Thursday, January 29, 2015

[scrapbook] SPY 004 KimJaeJoong

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Kim Jae Joong

Yes, she is SunWoo's mom
Question is who are those people around SonWoo

Seems like Chief Song is very good to look for any leaking points

Looks like they already knows what they are facing with

Did he got anything to do on HyunTae's past

So.. what are you up to Team Leader

Up until recently... seems like one scratch is all needed

 Why did Seonu needed to be watch on, cause he's exceptional or just because the first failure that he luckily survived

He ignores all warnings given

A man of his word ♡

People changes
and spouse needed wisdom to understand when to quietly nodding or teased mercilessly ^^

She might be a lot faster than you thought

The awkwardness no normal parents should face

Dad : "That Punk" 

What a man would do for his spouse even when his mom doted on him so much ♡ 

Would Seonu ever be YooJin's first priority 
When would she realize what her actions caused 
Will she ever be accepted by HyeRim

Never ever let Mom realize your GF is more . . ^^

She knows the consequences of her actions

Will Seonu forgive YooJin when he knows she did it to ensure her family safety whilst jeopardizing her comrades life

The pressure on Seonu to take the burden

What leader intentionaly lead his subordinate for a fire path

Top chain people seems already knows about each other but what caused the "new" animosity

People with their heart in the right place ♡

This is why analyst team is not a field agent

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