Thursday, January 29, 2015

[scrapbook] SPY 006 Kim Jae Joong

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Kim Jae Joong

Chief Song is always one to put benefit into priority

He got the smoothness though he just didn't know who he will be dealing with later

So it's in the blood but seems like sis need to catch up on her math more ^^

Why did it have to be kept from others

So glad that after seeing SY's mom it struck some cord into Seonu to think about his own Mom and their dispute

Quick on planning and executing ^^

Can't be good for Chief Song that KC knows what he's up to

Family over love . . will she sacrifice Seonu


Did you already know and doesn't want others to get an inkling about whats goin' on

Sorry over the dispute or sorry because of the fact that Seonu's love of his life is an enemy's spy

Bad timing in which just puts Mom into discordance with Seonu

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