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Mission is a cool song that very suit to begin a concert. This song has “spectacular” It can spice up the concert & increase your energy, hahha.....and on this review we decided to use a word and the word is PORN. lol....and also we all are on the mission to spark this thread. 

So, here we usual Zee's review used Blue color and Roweina used Purple color.

happy watching & reading....


This is the only performance that we can watch in HQ 
Can you guys guess who is who at the beginning when they were still wearing hoodies?  haha and JJ’s hoodies was taken off earlier than the rest probably because of the dance lol. 
wink wink attention chunsas..tell me what you see at 1.45? hehehe
I love the formation and we can see it properly at 2.39, they were in sync and synchronized very well.
Porn dance at 4.21..runsssssss

I like the beginning choreo....Its so cool. Really suit with the Big Venue....Yes Z....I can guess  which one is Chunnie. I have a Chunnie radar, lol.....
At 1.32...Chunnie kinda touch his face?
What u see at 1.45? Hmmm...Chunsa, u know what u  see right? Hahha....If you pause the vid on that minute & u make a comparison between Chunnie and JJ. U will know lah what we mean, hahha...
Porn Dance.....hhhhmmmmm........ image
Actually there was a different between 1st & 2nd night performance, Chun only wore black glove on the 2nd night.


Interesting opening props, the dancers were hitting some kind of Gendang (traditional drum....??)
At 1.31 omg the way JJ swayed his jacket, look at his head *drools* and then one by one fixed their jackets in order started with JS, JJ and then YC, I think YC was kinda late? Right? Haha
Beware from 3.12 to 3.27, lol my eyes hurt because of the lighting strikes!
I love how JS swayed his body at 4.35, that is so seXIA!
And then at 4.53, haha my favourite part, again chunsas do you see what I see where was YC’s hand *wink wink*

I dont know if on Seoul performance, the dancers were hitting that thing too or just a props. I think on every Mission performance we must be aware where Chunnie put his hand, lol

Closer fancam
The other day performance, at 0.06...maybe JS too  strong wore his jacket again and made the hoodie cover his head again.


same opening as in Bangkok. In this performance, at 1.49 I could immediately know which one is YC, hehe you know why? Yup cos of the hands
I LOL at 1.57, JS’ hoodie didn’t drop down and he had to fix it with his hands..haha..and then wow look at JJ, his shining biceps attracted my attention..hehe
In this performance, YC did many adlibs while dancing lol..look at 2.09 what he did with his hands (that’s looking hawttt tho, dammit), totally different with JJ and JS. And at 3.01, he moved his fingers lol
At 3.34, seXIA’s dance, very energetic one compared to JJ and YC at this moment, look how he moved his legs and hands. Like it! And at 3.43 haha JS was feelin’ it! Oh yeah duckbutt!
OMG sun JS’ hip thrust at 4.54..then at 5.14, woah again hip thrust with clearer view, YC nailed this hip thrust, YC ah that was too uhmmm……
Porn dance at 5.16, erkk YC’s hand..XDD
hhhmmm...whats wrong with YC’s hand Z? Lol.....
yeah....sorry JS coz we LOL....coz its kinda like grande opening dance with open the hoodie then the music stop but u fail did that. But yeah, some eror sometimes happen lah...hehe....
at 2.09 u all must click PAUSE coz its so kinda looks that he’s too ”feel” know what he fell , haha...) and also at at his hand....hahaha....and this time he touch his hair at 2.27
and then at 5:16....yup...YC’s hand.....while JJ & JS’hands were at their head, why Chunnie’s hand on that place? Lol....
closer fancam
U can watch the performance closer. Btw, at 2.18...ehh...I dont know how to descripe his move. Lol

Beijing, China

Hemm for this performance, nothing much to elaborate cos the choreography was still same as in Bangkok and Taipei, but this one you can see them closer and in clearer view.  The opening was like some kinda football matches ceremony lol..Some of YC’s adlibs were also same as in Taipei, same went for JJ and JS, nothing different..but if there’s any difference notify me please 
The thing that I notice so different is there was a dancer who wore Red glove, hahha.....At 3.16..I like can see Chunnie’s face expression on “SHOCK” and his shoulder move at 3.18.

Van Couver, Canada......

(p/s This performance’s review is specially for Chunsas ok, sorry hehe)
OK this is my favourite Mission performance.  I think everyone knows why it’s my favourite lol…yup it’s because YC ripped off his jacket. I was surprised the first time I watched this, wow YC bared his upper body while JJ and JS didn’t, that’s what weird actually.  This is like once in a blue moon opportunity.  So jaeharems this time let Chunsas spazzing over YC’s nekkidness even though there’s no six packs lol..And we can see YC’s tattoos, and something red around his waist..lololol even that black thingy (mic holder) looked so hot on him…droolsssss…But this vid I can’t see that porn dance with YC bare waist  starting from 3.55 YC was struggling with the mic lol…urghh so sorry for this performance my eyes can’t take off YC, ottoke!!! Keep repeating and repeating!
Kinda hard actually to review this performance, hahaha...coz too much image
On this performance they didnt wear hoodies. I dont know what was on Chunnie’s mind when he decided to ripped off his jacket (actually its not his jacket but his I think before perform he already had a plan to do that cos he wore that Black Belt. At 0.59, he did the same dance (that too much feel move, lol...).
Pause at 2.33....can see Chunnie’s hand on his ....YC’s tatoo and something black thinghy......its absolutely HOT......
Btw, I also put this vid coz its more interesting when heard “OMG YOOCHUN”. Hahhaa.....oh, I think the girl who record this vid already faint before the performance finished. Lol.....

Newark, USA

ermmm nothing interesting from this performance Ro, u do it lah…lol...(that’s Z’s
Only JJ who wore the hoodies. Pause at 5.27...u can see that JJ,YC & JS’s put their hand on different place, hahaha....Remember YC’s ILU Newark performance. It was the MOST UNSAFE performance so I think he didnt want Chunsa faint, he didnt do much on this performance. I dont know what will happened if Chunnie did the same thing like on Vancouver dance, hahha.....
Another fancam.....YC’s focus
U can see more clearly Chunnie’s hand movement on this vid. Look at 0:37

Los Angeles, USA

Same like at Newark, nothing interesting, lol......But at the 0.24...JS almost cant open his jacket and at 0.37 u can see JS’s hip different with Chunnie who was always kinda only WALK? Lol....

San Jose, USA

Z skipped
Almost the same lah with all US’s performances. Oh, the dancer on US’s perf same like on ILU’s perf....they wore something to cover their face, hahha....That time kinda like Ninja. Hehe...
At 1.34 u can see JJ’s shining biceps and at 1.42 Chunnie did kinda different with his usual “too much feel’ dance, that time he only use his left hand touch his head coz his right hand touch his chest. it really different? Lol.....
Sorry, the vid also didnt finish.

Busan, Korea

This one is quite interesting and different cos of the stage design..there’s a story behind this, before I watched this vid, Ro told me, in Busan performance YC did something shocking, and I was like…omg what did he do this time? Something pervy again? Ahh but then Ro said, nah she’s surprised because of YC’s jumping up from under stage..hahahaha was a bit disappointed..then I watched it and yes it’s kinda a bit surprising lol
Oh I just noticed Junsu’s hair was already didn’t notice
And JJ got wavy hair this time ^^
We can also see them from the back view, even their back views are smexy…but looking at the dancers with that black mask is kinda scary lol..only female dancers should always wear it..haha
The 1st Pop in on stage is an important thing when the dancer do the intro dance. So, I was waiting for that. So, when suddenly they pop in, I was kinda surprise. Lol.....Jumping from under the stage is so cool, hehehe.....With the unusual stage design...sometimes kinda hard to do coz I think they must facing on every side, hehehe....So, that time, almost all performance we see from their backview. But its OK lah...coz their back are smexy too.....

Japan Charity Concert

Actually this performance almost the same with on Busan on the beginning but we cant see it clearly. I think they also jumping. With the small round stage and they must turning on for all side so something must be happened.  Lol....Like at 1.32 Chunnie almost bump to JJ so he cant dance. Must be wait some seconds to start dancing again and it happened again at 1.46. And at 3.11 & lazee bum...hahaha....Only walking.
Gwangju, Korea

wow we can see all of them jumping out from under the stage…this one got a clearer fancam 
(ro omg idk what to write about this perf)  ----- thats Z’s
Yeah, actually on this performance nothing much different with others perf...but at 1.57 before Chunnie’s rap...I think JS’s dance more powerfull than usual on that part. Lol...

Japan Unforgetable Concert

Same outfits as in Barcelona, the intro was a lil bit different cos JYJ appeared from under the stage again, like in Busan.
Wow YC at 1.59, the way he danced, ggrrrr sexy!! And again he moved his fingers lol..YC’s hair was amazing in this performance! Please do this hairstyle often baby..JJ too, he looked so hot with Cha Mu Won’s hairstyle 
Pop in from under the stage but that time more smooth, lol....At 1.59, we can see the difference between Chunnie & the dancer. Lol......and Chunnie with “can see forehead” hairstyle. Lol.....Love it. And JJ’s with CMW’s hairstyle make me want to finishing  PTB. Lol...
The 1st time there was YC’s narattion from this performance. At 4.11

Barcelona, Spain

wow I love this performance too! The intro was different, I love how the dancers came out one by one and woah they rocked the outfits with those sunnies! But the male dancers’ outfits kinda looked like waiters?? Lol..JYJ’s outfits also rocked!  Army-like outfits, hehe^^
JJ with a rarely seen hairstyle, he looked so different but handsome of course! JS with blonde spiked up hair was looking good too! And YC’s black hair was also spiked up! Oh he’s so handsome man!!
Haha at 2.52 fan zoomed in to JS, check it out xiapwas! Smexy duckbutt in action! He looked bulky ^^
Omo strong hip thrust from YC at 4.21! and again that porn dance killed me…urghhh
Different outfit , intro song & intro dance. The outfit kinda looks like mayoret (for me, hhhe....but its cool) & the dancer kinda looks theatrical. All was so looking good.


Same outfits as in Barcelona..JS’s dance is sure the very energetic one and also sexy! Near the end, YC unbuttoned his jacket^^ And JJ spiked up his hair this time, all spiked up hair…smoking hot JYJ!!
All are so HOT....I think with this outfit they looks slimmer and taller. Lol....Chunnie only standing on rapping part. Lol.....And Chunnie, whats up with you? Is it so hot that u must unbuttoned your jacket? Hahaha....He cant do the touching dance on near the end dance coz he was so busy with his mic, hehehe...


For Santiago and Lima performances, these were from 2012, their South America tour. The outfits were also different from the previous ones. But the choreography was still same like in 2011 World Tour



The Best Chun’s hairstyle & outfit for me. Btw, on those vids, I think we hear fan’s voice more clearly. Lol.......

Tokyo Dome

This is the new one! Yea everybody must have watched this right? Of course cos it’s the return of JYJ to Tokyo Dome after 3-4 years! This performance was from the Day 2 of their TD concert..
Everything was new, the choreography, the intro, the props, the outfits, the stage and even the song was turned into the rock version.  Yup and this is my MOST favourite Mission performance cos everything was just perfect! And how can I forget the epic middle finger from bad boy chunnie..haha take a look at 4.49..damn I love it when chunnie did it!


The lastest Mission's performance. This perf was PERFECT. I LOVE everything. Love the kinda Lord Voldemort Death Eater Dancer, hehehe...kinda creepy actually but its so cool. Love the JYJ’s ECHO by Chunnie.....Love the stage design. Love the new choreo. Love the Rock Version. Love all on BLACK LEATHER. I just LOVE everything. But THE MOST I LOVE was "the middle" finger part by Chunnie. Ohh Chunnie, why you never thinking to do that on previous Mission performances, hehhehe......coz I think it gave more feel to the lyric.... But I understand lah why u did that on TD.

Okay Ladies...thats it our review about Mission's performances. Hope you enjoy it. Till we meet again on another review.
credit vids to the owner

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