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For SKKS Anniversary,  we think that we must make a review for the ONE and ONLY JYJ’s OST song and none other then FOUND YOU aka Chajjata....Eventhough LSJ was the perviest Chun’s character but for Found You’s performance. It’s ALL kinda SAFE performance, Z, I hope u can make this review more interesting. OKIE...coz this is really hard, hehe...
So, after this u will read me & Z’s review. As usual Purple for me & Blue for Z. And this time Z will be the one who response for my review. Lol.....and now will give the baton for u  Z....
PS: Sorry Ladies, cos this is from a CHUNSA’s review, so more focus on Chun.

It was kinda hard to find Found You’s vid from this event. But when watched whole concert, I was kinda surprised when saw Chunnie wore glasses....hhmmm...Although I’m not familiar about concert but I think I will never see a singer wore glasses on their concert. And off course with his long hair..


Must be really hard for Ro to find performance for Showcase Tour in Seoul cos this one is JS’s focus but still you can see a lil bit JJ and YC at the big screen.  JS looked good here, kinda formal clothes too.  Hemmm you never saw singer wore glasses in their concert Ro? Haha I think I’ve seen many lol..Chester Bennnington from Linkin Park is one of those..kekekeke

Also didnt get the good vid. Cant see their face expression but u can see that Chun was really different with JaeSu. His clothes really2 too formal, hehehe....RED Suit.....
Yea YC’s outfits were different cos his are too formal with suit plus it’s red! Me no really likey..kekeke..i like JJ’s outfits, leather jacket, simple but hot.hemm JS’s outifts remind me of their old performance, leather jacket with maroon top inside..kinda similar

Once again, weird outfit from Chunnie compare with JaeSu but although we only can see from far but we still can see his collarbone, lol....
Haha weird outfits..done with formal suit now weird outifts, haha he look like a bat to me lol with the wings..his clothes got wings! Omg wth is that YC??!! Batman chunnie! JJ and JS were still with their leather outfits, me likey JJ’s once again and JS with sleeveless outfit he looked so buffy..hehehe

Kuala Lumpur
Another RED Suit but this time with White Shirt & Blue tie. And I like that I can see his smile at the end of song.
Woohoo my place! Ro he’s always smiling lah when performing this song..hehe..i like JJ’s outfit the most, very simple..white T and pants, while JS with his leather top and baggy pants, if you realize JS always wore baggy pants for their showcase tour..hehe..and YC why so formal lol, for Found You performance his clothes always formal meh?

Sorry for this unfinished performance. But so far u know what u get lah, hehehe....Its SEXY JJ & JS....hehehe....sooooo  different with Chunnie.hehe....btw, did JJ wear Eiffel Tower pendant?
Only JJ and JS sexy? Haha yup the background screen is so distracting! Close up view, attention Xiapwas and Jaeharems, well especially Jaeharems! Unfortunately YC’s clothing concept for this performance was all covered up lol..never mind 

To be honest I like that Chun always tie up his long hair on concert, hehhe....oo...check at 1.33.....there’s something interesting to see, lol.....
Hahahaha something interesting?kekeke I think so..but I didn’t get to see what’s the brand lol..anyone can do plz tell me 

New Hair..... So refreshing, hehehe....all was perfect lah. I like his hair, his eyeliner, his clothes....A total Hootie. 
Btw, when u sang a song like this and dont need a dance, your eyes can go everywhere when your other member sang & its not your part, hahaha.....
Oh yeah totally new look from YC! Oh damn the beginning of the vid you can see their whole bodies, hehe especially Chunnie lah, omg that blue leather snake pattern suit! He’s looking so smoking hot! Whole leather ya know, just sexy! Iuhmmm 

New York
Check at 1.53....its looks like Chunnie looking at u. Hehe...and I like the ending part. Kinda different.
Omo JJ looked so thin here. Look at his legs.  Oh this one is all black leather outfits for 3 of them.  Very nice!!!!! Oh man I love guys wearing leather clothes.  But among the 3 still JJ’s outfits i like the most..hehe JS’s kinda a bit funny lol. And YC’s arms looked so big here..omo because of the fury shirts? Haha maybe I think..oh yeah at 1.53 he was singing to me Ro 

Las Vegas
Interesting outfits from all 3. Hehhe.....
Interesting? Or weird? Lol..ok YC’s got the weirdest outfits here compared to JJ and JS here lol.  I saw Ayy Girl performance they wore this outfits too and I was like omo how can YC’s comfortably dance in that weird outfits with those thingy like a thread ball?? lololol

Los Angeles
Interesting stage hair....hehe.....The 1st time from many performance that he wore that Purplish Suit. Hehe....
Bowl hair? You don’t like it huh? Haha I’m ok with that hair, he looked cute..yeah that purplish suit which enabled us to peek a boo at his tattoo..haha..remind me of this >> Infamous YC’s line >> really wanna touch myself <<< why need to touch yourself? Just let us touch you la instead 

Why JJ & JS ride that thing together? Chunnie kinda like the main man on this performance. He ride that thing alone then walking with the bodyguards. Hehehe....ALL in WHITE, I like it.
Oh finally we got this HD video for the performance, it’s from Seoul Worldwide Concert, the first one above is from Showcase in Seoul, it’s different performance.  But actually this is the first time I watch this performance! Omg how can i??!!! hemm yeah Chunnie rode it alone for a while and got off and walked but JJ and JS rode it together throughout the whole song.  Main character? Maybe bcos this song is SKKS’s OST? YC looked like CEO walking while escorted by the bodyguards lol..yup me too likey their ALL WHITE outfits ^^

KBS Drama Award
To be honest, although I assume that Be My Girl Accoustic version vid was the 1st JYJ’s song I heard. Actually this performance was the 1st JYJ’s performance that I watched but coz its OST song so I didnt count this.
I watched this vid after I knew that LSJ aka Chunnie and his group member sang the OST song and I was curios....Wanna know  his voice when sing and off course his performance. But U know what, the 1st time I watched this vid, I was kinda surprised coz on my mind, a K Pop group’s performance must be full of DANCE., why those 3 only standing like that and why their clothes was like that? and coz that time I only knew Chunnie so only focus on him. I like his voice but not his ..... Kinda below my expectations.  So my 1st impression for their performance wasnt really good, hehhe....
This was memorable moment for JYJ. Dont know when we can see their perfomance again on Award event like that. I like Chunnie’s smile at the middle part of the song and offcourse the THANK U at the end.
Hemm should I tell about my journey with this song too? Hemm I listened to this song right after a short while I knew YC and I hadn’t yet watched SKKS, and my first impression for this song was kinda so so and among my least favourite.  But then after I watched SKKS later haha I fell in love with this song, it’s so catchy. Ya know la this song was always played at the end of each episode..brings back Lee Seon Jun and Kim Yun Shik moments ^^
Agree! This performance is so memorable for JYJ cos everyone here must know lah what happened behind this.  This is the ONE AND ONLY performance that they could be able to perform in such event and broadcasted on the TV since they became JYJ! Even tho idk when again will we be able to see them performing live on TV stations but as a fan all I can do is keep supporting them.  Always Keep The Faith >> JJ and YC tattoos were inked on their body isn’t for nothing.
Back to the performance, they looked nervous while performing (especially YC cos the song is his drama’s OST) but it’s understandable cos they hadn’t performed for a while on big and formal event like that.  Btw, I can feel that PMY was feeling awkward while watching her costar singing on stage and there’s the big screen displaying SKKS scenes, haha must be awkward for both YC and PMY..hehe..and Ro ofc lah no need to dance for this song lol and their clothes too are still acceptable for me..YC with brown polka dot shirt and coat, elegant looking..hehe^^

Bangkok (YC focus)
There u go...Purplish Suit. Can see his tatoo, off course, hehhe....check at 0:18....Chunnie’s habit with his pants. Lol....Start at 0:43....Chunnie was playing on the stage, cute, hahaha....Fun performance. And its cool at the ending, JJ said Thank You in Thai language.
Btw, started from this performance, they walking around the stage. Not only standing and also changing position.
Seriously this outfit of YC is so distracting! Full leather outfit too..sooooooo sexy..omg look at his pants, kinda dangerous to see lol.  Ahh yeah his habit of lifting up his pants on stage haha pls behave Chunnie..aigoo and then at 0.35 I wish I can be the mic lolololol runnnnnnn..playing on stage??? Haha cheesy YC with those gestures lol, he looked so happy here..omo don’t do this again or else I would melt like an ice cream under the’re so cute yet sexy baby ah 

Love his smile. Check at 1.44.....JaeChun moment, lol...And the different ending coz Chun only said Thank U in Chinese language.
Haha Soulmate moment…JS must be jealous lol 

Beijing (YC focus)
Chun often LOLing on this perf....Check at 1.44...JJ sang not in Korean and made Chunnie laughing. Omo.....if u cant stop laughing, can u sang your part Chunnie? Hehehe...So, finally he only said Xie
What made him so hyped up? Lol often LOLing…this is a very relaxed performance by them, sorry this is YC’s focus fancam not much of JJ and JS. 

Whats up with the background vid, all historical building all over the world? Hehhe.....Pause at 2.03...u can see ChunFace and his magician hand, lol.....Btw, do u all notice that the light behind Chunnie was PURPLE, hahaha...and Excessive tattoos exposed, hahhaa....remember Mission’s perf on this place? Hahaha.....That clothes was made with that purpose. Lol......Now the ending using English.
Haha maybe because the song is an OST for a historical drama? At 2.03, not really Chunface but hot face lol, his habit of licking his lips…magician hands or clapping hands Ro? Lol at your words, excessive tattoos exposed…lololol not just his tattoos but his ehem ehem too..and yes of course I remember Mission performance here.  In Vancouver YC exposed a lot of his assets..thank you so much Chunnie, we appreciate that a lot. That’s a rare view from you 

Same stage and can see JaeChun moment at 1.54.
Again Jaechun plz don’t ignore your dongsaeng k

Los Angeles
Not much different with Newark.
I skip la this one cos Ro said not much different from Newark 

San Jose
Check at 1.43...Did Chunnie wink? Lol....and can hear 3 languange after the song end, lol....
Hemm if u noticed YC always kinda wink when he sings, I don’t think it’s a wink but it’s some kinda his eye’s habit gesture..he did this too in many of his performances..but if you want you can consider he winked at you lah 

New outfits. No more Purplish Suit. Lol....Check at 1.12....LOLing on JaeChun moment got interruption from Jun Su, hahaha....and also at 2.33...Chunnie’s cute dancing, hahaha...and different ending song with Chunnie said JYJ
New outfits, no more that purplish distracting suit lol and.  Aigoo Soulmate always made JS jealous and now see naughty maknae got some evil plans too..go go JS interrupt them and lol at JJ for his overreactions…omo YC with cute dance, pls don’tttttttt I am so in love with cutie pie Chunnie 

Check at sat while Chunnie walked down the stairs, hahaha...not a really good vid cos sometimes we only see their shoes, lol.....btw, I have no idea what Chunnie said at the ending.
JJ probably tired? Haha usually it’s YC who’s a laze bum 

Ibaraki Charity Concert...cant find the vid. Dont know they sang Found U or not.

Yoo Chun’s Thailand fanmeet (Sept 2011)
Only Audio but u can hear Chunnie’s soft voice & his piano. Love it.
I skipped this one…kekekeke 

JYJ’s  1st fanmeet...
Check at 2.20....Chunnie was cough?
Probably?? Lol the camera should stayed at YC a bit more so that we can tell what was he doing.

Japan Unforgettable concert
Check at 1.46, Chunnie lick his lips, lol....and like the closing....Chunnie’s face on the Arigato from JJ.
Oh this one!! JYJ were radiating with sex appeal during this concert! Their hairstyles were just too sexy..JJ looked so damn good..hehe me likey..JS’s hair too and of course lah YC’s hair was extremely sexy for me..And yeah one of his famous habits, lick lips! Ggrrrrr mind if I do it on your behalf Chunnie? Pleaseeeeee  

Same outfit with Unforgettable concert. Btw, what was that actually on the background vid? Lol....Sorry can’t see their face on this vid, hehhe.....and did Chunnie speak Spanish at the ending?
It looked like some kinda outer space galaxy lol…vz’s home? Hahaha…emm I can’t hear properly what did YC say…

aaahhh...that thing on the background vid was kinda like 3.05 JJ zoom focus.
Haha lamps..yea kinda lol… 

New outfits. Love Chunnie’s smile

lol....the TV station has Purple as their color and also for the background vid.....Purple LOVE symbol. Lol....
Lol Ro with her obsession for Purple  

Inauguration Concert
Found U start at 2:20 ....Miss Chunnie’s  and love his dimples.
Oh yea this performance is one of the most memorable too cos it was such a big event even tho there’s an unpleasant story behind this performance! They all looked very good here with black leather outfits again, nice hair especially JJ with his brand new red hair and JS with spiked up hair..YC’s lolipophead? Do I miss it? Lol for now I don’t cos I prefer his current hair..haha don’t you think he looked like Jet Li with this hairstyle?

JJ”s manager wedding
Found You is a good song for wedding.
Yup Found You is a good song to perform in a wedding ceremony cos its romantic lyrics and harmonious melody..for my wedding with YC I’ll ask them 3 to perform this song ok and I’ll invite u all  

Tokyo Dome
Finally they all had their own “vehicle’ the ending moment.
Omo their own “vehicle”..hahaha yea finally they’re all alone on that “vehicle”.  Lol at 2.34 Jaechun why swaying your hands so hard like that?? Ending moments were full of Soulmate moments.. so sweetttttttt Soulmate…lol at 3.24 JJ why laying down on the stage? Tired? And then his soulmate offered his hands to help JJ got up..hehehe JS must be jealous again lol but Junchan YC and JJ did hug you too..kekeke your hyungs love you la of course!! <3

Till we meet again here 

Credit vids to the owners

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