Thursday, February 5, 2015

[scrapbook] SPY 007 Kim Jae Joong

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Kim Jae Joong

Well placed "introduction" by KC

It hit the right spots cos Seonu adores Mom much . . does he ever have any inkling about Mom's past before . . .

Girl . . do you know what's your actions caused others?!
even got the nerve to say into Mom's face that you were the same as her in loving Seonu?
She is a sleeper spy whose back on the road with priority on Seonu's well being

Did other's loss never came to mind . .

Maybe its easier for Mom to burn the bridge behind but it doesn't mean you could toyed with other people's feeling

Seems cold . . What will happen in the end.. redemption? separation?

Don't let the world came crushing on you . .

Did the soundtrack songs really indicates a new love? ♡

Will it . . .

What medicine did Mom took for . . heart?!

KC is zooming in . .

Will Dad took more importance on Mom fade away

As Mom says about Seonu's dislike on curry #peoplechanges

No partner for sis . . ♡

Seonu ain't a diligent and smart analyst for nothing

He seems still have his kite somewhere ^^

Only sis is blissfully unaware ♧

He's a former field agent

And all circles back to Mom

How many dots did you receive . . ♡

Eun-Ah is so cute ♡

The machine detected Mom when she lingers around when SY met KC
or is that when she failed in clearing her accounts and went to use her cards...

That just make Seonu caught on why Mom actually knows that much

We never knows others well enough

And who is protecting you . . Your heart atleast

♤ ♤ ♤

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