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2006 started with their first Asian Tour to several countries like Thailand, China, and Malaysia. Besides that in February they also had First soundtrack album for Korean drama ‘Millionaire’s First Love’ with song title Insa, except group version Jaejoong also had his own version for this song

March 2006 they back to Japan and promoting their new Japanese single “Asu Wa Kuru Kara” this song used by one of the most popular Japan anime, ‘One Piece’ as its 17th episode ending theme.

Still in same month at March 23 they released their first Japanese album “Hearth Mind and Soul”.

After their Asian Tour, they back to Japan and ready for their first Japanese Tour. This tour hold from May to June, and actually I feel bad saw them on super small stage, super different with their Korean stage. image 

In the middle of the year, June 2006 TVXQ was selected to sing 2006 World Cup Korea Official Image Song, and that thing made them flied to Germany and watched 2006 world cup live at  June 13 2006. Junsu must be really happy that time kekekeke image

Back from Germany they are really busy back and forth between Korea and Japan promo this and that songs, until September Junsu did collaboration with Zang Ri In (Zang Li Yin) with single “Timeless” 
Timeless’ is Korean remake of the original English song with the same title sung by Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. 
This song released at sept 8 2006. 
According to Zang Ri In Junsu really a considerate sunbae as he took care everything about Ri In from mike to stage advise. Good Junsu  image

After this collaboration they still back and forth from korea to Japan, for A-nation and other promotion. Then finally their 3rd Korean album, O Jung Ban Hap released at Sept 26 2006 
(this album got 4 version, OMG image)
‘O Jun. Ban. Hap’ MV filmed each member’s individual scene at different places: Yoochun in Czech, Jaejoong in Thailand and Junsu in South Korea

After busy promoting O jung Ban Hap album, they joint SM Christmas Album and they close 2006 with got so many awards

What so happening at 2006 in fandom is an H.O.T fans wrote latter to dbsk fans, warned them how bad SM (which most what she wrote become true these days). At that time fans think it was just rumor but that later become topic in many DBSK forums

2006 also for the first time Yuchun met his childhood friends and his first love through tv program, and honestly I don’t really like Yuchun’s first love image

2006 is year where all of them crazy about Ana Hateway cause the devil wears prada, around 2006 they mention this movie a lot, Jaejoong even promoting her during one of MTV interview and said I don’t even know her name but I like her LOLL Jeje, and when the question who’s the actress he want to play with at that time Yuchun said her but yuchun also don’t know her name even forget her movie title too hahaha so cute how come they forget the movie and don’t know the actress name while they actually really adores her (I have watch this movie too, I think this movie just so so). image

2006 also for the first time Korean gave new nick name to yuchun, it was YooChunByung (YooChun Sickness) around 2006 he did not have a proper meal and started crying before going on the stage. 
And he even confessed that he just felt like crying and very lonely, when he saw the moon in the sky (I don’t know this is only rumor or true) Other than that, YooChun often woke up while everybody is sleeping and went to the bridge or going for fishing during night. 
Luckily Jaejoong most times managed to keep following after him in case of emergency, and I think that’s how Jaejoong and Yoochun become soul mates to each other. Jaejoong also said that YooChunByung is sort of contagious, and even Jaejoong had a infected version of YooChunByung for 3 months LOLLLLL

End of 2006 for them, also end of my part image 

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