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JYJ News Week of 3/11- 3/17/2019

What's New With JYJ?
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Congratulations ! So proud and happy for

[IG] So happy to receive this award~^^ Thank you! Thank you to my fans who came out to support me~! 
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AFA Next Generation Award KIM Jae-joong

AFA13 AFA Next Generation Award KIM Jae-joong | AFA新世代獎-金在中

Asian Film Awards Academy

Presenter Hosono Haruomi’s introduction 
~The winner I’m introducing now debuted in Korea as a lead singer of a pop group. He’s also shown exceptional talent in writing lyrics n music; played a crucial role of igniting explosive K-Pop boom in international music history
He not only made a significant imprint in the music history but also is active in acting and other areas. He is indeed a person who is representative of the new generation.  
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AFA13 AFA Next Generation Award KIM Jae-joong | AFA新世代獎-金在中 via Translated Mr. Hosono presenting Jaejoong.  


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190319 13th Asian Film Awards 第十三屆亞洲電影大獎 - 金在中 Kim Jae-joong 김재중



Jaejoong performing at the AFA
Singing Keshou (Korean and Japanese)

Opening Performance - Kim Jae-joong


AFA13 Opening Performance - KIM Jae-joong|AFA13 開場表演-金在中

Asian Film Awards Academy


190317 Jaejoong at Asian Film Awards

17.03.2019 Jaejoong The 13th Asian Film Awards Red Carpet

veronicha __

MC: Please tell us how you feel. 
JJ: First of all, thank you very much for inviting me to this great awards ceremony. I know I'll get award and it's my honor and pleasure to receive this award.
Also at the opening, I'll show you a great performance in front of actors and audiences.  

MC: It's been a while since you were in a movie. Do you have any idea of appearing in a movie? 
JJ: Of course I do. I'm hoping that good movie work and good time will come someday. 

MC: Which Asian country's movie do you want to appear in? 
JJ: I want to appear in movie in my country first. Next, I've loved Hong Kong movies since I was young. So if I have a chance, I would like to appear in a Hong Kong movie. 
MC: What kind of Hong Kong movie do you like? 
JJ: I like all of them, but I love action movies and romance movies.  

190319 13th Asian Film Awards 第十三屆亞洲電影大獎 - 金在中 Kim Jae-joong 김재중


ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190317

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[LINE JYJ] 재중이의 아시아필름어워즈 🏆 Next Generation Award 수상을 축하합니다 🙌🏻 홍콩시각 5시30분 부터 시작하는 레드카펫부터 시상식까지 생방송 으로 함께봐요✔️ 재중이의 시상식 현장 놓치지 않을꺼야 (😎) 👩🏻‍💻
Translated from Korean by
[LINE JYJ] will celebrate the Asian Film Awards 🏆 Next Generation Award Award from 🙌🏻 the red carpet starting at and ✔️ will not 😎 👩🏻💻 miss the award ceremony of the live-in-the-middle of the awards.

#멋짐뿜뿜 재중이는 지금 in 홍콩 🇭🇰
#Congratulations ‼️
재중이의 #아시아필름어워즈 🏆
Next Generation Award 수상을 축하합니다 🙌🏻

현지시각 5시30분 부터 시작하는!
레드카펫부터 시상식까지 #생방송 으로 함께봐요✔️
재중이의 #시상식 현장 놓치지 않을꺼야 (😎)

記得留意今日 TVB J2頒獎禮直播! #AFA13 presentation ceremony LIVE at 5:30pm on http://OpenSky.tv! #생중계 보기 👩🏻‍💻 https://bit.ly/2Fe3zyw
歌手、創作人兼演員金在中 成為 AFA新世代獎得主,他將會出席於今日的頒獎典禮現場!
#AFA13 Next Generation #Award goes to South Korean vocalist, songwriter and actor #Kimjaejoong. He will attend #AsianFilmAwards #ceremony on #tonight.

#김재중 #JAEJOONG #金在中 #ジェジュン #AFA #NextGenerationAward #Hongkong

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AFA13 Next Generation ceremony on 17 March. See you at TVB J2 live broadcast on 17 March!

[JJ IG-STORY] 190316

Jaejoong on his way to HongKong to receive the AFA Next Generation Award!

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[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #2-6 : MC시아 - 엘리자벳 대기실 속 준수의 선택 🤔 (With.손준호✖️김소현) ㅣ김준수(XIA)

JUNSU_XIA Official


[박유천 ParkYuChun] 1st 정규앨범 ‘Slow Dance’ interview

03152019 Park Yuchun Interview  
Translated by   


Jaejoong will be a regular MC on NHK's radio show "Furuya's POP★A!" First MC is on April 24, and he will do it once a month! Radio schedule: every Wednesday at 9:05~9:55 Station: NHK Radio 1 Looking forward to it!!!

Jaejoong's message: "It will be really fun to talk about thing I always wanted to ask you, about things I want to say. And I think it will be a great opportunity for you to listen to songs I would like to recommend"

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[TRIPLE_J] EP.6 밀착취재 김재중👀 in 아시아투어 대만/태국 제이파티🎂 ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong) 내용: via Do what you like and have fun

Jaejoong's first solo album "Flawless Love" Special Hi-Touch event has been decided! Date: June 29, 2019 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight convention center, West Exhibition Hall  

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Jaejoong's Flawless Love coming soon!

【cjes.tagram Instagram】 4月からの新番組「古家正亨のPOP★A」に ジェジュンが月1・MCとしてレギュラー出演決定! JAEJOONG 1st ソロアルバム『Flawless Love』特典お渡し会開催決定!!

Yeah 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 재중이가 전해주는 🔛
두 가지 선물 같은 소식 🎁

솔로 앨범 Flawless Love #발매기념 특전 전달회
NHK 신규 #라디오 프로그램 📻
『古家正亨のPOP★A!』 월1회 MC 정규 출연 결정

자세한 내용은 아래 URL을 통해 확인하세요! ▶️ https://jaefans.com/
4月からの新番組「古家正亨のPOP★A」に ジェジュンが月1・MCとしてレギュラー出演決定!
JAEJOONG 1st ソロアルバム『Flawless Love』特典お渡し会開催決定!!

#김재중 #JJ #Kimjaejoong #金在中 #ジェジュン
#0410 #1st_solo_album #FlawlessLove

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Junsu update
오늘 #오후2시 1차 #티켓오픈 🎟
무대 위 빛나는 아더왕👑 #김준수
샤더왕을 맞이할 기회!
절대로 놓치지 마세요
암흑의 시대,
찬란하게 빛나는 영웅들의 이야기
⚔️ 2019 뮤지컬 <엑스칼리버> ⚔️
멜론티켓 📌 https://bit.ly/2HiYyqA
인터파크 📌 https://bit.ly/2O25JUI
세종문화회관 📌 https://bit.ly/2TJkmSe
#Today will #open the musical Xcalibur`s #ticket at 2pm.
今日の午後2時! 遵守ミュージカルのチケットの前売り,忘れないでください。


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6.18. Tues 7pm 
6.21 Fri 3 pm 
6.22 Sat 7pm 
6.23. Sun 5pm  


[Line] Junsu is recording a new cover song to be released next week on his youtube channel.

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Excerpt from Junsu’s interview with JP media. Full article:

Q: When r u most relaxed? 🌿 When I space out or turn on the humidifier, listen to music I like or look out my window. I’m in to plants these days. It heals me to water them and watch them grow. I relax by doing these things that are simple but meaningful to me.  

Q: What can we expect for the JP tour? 🌴On top of my entire discography, there’ll be songs and performances only for JP concerts. And communication with fans - I want to balance these 3 elements. I’m working on creating a concert you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from.

Q: Things u r looking forward to in JP? 🍱 First and foremost is meeting the fans. Next is eating all the yummy local food. Every time I tour in JP, I go out with staff to eat yummy food, refueling energy and bolstering ourselves, like ‘Onward to the next show!’ (lol)

Q: Looking back 15 yrs.. ⏳Of the many things that shaped me, I’m most thankful to my fans. I’m grateful for their unchanging love and solid support. I feel it’s my role & duty to work hard at my job to repay them. Let’s have fun, cherish each moment and create only good things.

My ultimate goal as an artist is to try new things without fearing change or challenges. I’ve worked hard until now to overcome my limits by attempting new music & performances...

.. I want to do things because I want to, when I want  - not because I should. That’s my idea of happiness though it’s easier said than done. Going forward, it is my dream and aim to be a singer and musical theatre actor that can touch people’s hearts from the stage.

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JJ update

cjes.tagram 세로캠 시리즈 🔛 에서의 👀 완벽한 에 오늘도 입덕합니다..💛 다가오는 4월 10일! 日 정규앨범 'Flawless Love' 그리고 아레나 투어도 기대해주세요🙏🏻
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Kim Jaejoong will release his first solo album on April 10... Hot global popularity!

"Sweetest Love', which was pre-released on March 11, has been attracting a lot of attention and topped iTunes J-POP charts in various countries including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong"***

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graces the cover of May issue of NYLON Japan → Ranks No. 1 seller in Amazon Japan, Rakuten…“Expert Pictorial Model”
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NYLON magazine #1 on Top Selling Ranking (Magazine) on Amazon

Kim JaeJoong On NYLON JAPAN May Edition Becomes Number One Best Selling Magazine In Japan  

[UCC] Jaejoong On NYLON JAPAN May Edition Becomes Number One Best Selling Magazine In Japan

Kim JaeJoong proved one more time his worldwide popularity with the popularity of the magazine he is in.
The idol is on the cover of NYLON JAPAN May 2019 Edition and the magazine is to be released on Mar. 28.
According to Topstarnews, with the start of the pre-order sales on Mar. 12, NYLON JAPAN with Kim JaeJoong was ranked no.1 seller in Amazon Japan in the section of magazines. On the same day, on Rakuten, the magazine was ranked 1st in the selling of the day.
NYLON JAPAN posted on their social media: “The Korean artist who captivates women all over the world, Kim JaeJoong, makes its first appearance in NYLON JAPAN cover.”
For the magazine, the artist took stunning pictures in the theme of ‘The Prince of the Forest’. In the released pictures, he is seen posing with leaves and fruits. While looking sexy and charismatic, Kim JaeJoong keeps his sweet image that makes fans heart flutter.

There will be a long interview covering 16 pages.




Our serving us sunshine! Hwaiting! 聴いて🎶

His heart is as handsome as his face, “How you make this ugly one handsome!” JJ appreciates his staff members!
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Junsu in Xcalibur



JJ on Weibo with Hiro


[ jj_1986_jj IG ] A very sunny weather 🎠🌏


[ jj_1986_jj IG] I had fun shooting! Please look forward to it! #/HoneyHolic

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Hello gorgeous! flexing his visuals!

ジェジュン Instagram 20190312

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Hi I'm Jaejoong~ The person behind me is No Miyoung. Thank her very much for always putting nice clothes on me. And then....uh she's running away!

[ jj_1986_jj IG] Mi Young jjang No Mi Young jjang (the best) NO MI YOUNG Person who ran away MOON JOO YOUNG
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ジェジュン Instagram 20190312_2

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[ jj_1986_jj IG] Let's go to the airport with my hair like this~~~!!!
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graces the cover of May issue of NYLON Japan → Ranks No. 1 seller in Amazon Japan, Rakuten…“Expert Pictorial Model”
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[Line]Kim Jaejoong🙌🏻 NYLON JAPAN May issue Image cover published✔ It’s full of visuals with JJ’s gravure photos Let’s meet on March 28💋
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JJ for Nylon Japan

Beautiful prince "Jaejoong" appears in NYLON JAPAN issue scheduled to be released on March 28!

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ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190312

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【JYJ FB】 Surprise! here comes special-clip! Let's cherish the happy with !

Kim Jaejoong's Asia Tour Cam Series! Before going to meet fans, who are waiting for him, Jaejoong spends a busy time at backstage! JJ's look before going on stage! Cool! Great! IG: FB:
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JJ/JYJ choreographer update
[Other IG] with JJ.. I’m the only one who’s aging 😞

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HongKong FM interpreter update

[Other IG] Was ecstatic to translate for JJ’s fanmeeting again after 2017. Never expected JJ, who is more beautiful than flowers, can write Chinese this well, even better than me ㅠ__ㅠ

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[Line] Kim Junsu’s release of the sound recording and music video of Last Dance from 2018 Musical Elizabeth. You can feel the breathe and charm of Der Tod. Let’s watch Last Dance together now.
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[M/V] 김준수(XIA) - 2018 뮤지컬 엘리자벳 '마지막 춤 (Der letzte Tanz)'

Sexy as DerTod


Jaejoong's new Japanese album Flawless Love is now available for Pre Order...

The song Sweetest Love is available now to stream and purchase.

Oh hello ’s 💚😊💚 on Apple Music USA

And of course, already preordered ! is life! Rocks! 

Flawless Love by Kim Jae Joong 💚😊💚 is everything!

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