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At 1st wanna say this….Congrats 3 days for became number 1 on my other fav.number , XD….Actually I never care about ratings but its nice get number 1. XD…& LOL…the ratings also has my fav. Number.

My fav scene from this eps, absolutely this one…

ChunNi’s fighting. Cool…..Finally he can use his martial arts skill on his drama. N I’m curios now, from which scene that he got his injury. It was kinda hard to capture the pic, too fast, hehehe….
Lets begin…


Han Tae Kyung…

I love the fighting scene, hehhe….n I like that they make TK lost n caught, coz he’s not superhuman that can beat many bodyguard. So, I think its a make sense sence.
Aahhh……he caught at car number 6. For me its from 6002, LOL….and escaped from car number 7.XD….
Ahhh….that’s the expression when we fight…
Poor ChunNi…got slapped scene again.
As always ChunNi’s eyelashes.XD…
This is the time when TK thought, its time for open the handcuffs.
N what an awesome fighting in car scene? Eventhough TK fight like he really “hate” his superior. LOL…I do think that its kinda like his “revenge” for his superior’ acts before to him. XD…But TK still nice that he didnt just “ throw him from the car. XD
Aahhh…its nice that on every ChunNi’s drama on SBS, the dramas always get sponsor from the brand that ChunNi as its endorser. N it all fit with the story. So, the writer doesnt need to write an “unreasonable” scene. The example is like this. IF ChunNi still as Tony Moly’s endorser. Imagine that we will get Tae Kyung use face cream. LOL…..n now its only Mlimited n off course the jacket is a MUST item for TK.

Yoon Bo Won

OMG….Bo Won our heroine, hehe…she came to save or Hero, hehe….I didnt really notice when she came to that place. Only realize it when got her eyes’s shoot. What a brave Bo Won……so, got shock when saw the car suddenly turn right. Is it just a “coincidence” that BW’s car was on the last car? Hehhe…coz I dont think that the car who bring the suspect will be the last car. I think its usually in the middle.
N another thing. I think the “59 – 6513” is BW’s car n I think she left it on the forest coz her car also attacked by the EMP. Maybe after the chat, her chief brought her back to the forest so she can use her car? Btw, how long that the EMP’s effect?
After that she went to the crime scene. Driving her own car. But when she received the info about must go to the train track to help, I think she must went straight away to the location. I dont think she had time to change her car to “21-6172”. I hope I’ll get explanation about that. LOL….


Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won

OMO…..Bo Won…..I always thought that our couple is runaway couple n on eps.3, they separated for a while. N I wonder how they can meet again. N tada….what kind of name that we should call our couple? Coz they always help each other when they get trouble. XD….
These are the sequence from their 3rd encounter.
I do think TK surprised when see BW there. I think at 1st, from his corner of eye, he felt that he recognize the police. So, he gave that glance. N then he saw her n off course he shouldnt make any reaction that he know her. Then, here we go….TaeBo’s 1st Eye Talk. XD….
TK: “What are U doing here?”
BW: “Calm Down, I’ll help U.” (gave him a nod).

Then BW gave him a key to open the handcuff. N I think when TK felt a key on his hand, his thought was “OMG, this girl really wanna help me”.
N Our couple is on the mission. I really like it. It’s nice that not always the lead male help the lead female. But they can be a partner. Their looks like “ Yes, we can do this”
N WTH…TK……after what BW did to U, U still wanna left her? Aigoo…Its so typical hero? LOL…..”I dont wanna make U hurt, so its better that I left U. Just wait here n safe.”…..and with that expression. Aigoo……but luckily our Bo Won is not that type of girl that always obey. Hehe….I like BW’s expression when she shake her head. Its kinda…”Aiiihhh this man, why U’re underestimate me?”…..
N OMG…..Bo Won….U open the bottle & the egg so TK could directly drink n eat it. Now u put him the jacket. What next? Undress him? LOL…….
TK is so cute when he look at BW n heard BW’s complaint that she actually dont like partnering up with him. N BW’s expression. LOL….
N as always the HERO should make another reason for not accepting her help. TK’s expression is also cute here, LOL…..Its like …”Duhhh…what should I do for make this girl give up?” XD….So, I really like when BW give him the answer with another question.
I also like this scene. BW throw her car’s key. LOL….It’s like this is my final decision so U must obey it. No more complain. XD..
N OFF COURSE…..the close up shoot for this kind of scene is a MUST on every eps. LOL…..Actually for this scene, BW can just said “WAIT” but I think “ACTION” is better than words. XD…..She need to touch TK, XD….
Aaahhh….another Eye Talk. I think I should count it? LOL….
So, this was the 4th Eye Talk from Eps.4. XD….They understanding each other. Love it.


That’s our question…..
Aahhh….so this what happened in 1998. Like we know that a country like SK who has civil war, the suspicion is big for their neighbour. Any kind of action related to NK. It can give the third party can take advantage from that. Like the EMP thingy. Btw, I had a chance to see things similar like on the scene. Some trucks that brought the army back from the border.
And we got another question. What is RECON group?
So, actually it was RECON’s group action?
N ahhh…so, Mr. Pres did that switch wasnt coz he knew about the asassin. I dont think he will that coward to make someone replace him to be murdered. He did that coz dont wanna make Panic Mode coz The Pres is missing. So after he’s done with what he wanna do, he will just back to that place without anyone notice that he’s missing for few hpurs. The number “1007” refer to the place that he can met with the prosecutor. N I think its not the same cheat sheet?
I think he want to explain what exactly happened that year. N off course coz TK’s dad cant give that confidential’98 to Mr. Choi, so he really must do it alone. There was 5 person before but only left 1 person now. I think eventough he cant trust anyone. He still trust some of his Secret Service by command that they must guard him on the train.
But unfortunately there was another plan from the other group to take advantage while Mr. Pres get his 4 days off. So, Mr. Pres’s plan failed. I remember this but didnt have a thought that was actually the key for the missing Pres.
I think its a sad statement from Mr. Pres…”Who recognize me?”…. n actually his guard do the best thing he could. But unfortunately, cant do anything coz its accident. I hope his guard still alive.
N I dont get it for this. From the bus’s schedule we can see the schedule is 20.30, but why they said its 20.10? Faster than the schedule?
N LOL….who was turn on the TV? Who want to watch it coz the patient still non-consciously? XD….
There U go, 3 Days –Harry Potterish’ scene. LOL…..its kinda like Dementor around Mr. Pres. U can read about it in here…..
Usually there is “invisible hand” behind the goverment but off course the citizens will not know about it. Unimagine power & respected.
I like that Mr. Pres is so brave, he doesnt scare about the people that he will face but he frightens that he cant reveal what is the truth.
Yes….we know its all lie. Its more easy to make a lie then solve it. And it make the drama more interesting. Solve the case.
Ooh, we shall not forget LCY. Yeah….fighting CY, U must fighting for ur own life. Btw, ahhh…its just coincidence that CY found that matches. XD…..So, what will happened to Leader Ham? I think when CoS Shin know about what he did, he will give an order for the Secret Service to arrest him?

The Number

As always, my number always there, LOL….I always LOLing when see that number.


And the pattern for Thurs’s episode ending is 3 person’s face. N I’m looking forward for Han Tae Kyung – Yoon Bo Won – Lee Cha Young as the ending. LOL……

End of 3 Days 2nd week.

Thank you for read my recap n give comments. I really appreciate it.

PS: The pic represent our TaeBo. LOL….The girl is for Bo Won who did awesome job to help Tae Kyung n the martial art thinghy is for Tae Kyung himself. XD

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