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JYJ News Week of 9/3- 9/9/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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JJ Live on Twitter


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Jaejoong mentioned his Korean album in his live today. There are at least 12-13 songs in his new Korean album and he has completed half of his recording. 

Jaejoong received a proposal of recording Korean drama OST but he turned down it because he was so busy with activities in Japan. 
Also he said he was sad to be obliged to reject this good proposal.

One of the fans asked him if he was planning a concert in Korea. But he said it's SECRET😂 

Some of the songs for his Korean album have already been recorded, Daeyu said that the song has the same style like "Show me the money", one of the song is similar to a Drama' OST, and Jaejoong commented that one of the song is really shocking. Cr.owner
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Now Jaejoong is at home and rinking Sappora beer ^^ 
His relaxing time 
180909 Jaejoong weibo JJ860126JJ 
Update Weibo LIVE !!!

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more scaps from JJWeibo live
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[ JJ860126JJ Weibo Live] Songs Jaejoong listened: 
1. Just Met You 2. Ten Years 3. Little Dimples 4. I am afraid you are not the one 5. You Exist In My Song 6. Happy Break up 7. Listen to the Sea 8. Courage 9. Chengdu 

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Jaejoong Updates

Paradise city イベント来てくださったありがとうございました! 20時間の移動、船やバースを乗って来られた皆んなの気持がものすごく伝わってきました。 長い時間かけて来てくださって心より感謝しております。 帰りも是非気をつけて下さい!

Trans: Thank you for coming to the Paradise City event! 
I really felt the feelings of you all who took 20 hours to travel all the way here with a ship and buses. 
I appreciate you from bottom of my heart for taking a long time to come see me. 
Please return home safely!

안녕하세요. 오늘은 재중씨 팬미팅MC였습니다. 오랜만에 보니까 넘 좋네요^ ^ 오늘 오신분들이 즐거운 시간을 보내주셨다면 다행입니다. 포토타임에 사진 찍으신 분들, 오늘 자연재해로 못오신친구분들이 계셨다면 꼭…

MC trans: Everyone who came to KimJaejoong Fan-meeting &those who couldn’t come, the fan-meeting is finished smoothly. Thank u for always welcoming me warmly. Today, I felt like I could’ve done better..I wanted to entertain u more, but the tears..coz I felt like I didn’t do well

More from PC FM

Jaejoong: I took action on the new song's PV filming, I learned the action properly, but it was hard. With muscle pain.. Cr.Rinmaze

Jaejoong: I am working everyday. Really it was a holiday from the middle of August. But it was me who told to my office that I'm going to work hard.

I finished shooting 2 songs PV. In the second song I danced for the first time in a long time. Cr.Rinmaze

I recorded several shows. I can not say them yet. I am worry to see everyone's SNS and say it. Cr.Rinmaze

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Photo Time

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Last Rain

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Jaejoong's Paradise City FM

Pics as tagged

180909 Photos are from Kim Jaejoong Paradise City FM Shared by wxjjcn

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JJ Weibo update

[JJweibo] 어제는 오랫만에 한국에와서 드라이브도하고 한강도가고 하룻동안 여유로운 시간을 보냈어요~ 오늘 하루 화이팅 입니다^^ ​​​


JJ IG updates

Our ’s

jj_1986_jj ins コメント更新 

[jj_1986_jj ins] 180908 한강~너~~~무 오랜만이다

JJ deleted this post

Then posted this video on IG

ジェジュン Instagramストーリー 20180908



Jaejoong in Korea for paradise City FM



Junsu videos
[ENGSUB] Junsu's 1st IG Story 


GGNB FB Live Ep.20 Digest


On Duty with Special Investigators (Ep. 20)





Kinda excited and a little disturbed about this concept. But you do you 💚😊💚


20180904 ジェジュンweibo

midoyot JJ


[EN Sub] Kim Jaejoong 24/08/18 Full power! Datsuryoku Times Vid. Cr. 微光_hijj


[Modelpress] Jaejoong's first appearance & his collaboration with Fujimaki Ryota for the masterpiece "Powdery Snow" cover!

[Trans] Songs that Jaejoong will sing on NHK's The Covers (BS Premium) on September 28 at 22:00~ Cr.rightful owners  
1•Powdery snow (Remioromen) 
2•Uta Utai No Ballad (Kazuyoshi Saito)



Cafe J Holic will be closing on September 30😭 We pray for every employee and person who has been working there to be happy and healthy too, mainly for our Jaejoong, wishing him and them the best of the best! Link:

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Our Jaejoong leaving JHolic 1/24/2017 via Because people are being nostalgic about ... I was speechless seeing up close!

Te Alee


Sexy Jae of PhotoPeople 2




Highlights of Photo People in Tokyo Season 2

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Jaejoong gave his 110%, but the song was too difficult for Seonho to guess. He hadn't even been born yet when this song was released... "Run To You" by DJ DOC (2000)


Jaejoong at  Miche Bloomin

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風がやばい!! 気をつけて!!

Translated from Japanese by
The wind is dangerous! Be careful!


JJ Twitter Update

皆さんから頂いたパンツ…だいたい2000枚くらいでした…🤣20年くらいパンツの心配はないですね!! ありがとうございます! 変なパンティもありましたが嬉しいです! もうデンシレンジに回しません!!! 反省します!

[Trans] these are the undergarments I received from you... there are around 2000 pieces... 🤣 I won’t have to worry about undergarments for the next 20 years!! Thank you very much! There were some weird ones but I’m happy! I don’t need to put in the microwave anymore!! Sorry!
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ジェジュン JJ860126JJ weibo 20180904


JJ860126JJ weibo 喵喵~ 냐옹냐옹~^^ ​​


Jaejoong update

JAEJOONG(ジェジュン)さんの2nd Single「Defiance」の作曲を担当させて頂きました。何と表現したらよいのか、格好よすぎてかなりシビれるレコーディングでした。10/24発売です。

Translated from Japanese by

I was in charge of composing the 2nd Single "Defiance" of JAEJOONG (Jaejoong). It was a recording which was considerably sibi pies what I should express. 10/24 is released.

(Trans) Kazuto Narumi I wrote Jaejoong-san’s 2nd single “Defiance” How can I say... it was a so cool and thrilling recording.


Absolutely divine ! Looking forward to and 💚💪💚 Rocks!

20180903 ‪jj_1986_jj IG ①

20180903 ‪jj_1986_jj IG ②


[IG] 고생 많았겠네 고맙구~ 새 노래 기대하고 있어


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[ JJ860126JJ Weibo] 
1. I went to the Sea (cn & kr)  
2. Let's laugh together (cn & kr)


Kim Jaejoong at cafe de KAVE's Business briefing meeting!! 


【動画を公開しました~】黒のスーツが本当にカッコよかった  さんでした~キム・ジェジュン登場!cafe de  事業説明会

Translated from Japanese by

[The video was released ~] The black suit was really cool was good -Kim Jaejoong appeared! Cafe de Business Briefing



Translated from Japanese by
Jaejoong, the second single ' Defiance ' was released on October 24. The first production limited Edition A and B includes a DVD with different music videos in different forms.

Jaejoong new Japanese single "Defiance" is coming out in October!



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