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To all JYJers/Chunsa…..My hello pic for this week is Betty with her car, LOL….coz Betty representing our Ladies on 3 Days n the car represent the awesome car chasing scene. XD…I never had interest with the relationship between 2 Ladies on ChunNi’s previous drama. LOL….but this time is different. I like both of them. Begun from the presscon, like the “sisterhood” feeling between them. N on this episode recap, its not only about HTK’s relationship with others character but also the relationship between the others character. Coz I like it, hehe….
N from eps. 3, this scene is my fav…
I love this scene. On this scene, they gave us a story that a Bodyguard also a “human”. They can sleepy n make a mistake. Just imagine if U work like that n what U do is only standing like that, dont do anything, only stand by. This scene also gave us the feeling that their relationship is not just a President n his bodyguard. It’s like a father-son relationship. I really love it. We’ll see what kind of relationship that TK has with his dad.
Let’s begin….


Han Tae Kyung…

Lets meet our HTK….this is his bio..
Is this TK’s bio or ChunNi’s Bio? XD…
YEEEE…..We got this scenes….I always love ChunNi”s drinking, eating, drunk scenes. For me, its kinda a MUST scene. LOL….I hope we’ll get scenes like that before n tada….we got it. XD. Thanks Bo Wonnie, U gave him food. I think its been so long he havent eaten…..LOL….although its only Soju for make him drunk….Hei…BW…U dont know how good our TK’s. Only half of the bottle is not enough make him drunk. Actually I was kinda LOLing & sad at the same time when saw TK drink like that. LOLing coz…ehh, he want to spend it on 1 gulp? And ate a whole egg. Full mouth. I like that he didnt keep his image so “high” in front of BW. Sad coz ahh, poor him…he havent drink and eat for a long time.
I like that after all situation he got, TK still has thats instinct n keep doing what he used to do.
N there U go….this scene. Hehe….Its nice that Korean people used to do that. Donate their clothes like that. Actually the 1st time I saw that scene, I was surprised coz dont have that in my country. Put the clothes on something like trash can. N Like Lee Gak, its good that Tae Kyung got a nice jacket & shoes. XD…
Our TK’s pose. LOL…..even while thinking he still has that Model’s pose. XD….
N My ohh My…Like ChunNi himself, TK also recognizable….LOL….
N my obsession about his eyelash still there, LOL…..PDnim….why U love to take a close shoot like that? Not complain though. XD…
Yoon Bo Won
Yipi…persistent Bo Won…..Tae Kyung….U dont know what kind of girl that U met. LOL…Likey to see TK’s expression. Its kinda….”DUHHH…this girl”. LOL….
Our smartie Bo Won…..I really like her character, hehe…
N LOL…..once again U have a Harry Potterish scene. Pensieve scene. U can read about that in here… ( I like this scene. I like the different colour that they use on this scene.


Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won

Uuhhh….luckily, U 2 dont have late reaction. XD….Usually on K-Drama, they have scene like the characters got starstruck. LOL….
Good reflect Tae Kyung n good manner. XD….U use your own body to prevent BW get hurt n U open the car door for her. XD…
I like the car chase’s scene. Yeah2, its like blockbuster movie not K-Drama’s style. Good decision TK . N what a cool drive skill?
Btw, its good that TK in the middle of car chase, still have time to wear the seatbelt, eventhough we didnt see it.
I like that they gave us this scene. So, we can see how TK learn it.
I like this scene. When ur man is down, U still can think straight.
N luckily TK can back to his mind, he’s back to his nature, protect her while running.
Love this scene. BW open it all for TK. I do think thats the 1st time for TK? LOL…
N yeah…the skinship…..LOL….
Aahhh…BW….U must trust him.
Finally, U can do it.
Who want that hand close ur mouth? LOL….Hope U didnt do it too strong, ChunNi. XD
Yeah…U should explain it to BW.
What a cool skill, TK…..Its understandable that TK did that. He thought its too dangerous for her. But, U dont know our BW, hehe…
Han Tae Kyung n Pres. Lee Dong Hee
His expression are so cute. XD…Love that CHUNFACE. Finally we got it. XD…
His expression really like a guilty person, XD…n I like that Mr. Pres didnt scold him, XD..
N TK cant look to Mr. Pres’s eyes, XD….So guilty, huh? Hahha…
I hope TK will continue his word….but I think we’ll get the reason later. Coz I’m curious too.
I like that Mr. Pres is not that so serious, hehe….

Yoon Bo Won & Lee Cha Young

What an intense looks between 2 ladies, LOL…
Ladies war. Who is the one who know Tae Kyung better? LOL…
Its like the question from a lover (ex lover? XD…) …..LOL…
Love this. Who will be the winner on this “mind war”?
N Bo Won is the Winner. XD…

Lee Cha Young & Ham Bong Soo

OMG,…this is so creepy scene. I told to CY….Don’t leave now. U should wait for a while. N there U go…..Aigoo…

Ham Bong Soo & Shin Gyun Jin

Okie, we got ur word. I like that they gave Us body reaction from Leader Ham.


Ahhh…so I was right about the switch thinghy.
So, there is a change for the code.

The Number

My number. LOL…
Why TK’s car n that Korean bad guy (dont know his name, LOL…) have the same number. Is there any reason for that? Will wait for it.


N like on last Wed’s eps…this eps also end with HTK’s full face. I think it will be like the pattern?

To be continued……..

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