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JYJ News Week of 9/10- 9/16/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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will be the opening theme song for animation called “Zoids Wild” which will be aired every Saturday morning at 6:30 (MBS/TBS ch.28 Net Anime Saturday 630)
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Translated from Japanese by
Anime "Zoidwild" opening theme!!


If you make CD () reservation at the venue you can be selected as one of the 10 autographs winners after the performance &/or win one of the 500 original posters (in each performance)! You can do it with your mobile too (2nd image)⤵️⤵️

ライブ会場にてCD💿ご予約で 終演後のサイン会(各公演10名)やオリジナルポスター(各公演500名)が抽選で当たります🎉 対象は通常盤になります。是非とも会場でご予約ください🙏 また予約方法はケータイで簡単便利になりました。下記をご覧ください👀



Join , 's , and 's in Japan as they try to capture the perfect photo of Tokyo! Catch on Viki:

Photo People in Tokyo

The assignment is simple: capture the perfect photo of Tokyo and get published in the Japanese magazine LEON.

Actor/singer Kim Jaejoong and comedian Jo Se Ho return for another installment as photo enthusiasts on a mission. They are joined this season by INFINITE’s Woohyun, Im Young Min of MXM, Lee Tae Hwan and Yoo Sun Ho. After getting a brief lesson in photography, can the celebrities capture the perfect picture of Tokyo, Japan, that is worthy of publication?

“Photo People in Tokyo” is a 2018 South Korean reality show. It is preceded by “Photo People in Paris” (2017).


[INSTAGRAM] 180916 Junsu Instagram Update – meeting with hyung

One cut after spending a good time with hyung after a long time! Once again it made me thing that we really are twins right ㅎㅎ

Source: xiaxiaxia1215
Kor to jap trans by Xiawonderland
Jap to Eng trans by xiahjunjjyu

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Image may contain: people sitting and indoor…

[MENTION] 180916 Idols Who Are Also Known For Their Excellence In Musicals.

Screenshot-2017-9-21 CHAGOON - Musical_Dorian gray_Prague 2016(3)
7. Kim Junsu
Junsu is an artist that has already performed in many musicals and has won many awards. His talent on stage is indisputable, and when thinking of idol musical actors, he is definitely one the first to pop up in people’s minds.
He has played the lead role in many musicals like “Mozart,” “Tears of Heaven,” “December,” “Elisabeth,” “Dracula,” “Death Note,” and “Dorian Gray.” He set an example for these famous musicals and their respective iconic characters. He is currently serving in the military, so musical lovers as well as the public are anxious for his return. On the bright side, he is in talks for the role of Der Tod (Death) in “Elisabeth” following his discharge. Park Hyung Sik and Leo are confirmed to play the same role in this year’s production.

Source: Soompi
Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA


JJ on a cover of a Japanese magazine

」号、おかげさまで大反響! 発売前からたくさんのご予約とメッセージをありがとうございます。なんという、あたたかなお言葉の数々! お近くに書店のない方、駅の売店でも販売するのでチェックしてみてください。

Trans: Sunday Daily "Jaejoong" issue, thanks to y'all for the great response! Thanks for many reservations & warm messages before sale. If you don't have a bookstore near you, please check at the stations' shops where it's also sold.
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180915 the Millennium Commemorative Outdoor concert

180915 경기천년기념 야외음악회 XIA준수 김준수 - Tarantallegra


180915 경기천년기념 야외음악회 XIA준수 김준수 - X SONG


More videos 


Xia Picnic


180914 CJES IG + CJES BLOG Update.

With English Translations
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JJ Twitter Update

Jaejoong updated profile pictures 
- Twitter 
- Instagram


【JEAJOONG`S ROMANTIC RECIPES】 ~愛をこめてステキな貴方をおもてなしする料理~

JB ‘s

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Jaejoong will be performing and covering Japanese songs on Jp TV!

【次回は 初登場】 をしっとり歌うジェジュン を切なく歌い上げるジェジュン との コラボは緊張感たっぷり 爆笑トークも盛り沢山!ジェジュン三昧の60分 9/28(金)夜10時~BSP

Translated from Japanese by

[Next time is the first appearance] collaboration with the Jaejoong to sing sad the Jaejoong singing moist is also a lot of tension lol talk plenty! 60 Minutes of Jaejoong 9/28 (Fri) 10:00pm ~ BSP

【楽曲決定①】 が珠玉の名バラード をカバー♪ に初挑戦!! さらに と平成の名曲 をコラボ!! 藤巻弾き語りも!! ★9/28(金)22:00~BSP★

Translated from Japanese by

[Music decision ①] is the first challenge to cover the name Ballad of Gems!!!!! She sings with Fujimaki too! ★ 9/28 (Fri) 22:00 ~ BSP ★


Our and his band rehearsing for the Hall tour! Hwaiting!!! 💚✌️💚


【photopeopleofficial Instagram】 「ライフタイム」チャンネル(韓国) シーズン1からシーズン2まで順番に放送 9月15日から毎週土,日 昼12時~,午後7時~

[Photopeopleofficial Instagram] "Life-Time" channel (Korea) from Season 1 to season 2, from September 15th to Saturday, Sunday, noon to 7:00


Jaejoong was 3rd place on haiku assessment!!
Jaejoong's haiku correction and teacher's compliments for him: "Form is beautiful, You studied" "It is a wonderful thing that you are able to do something like this" Cr.0000025Mikako/ 

Instructor’s comment: He studied and followed basic rules. Very good job!! “Evening rainbow, The smell of mom’s curry , Fills an alley. “ Tokyo’s famous book town is also famous for a lot of curry restaurants.

One more thing about Haiku - 5-7-5 syllable poem. You must include one “Kigo 季語”, which is a word representing one of 4 seasons. In case of JJ’s haiku rainbow is a word of summer.

Jaejoong is 1st place on floral arrangements (Ikebana)! 

JJ got the first place in flower arrangement section. Congratulations!!! First he imaged a forest then some beautiful flowers that stand out among greenery . The instructor: The way he arranged the chrysanthemums is quite unique

Jaejoong making his flowers arrangement and getting compliments again 

[블로그]ジェジュンさん初体験‼️ | 假屋崎省吾オフィシャルブログ「華道家 假屋崎省吾の世界」Powered by Ameba

Translated from Japanese by

[블로그] Jaejoong's first experience ‼️| Kariyazaki's Official blog "Hana doke Kariyazaki Shogo" Powered by Ameba

The title of ’s flower arrangement is “Light in the Darkness” He described the flowers that bloom powerfully in the forest. That reminds of JJ shines on the stage in front of full Jaefans..


Kim Jaejoong!



Yup soooooo looking forward to ’s and Our Rocks!!!


Jaejoong will appear on TBS' show "Pre-battle" at 19:00 ~ 20:00 today! Links to stream: •


Oh hello there sir! is simply the best!

‘비주얼 쇼크’ 김재중, 씨제스가 공개한 깜짝 근황…“신이 주신 선물”

Translated from Korean by
"Visual shock" Kim Jae-Joong, a surprise released by CJES, "God-given gift"

톱스타뉴스 (TOPSTARNEWS) @topstarnews

‘비주얼 쇼크’ 김재중, 씨제스가 공개한 깜짝 근황…“신이 주신 선물” 

Visual Shock “A Gift from God”

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[ cjes.tagram IG & JYJ FB] It's been a while👋 Korea's Schedule after a long time📝 It's superb, it's a spectacular gift, it's a gift from God👍 long time no see  



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Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup




20180911 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

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[JJstagram] work work work work work work work work work work work work... 
It's stressful if you think about it, but 10, 20 years later, I think I'm going to regret the fact that I thought work was stressful when in fact it brought happiness... Fighting! Let’s enjoy and be happy!
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Junsu Update

[NEWS] 180911 Gyeonggi South Police Agency commissioned 'Red circle campaign student supporters'
The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency has appointed 42 students from 18 universities in the provincial government 's 2 meeting rooms as university students' supporters for the nationwide boom of the "Red Circle Project" campaign to eradicate illegal shooting crime. After the commissioning, we carried out an on-site campaign for residents who moved to Suwon Station with college students.
The Red circle project is a project that the Gyeonggi police Office has been using since September of last year to eradicate the shooting crime by attaching a red circle sticker to the smart phone that symbolizes the meaning of caution, It is a campaign to raise awareness and prevent crime through the natural surveillance of citizens in daily life.
The event, which started last year with the 'Red circle Campaign', attracted a great deal of attention from citizens and contributed to the formation of national consensus for the eradication of illegal shooting crime. However, since the crime has not been reduced yet, It was prepared for.
Trans/Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

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[OTHER IG] 180912 update:


Another episode...
JJ as a regular panelist on a Japanese variety show


Junsu Update

[OTHER IG] 180910 update:
Junsu recorded a narration for a PSA re: new policy for mandatory seatbelts in all seats. VC says clips of Junsu will also be seen in the ad, coming out around next week. The lottery live was shot on their way back from the recording in Seoul today.
Trans: xianonymity
Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA
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Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

[OTHER IG] 180910 IG from owner of a cafe that just opened in Suwon. Pic of where Junsu sat (white star added by me lol) Gushes twice about how amazing his voice sounds IRL.
he had a coffee.

Trans: Xianonymity.
Shared by: Kim Junsu-XIA

No automatic alt text available.

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[Paradise City Korea - FB] - Kim Jaejoong, the Paradise City official Model & ‘Korean Wave King’ had a fan meeting in Grand Ballroom! Kim Jaejoong’s great performance skill and stage manners moved his fans!


Yoochun Update

Hello. It’s Yuchun. Already, we’ve been together for 15years. For 15th anniversary, I’m launching Japan limited medals in Winstar Shop. It’ll be precious memory with you. You can buy it with special events in Winstar shop. I’ll work hard. And plz give me lots of cheers

forty-five lucky fans, fifteen with the same his jewelry, fifteen with his personal favorites, fifteen have dinner with him



180831 KAVE Greeting by KPLAZA


[9/9/18] Jaejoong’s Twitter Live -  *Rough translations!!! I mainly focused on the Korean parts ~ There were parts where they were mumbling, or I couldn't hear the audio, so some translations may be missing.

jeje ohhayo


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Jaejoong's Paradise City Fanmeeting

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180909 재중 Jaejoong Paradise City Fan Meeting 팬미팅 2018#ジェジュン


For more JJ FM in Paradise City, click link below...

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