Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Park Yoochun, narrating for MBC documentary


Park Yooochun
Human Documentary


Male group JYJ member Park Yoochun will be involved for the narration in MBC’s piece ‘Human Documentary Love Part 4 – Tomboy Siamese Twins’.

Park Yoochun –who lately has been preparing for the post production of his movie ‘Haemoo’/‘Sea Fog’ and his Asia fanmeeting tour– readily completed the dubbing on May 25 with his warm voice, unique to those taking on the narration.

Doing the main narration from the point of view of their dad, Park Yoochun watches the bright and upbeat Siamese twins from first to finish and wore a wide ‘fatherly smile’. Even though the twins are born with their fate bounded, always attached at the head together.

Park Yoochun was quoted saying, “The twins are so such brighter and sweeter than I thought. These children also healthily play around at school and at home, learn writing, and have fights with their younger siblings; you come to realize yet again that these girls are very ordinary children. It’s really fortunate to have a family of positive and noble bearings who love the twins,” and, “People who are viewers watching this documentary and the things we usually little wonder about and thought nothing of, in fact, I wish I had such an opportunity to feel again at how extremely precious these girls are”.

MBC’s piece ‘Human Documentary Love Part 4 – Tomboy Siamese Twins’ will air at 11:15 pm KST on June 2.
Sources: 10 Asia + My Daily

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