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To All JYJers/Chunsa….
Wooo…I think U can guess which scene that will be my fav from eps. 5 just looking by that “Hello”……XD
I had a lot of imagination what kind of character that I want for ChunNi’s in his next drama after IMU. Some of it were became a bad guy (thief, con, murder…etc) & also a doctor. N OMG…I got that kinda character on this eps..LOL….
This was the 2nd time he’s pointing a gun but this time he really use it. I knew that Chunni became a bodyguard but I really never had a thought that he will use the gun n murder someone. N Bravo…..Great acting from ChunNi. The tears n the expression. I love it, I can feel what TK’s feel.
Imagine that the person that U take his life is someone that kinda like ur “HERO” but U have that principle. Which one that U will choose?
Lets begin…..


Han Tae Kyung…
ChunNi as a Doctor, XD…
Actually from that shoot, we can know that TK didnt take Mr.pres. Especially when he started to run. Btw, how he can got the “dummy” n the ambulance. No need to think about it. Just take it. LOL….
I think the sequence of the shooting wasn’t like shooting for eps.5 then eps. 6. Remember that they had time to not took shoot in sequence. Coz, if was really in sequence, I think the writer has a sixth sense that she canpredict that ChunNi will get injure in his right shoulder. So, I think I can say that ChunNi took this scene after he got injure. That’s why the writer made a story like that. He got injure on his right side. So, its understandable if he rarely use his right side. Eventhough yeah, we felt sorry to heard ChunNi got injure but we can still think that he’s lucky coz he use his left more than his right.
So, after that we saw that TK use his left hand to do the action. N it was a nice choreo for the fighting scene coz he use his left hand more n can protect his right shoulder.
A very loyal TK. Always remember n do what theprinciple of his job.
ChunNi’s tears…..btw, how to cry like that? Its a “beautiful” cry. Only from his left eye n drop like that. Btw, sorry to say that I was kinda got “disruption” coz of his sexy lips. XD…..
I like his expression n also his body language here. Did U notice the way that TK’s walk when the SS bring Mr.pres to outside n he was kinda want to follow him.
Sad vs Smiley TK…..When we will get TK’s 1st smile on recent time? Hope his 1st smile will be for Bo Won.
Various expression from our Tae Kyung.
We should not forget this. ChunNi’s eyelashes. XD…
Yoon Bo Won
What a bloody Bo Won….
Persistent BW…..aahh,proof…..


Han Tae Kyung n pres. Lee Dong Hwi
Ahhhh….Why I have thought that Mr.pres’s act is kinda the same with Dumbledore’s act to Harry Potter? Coz after what TK did (the shoot) then he told him that the report is true. But before that when he heard the news from TV, he said its all lies. Its kinda he still keep it as a secret n thought that its not the right time for TK to know the truth.
Han Tae Kyung n Chief Officer of Secret Service Ham Bong Soo
Ohhhh….so different expression.
It’s nice that TK n Leader Ham had a good teacher-student relationship. Its like TK was his favorite disciple. He even lend his hand to help TK get up. But its also became a burden for TK coz of what Leader Ham did.
N TK also like that he admire Leader Ham. Just look at his expression.
And the doctrine is NEVER HESITATE. Leader Ham evenpat TK’s shoulder to make sure TK understand about that….”U should remember that” n Yes, he remember that. Its like what he teach to TK, its all turned around to him.
OMG….A very big twist, I never thought that he will die although on his previous drama (Ghost), he also die. On Ghost, he was a good man, so how about on 3 Days? I still think that he actually a good man but there is something behind his act. N I think even though his character is die, we still can see Leader Ham on the flashback scene. Like on his character’s flashback…its really understandable after what happened, he became like that. (Just sitting there without any reaction. He was the only one who live n all his friends are die. I think he got a war trauma?…hhhmmmm…..I don’t know the right term for that. But its absolutely became a painful memory for him. N oohh…he die with his eyes still open….
Btw, I also never had a thought that TK was the one who kill him. When watching it, I thought TK will shoot him but not until die.
Han Tae Kyung n Lee Cha Young
Curious about their relationship? N CY call him only “Han Tae Kyung”. Without “ssi” or whatever term for calling. N its like what TK call her, only with “Lee Cha Young”. N so TK will never back as a Secret Service? Hhmm….lets see about that.
Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won
Ahhh…she must touch his arm to give him the right direction. LOL…
I like that BW always pay attention for every TK’s act. Like the 1st time they both heard TK’s dad name, her eyes is just automatically see him. Not just stunned like TK. Also on the next scenes, her eyes only for him. XD…
I also like that on every situation when TK cant think clearly, she still has clear mind. So, she can help him to do what their next move.
And this was a very good idea.
Actually after had interrogation, BW can just left him n back to her city but aahhh…..she still there, She cares about him.
I like their expression. TK so surprised n BW hold his arm like its a common thing she do with him. XD
TK still surprised to see BW, even till he sat, his eyes still look at her.
But then he realize that, so his eyes became like that. LOL….No focus on something. XD
N like BW always do,, she serves TK. LOL…..
I like that BW can read TK n from TK’s expression, we knew that he listen what she said.
N from the last TK’s expression, I think he was surprise to hear BW’s words. Its kinda…”How do U know what I feel ?…..
Then we got this scene. Kinda same expression. Is TK doesnt really like drinking alcohol?
N I like that BW keep her words, she really leave him. TK really need time to be alone.


Aahhh…not many my fav number’s scene on this eps. XD….but hei why the ambulance’s plate number is different?
Is it fortunately or unfortunately that Leader Ham bring 2 guns?
N its always like that on the story like this. Its LATE. XD….
Why TK press number 3 instead number 2 for the password?


I knew that there was someone else that we know on thatpic. Actually want to zoom in before, XD….
Also had thought that TK’s superior know something more than that.
And what a “philosophy”……Btw, I think some of U maybe are kinda confuse with so many flashback scene. My tips is just Concentrate while watching n they used to give the different color for the flashback.


Aahhh…so, I think no pattern for the ending. The ending pic on this ep was 3-person pic n with a “new” character. Its kinda the beginning of the 2nd phase on 3 Days.
To be continued……..

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