Thursday, February 5, 2015

[scrapbook] SPY 008 Kim Jae Joong

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Kim Jae Joong

So . . what's on this picture that triggers Seonu on it

Finding out about your Mom being a spy in a room full of agents

Seonu must remember to hold himself up when he digs around on Mom

Isn't HR already move on with that part of life after Seonu is born . .

Don't hold it against your Mom . .

Lovely siblings ♡

What is intriquing on that photo

The furniture?!

This is a better first impression on future in law ^^

Why did the actual GF didn't inquire Seonu in the first place XD

An illusion of a gathering of comfort ^^

If GF resembles Mom, then Eun-Ah is like the sister? ♡

An all club gatherings will always results on some leaks ^^

Hints of premonitions of help needed ^^

Seonu looks very contended but. . . Curious? ^^

Any inclination of rivalry always ruffles some feathers ^^

It's a bit tacky to divulged other's secret XD

If Mom ain't "busy" she'll tick up your unfavorable side for working her son ^^

Same team doesn't mean same interest

The always curious HyunTae working it to his advantage but too bad it's not the right target 

You would've crack the code yourself if it's hacked easily

A fight for new tech?!

Not afraid on being tracked, or is she is still in the mind that she'll never be able to stay on Seonu's side

Desperate time calls for desperate solution ^^

Seems like Dad is the top techie here

One more slip by Mom

Moves around to pass the hurdle on getting what he desire?

Most hated person vs dearest Mom

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