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Newbie on this game, so he lose. Haha.... IT'S fine for him but off course not for CR. N HIS expression..... LOL  


On 1st eps, Writernim use the satori accent from ChunNi's Haemoo n this time he use the card skill from Se Kyung's Tazza 2. LOL... SO, let's change the player. Hahaha

N She's really good.LOL...n LOL ing to see that MG's expression.... He's really happy n proud of her. It's good that MG never think he's better than CR. When the time that she is really better than him. He support her.

N OMG.... can't believe for 28 punchs... hahhaa.... n he really look happy to do that. XD

It's time for our food of the day... Delicious chicken.

This time the CGI is for CR. Hehehe.... n she bring perfume on her bag. A Big bottle, why not bring the miniature one CR? Hehehe.... and it's pretty CGI.

N there U go, MG pry about the same thing again.

I like that CR cut out MG's word. Not like the 1st time he said that. She was ready before but didn't get the right moment n finally she get the moment.

I like that she told MG what she feel. The real reason this time n I think, being on gag show no longer bring her that Happy feeling. Not as big as the investigation (make her eyes useful n helping people )  give to her. I like when CR confess her feeling, MG didn't interupt her.

N there U go... these words.... yeah, he already did before so why not continue to do that.

He  just did that before. It's cool that even though MG busy to catch the gambler... he still has that "eye" for CR.... He really can protect her.

N seriously, this couple can be a realiable DUO DETECTIVE ... Just look how they can solve the case together, the way they're standing, gesture n even their shoes... All are in sync.

So, it's better to leave him while he still speechless and everything she said, he can put it on his brain n think about it.

Don't know till when we can see this place as their "rendezvous". So, just change place.... her or his house... hehe...n I like that he still look at her though the thing that he see only her back n I like CR can make MG speechless, XD

n it's good, even though their last encounter  ended  with uncomfortable moment but they're not that awkward when they meet again.  Love his jealous expression, it’s so cute n why the way he sitting looks so sexy. XD

N he still bring that BOGO issue.LOL..but he  want to end it with give her another gift. He took his time to chose a special gift for her...Oohhh... MG is so sweet. Wonder what kind of gift is that?


But really never think those RED things are the things inside the box.Hahaha..... He's super proud of his gift n he really took it as a special thing. His reaction was hillarious.  XD...

n right away say this one coz CR looks "disappointed".XD

He notice the Heart. XD n once again, indirectly CR help MG to solve the case.

The Mystery

Finally we get Dr.Chun's story. So, as prediction before. He just want to help his wife n yeah,.kinda agree with him. Sometimes it's better to not bring back bad memory but just let's see how his letter will take a part on the story.

N Ahhh...even though he can do that Poker Face, but he can't cover up his shock & scare coz he didn't do anything to his wound.

N made JH realize it. N YES,  so the guess was right. He's the murderer. Everything he did to CR were planned before. After only give a big smile n expressionless regarding his gf's death.  Finally we see the REAL Jae Hee. Thumbs up for NGM for his creepy expression. ah yeah...there is a mistake on the sub.

He's also smart. Can guess with whom MG talk before.

(I think Dr. Chun call MG coz he want to tell him that he's not the killer of his sister n with a evidence that he just found, he wanna tell him about CR & JH).

N made Us say RIP for Dr.Chun.... Wonder how he did that? Dr. Chun is  taller n bigger than him but I think it's not useless when he's that scare. N JH kill Dr.Chun at a church...Oh my.... This killing break his ritual. No more once a year. So, wonder if he will stay with his another ritual, show off Dr.Chun's body on the 7th Day?

I wonder why he prepare 2 set of the lunch n dinner? The other one for his other personality?  Did U see the pattern of his shirt? Shark...The Killer.

N after the dinner, finally we know  his secret room. WOW, he even has a lift at his home. From the outside, his house has 3 level but maybe he has another level? Ohh....SH**.... The moment he enter his secret room.... it's so scary n add it with a creepy background sound... wahhh....

I wanna think the foods were for Dr.Chun but he already made this barcode.

Don't know if Dr.Chun already dead or not. Coz we don't know the date now on the drama (the timeline). But though I like number 7, I don't think it's right to use  March 7th as the date of  Dr. CHUN's death. Coz on March 7, it's still at the beginning of Spring but NO cherry blossom yet.

Dr.Chun is the 6th victim. But  if we look at the bookcase, it has 7 file folder (Ma Ri's folder is the thicker ) so he did that 7 times. Wonder who was the "00" victim? His own parents? Wonder what happened that made him became a psychopath like that. Though the victims looks random but maybe they had connection with him before.

Finally the barcode has been solved... Thanks to a brilliant MG.

Btw, don’t know if any of U also has curiosity like me about how to know the Check Digit on the barcode. 

A check digit, also known as a checksum character, is the number located on the far right side of a bar code. The purpose of a check digit is to verify that the information on the barcode has been entered correctly. The barcode reader's decoder calculates the checksum by performing a series of mathematical operations on the digits that precede the check digit, and comparing the result of the calculation to the value of the check digit.

For Dr. Chun’s barcode, the check digit is ZERO.

Here is how to calculate Check Digit:

Digit                : 9 7 8 8 9 8 6 7 5 5 0 6
Multiplied by    : 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3
Result              : 9 21 8 24 9 24 6 21 5 15 0 18 Total = 160
Divided by 10   : 160/10 = 16.0
Check Sum       : 10 – 0 = 10
Check Digit      : 0 (10) coz the number only from 0 – 9
The Barcode    : 9788986755060

For CR’s parent, the check digit is TWO.

Digit                  : 9 7 8 8 9 8 6 7 5 5 0 2
Multiplied by      : 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3
Result                : 9 21 8 24 9 24 6 21 5 15 0 6 Total = 148
Divided by 10     : 148/10 = 14.8
Check Sum         : 10 – 8 = 2
Check Digit        : 2
The Barcode      : 9788986755022

Btw, maybe on next eps, this guy will get more part n LOL....his expression.

The barcode has been solved, so the real game has been started. Looking forward for the battle of MG'mind VS JH's mind. N off course we hope MG can understand what CR's feel n can accept it. 

For the previous eps. review, U can read it in Here.

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