Male Muggles Impressed by Kim Jaejoong & His Ferrari 488

Note: Kim Jaejoong was spotted by non-fans leaving Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary Event on September 18th at Shilla Hotel – Seoul.

Male Muggles (non-fans): “488 owner looks so young! He’s like 25? 26?”
*Jaejoong leaving*
Male Muggles (non-fans): “bye bye”

 photo veronicha__01.jpg
 photo veronicha__02.jpg
 photo veronicha__03.jpg
 photo veronicha__04.jpg
 photo jjferrarievent.jpg
Credit: @veronicha__  
Shared by: JYJ3


Focused policeman Pil...  is KDrama !

SPY vs Manhole



Manhole Update

Refreshing photos of XUee’s beach date released

by crystalmoon0213


JJ IG Update

[IG] Want to get... some... sleep...

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[Manager Moon IG] Last support for Moldir sent coffeetruck! Thank you fans! Chairman


Jaejoong Update

[Cjes IG] the King of Concert 
 Is it true that we still have 1 month to go? Fanmeeting

[Other IG] He complains “How much longer for cutesy stuff?” but does it so well if asked, good boy 
Poster shot during deadly schedule

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Fun Fan Edit by
Singing the alphabets song with


JJ IG Updates

[IG] I get sleepy the most when I move after eating
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[IG] I can totally identify as a man from Chungchung - -yeo

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20170924 Kim Jaejoong Manhole location shooting


20170924 Kim Jaejoong Manhole fanmeeting

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JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 9/18- 9/24/2017


[ KBS 안테나 ]

Manhole Update

[8th Making Film] approaching the finale 

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KBS 드라마 FB 필이가 무릎 꿇은 이유는? (feat.웃음보 터지는 석태) VID DL:

[KBS Drama] Pls 'like' Why did Pil kneel? (feat. Baro trying to suppress laughter)

Nobody is on my sideㅜㅜ

We are approaching last stop of A lot happened, went through many characters Pls b w us till the end I’ll do my best too

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JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 9/18- 9/24/2017

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