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Everyone, reading the reviews and watching I Love You performances are at your own risks, please prepare some tissues or bowls beforehand ok?? 
I only commenting on the performance (not the singing part) and the thing that he always do was play with the mic, hehehe....Fortunately when he did that, the mic never fall, hehhe....and also my review will be not too detail, hahha....coz Z will be the one who write the detail for the Chunnie’s pervy performances. lol

Seoul.....November 27, 2010

For general viewing, this is the only performance of ILY that I can recommend cos it’s the safest and cleanest among all ^^ 
The 1st time on this performance that Flowsik also on the stage. Chunne with eyeliner. Can see the dancer face. Safe performance. Lol....

Bangkok...April 2, 2011

ggrrr in this performance YC didn’t wear the inner shirt, and we can see his white chest J
ok let’s take a look at 1.18..can you guess what was YC doing? Ahh and also at 2.24? oopss at 2.36! what a view! Ahh I found something funny at seemed like the dancers were doing somewhat like stunt 3.53 once again, YC was surrounded and attacked lol..the dancer who’s in front, ermm from top to bottom..enjoying it huh? Then those lucky hands at 4.00 were all over YC’s chest..kyaaaa
The concept of the stage kinda similar on Seoul’s performance. Flowsik also on the stage and Chunnie kinda Hi 5/shake hands (sorry, dont know the english word for the thing they did, hehhe....)And on the Rap part, Chunnie kinda also sing it.
The dance kinda different with the gymnastic style, hahha.....and omo Chunnie with that sexy clothes, hehhe...the dancer can touch his chest, hahaha....

Taipei.....April 23, 2011

The choreography was same as in Bangkok except at 1.12, YC was kneeling down besides the dancer who’s in the cage. Omo at 2.55 is it my eyes tricking me or did YC hand touched that dancer at …? Idk, you decide ^^…One of YC’s habit, he loves to play with his mic..look at 2.58 he seemed like a magician lol...
The stage concept was the same with Bangkok’s performance. The 3rd time Flowsik also on the stage. And what Chunnie did at the beginning? He was kneeling down, hahaha.....and yeah, his index finger touch the dancer.......hahaha.....oww....Chunnie...and the funny thing after that it looks like he didnt do anything, only play with his mic.

Beijing....May 7, 2011

This performance is also same as the ones in Bangkok and Taipei it’s just that this one is closer view so you can see clearly at 2.12 and 2.23 what did YC do with the dancers..oh the ending was diffrerent last YC didn’t let go of the dancer’s hand but he pulled her and they hugged..omg that looks like a scene in a drama 
The last performance that Flowsik also on the stage. The stage was different with Bangkok & Taiwan so Chunnie kinda didnt walk, just stand on the middle part of the stage. A lot of touchy2 thing and OMG....THE BEST ENDING from ILU’s performance. He didnt allow the girl go away then he hug her. Don’t know it was on the script or  just Chunnie’s improvisation. Love it.

Vancouver....May 20, 2011

YC’s hand gesture at 1.45…it’s like he’s telling the lady “oh no i’m just passing by ok you naughty girl” lololol..then the attack from the girls began at 2.05…most unpleasant view is at 2.08..hands off my man girl! Where the heck did you think you’re touching huh??!! Errkkkk and then again at 2.37!!! that dancer was really seizing the opportunity she had lol..she grabbed it!!
The 1st time that the dancer were American. Also the different outfit with Korean Dancer and the 1st time the dancer use lace on their eyes. I think its because their clothes too sexy so they must cover their face? Hehehe...... It was also had different ending but I think its not suit with the song coz it was kinda the girl wait for him and doesnt want to go.

Newark....May 22, 2011

This performance is the same as in eyes were like cut into pieces watching this performance..front and back! The dancer just touched, there and everywhere..look at 1.16 and 1.40..omgggg poor chunnie 
And this was the MOST UNSAFE Performance. OMG, the girl touch his  ‘thing” twice. The 1st time (from front to back) kinda safe but NO for the 2nd time (from back to front). WOW....hahaha....Poor Chunnie or Lucky Chunnie? lol

LA....May 27, 2011

The new stage concept with the box. I dont really like the hair. His clothes was OK and I like his expression on the last part of the song. Actually kinda “safe” performance, hahhaa....The dancer only touch his hips and waist. And even Z was lazee to make her own review, hahhaa....

San Jose...June 3, 2011

For performances in LA and San Jose, I didn’t expect it would be one of the cleanest performances..haha seriously no dangerous actions in these performances..the choreography were almost same as in Vancouver but there’s no attack from dancers..oh I was LOLing at 1.13 of the SJ performance, what the heck of dance did the dancers they were like frogs jumping..hahaha..the ending were different too, YC went to the dancer who was in the box waiting for him.. 
The samestage concept with LA’s performance. Kinda safe performance, hehhee....and I think there was echo on the last part.

Busan...June 11, 2011

Front View....
this is tough! Just focus at 1.45 and a disaster started at 2.10 – 2.25…watch those parts and you’ll know why it’s tough *sigh*..i’m gonna cut your hands for real yoochun..hehe just kidding
btw I noticed some of interesting gestures by YC in this vid..first at 0.37 the way he wiped his sweat and at 0.40 his hand gesture to the dancer, it’s like he’s saying “shoot you girl for being so naughty”..lololol and at 1.15 chunface there! Haha

Another fancam
at 1.08 lololol yc’s hand gesture fits the line of lyric he was singing “what can I do to fix this babe?”
at 1.30…ermm yoochun ah you seemed like hesitating to do that..why baby? Too big? Lololol sorry
at 3.05 again and again and again yc broke his fangirls’ hearts lol..sliding down slowly from top to bottom…gosh that was wayyyyy to howtt yoochun ah!!
Still with the American dancer and omo....Chunnie. U made revenge, hehhee....Now, his turn to touch the pretty blondie girl ‘thing’, hahaha.....

Gwangju...June 26, 2011

This is mixed performances from Thai, Busan and Gwangju performances.   But there are some of unseen actions are in this vid ^^ At 1.56 did you guys see what i saw? Again YC with his naughty hands…aigoo and his face expression from 3.20 – 3.23…. I’m deadddd..yoochunnnn what were you lookin’ at baby??!! Omg plus the lickin’ are so haunted by me yoochun..just waittttttt

Cant find ILU’s performance on Gwangju, only find the mix performance from Thai, Busan & Gwangju. But I think U can know which one was from Gwangju’s performance if U already watch Thai & Busan’s performances.

Japan...October 15, 2011

aahhhh this ILY performance is my favourite! Bed scene ILY…dang! The sexiness began at 1.40..did you see how the dancer rubbed his stomach? Lmao YC looked like enduring the tickles..his hands at the back of the girl and her hands rubbing yc’s chest, stomach and neck..goshhhhh *drools* and look at their thighs omg! Linking around each other and yea of course the other dancer, girl what are you doing at YC’s legs huh? Sexiness overload!
at 1.56, yoochun if u look at me that way I will faint for sure! Haha
And then starting at 3.00 yc got attacked again lol…
at 4.05 if u pause that part, woah such a hot view! I’m so deadddd!! 
Back with Korean dancer. I like the BED Concept, hehhe....and Chunnie looks good. Good  clothes, hairstyle & makeup. And lol...I agree with Z’s at 4.05, hahaha.....HOT VIEW.....

Barcelona...October 29, 2011

This was the 1st performance that on the beginning performance, Chunnie walk to the middle part of the stage then waiting the dancer walk to him. The 1st time the dancer touch his face. Safe performance. He wore the same clothes with ILU Japan’s performance. And once again Z skip her review for this performance. I think she doesnt like safe performance, hahaha....

Berlin....November 6, 2011

ok this performance was in 2011..the choreography was also almost the same as in other places but why did YC look so sad while singing? He looked like he’s crying L Maybe he’s thinking about something? Well only YC knows why was it..ahh the intro of this performance is different from other performances cos at the beginning there was a scene of YC with that Mohawk dancer..hemm that dancer’s expression was just totally different from YC’s lol..
The same performance at the beginning with Barcelona’s performance but had different dance. And also the 1st performance that Chunnie touch the dancer face, so the dancer back to touch his face, hehhe.....

Santiago....March 9, 2012

oh this one is also one of the safest ILY performances from YC..nothing dangerous. lol..
Back with Korean Dancer. Safe performance.  I think the clothes kinda too formal for concert, hehhe.....

Lima....March 11, 2012

The same with Santiago concert. The last part of the dance...its kinda like BACK HUG.....hehhe....And also no review for the safe performance from Z, hahaha....

Gosh making reviews of all ILU performances is one of the toughest tasks ever as a Chunsa..i got heart attacks many times while watching lol..chunnie ah, sexy performances are ok but please do not repeat what you did in New Jersey, Vancouver and Busan please…I beg you…but even though you broke my heart I still love you yoochun cheesy XD

Thats it Yoo Chun’s ILU solo performance from JYJ Worldwide Concert. I think we will never see sexy performance like that again.....Its’ already NO...No...from Chunnie.

Credit all vids to the owner

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