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I was so happy on this eps,  after NO TaeBo’s scene at all on eps. 7, We got this from this eps, THE AWKWARD MOMENT from TaeBo. XD……My fav from this eps.
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They always met on intense situation (didn’t count their 1st encounter) but this time is different. So, I think its really awkward moment for both. Don’t know what to do, eventhough BW gave her smile to TK. XD
Lets begin……


Han Tae Kyung…

Lets meet our Agent Han Tae Kyung on his 1st day as Secret Service.
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I like that they use close up for this scene. We can know/feel TK’s feel. Its so understandable, nervous on the 1st day.
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Btw, Tae Kyung has been a Secret Service for 1 year but he still cant remember the SS’s code? XD….
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What is your feel when you are there but someone else talking about you? XD….Eventhough it’s a compliment. Its still feel uncomfortable. Btw, do any of you know  the standard of age for someone can be a Secret Service? Hehe…..And OMG, I said before that ChunNi ‘s style (Chun Ahjussi, XD….) lately made him appropriate for become Secret Service but he still looks that young? LOL…. But Mr. Pres, unfortunately you don’t have a daughter coz if you have, it’s absolutely TK will became your daughter fav bodyguard. LOL…..
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I like that Mr. Pres test TK like that. Yeah….we know that you can…..
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OMG…its JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun. LOL…..Tae Kyung looks so good with that suit.
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Thanks for that Bodyguard, he gave him TK the right moment to drop the “bomb”, XD….with asking that question. Sometimes I also like TK when I want to say something important like that.  Waiting for the right moment.
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Do you all think that TK had already “forgive” himself? I do think he had. The moment was on eps.7 when Leader Ham came to his imagination. He had forgive himself but like what he said, he’s a human being. It’s understandable that he cant do that again in order to protect someone. It’s kinda forgiven but not forgotten situation. But, hmmm….what would be TK’s next job yeah?
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Ooww….ChunFace….XD….I like that we still can see that while he do that fighting scene. LOL….
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And there you go….Our ChunNi in action. Cool…
 photo 11.jpg
As always….XD
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Han Tae Kyung and Chief Officer of Secret Service Ham Bong Soo

Ahh……another flashback….And it just “coincidence” that Leader Ham sat in front of TK. XD…On every flashback scene, he was kinda always talk to Tae Kyung only. LOL…
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And it was his 13th year….ahhh, my friend’s fav number….It’s nice, hehe…and this one is another one…
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Han Tae Kyung and Pres. Lee Dong Hee

The beginning of part 2.
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Omo….Mr. Pres, what a word? Its really an honour for TK….The only person he can trust and it’s also a hard question.
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I respect TK’s answer….Its really hard for him and that an honest & brave answer.
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And LOL….Mr. Pres…You have the last weapon to persuade him. I think ypu were waiting for the rejection from TK ? Coz he reject your wish then finally you told him what was happened.
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Han Tae Kyung and Lee Cha Young

Aahh…Cha Young….You grab Tae Kyung again and once again only call him just Tae Kyung….I think she placing herself as his “friend” not as colleague….but I’m really curious, is she only a friend?
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OMG…Mr. Pres….why suddenly you ask him about her? Yeah2…its hard to trust someone now.
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But lets see if what TK’s thought about CY is right or not.
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 Han Tae Kyung n his Dad

I really like that Mr. Pres gave him an explanation about his dad’s action. I think it really can gave TK a relief. His dad did that was to become a proud father to his son. Not because he didn’t care about him.
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And finally his dad come out on TK’s imagination. I like that they gave us a “pensieve” scene again.
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Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won

And there you go…the moment that I was waiting for. XD….Its Gummy’s song on 3 Days. When finally I heard her song on this scene….
 photo 24.jpg
I knew that finally we will get TaeBo’s scene again n its more special now. It was a “calm” situation so the song really fit with the scene.
I like the song n its really suit with them and I’m waiting for TK say “saranghaeyo” to BW….XD…
Is BW the 1st girl come to his home? Hehehe….
 photo 25.jpg
But TK is a “bad” host, LOL…..he didnt give BW food and drink, LOL…..okie, it’s understandable….no food at his home, hahha….
 photo 26.jpg
Aaahhh….TK feeling guilty….and he even can’t look at BW’s eyes. It just when BW told him that its not decided yet with “cheerful” voice and a little smile, finally TK look at her.
 photo 27.jpg
I like BW’s view….never give up….you go girl….Do you see TK’s expression? Its kinda he finally “see” her. This is a girl that never give up.
 photo 28.jpg
And finally her reason,  Want to reveal the truth and TK’s expression kinda like appraising her and put her on the higher level.
 photo 29.jpg
And off course after that TK feel worry about her and he’s back to formal calls.
 photo 30.jpg
And the FINAL WORDS from BW…..and closing it with a Smile. Thumbs Up for you.  No matter what/who you are, you should do the best you can. BW, Your point on TK’s eyes really too high now.
 photo 31.jpg
Thank you Mr. Pres that you ask TK about it. But with TK’s expression like that, I thought he didn’t want tell him the reason. LOL…
 photo 32.jpg
And I really like it that BW’s words can change TK. There is saying that “Behind the success of a Man, there must be a great woman behind. I think that proverb is really suit with our TaeBo. Isn’t it?
 photo 33.jpg
Ahhh…TK….why when you’re alone, You always call her with her name but when in front of her, You’re back to formal? Eventhough BW also still call you..Agent Han, LOL…
 photo 34.jpg
OMO…never thought ChunNi can be so scary like that? LOL….A very good hearing, TK….
 photo 35.jpg


OMG….I had the same thought with Mr. Pres when saw Chief Shin touch that thing and OMO…that smirk. I think a person like Chief Shin who looks “nice” and very close to Mr. Pres can become more bad then the bad guy. Friends became Foe is more “dangerous”.
 photo 36.jpg’s nice that he remember his face or his dad put his pic on that Confidential’98?
 photo 37.jpg
I knew there was something that TK did when I saw that he really cover Major Lee’s face coz before that, I think Major Lee really open with his face, even he look at the CCTV.
 photo 38.jpg
He also didn’t close the door. It’s like that he want him to be cornered. And yeah, he want everyone gather at the same place.
 photo 39.jpg
And finally we know that he is not Major Lee and TK became a decoy. It’s a good tactics.
 photo 40.jpg
I knew there’s something happened when they gave US the 1st scene. I don’t like parking lot like that, XD…..I can be so dizzy. XD…
 photo 41.jpg
And thats really good idea to also including him.
 photo 42.jpg
The Things
As always my number. XD..
 photo 43.jpg
Oohhh…is it the wrong translation or what? Coz TK push number 2 button so it became 02-06-1998 not 01-06-1998…or its like this year 1998, date 02, month 06.
 photo 44.jpg
And TK has a new phone now….and colorful wallie, XD…
 photo 45.jpg


Aahhh…so curious what will happened on next eps. Its kinda everyone’s card already on the table now.
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Special Note:

Ahh….we’ve already on the half of this serie. So, what do U think? Is 3 Days in line with your expectations? I know that 3 Days is not everyone cup of tea. Might be the flashback scenes are confusing for some of U n might be there were lacking. Coz I think no body perfect, so its also apply for 3 Days. Everyone already try their best so I hope you all still support 3 days. Eventhough its only coz of ChunNi…..
Oohhh, I have a story about 3 days….My best friend also like watching K-Drama but not really a lover, LOL….just like me.  Not watching all K drama. When I became a Chunsa, I try to made her as a Chunsa too, LOL….Bombarding her with anything about ChunNi. XD….But coz our busyness, we haven’t chat for a while. The last time I knew, she can finished RTP and like it. Andthen last month she message me and ask why I didn’t tell her about ChunNi’s new drama. XD…..Then I told her that I thought that she will not has interest with ChunNi’s new drama coz she even has’t finished IMU. XD….Then she told me that she already watched 3 Days trailer and she likes it. Ooww….so happy to hear that. Then she watched 3 Days eps 1 & 2 and told me that she think that she doesn’t want watch it every week and just waiting till it end. Coz she doesn’t like the suspence and must be waiting 1 week  for next eps. LOL….Then she didn’t “disturb” me for a while coz she knew that I’m busy with 3 Days recap. LOL……But yesterday she told me that she still watching 3 days every week. XD….I like that she like 3 Days too. Eventhough she’s not a Chunsa yet, LOL…. It means that she like 3 Days itself not coz of just ChunNi as the Lead Actor.

End of 3 Days 4th week.

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For read my recap and give comments. I really appreciate it.
PS: That “Thank You” represent TK’s resignation letter but coz of Bo Won, he change his mind and start to investigation again.

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